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"Power play for your ride! ⚡️💪 Our alternators bring life to your vehicle's electrical system. Elevate your driving experience with reliable power generation. 🔄🔋 "

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"Breathe easy, ride smoothly! 🚗💨 Our oil and air filters are your engine's best friends. Ensure clean, efficient performance and let your ride inhale the freshness. 🌬️🛢️ "

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"Ignite your drive with our spark plugs! 🔥✨ Unleash powerful performance and fuel efficiency. Your engine deserves the spark of excellence. 🔧💥 "


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Embark on a journey of excellence with us! 🚗✨ Experience the best car service that goes beyond repairs. From meticulous attention to detail to a commitment to your car's peak performance, we redefine automotive care. Your satisfaction is our driving force.

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PRO TIP;Did you know that this could be the reason you’re chocking on your vrhicle ac…?😷😷😷😷…today let’s understand the importance of the cabin filter and why it has to be replaced once after evry two service intervals…😲😲😲This cabin filter is the component that traps any dust and debris that could be blown to the passenger compartment by the Evaporator fun…since the system is under the hood ,it’s very much susceptible to trapping dust…😷😷😷,this when inhaled can cause alot of respiratory complications like flue,asthma among others,,,🤒🤒🤒it’s important that your service advisor replaces this filter after afew service intervals,else your ac will not be as efficient in performance as per the OEM…📈📉📈📉📊…For more technical inquiries and recommendations please contact us at JATESEL AUTO LTD ,better still reach us on 0773573585(mobile)📪📫☎️☎️☎️☎️JATESEL AUTO,LET’S TORQUE..🚗🚕🚙🚌🚌🚐🚒🚑🚓🏎🛻🚚🚛🚜


PRO TIP:Today lets understand more the importance of suspension bushing,😎😎😎in an Engineering design point of view,the use of the WISHBONES and DUMPING system is to ripple out the oscillatory effect of forces…🤔🤔🤔…this is why the wishbones(suspension plates)are placed in an angle such that to counter any forces that are subject in a perpendicular position to the vehicle’s body…🚖🚘🚍🚔🛻this is why to keep the wish bones in a “flexing position “they are installed with suspension bushes inorder to minimize metal-to-metal contact while counteracting the forces…🔧🔧🔧🔧.Today’s vehicle(patient)neede an entire rear suspension bushing overhaul to restore the ried comfort of the vehicle….and we got the genuine spare parts from JATESEL AUTO located in Kampala,Nabugabo road lohana arcade level2,shop no.MF023,for more inquiries,technical recommendations and genuine spare parts and accessories,please call 0773573585☎️☎️☎️☎️and we’ll deliver to you…JATESEL AUTO,LETS TORQUE 🔧🔧🔧🔧🔧


Increasing fuel economy

1) Tire pressures: Remember to increase inflation pressures when vehicle is loaded to capacity(savings: roughly 5 %)

2)Accelerate at wide throttle openings and low engine speeds, upshift at 2000 rpm

3)Drive in the highest possible gear: even at engine speeds below 2000 rpm it is possible to apply full throttle

4)Plan ahead to avoid continuous alternation between braking and acceleration

5)Exploit the potential of the trailing-throttle fuel cutoff

6)Switch off engine during extended stops, such as at traffic lights with extended red phases andat railroad crossings, etc. (3 minutes of idling consumes as much fuel as driving 1 kilometer)

7)Use full-synthetic engine oils (savings of approximately 2 % according to the manufacturer)

Source -Gasoline Engine Management System, BOSCH


Servicing your car is a pre-requisite for a healthy engine and good performance,but are you using the right service parts as per OEM recommendations…?🤔…JATESEL isyour one stop for all automotive service parts and spare parts…


PRO TIP; Ensure to service your German branded automobile with the right Castrol oil brand and grade to sustain its performance and mileage…contact us at JATESEL AUTO for the right service parts and all spare parts and accessories…🙏🏿


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🔎 With attention to detail and genuine car parts, we ensure every vehicle receives the care it deserves. From routine maintenance to complex fixes, our expertise keeps your car running smoothly on the road. 🛣️

🌟 Experience the difference in performance and reliability that we offer! 💼 Get your car in our skilled hands today and feel confident in every drive. 🚀

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