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A social enterprise inspired by my participation in the ALI East Africa Foundation Fellowship Progra Demonstration farms dealing in farming and selling of foods with high nutrition value, in order to benefit poor active rural farmers in Kadegele Village in Pallisa County in Pallisa District in eastern Uganda.

Operating as usual

Photos from Alinga Farms's post 11/10/2021

Ginger freshly harvested from my front yard garden. Today and other days when it is cold especially I appreciate the more the wisdom of growing ginger in my front yard in repurposed plastic bottles.


Interesting indeed! Can you believe it though?

Interesting indeed! Can you believe it though?

Photos from Alinga Farms's post 02/07/2021

KNOW THY BANANAS ... Seriously, did you know this about bananas?

Photos from Alinga Farms's post 28/06/2021

It started with me wanting to reduce the cost of buying banana leaves. So, last year in April, in the midst of the lockdown for the first wave, I asked our Catherine for banana suckers and we planted in the plot of my brothers who are absentee landowners 😉 And now in the middle of another lockdown we have this fabulous bunch of matooke!

Photos from Alinga Farms's post 28/06/2021

Yes, ematunda original. Some of you and your children have never seen these and have never tasted the great taste and fabulous aroma of these hard covered passion fruits. Not so?

Yap, our Catherine is using a grinding stone to crack them so we can blend and get juice.


Dear Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), I have just seen these cereals in an advert that was posted on the group wall of Pallisa Naikoto Oni and it reminded me why I wrote my blog post "UNBS Incompetent"

Imagine that cereals on the market are enforced to be this clean and without impurities.

What is so hard for us to get to the point where the whole chain - from farmer to middle man to retailer are so terrified to put impure cereals on the market?

Anyways, accompanying his photos Mujumbi David asked only serious buyers to contact him.

Call to protect & promote our indigenous food 25/06/2021

Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Join the conversation. What is your experience of changes in the food systems of your community? Are they being degraded such as the food systems of the Iteso of Uganda? Would love to read from you. Thank you.

Call to protect & promote our indigenous food Commenting on my analysis in which I used the changing composition of atap, the staple food of Iteso, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, to demonstrate how Iteso food is being degraded reade…

Photos from Alinga Farms's post 24/06/2021

Ingredients freshly harvested from my front yard garden: spinach, green cherry tomatoes, onion and garlic leaves; together with bought eggs and red tomato. And this morning my omelette turned out great, me thinks, aesthetics wise and taste wise. #agriculture #nutrition

Mobile Uploads 15/06/2021

One year ago I uploaded this ... Things were not as bad as they are now, but still I pray that we shall overcome ...

My climbing beans are coming along nicely... What a way to distress at the end of a long work day.

#IwodEgogong #EnkumiTelimba #food and #nutrition security is within our means.

Grow some of the food that you eat in your front and backyard. 17/12/2020

Nearly 40% of Russia's Food Still Comes From Small, Family Gardens

Wow! "Almost half of Russia’s food is grown in backyard gardens!" Almost half of Russia’s food is grown in backyard gardens! While most of the world is completely dependent on industrial agriculture, the Russian people feed themselves. As recently as 2011, a full 40% of the food produced in Russia came from small, household gardens called dachas. That number is ...


What a lovely day it is as I partake of the fruits of my front yard garden.

As I do some writing, enjoying the great view and sipping Lemon-cucumber-water enhanced with lavender, rosemary and mint from my front yard garden.

Have a fabulous day today, Norah Owaraga. 24/11/2020

Optimistically Planning Post COVID-19 Recovery

Owomugisha’s gratitude is born out of me unintentionally becoming among her role models and mentors. She first contacted me in February 2015, texting me via Facebook Messenger:
“I thank God I read your article. It’s such a blessing that you give out free information. Those who have ears and eyes let them use those senses. No one will say you didn't give information.”
I am not certain which of my articles Owomugisha read. I have written some on my Alinga Farms Atorot brand (dried calyces of hibiscus sabdariffa fruit) value chain that I developed, and it is likely she read one them. Click on the link and read more, it is a short 4-minute read... Yesterday, Monday, 23rd November 2020, Owomugisha texted me through Facebook Messenger. “Because of knowing you I am a happy owner of 70 turkeys, which I would not have bought without your connecti…


What a fabulous surprise this morning I found in my front yard garden. Eswei (mushrooms) that are a delicacy within Iteso culture just grew wild in my front yard garden!

Within Iteso cuisine, we clean them, then dry them and then cook them in groundnuts sauce. So watch this space for up-dates.

Norah Owaraga


There is a Buganda saying: "Enkumbi telimba", direct translation: "the hoe does not lie." As in if you are a farmer we will truly know from your harvest.

This is unlike vague deliverables that politicians use to pander a true farmer's deliverables are clear.

My Ist harvest of groundnuts, which I planted in repurposed empty plastic water bottles and flower pots in my front yard garden.

