Avets new and second hand in the uk

รฮกตกปลาเอเวทประเทศไทย จาก วาทการ เ?


Lotto guys win a hxwRaptor right hand wind in blue. 2speed 50lds drag. Harness lugs 120quid a number. Message me in main pm

If we have a raffel what you thing about a big guns
Hxw raptor
£610. a Number. Lets hope i get right draw this time
1 Mark Smith
2 John Francis
3. Mark Calland
4. Ian north
5howard benson
6. Mark c
7ashley goodwin
8. Mike Stewart
9. Nr. L. L
10. Luke Evans
13. Mark c
14. Mr l. L
15 Ryan Dumbreck
16 leon Tailor
17ashley goodwin
21Martin hogarth
22richard arthur evans
23. John francies
25. Howard benson
26. Mark callard
27 Dave Jones
28 Dave jones

29 l. L
33. Mark callard
37. Ian North
38 mark smith
39bryon way
41Dean Bailey
44. Richard Arthur Evans

47Dean Shams
52 James Thomas Sherlock
53mr l. L
54mark smith

57. Dean Shams

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 03/06/2022

Who wants this sxmc blue with a briwn foot on the reel new 220 today uk price 281.99

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 20/04/2022

Hello long time no post i thought this page had been removed
Ok on offer this week sx g2 gold.
Mxl black
Sxmc g2 purple
Exw30/2. Red

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 09/12/2021

Ex30/2 green and a purple still at last seasons prices

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 17/07/2021

Exw50/2 the last before the tuna. From530.00. Inc postage

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 07/05/2021

It's the weekend and I like clear out reels at weekend and normally works well
So this week to the group I got a few that suits your fishing
Avet sxj smallest avet blue £170.00
Sxj mc blue @200.00
Sx @170.00 330.00apair purple
Sxmc @£205.00 400 a pair purple
Mxj mc red. £212:00
Mxl mc silver @£225.00
Lx. Red6/1. @235.00

Sxj g2 w/o @185.00

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 29/04/2021

Exw50/2 left hand black
Right hand red blue gold green g m grey


Draw for sat Next week.DRAW. The prices will be a exw5o/2 shark size tuna reel or 3 sx g2 tonight the 24th

1 steven tustin
2 ben slade
3. Jojo
4 mark tardy northampton
5 Howard Benson
7ryan thorpe
8 Aled Nicholas
9. Stephen Squires
10 D keen
11 Stephen Squires
12. John. ******

14. Lewis whitfield
15. Roy Fitzjon
16. Roy Fitzjohn
17. Ryan Thorpe
18. Iain Macload
19 brain pritchard
20 matt hubbard
21 Luke Evans
22. Kilo tango facebook
23 mike stewart
24 peter hyde
25. Howard benson
26 Mark Calland
27 stephen squires
28 eddie cox
29 James Thomas Sherlock
30Dean Dean Bailey
31 steven tustin
33 Richard kitney
34. Peter Davies looe
35 Neil Kiernan
36 Aled westwales
37 ryan thorpe
38 james saunders
39 Geriant thomas
40lain Mcload
41Dean Bailey
42. Micky George
43 Tony Sulcas
44 steven tustin
45 Aled. Westwales
46 jon hook
47 Aaron miles
48 mike stewart holyhead
49peter hyde
50Neil. Kiernan
51richard kitney
52james sherlock
53 peter hyde
54 Gareth Hodge
55 Nath Didds
56 Nath Didds. Kent
57mark yardy. Northampton
58. Peter Davies looe
59 neil kernan

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 10/04/2021

To clear today g1sxmc mxl mc mxlmc from 205


Next week. Will be draw time but set prizes with 1sxj sx and mxj or a exw50/2. Colour gold
Due to getting caught out by saying any reel and harry winning. Then Avet not having a 30/2in stock what he wanted
prizes can only be from reels in stock I hope you all except and understand that. Sorry I can't offer the full range as a prize.
The draw I hope will be on sat 24th April 10a number bank account payments only to NATWEST or santander uk

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 08/04/2021

To clear magic cast from Avet sx size


Sxg2sl red blue black silver gold grey purple in stock


New stock of sxg2sl in. Red blue black purple gold silver gun metal grey @185:00 each inc postage

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 03/04/2021

This neptune heart sxg2 i added a red foot plate and a brown k**b to match. Plus orignal k**b. £235.00

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 16/03/2021

To day to clear I'm having a big sale to clear reels out

Sxj sxjmc sxmc mxj mxjmc mxlmc

Prices one day only I never been so low as today
Sxj160. Blue
Mxj 190 gun metal
Sxj mc 190 red and blue
Sxmc 190.00. Purple black grey green
Mxj mc red grey green
Mxlmc silver

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 14/03/2021

Il class it as second hand but never been fished a black and silver mxl call it 150:00 to clear. Today


Sxmc. To clear £210.00
Mxj mc. £220.00 to clear


Reel covers to fit Avet sx

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 07/03/2021

Sx 2speed in red and blue to clear£260.00

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 22/02/2021

Avet Exw left handed 50/2
57 lbs drag in blue or black. These reel suit uk market big sharks or tuna


Numbers left in the draw are ,2,5 12 28
,30,31,,33,34,35,,40,41,42,,,48,,50,51,,,,, This is for the second set 3avets reel sxj sx mxj
Or an exw 50/2
Plan to draw 6th of March or first sat as possible...


