Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited

Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited


Our Dear customers/passengers,

Management would like to Inform/alert/advise you to always take note of your personal hand luggage eg laptops, bags, hand bags and any other luggage which is under your care while on board, not in the Taxi boot or Carrier.

Incase of any stop overs or any movements, Your advised to take with you the above items to avoid theft.

We continue to thank you all for always choosing Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited

This is a message from I Travel with Mikween Transporters Management
Psalms 107:1

We give thanks to God for his love endures forever.

From all of us here at Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited we wish you a nice Sunday.

I Travel with Mikween Transporters
Dear our esteemed customers and the general public, The Management and Staff of Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2022.

I Travel with Mikween Transporters is your number one transport company. We hope for better service delivery next ywar

Always Delighted to Serve You.
Hello our Esteemed Customers.

Christmas 🌲🎄🎄🎄 is here.

The Festive season is here.

We know you are traveling upcountry to go and see your loved ones inorder to enjoy the Christmas season together.

Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited is here for you. We will take you home in the most friendly way possible.

Our booking offices are in Nakawa Taxi Park nest to the Nakawa Market before reaching She'll fuel station.

For booking call us on 0785713751 or 0756204909.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility is at its best.

We have signed a 1 season long sponsorship deal with Bocca Juniors Football Club from Kaserem Sub County Tingey County in Kapchorwa District.

Bocca Juniors Football Club has a very huge fan base and as a company we will rely on this to increase our clientele base.

We are looking forward to giving back more to our society and work with other well wishers to partner.

I Travel with Mikween Transporters

Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited


Good Evening Bukwo, Kween, Kapchorwa, Sebei and Eastern Uganda.

Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited gifts you 2 Independence gifts. We have new arrivals of 2 drone Taxi's as we increase our Capacity to deliver Safe, Timely and Reliable services.

Our additional fleet are;

1. UBK 669 Q Driven by Musobo Joseph Chebel

2. UBK 681 Q Driven by Soyekwo Gadhafi

We are expanding our services to BUKWO, KWEEN, AMUDAT and KITALE.

Our operational routes are;

1. Kampala - Mbale - Sironko - Kapchorwa.

2. Kitale - Suam - Bukwo - Kapchorwa - Kampala.

3. Amudat - Kiriki - Chepsukunya - Muyembe - Mbale - Kampala.

Mikween Transport Company is committed to serving you in the most friendliest way possible.

Travel with us today.

For Booking and Reservations.
Contact us at
Mikween V2 Transport Company Ltd
P.O Box 208 Kapchorwa Uganda
Plot 2/3 Administration Road Kapchorwa.
Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited is transport, logistics and courier company fully incorporated as a company limited by shares. For over 3 Years now, Mikween V2 has grown to serve over a million people through provision of a Taxi transport network. We pride ourselves as the leading transport company throughout Eastern Uganda and part of Western Kenya. We offer the most reliable transport network, ultimate comfort, reliability and affordability.

Our ultimate goal is to connect the Eastern Uganda, Western Kenya and the entire East African region door-to-door, from passenger travels to luggage and courier services. The colour purple striped our taxis is a reflection of our belief in creativity, ambition, mystery and our magical touch in customer care. The Red colour stripped on our taxis is a reflection of our power, warmth and passion in serving our clients.

Mikween V2 provides express transport services to destinations such as Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli, Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo. We have also extended services to Endebess, Kitale and Eldoret in Western Kenya. However, the transport fares are different depending on your drop off point. We also understand that our customers like you also love convenience and we understand the possibilities that technology has brought our way in delivering convenience. We have incorporated technology into our company operations to ensure ease of booking and safety of passengers each day of their travels.

Mikween V2 East Africa Trans Co Ltd has its head offices located in Kapchorwa Municipality, Kapchorwa District, on plot 2 along Kapchorwa - Kwoti Road opposite Divine Supper Market Kapchorwa.

Travel with is today by booking a seat with us by contacting us on;

0785713751 or 0756204909.
Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited we are for East African Community.

For our trade activities across the region to move uninterrupted, we need a cohesive community.

Thank you Kipsang Eluid Mwana our able Administrator for representing us.

Travel with Mikween Today
Happy Birthday our esteemed customer Kyerop Claire Chelly 's husband Mr Cherop Vincent.

We join the rest of the world in celebrating you. At Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited we thank you for always supporting us.

Picking you at Seeta is always a memorable thing we will always cherish as a company.

Happy Birthday Once again Mr. Cherop Vincent.

Too book a seat today contact us on 0785713751 or 0756204909.

Always delighted to serve you.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen men from the great land of the champions sebei region, the weekend has started and mikween v2 transporters are giving Amazing bonuses, transport fare to fit your wallet these covid season. Come and enjoy the professional conduct of customer care ever

Mikween V2 East African Transportation Limited expertise on transportation of passengers from Kampala to essternrputes of Mbale, sironko, kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts and vice versa.