Cooked - boiled with salt - in Iteso cuisine. And the taste was fabulous.

#Food and #nutrition security is within our means.


We believe this to be true. Have a fabulous week learning more about #food for your good #health.


Among my favorite things is my front yard garden.

I am blessed that my home office opens right into my front yard garden and I get to enjoy the beautiful scenes and sounds of nature as I work.

Right now as I type birds are chirping, flying, landing and off they go again into the live fence that has loads and loads of berries for them.

And in the garden I have growing loads of organic food for my own consumption; and also for sell.

#foodforthought #food and #nutrition security is within our means, and #urban farming can be a major contributor.

We need persons that are appointed into the position of physical town/municipal/city planner, to be those that can think out of the box and innovators.

If we never learnt anything from how so quickly urban dwellers became food insecure when the #COVID19 lockdown was put in place, this should be it.

Dig up some of those grass lawns and concrete pavements and grow food.


And for today's lunch Iit was freshly harvested cowpeas leaves from my front yard garden and cooked in groundnuts sauce; served with atap (millet and cassava ugali); matooke (green cooking bananas) steemed in banana leaves; and beef stew. Am still full, no supper for me today.

By Norah Owaraga


From farm to plate. My lunch today, Iteso Cuisine, pumpkin leaves cooked in groundnuts sauce served with sweet potato and atap (millet and cassava ugali).

The pumpkin leaves harvested from my front yard by my apese Alinga III and cooked by her under the supervision of my other apese Catherine.

Normally, if #COVID19 had not happened Alinga III would be in school completing Senior Five.

Nevermind, her long stay home has provided us with the opportunity for her continuing education in life skills and bonding with ija.

#food and #nutrition security is within our means in #Uganda for we are gifted with nature. 03/10/2020

Kadaga’s push for green jobs Machiavellian

Oluka Peter in reaction to "Kadaga's push for green jobs Machiavellian" writes:

"I am meaning small scale processing run by the farmers to give their produce a longer shelf life and earn higher incomes from their sweat. The large factories do not do that. Their shareholders want to maximize their profits and in order to do that they must at all costs offer the farmers a raw deal in as far as pricing is concerned."

We at Alinga Farms, couldn't agree more, the push should be making Ugandans smallholder farming enterprises profitable and not littering our nation with "white elephants." About two weeks ago, a New Vision story headline, “Museveni backs Sh200b job creation programme,” caught my attention. A headline that excites, but, in the context of Uganda, is also truly Machiave…


There are really many benefits one gets when they decolonize their minds of the traditional green-grass lawns and concrete paved yards as the norm.

Mini-agroforestry for your front and back yard is what I highly recommend to you.

You will get wonderful sights and aroma of nature; and good food for your good health. You can keep fit through doing the gardening.

And you will save significant sums of money in savings from that you would have used to buy some food; and medical health care bills.

#foodforthought #food and #nutrition security is within our means in this our #Uganda that is gifted by nature.


Pumpkin leaves are aesthetically pleasant to grow in ones front and backyard garden; are easy to maintain; and are a great source of nutritious food.

Home yard gardening is a great tool for fostering genuine and practical education that leaves the learner with life time knowledge and skills.

Alinga III has learnt how to harvest, remove the threads (which she is doing in the picture) and to cook pumpkin leaves in a variety of styles.

So just because children where not able to go to formal school doesn't mean they have not been receiving and education while they were with us at home. So please say so. #justsaying


Ecaai and Atorot are ready packaged organically grown and sun dried; and packaged to international standards for you.

To order and to request a delivery to be made, call or WhatsUp us on +256 753 462 816 and our Catherine will do the needful - provide the necessary additional information.

Payment is either cash on delivery or mobile money before delivery.

Buy Ecaai pack at Ug. shs 10,000 (ten thousand shillings only) and you get ground calyces of hibiscus sabdariffa fruit, lemon grass, spear mint leaves, and ginger. All highly nutritious and medicinal ingredients for your teas, juices, and more.

Buy Atorot pack at Ug. shs 10,000 (ten thousand shillings only) and get 200 grams of pure sun dried calyces of hibiscus sabdariffa fruit.


Many, may not believe that through my Alinga Farms I am a trendsetter who popularized the consumption of Hibiscus Sabdariffa. I was a trend setter in getting it onto major supermarket shelves and packaged to international standards.

Others shamelessly closely copied my brand packaging to the extent, am told, my niece was scandalized when they went shopping. Apparently, she was able to recognize my brand and she clearly insisted that they buy the one for her ija (aunt) Norah.

That was four years ago and a lot has happened since then, including us changing our packaging.

Watch this space we will be back with more ... #TrueInnovators 15/09/2020

Washing fruits and vegetables

#UgandaGiftedByNature, grow some of your fruits and vegetables and reduce consumption of what others grow and sell to you.

