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Discover how RippleNami's taxation solutions enhance revenue mobilization, making taxation processes more efficient and transparent for governments.

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Learn about RippleNami's mission to create a positive impact through technology, advancing financial inclusion, and enhancing education and healthcare access

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Embrace the future with RippleNami's AI solutions, empowering businesses to optimize operations, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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See how RippleNami drives change through data-driven insights and analytics, optimizing decision-making for organizations and driving growth

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Unleash the power of data with RippleNami's cutting-edge data management solutions, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and drive success.

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Experience RippleNami's tax solutions, strengthening tax collection mechanisms to boost revenue for governments and facilitate growth.

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🌍 RippleNami's mission is to create a better future for communitinies by harnessing the power of data.

Through innovative technology solutions, we enable communities to make informed decisions for sustainable development.

Join us on this transformative journey!


Discover how RippleNami's innovative water management solutions are transforming access to clean water, ensuring sustainability for communities worldwide.

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TECH TERM: Data level security.

-Privacy and data level security drives trust.
-The data available in rTCS is secured in such a way that each user
can see only the data that he/she is authorized to see.
-Access permissions are set at the data level in rTCS.
Therefore, the same report, when run by two different users, can display different
data based on the users’ permissions.
-The rTCS technology can restrict access to various data fields within
a screen, or limited access to specific data records to a specific



By deploying its Rental Tax Compliance System over one year ago, has stepped up its efforts to identify non-compliant landlords and promote a taxpaying culture.

.ZW .


rTCS ensures data level security by restricting access to specific data fields and records, driving trust among users.



Thanks to the collaboration of 8 government agencies, has implemented the world's first tax compliance software that combines Central and Local Government data to identify rental tax avoiders.



rTCS allows data to be stored on-premise, subject to the laws, customs and expectations of that specific region, while still providing the benefits of a cloud architecture.



🌟 Uganda sets an impressive example in tax compliance with the Rental Tax Compliance System implemented by .

This innovative tool uses big data analytics to identify non-compliant landlords, streamlining tax collection processes.

Kudos to Uganda for leading the way in !

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🌐Unlocking Traceability and Transparency 📊

Simplifies property asset tracking with our innovative platform.

🏢💼 Our system enables recording, defining, searching, and visualizing genealogy linkages between assets, individuals, and organizations.

🔍🔗 With complete transparency at every step, manufacturers and governments can ensure smooth processes. 🚀

Check out how our solution promotes , , and : 📲



🌐 Data Provenance: Ensuring Reliable Data Management with RippleNami 📊

RippleNami's technology platform incorporates a crucial step called data provenance. It creates a history file of the data, including its origins.

This helps us provide feedback to the data source system, ensuring accuracy.

It also protects against reintroducing corrected inaccurate data into our reliable system.



RippleNami Uganda has extensive expertise in technical leadership, project management, solutions architecture, and system integration.

We help organizations swiftly obtain vital data for their day-to-day operations.

Our innovative approach, which leverages innovations like data level security, enables efficient access to critical information.



Incredible opportunity for local Ugandan bidders!

RippleNami invites you to bid for a groundbreaking project.

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Are you a landlord or landlady in Uganda?

To be on the safe side, ensure you understand how rental income tax works.

Learn about S.5 of the Income Tax Act and more with a complete guide at


Is Uganda's booming real estate sector causing revenue leakages?
President Museveni thinks so. Learn how URA is cracking down on tax evasion!

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries in Uganda, but there are many issues with tax compliance that are causing revenue leakages.

President Museveni is putting pressure on Uganda Revenue Authority to maximize revenue collections from rental income.
Click to learn more about how URA is tackling tax evasion in the real estate sector.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni The Observer Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
RippleNami, Inc RippleNami Uganda National Water and Sewerage Corporation
Umeme Limited


When companies do both real estate activities and trade, they must report their income from these two sources separately when they file their tax returns.

Uganda Revenue Authority Musinguzi John Rujoki


Uganda's Rental Income Tax is paid to URA and mainly contributes to the national budget, while Property Tax is paid to local governments like .

Knowing the difference between these taxes helps ensure the proper allocation of funds for national and local services


In this Financial Year, the amount of tax paid on rental income for individuals has reduced from 30% to 12%.

Additionally, a threshold of UGX 2,820,000 per year has been reintroduced.


