Fountain of Hope Medical Ministry

Fountain of Hope Medical Ministry


It was massive yesterday with the the MAMA CONNECT CONFERENCE.
We thank God for his faithfulness and His goodness, five women with their babies accepted Jesus as their personal lord and savior, and we trust that the Lord will continue to do his work in the community of Walukuba in Jinja District . Thank you so much for giving, praying and standing with us. May the good Lord bless you.
Sarah and Pastor Robert, I am so happy to see how God has helped in growing your community. I have you in my prayers every day and Paddy who I sponsor. I do not keep in contact as I should so I will pray the Lord helps me to remember Fountain of Hope and all the workers and my Christian brothers and sisters. I do pray that this Epidemic is not bad there. Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Kennewick, Washington holds indoor service and has prepared Worship services can be attended in their homes. This is what I do in front of my computer. I am 92 years old now but doing well with the help of God to keep me well. Praise ou Lord for He is Good and wonderful always. God bless you and all your community and school. God loves you -- and SO DO I !!! Marian Personett😍🥰

This ministry exist to care for the community by providing medical care with Jesus at the center of it all.

Operating as usual


Asking for prayers for Margret as she awaits her little one!

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Praise God for the gift of children it's so good to see what God does first hand. And the testimonies that come because of his love. Thankful for the mama connect and mama kit project.

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The lord has done it again with our old and wise ministry. We were able to reach out to over 70 men and women of God who are full of energy, love ,laughter and conversation. I know you won't believe it but it was hard to get these lovely people of God to keep quiet they wanted to sing sing sing and sing. They were joyful and so full of life. Trust me it's only by God's grace. We are grateful for all the support and prayers. We ask that the good Lord to bless everyone who prays with us and for us and also everyone who supports us financially. MAY ALL the GLORY and HONOR be back to GOD.

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"not abandoning our own meeting together, as is the habit of some people, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near. Hebrews 10:25. Seeing our old and wise men and women of God come together, meeting and sharing about their life time stories was amazing. As we enter this Easter season please Don't forget to pray for them that those who have not accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior would come to that realization. Thank you so very much the fountain of hope medical ministry team for the work well-done. Thank you to Bukeka True worship and GFBC family. Thank you to all the prayer warriors and intercessors who spend countless hours before the lord. May all the Glory and honor be back to God.

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Dears friends, I call upon you to lift Ann in prayer. She lost her baby during delivery last night. I know our God is the greatest comforter, healer and giver of peace.

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The scriptures reassure us about hope, not in our selves but in the Lord. The Bible says that God knew us before we were formed in the womb and before we are born, he has set us apart. Sometimes our struggles blind us from seeing God's hand of comfort around us. But we have got to pull through, ran the race that is set before us keeping in mind that He will never leave us nor Forsake us because He has known us all along and set us apart. Those were the words of encouragement for our mothers and for us as we shared the love of Christ and knowledge on how to prepare for the coming child. Thank you so much pastor Jesse and RN Sarah may the good Lord bless you and your families. Thank you to everyone who supports financially so we can be able to do what we do for the Mama's. Thank you for all the people that stand with us in prayer. May all the Glory and Honor be back to God.

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Many senior citizens struggle in many ways than one and at times we forget to Remember to keep in touch with our elderly loved ones. As fountain of hope ministries in conjunction with GFBC. We were able to reach out to our senior citizens not only with some small necessities but with the word of God and prayer. They had a chance to meet each other and talk about their life experiences. It was a good visual seeing them laugh and talk to each other. With the many health problems that come with old age we were able to provide some medicines, vitamins and some physiotherapy exercises that can be done home to relieve some back pains. Again thank you to the team that worked tirelessly to see that the love of God is shared. Thank you to everyone you prayed for the day and for the people and thank you to everyone who gave sacrificially towards the OLD and WISE ministry. May God sincerely bless each one of you. Please continue to pray for our senior adults that the Lord would keep them healthy, provide all their needs according to his riches in glory and comfort those that need comfort in the might name of Jesus Christ.

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Life is a gift worth celebrating everyday and the Giver of life desires for us to have it but
One has to choose to care for the gift they have and for some might require them to even travel many kilometers on foot. We ended up having two camps in kikubi one for those that live around the church and another for the people that had to travel from far. We thank God for the people in kikubi for no matter the circumstances around them for example, they haven't seen rain in four months, all their garden scorched by the sun with no hope for a harvest any time soon. But as we prayed, as we worshipped these people had Joy, they had this peace that only God can provide. Thank you the people of kikubi and afar, the medical team our pastors that prayed for the people and shared the Word of God. Whoever prayed for us and supported us thank you may the good Lord bless you. Thank you to the GFBC family for your love and support. May the almighty God bless you all.