Operating as usual


Best of luck H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. From Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited


A mother is everything.


Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited is recruiting suitably qualified candidates to fill the following posts/vacancies.

10 drivers

8 turn boys

Follow the steps herein captioned in the circular.

Best luck folks.

Kwemoi Dan Kubai, PRO MIKWEEN


Bringing you the best ride you can ever imagine. Your home is going to be our stage. We will pick you up in your pick up location and drop you in your drop location.

We will also pick all your parcels, luggage and your stranded one's in any part of Sebei Region. Tour safety is assured.

You can also send us to any part of sebei region. You don't have to go there on your own. We will deliver all the trust.

We will bring all your service providers to your door step. Your supermarket, pharmacy will be our Boda Bodas

With Justus Cherop Kiplangat, Justus Cherop and Justus Cherop Kiplangat

Kwemoi Dan Kubai PRO Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited

Photos from Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited's post 12/04/2021

Good morning folks. We are launching our new business named . Our Boda Bodas will be stationed in Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo districts respectively.

The rationale for this is to give our customers sufficient comfort and safety as they're travelling with us. You will have to worry no more about curfew and travel limitations at nights. Our riders will pick you in our stations and ride you home freely.

Those travelling with Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited will be picked from their environs to our Taxi stages.

They will be operating 24 hours in 7 days a week. Our riders will be professional and your safety or security will be guaranteed.

They will also deal with delivering all domestic products to your door step. All you have to do is call us and we will pick up your product, parcel, customers at your own vicinities. You don't have to walk long distances again, we've got you covered.

The business will work hand in hand with other business in town such as medical enterprises, hotels and taxis.

We are launching the business tmoro in Kapchorwa. We shall issue out T-shirts and many other gifts to our active customers. Do not miss these offers

Contact us on 0788173324 or 0705665995

Kwemoi Dan Kubai, PRO Mikween Group Limited.


It's a good Friday today, we are in Easter weekend and we are delighted to conveying you to the eastern route at flexible prices. Do not be tossed and lured by others.

We have your back and thoughts and we will deliver the trust we always promise.

Hurry and book your seats this morning and we truly pick you up. Contact us on 0788173324 or 0705665995.

The serve brought for you.
With Justus Cherop Kiplangat and Justus Cherop and Justus Cherop Kiplangat and Mutai Sam


We are saddened by the untimely demise of our friend Kipsang Rogers Chekwel. The management of Mikween travellers ltd sends prayers and condolences to his friends, families and relatives.

He was such a jovial and people-centred persona who did not only contribute to the growth of the health sector in Chesower subcouty but also loved to serve the people of Bukwo and other units with passion. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubts that we have lost a formidable hero till we meet again our brother.

Our wishes for strength and acceptance and resilience is what we send to the family in this period of bereavement and grief.


A new year starts with Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited.

Folks, here is the deal. Between this month of January and March, we are giving out big time opportunity to the best customer of the year! We always and frequently search for our best customer of the year and we gift a courtesy call and a journey outside kla.

To be put in a draw, you need to have consistently travelled with us so often and not only do you, but you also refer travellers to us, share our posts on Facebook, always like us and so forth.

The draw forum is open to all esteemed customers and the winner with be pronounced sooner and will win a 2 day journey outside Kla and enjoy or hanging out in a 4 star hotel.

Don't you wanna be the one? Keep sharing our, posts, refer customers and be our all-time traveller!

This promotion is profoundly brought to you by Mikween travellers Ltd.

Call 0788173324 or 0705665995 for more info.

With Kwemoi Dan Kubai, and Justus Cherop Kiplangat, and Justus Cherop Kiplangat with Justus Cherop


What's up Sebei region?

We are back on the road to win you back to your place of hustlers. we are always committed to conveying our customers to their destinations of choice. we are always devoted to ensuring that all our travellers enjoy the utmost travel at reasonable prices.

At Mikween V2 E. A LTD, we are your immediate friend who will cover you up with joy, feeling good, comfort and company on the road. we make sure that you feel special while travelling with us.

visit our offices:

Kampala: Nakawa (behind shell)
Kapchorwa (Moroto house)
Kween (Cheminy stage, near pentagon hotel).

or call us on 0788173324 or 0705665995

Photos from Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited's post 27/12/2020

We have now connected and enrouted our customers to the extreme ends of Kenya (tranzoia county). You can now travel with us direct from Kampala to Suam boader with great comfort at all friendly fares.

We are delighted to announce this to you. You can get your ticket in any of our offices primarily Kampala (Nakawa) or call us on 0788173324 or 0705665995.

We 're commited to conveying you to your destinations in 7 days a week. Do not miss this crazy distance with full of fun and adventure and cool breeze from Mt Elgon.

