JEBBEH GROUP The sole Agent of ANKO FOOD MACHINE in Middle east and Turkey since 2000

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We are delighted to share with you the essence of Good Food and learn how easy it can be preped using our machines
Day 2 |
Stand : 1F8

ANKO Food Machine
Tesan Fırın Makinaları

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We are ready to welcome you at

ANKO Food Machine
Tesan Fırın Makinaları


Looking forward to meet you all
at ANFAŞ HOTEL Equipment

ANKO Food Machine
Tesan Fırın Makinaları


|Tips for Professional Technical Maintenance⚙️🧰

If a machine is not properly maintained, the subsequential "wear and tear" caused to the machine will shorten its service life over time. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your machine's health status and perform all appropriate maintenance procedures.

ANKO understands the meticulous and labor-intensive work required in all food business areas, from production sales to routine maintenance. Therefore, ANKO launched IoT food machinery last year to automatically send maintenance alerts for specific part changes, allowing clients to procure these parts in advance. This new system schedules inspection appointments and maintenance events to protect the machines' service life and ensure production consistency and efficiency.

ANKO safeguards your automated production line.


|Anfaş Hotel Equipment Exhibition 2024✨

Anfaş Hotel Equipment Exhibition provides a comprehensive platform for the Turkish hotel and catering industry, which showcases the latest hotel equipment, food machinery, and related services.

We are honored to announce that ANKO's Turkish agent will represent ANKO in this exhibition to present our professional food machinery technology. We will be displaying the "HLT-700U Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine" and the "SD-97M Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine," both designed specifically for making authentic Middle Eastern foods.

ANKO machines can produce various Middle Eastern dishes, such as , , , , , , , and many more. Our high-production capacity and efficient machines are the best equipment for you to enter this flourishing marketplace.

We sincerely invite you to visit our Booth F-7, where our professional consultants will provide information about customized production solutions. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services available.

Anfaş Show Info:
➤ Date: Jan 16-19, 2024
➤ Location: Hall 1 , Antalya Expo Centre
(Turkey, street 25001 SOKAK NO:1/4 in city)
➤ Booth Number: F-7

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2024! Creating a new future together
As 2023 comes to an end, we are grateful for all your business and support during this challenging year. ANKO is proud to share our achievements and technological breakthroughs with our friends in the food industry this year:
†† Taiwan's First loT Food Machinery
+† Produce perfect Spring Rolls in just 1.4 seconds each - SR-27 Automatic Spring Roll Production Line
*† The world's first Quesadilla Making Machine - QS-2000
# Fully Automated Xiaolongbao (Soup Dumpling)
Production Line using Robotic Arm and IoT
In 2024, ANKO is committed to continuing our goal of providing excellent machines and professional support services to support the success of your food business
Follow us now † .


Happy new year🎊✨


we are happy to be part of the preparation process for Eid Al Adha we wish you all a happy Eid.❤️
ANKO Food Machine

ANKO Food Machine
Tesan Fırın Makinaları

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|Exclusive ANKO Interview by 東森財經新聞 - #趨勢造夢者

On 12/24, tune into #東森財經新聞 for an exclusive ANKO interview by Miss. Chu highlighting the insight of a Pioneer in the food machine industry in Taiwan.

Chairman Ouyang will discuss ANKO’s development of more than 30 different food machine models since its founding in 1978. These machines have the capacity to produce more than 300 types of ethnic foods quickly and efficiently. ANKO is also very proud to provide comprehensive professional support to our clients. Additionally, we have been building a private library collection of over 700 diverse ethnic food recipes created for automated food production. Our goal is to provide global food manufacturers with the best tools and support available to produce authentic and affordable food for consumers worldwide.

This exclusive interview will tell ANKO's story and our commitment to promoting standardized, automated food production worldwide.
Tesan Fırın Makinaları
ANKO Food Machine

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DAY #2 Looking forward to Meet you on the last Day


Working to Arrange all your desire products recipes before the show ,
ready to demonstrate all in HORECA Riyadh
ANKO Food Machine
Al HAZMI co.
Tesan Fırın Makinaları

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| Professional Technical Integration of Fully Automatic Spring Roll Production Line

"Asian cuisine" and "Party food" are very popular keywords in today's Global food market. A well-known European food company sent their team to Taiwan to learn how to produce Spring Rolls and subsequently they purchased ANKO "SR-27 Automatic Spring Roll Production Line."

ANKO SR-27 Features:
👉 Customize Spring Roll sizes, ranging from 10 cm to 8 cm.
👉 Exclusive patented filling system that reduces the need for any food additives, while retaining the filling’s original texture.
👉 Ability to process raw ingredients with high-fluidity, and cooked fillings with low-fluidity.
👉 Requires only one person to operate the entire production at the highly efficient rate of 1 Spring Roll every 1.4 seconds.

ANKO provides all the suppliers and support you need to achieve success in the premium automated food production business!!!
Al HAZMI co.
Tesan Fırın Makinaları


Looking forward to Meet you All at HORECA in Riyadh


Lookig forward to Meet you All In Riyadh
Al HAZMI co. ANKO Food Machine Tesan Fırın Makinaları

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| ANKO Exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing!

Only 2 more days to go! ANKO is proud to be participating the Gulfood Manufacturing – Booth 237. We look forward to your visit at the show.

We will be demonstrating the Maamoul automated production line at our booth, LIVE! Our presentation will showcase the entire process from filling, forming, printing, to product aligning.

👉 If you are interested in scheduling a machine trial, the EXPO is the place!
👉 Do you want to implement an automated production line, but still unsure which ANKO machines are best fit?
👉 Do you want to enhance your food product texture, but need professional assistance with the recipe?

Please complete the form now to receive more exhibition details and schedule a consultation with our professional consultants at the EXPO.

Al HAZMI co.
Tesan Fırın Makinaları

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