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GLORY BE TO THE lORD! Thank you Lord for this new MARCH, Thank you Lord! for your faithfulness for all the people we were able to reach out to through the preaching of your Word, prayers and medicines. The Bible says that God's mercy are new every morning and great is His faithfulness. We give all the glory and honor back to God for in a predominantly Muslim community He opened doors that we would reach out to His people in the community of Bukeeka. Not only treat their illness but also to preach the Gospel in power and in love, to pray with the people and point them back to God. Two people made the greatest decision of inviting Jesus into their lives. They made the decision to join the family of God and to God be all the Glory and honor. Thank you GFBC family, thank you to all the pastors and medical workers for being obedient to the voice of God. May the lord bless you all and the community of Bukeeka.

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It was such a wonderful time with pregnant mothers, we got to learn together about pregnancy and child care, growing together, knowing Christ, making Christ known. Two mothers gave their lives to Christ. Glory be to the lord most high, praise be to His holy name. And thank you for your unfailing and continued support.

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This Christmas season, at The True Worship Centre we started a series on Emmanuel! The lord with us. And so far we have come to realize that our hope, peace and joy is not as a result of our happenings but all three are a person and that person is Jesus, one can only experience them when they have a personal relationship with Christ. It's our Joy and desire that as we celebrate this Christmas season, we would share Christ and avail an opportunity to all to accept Jesus.
In mayuge, we had an opportunity to share Christ through out medical outreach and 9 people accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. We thank the Lord for all that He did through the whole team and we ask that you continue to pray for those that haven't accepted Christ and those that need healing that the Lord will heal them according to His will.
Thank you to everyone who gives cheerful so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the communities around us.


Make a call to a friend
who you haven’t talked to for a while and find out how they are doing. Tell them they are special and you hope they are safe. Make a call to a friend who has lost a parent, spouse, sibling, relative or workmate and listen as they narrate their ordeal. Mourn with them and keep them in prayer. Call your boss and express your appreciation for them trying to keep the business/company afloat. Call your parents and tell them how grateful you are that they are alive, tell them to keep safe and let their grandchildren sing them a song. Make at least two such calls daily. This is what ‘buly’omu agumye mune’ means.


Commit to send some support to a neighbour, family member or village mate. Send what you can afford but ensure that you send something. If all you can afford is a kilo of posho, pack it and send it to your neighbour. If you still earn an income, send 10k mobile money to your office driver who may not have supper today. Send 5k to the security guard at your office building, it may make a difference today. Send 10k to your clergyman/pastor/priest/iman who is telling his family to have faith but is struggling to believe amidst the current realities. Send 20k to your children’s teacher who has 4 hunger children and a sick mother who they are trying to isolate in their 1 bedroom house. Give your maid an extra 50k to send to her mother who has received back all the bazukulu from town and is struggling to feed them. Send that friend nursing a husband some data/airtime to help them coordinate during these crazy times. Target to engage at-least one person a day with whatever you can afford. Avoid the temptation of publishing the support you have given (especially on social media). It is sweetest when done in secret but most of all pray for Uganda at all times.


hope you are doing well and keeping safe wherever you are.

The current wave of the covid 19 pandemic is getting many people on their knees as it has claimed the lives of loved ones, relatives, workmates, classmates, friends and acquaintances. There are a lot of deaths in the community, and people are getting anxious about their own safety and the safety of other loved ones. However, much as we have lost loved ones to covid 19, let us also remember that many have recovered.

We equally need to realise that this pandemic is beatable if we;
- embrace behavioral change and practice what has now turned into an everyday gospel of masking, sanitizing/washing hands, and avoiding crowds.
- maintain a positive mindset
- keep fit and eat healthy
- avoid self medication and follow professional advice
- keep in touch with our social networks and maintain a sense of belonging
- seek professional help whenever we feel psychologically overwhelmed because our mental wellbeing is key.
I am available for a chat whenever you feel the need to talk to me, or you can always reach out to any other colleague for a chat. You lose nothing when you reach out to someone whenever you feel overwhelmed.



Dear FOHM Family,
important to prioritize self-care and self-compassion as we grieve, as these two continue to define our collective response to those among us who are ill and or are grieving. With back to back tragedies, we have no time to grieve. No moment to rest. Not enough time for renewal. We seem to be experiencing a vicious cycle of events that are triggering grief but are not able to grieve before the next event happens. Part of self care is allowing ourselves time to grieve. Counsellors encourage this because it is a normal and natural response to loss and trauma. I realize however, that in the face of compounded grief, we may simply choose to move on to the next event without a deeper recognition of our need to be still and acknowledge our own fears and vulnerability. It takes courage to grieve. The University of Washington Counselling center frames it as follows:

Healthy grieving is an active process...and one way of understanding the work to be done is to think of grieving as a series of tasks we need to complete: 1) Accepting the finality of the loss. 2) Acknowledging and expressing the full range of feelings we experience as a result of the loss. 3) Adjusting to a life in which our loved one is absent. 4) Saying goodbye and ritualizing our lives to a new peace with loss.

This takes courage. With God all things are possible.

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