Koyao Bungalows

Koyao Bungalows


Thank you so much for the amazing experience in your bungalow. We had great time!
Luca and Elena

Located in southern Thailand, in the southwest of the gorgeous island of Koh Mook, Koyao Bungalows offers enjoyable typical thay bungalows, where you are able to appreciate an unique atmosphere as well as it's magnificient landscape along Farang Bay.

The property is placed at a mere 30 minutes boat ride from "Khuan Tung Ku Pier" and 1 hour and half from the city of Trang or the Koh Lanta island. We have available twin/couple bungalows and also family bungalows, all of them possesing private bathroom, mosquito net, fan, mini-bar and free wi-fi. To support the more adventurous ones, we hold equipment for kayak trips to explore the amazing cliffs



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Koyao Bungalows


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Nice sunset today from the balcony

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Our Bungalows are waiting for you 🌴🌿


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Koyao Bungalows's cover photo


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