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Evelyn Atuheire


Nice Shylock
What is the purpose of this page??
Hi group members

Ordinary people who want to live extraordinary life. THAT is who I want to connect with. AWAKEN THE GIANT IN YOU


Hi I'm new here if you love me then don't be shy to message me on WhatsApp let's chat

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⭕️ People who say "I need an extra 2000,000 upto 20,000,000 extra income a month.

No joining fee, you will need to buy stock.

Inbox for zoom Link


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--nsigade omusomesa (KaSenga Akato) Omumanyiii Nga bulijjo ,,era nga edagara lyamwe mwena mba nalyo ,abakyaala obulunji tebukugasa nga emana si nunji,nawe omusajja sente tezimala nga omukila tegukola bulunji era baja zikulyaako ate bakutekeko omuzinyi omulunji,nolwekyo muje tuteleeze ensonga ,edagara welili just call or watsap me on 0705332565

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Morning Friends

January is a special to us 🌸 👯‍♀️ 🎂

It’s the month that marks the beginning of the year and also its women’s month 🙌🏾

So I am looking for 9 sisters 👯‍♀️ to empower, who might have an interest in starting a home based business under the umbrella of the company I am part of but struggling to raise the capital! I would like to help you🙏🏽 only if you have the love and interest for what I do and willing to learn more!

If you are that sister, please type “I’m here” in the comment section👇🏽or inbox me!


If you know of anyone who might benefit from this please refer them to my inbox!

No chancers or water testers please 🙏🏽


Life is a fight; its about fighting for a territory - for when you stop fighting for what you want, what you don't want will automatically take over. However, like Sun Tzu notes, to fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. Fight for your passion; fight for your uniqueness and fight for what you believe.



Nothing in life can beat persistence: education, genius, opportunity all won't for we have seen many who have had all, and in the end failed just because they couldn't wait more. But taking small consistent steps with persistence, only God can stop you. TELL A FRIEND TO INVITE A FRIEND!


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Discover more about the goodness of forever garlic thyme

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Here’s a few questions people have asked me about Aloevera Company.

1) Am I able to make money if I don’t recruit? Yes.✅
To make enough money to do what I want when I want, yes it will happen slower then if you build but it will happen.

2) Do I have to pay a monthly subscription? No ✅
You will pay once to buy a combo and after that it will be self funding from profit.

3) Does Aloevera Company have a legitimate viable product? Yes ✅
As a matter of fact Aloevera Company has over 200 high quality products, that help with all kinds of problems.

4) How much does it cost for me to become a Business Owner?
You need your phone, time, commitment.✅

5) Can anyone join? Yes.✅
Anyone of legal age in their country. (Eg: Uganda is 18.) Or a parent or grandparent can join for their child or grandchild and hold it until their legal age. A friend or relative can purchase for others as a gift.

6) Do I have to have a pre-existing business and knowledge about sales to join Aloevera Company? No.✅
You can do Aloevera Business as your main business or you can do it as an extra income, we provide all the knowledge about marketing.

7) Can I start on commission and I start business later? Yes ✅
You can start on commission retailing products for your coach and own the business later once you accumulate money.

8)Can I use other ways of reaching my clients other than what I was taught? Yes✅
As a matter of fact you have to be super creative and you are free to copy and paste what works for you.



I’m so excited to offer our incredible 9 day body cleanse, at a fabulous discount between now and New Year’s Eve

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Message me for your discount & information on how it works

We’ve got ours ready to start in January - do you want yours ?




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