With Justus Cherop Kiplangat, Justus Cherop Kiplangat and Justus Cherop and Kipsang Eluid Mwana
The serve built for your


The Management of Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited takes this opportunity to wishing you a joyful merry Christmas and happy New year in advance!

Thank you for your support!

With Justus Cherop Kiplangat and Justus Cherop with Justus Cherop Kiplangat


This is your day bwana Deputy president Dr William Samoei Ruto. In 21st December 1966, You descendent from heavens and you did come with a big drum and dream to change how hustlers think!

Today, we the hustlers are working hard because of you. Your story will always be preached and administered by we the hustlers. I remember when you used to sell chicken along the railway line but now, you sit second in command!

A very happy birthday day to you! Enjoy your day!

Photos from Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited's post 11/12/2020

The biggest festive season is refilling the space, the UG decides 2021 is out with a lot of implications inflicted by COVID-19 pandemic but none the less, we still offer bussing services to sebei regions and the rest of the eastern en routes.

We have big bonuses coming up in this festive December as our esteemed customers hit the road to feel the humour and affection with siblings and FAM members. The discounts are extraordinary and no one in the history of sebei transportation services has ever put up crazy offers for our people in this catastrophic period.

To win the offer, you must have travelled with us () for about 4 or 5 times in this whole year. Our wellwishers and customers are advised to claim for the offer in any of our branches both in Kween, Kapchorwa and Kampala. For more info, kindly visit our physical address or call the undersigned for clarity.

We also thank you all FAM for the consistency and the goodwill you have put to make Mikween your number one choice on the road. we will continue to improve where necessary and your submissions and suggestions carry value and meaning to us.

Our big role is not just to convey you to your drop destination or deliver your parcel or luggage, we wanna be your best friend who connects you to your buddies, folks, families and strangers. we opt to see you sitting comfortably and call home or family member just to announce that you've got a good friend bringing you home in a very friendly way, with respect, with dignity, with reasonable pricing, perfect safety and the best out of it all to our clouds and pretty flowers.

In case you need any assistance or inquiry, contact our branches in any of the districts for more info

(0786851185 or 0785713751 or 0757157834)

(0705665995 or 0785713751 or 0776327095)

kla (0788173324 or 0757157834)



the management of Mikween V2 East African Transportation Limited wishes to inform their esteemed customers and well wishers that despite the horrible incidence that involved vandalism of our cab/taxi which was perpetuated by employee, we still assure you that we are still strong enough to convey you like never before. We also assure you not to be threatened or intimidated by others, we are so concerned about your safety and quality service delivery!

The grievances caused by our close business competitor and our good friend has been reported and our lawyer has been engaged to take over the matter for justice to showcase!

We thank you for your support, you are adequately protected from any kind of harm and we regret the inconveniences caused!

Thank you folks!

The serve built for your


Good morning Monday travellers? Guess what? We're moving to your destination today.
Endeavour to book with us so that you won't be left behind!

Journey mercies folks

Photos from Mikween V2 East African Transportation Company Limited's post 27/09/2020


The 28th of September 2020 is the official day for all health science disciplines to assume school business across the country!

This new week starts with conveying fellow students to their respective institutions starting from Mbale, Iganga, Jinja, Mukono and other parts of Kla.

Travel with us today at friendly fares to all our finalists going back to school starting from tomorrow morning!

Our efficiency and comfort is what our students deserve while going back to school.

For seat reservations, call us on 0788173324 or 0705665995 or visit our offices in Nakawa, Kapchorwa (Moroto house) and cheminy!

"The serve built for you"


What's up Sebei region?

Are you ready to hit the road today? We are setting off at 6am for Kween, 7:30am for Kapchorwa.

The early birds enjoy first fruits! Hurry and book with us today and don't be left behind!

Let's move to the promised land with Mikween V2 East African Transportation Limited.

For reservations, call/What's app 0788173324

"The serve built for you


What's up Eastern Ug?

Are you ready to hit the road for weakened with buddies, relatives, families and folks? At Mikween V2 E.A co.ltd, we move you from Kampala to eastern parts like Mbale, sironko, bulambuli, kapchorwa, kween, and extreme ends of Bukwo district.

Our experienced staff on and off the road will be there to convey you at friendly rates and in a very comfortable way until you get to your destination.

We are only charging a transport fare of 35,000 to Kapchorwa and 40,000 to Kween cheminy. Do not be cheated by others.

For bookings, contact us on 0788173324 or 0705665995 or visit our offices in moroto house in kapchorwa or nakawa behind shell or in kween near pentagon hotel.

the serve built for you"


Mikween V2 E.A Transportation Company Limited is a private company specializing in passenger conveying and luggage or parcel to the eastern route. Our destinations include Kapchorwa, Kween, Bukwo, Mbale, Sironko, Bulambuli and Kampala.

For more info about our services, call us on 0788173324 or 0705665995 or visit our offices in Nakawa behind shell or moroto house in kapchorwa, or in Cheminy.





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