Guy I received a few g2 today sxj sx and jx
The others will follow very shortly I hope with mxj mxl lx
And roy fitzjohn sx2speed we been waiting ages for that reel


Gents Ive Seen an email from Avet dated last week that says they stopped there G1 range of Avets so if you like to have matching pairs I got the last 22 today in bkk. Arrived so stock very limited to first come first served. As the new batch the price is going to be higher. And a diffrent shape so grab what you can today they won't last long

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 11/02/2021

A draw for 540.00quids worth Avets of your choice at£10a

59 numbers at £10•00 a number

1.stephen squires times 2
2 malc walker
3jo jo widnes and Stephen squires
4 dave jones and Dave jones
5. Howard benson. And james sherlock
6 jojo widnes and sherlock holmes southampton
7Roy fitzjohn. And Danny cawley
8 Greg churcherAnd tracylight harry anderson
9 Stephen Squire And Danny cawley
10 Neil kiernan and Stephen squires
11. Stephen Squires And paul williams fareham
12. Neil Lawson
13 jo jo widnes. Jack thoume
14 Roy fitzjohn and harvey preston
15 Martin jones and tracylight harry anderson
16 Andrew burgess
17 Neil kiernan and john burns
18Danny cawley and Stephen squires
19stephen squires and Stephen squires
20 Neil Lawson. And conor Ireland
21 paul davis and john burns
22 Aled Nickolas And Danny cawley
23 francis hanes berlie Mc Ellinney
24 Neil lawson And paul williams fareham
25 howard benson and roy fitzjohn
26 Mark Calland And royfitzjohn
27. Stephen Squire And Stephen Squires
28 Martin kiely.And charlie shane
29Adam Hill Southend And Stephen Squires
30 Mike stewart holyhead
31tracelight harry anderson
32 Mark Calland And sherlock holmes southampton
33 Richard kitney and
34. Ian macleod
35 Rob wickham And Charlie shane
36. James sherlock times 2
37 Martin jones and Alex macdonald brumbo
38 Graham Dickingson berlie Mc Elhinney
39 2times tony sulcas oldham
40 Neil Lawson
41john syme
42Ryan thorpe and ryan thorpe
43. Greg Churcher and John syme
44. Aled Nickolas and Danny cawley
45 tony sulcas oldham and gareth hodges
46 jon Hook and gareth hodges
47 gareth hodges. And ollie dyier
48 Andrew burgess And james clark
49 steve tustin conwy And jack thume
50 Neil Lawson
51Richard kitney and
52james and shelock times 2
53 Adam hill southend And Alex Mcdonald brumbo
54 dave jones and Dave jones
55. Andrew burgess And Graham dickingson
56 Neil kiernan times 2
57 Ryan thorpe and Ryan thorpe
58, Simon Batey 2times
59 Rob wickham. And jack thoume


Exw 50/2 rhw and lhw 2gold right black blue left can still make xmas precent for there £530.00 right £550.00 left


Reels I still got here for xmas time sxj red
Sx blue red green purple silver black grey
SxG2 gold
Mxj g2 and left
Mxj raptor
Mxl and left

Jx raptor
Hx raptor
Exw 30/2. Blue
Exw 50/2 left

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 14/10/2020

This time of year the big reel go slowly and the small beach and boat reels kick in. Also means size as big conger often pop up in November time so sx sxmc jx and lx choice of many


Sx mxj mxl. Left hand. Avet sxandmxj are g2 more power than the g1. These three sizes are in silver the mxl in uk already. Do any of the reel. Inc postage mxl 199.99
Sx £200. Mxj £216.00


Guy I see more emails from Avet and it very much looks like there plan is to old sell left handed reels in silver to be honest better for me.
But reason for this message is I still have 2 exw50w 2speed one in black one in blue me grab one before there gone then your choice only be silver

£520.00 plus 30 quid because left. As Avet add 50 USD for left.


Just seen an email from Avet to say they have stopped left hand in sx mx range g1. They have a few left in stock at 50 USD extra to the right hand they have only sx and mxl left.
Then it looks like they will make only the g2 in left in silver from now onwards I do have a left mxl in uk new and a black and green sx I have here the rest are g2lefts I have
The mxl 195.00 to clear it's been around a. While and the sx would be 230.00uk but as a very little mark on it. 180.00 to clear that one
Jx to clear I've a red black blue purple uk price 280.00 today £245.00
Lx to clear. £245.00. I've a purple red black. And a blue with a little mark on it £225.00. To clear that one.

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 03/10/2020

Avet mxj raptors. 355.00. Uk price 399.99 6 availble today ,@


Left hand Avet to clear mxl in uk already 200inc postage


To clear Avet lx £245.00 inc postage


Avets jx to clear uk price 280 discount today 235'00 inc postage narrow spool size of a 3/0 20lbsdrag


Ready Monday sx and mxjG2 Left hand in silver
Pics from sat


The middle ground reel of uk and Norway the avet jx narrow lx wide spool from 245,00 quid there reel are step up to the sx and mx range 20 lbs. Drag on the standard.


In stock sxj sx mxj mxl jx lx exw

Photos from Avets new and second hand in the uk's post 21/03/2020

As the time for uk bigger fish arrives
If the virus does not put a stop to boat fishing for 2020
an Avet to help you fight the big fight

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