Baan JJ

Baan JJ

Welcome to our regional Thailand paradise!

Timeline photos 07/09/2016

Great to see you again Khun On. Your nails now sparkle!

Photos from Baan JJ's post 04/09/2016

Thanks for supporting Baan JJ. See you again soon!!

Timeline photos 18/08/2016

Thank you for visiting us again. Love your nail star dust design. See you again soon!

Timeline photos 28/07/2016

New mascot at Baan JJ! 'Dangmore' the Bulldog

Timeline photos 15/07/2016

Thanks for your support and photo collage!

Photos from Baan JJ's post 13/07/2016

New happy customer!

Timeline photos 30/06/2016

Thank you Khun Boo Bo for creating this photo collage. Come again anytime!

Timeline photos 01/01/2016

Advertising just went up a notch in 2016!

Timeline photos 28/11/2015

Today's color is 'Sweet Chocolate' with diamond sparkles!

Photos from Baan JJ's post 01/11/2015

A very happy new customer

Mobile uploads 20/10/2015

The color for today is 'Tahiti Hottie'!

Mobile uploads 20/10/2015

Freshly roasted Kenya AA and Ethiopia Gambella Sundried coffee beans. Will be cupping these in the 1.5 weeks!

Timeline photos 17/10/2015

Hand painted flowers by Ann. Many options and colours available!

Photos from Baan JJ's post 31/07/2015

We are thrilled with our latest addition to the spa zone - a limited edition Lucie Bennett print titled 'Ring-a-Zing-Zing'!

Photos from Baan JJ's post 31/07/2015

Nail and Spa zone now furnished! Treat yourself today!!

Mobile uploads 26/07/2015

Enjoying at Baan JJ

Photos from Baan JJ's post 14/07/2015

Enjoying Baan JJ

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