"Most of the vegetables we eat nowadays have been exposed to herbicides and other chemicals. What makes this worse is the application of these chemicals close to or even after harvesting
#MonitorUpdates" Most of the vegetables we eat nowadays have been exposed to herbicides and other chemicals


And for Papa's lunch today we attempted pumpkin, green peas and beef soup.


Simple lunch of matooke vegetables katogo. The dodo (amaranth) was freshly harvested from my front yard garden.

Surely, #food and #nutrition security are within our means by the fact that #UgandaIsGiftedByNature. 07/09/2020

‘Living Positively with COVID-19’

Front, side and back yard gardening can be of low cash investment; but when it works, it is often of high multiple benefit. Our Innovators, you adults whom we are mentoring under our project: “MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAINST POVERTY”, are busy innovating and transforming our Lira Centre into a…


This is what is meant by #Uganda is gifted by nature.

The dodo (amaranth) just grew on its own in the re-used bottle gardens in which am growing peas in my front yard garden.

Yes, this morning's harvest for lunch. This is so great!

#food and #nutrition security is within our means. Controlling our food chain from garden to plate.


Recipe: Lemongrass-Mint-Lemon health drink

Harvest fresh lemon grass and mint; rise with cold water, and place in glass.

Peel one lemon and squeeze its juice into the glass with lemon grass and mint. Use sieve to make sure no lemon seeds end up in the glass.

Bring tap water to boil and it hot into the glass.

Let still for five minutes and it is ready!

Benefits of lemongrass tea and mint tea include: good digestion and full of antioxidants.

Read more on the benefits of lemongrass

Read more on the benefits of mint

And lemon aids digestions and weight loss as well and is rich in Vitamin C. Read more

Preventative healthcare is significantly about making sure that one consumes a balanced and nutritious diet; and it is ever so important now in this era of the #coronavirus #COVID19.

#Food and #nutrition security is within our means. Dig up those learns and grow ingredients for teas and juices for your good health.


A social enterprise that has a firm belief in the idea that small is beautiful. Promoting the growing of foods of high economic and nutrition value and that are culturally acceptable to the peoples of Uganda; and that do not need large tracts of land nor highly mechanised so-called modern farming. Proudly promoting #African knowledge systems.


My papa muzei Ejakait Engineer George William Obityo Owaraga is battling with pnemonia and I am stumped about what food to give him that helps and his team of doctors also do their thing.

So I googled the crops growing in my front yard garden, each sperately together with "and pnemonia" and I was amazed!

So this morning, Papa's breakfast is modified to include healthy doses of lemon grass, rosemary and ginger. This is how I have included them:

1) Lemon grass, tea, milk and honey to make a fabulous cup of tea.

2) Rosemary, mango and banana smoothie.

3) Ginger water.

4) Salt water.

5) Plain water from a smoked pot.

Every little bit counts.

Dig up those grass lawns and grow food. #food and #nutrition security is within our means. And put to use the legacy of our African ancestors who bequeathed us a wealth of knowledge.

By Norah Owaraga.


In the fore onions and onions seeds; and in the background groundnuts growing in the front yard garden of Alinga Norah Owaraga.#Gardening for food. #Food and #nutrition security is within our means.


Many Iteso will find it hilarious that am growing ground nuts in a flower pot.

But I love being in control of my food value chain from seed to plate.

One of my favorite foods is freshly harvested ground nuts, salted and boiled in their shell, In the Iteso cuisine.

So I innovated!


How do you make Papa's soups, some of my sisters often ask.

Well today am being generous and am sharing the ingredients and process for my pork-matooke soup.

The matooke is being cooked separately by Alinga III.

1) Buy boneless pork from Shoprite (bought mine in Entebbe); and cut into cubes.

2) Chop ingredients:
Yellow sweet peppers (bought from market)
Onions (harvested from front yard garden)
Dodo (harvested from front yard garden)
Tomatoes (harvested from front yard garden)

3) Mix chopped ingredients with chopped pork. Add salt and let marinate for an hour.

4) Slow cook on low heat.

And of course when it is done and is time, blend with matooke.

Alinga Norah Owaraga.

Our Story

We are a social enterprise that was started primarily to benefit poor rural farming communities in Kadegele Village in Pallisa District.

We have made great achievements establishing a unique model in which we function as the middle entrepreneur working with a network of out-growers. We popularised the growing and consumption of hibiscus sabdariffa.

We lost our way a little bit and took huge hits with our distribution model - opening up a shop in the city and relying on supermarkets. More recently, we made significant capital loss when Nakumatt Uganda Ltd declared bankruptcy and closed shop in Uganda before paying us for what we had supplied to them for sell. And they did not return the products supplied, which means they sold it and did not pay. They were in arrears for months.

We are back on the drawing board. We hope to re-launch in 2018.


Promoting health through nutrition and climate sensitive agriculture. Grow nutritious food for own consumption and surplus for sell.



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