Did you know that property rates and rental income tax are two different taxes, paid to two different entities in Uganda?

Property rates are paid to the local government, such as KCCA, divisions, or municipalities, while rental tax is paid to the Uganda Revenue Authority.

It's important to understand the difference between the two and ensure you are paying the correct entity to avoid penalties or legal issues.



Did you know that property rates are crucial for local authorities to provide much-needed services like roadworks, street lighting, water and sanitation, health, and education?

Without these funds, they wouldn't be able to provide these essential services.

To find out more, visit: -rates


Efficient and effective rental tax compliance just got easier with rTCS!

Our innovative solution streamlines the process by utilizing existing data and on-ground teams to accurately classify occupancy and determine the tax owed.

By partnering with key government agencies, including URA, rTCS simplifies tax compliance for all parties involved.


Are you a landlord or property owner in Uganda?

It's essential to understand the difference between Property Rate and Rental Income Tax.

Property Rate is a tax paid on the value of any building that is used for business purposes, including residential rented properties.
Rental Tax, on the other hand, is charged on the rental income earned by letting out a property.

Follow this link for more.


rTCS simplifies big data by presenting complex information through easy-to-understand visual representations, including relationship graphs and maps.

We take pride in making the process of understanding big data more accessible and user-friendly.

For more information, visit our website at


Don't compromise on data privacy and compliance!

With rTCS, enjoy the advantages of cloud architecture while storing your data in an on-premise environment that conforms to local laws and customs.

Check out for more information.


Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to a world of opportunities with the rTCS graph database!

Our innovative technology reveals connections between data elements, helping government agencies combat tax avoidance like never before.

Discover the power of today!
Visit to learn more.


As a landlord or property owner, it's essential to understand the laws and regulations surrounding rental income tax.

Check out this comprehensive guide at


RippleNami is paving the way for governments to make better-informed decisions through cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of big data.

Our platform provides a visually engaging experience to analyze and manage each taxable parcel of land through the use of GIS technology.

Our digitized data, in a secure and user-friendly geospatial format displayed on a map, simplifies the analysis process without requiring a GIS background. Our GIS platform is revolutionizing the way governments access and analyze data.

Learn more about how 's GIS platform can help your organization make better decisions.
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Don't get caught out by rental tax regulations.

Non-compliance with rental tax regulations can result in penalties, interest, and auditing.

URA - Uganda Revenue Authority Musinguzi John Rujoki Kenya Revenue Authority


Big congratulations to the Uganda Revenue Authority on achieving an all-time high in rental income tax collections during the last quarter of FY 2022/23!

It's truly inspiring to witness how technology and data are transforming the field of and leading to exceptional growth and success.

Head over to to learn more.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Kenya Revenue Authority Rwanda Revenue Authority Tanzania Revenue Authority - TRA


Data sovereignty is an increasingly important issue in today's digital age, and RippleNami is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions.

Our technology is designed to meet the laws applicable to data in any country, ensuring that our clients can rest easy knowing their data is secure and protected.

Learn more about our commitment to data sovereignty and the power of our technology at

Kenya Revenue Authority Uganda Revenue Authority Rwanda Revenue Authority Musinguzi John Rujoki Tanzania Revenue Authority Tanzania Revenue Authority - TRA


Revolutionizing Rental Taxes: How Blockchain Technology is Enabling Seamless Integration of Data Sources - Insights from URA Commissioner General, John Rujoki Musinguzi.

See how the rTCS is transforming the way properties are tracked and taxed!

Check out the latest on Musinguzi John Rujoki Rwanda Revenue Authority


TECH TERM: Big data visualization.

Unleash the power of big data with and our amazing big data visualization feature!

Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets and hello to clear and concise images that help you make sense of it all.

Make informed decisions with ease, thanks to . .

Discover more at


The Rental Tax Compliance System will continue to guide efforts in collecting revenue and preventing revenue leakages.

Musinguzi John Rujoki

Learn more about URA's success in preventing revenue leakages and streamlining collection at


The Rental Compliance Tax System (rTCS) uses satellite imagery and third-party data sources to identify properties for rental tax.

Musinguzi John Rujoki

Follow this link for more on this:


Big news! Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has achieved record-breaking quarterly earnings in rental income tax for FYQ2, collecting Shs70.2 billion and reaching 97% of its target.

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