Digital Business Management - Assumption University

Digital Business Management - Assumption University


Students form the Department of MIS have competed and won the DOTA 2 competition at the THAILAND ESPORT PRO LEAGUE 2019 - CAMPUS TOUR SEASON 1.

The team consisted of the following students:
1.Pongsakorn Wiradittakit (Joe) (MIS)
2.Parintorn Tonprasert (Peter)
3.Chaianam Thawatwong (Fight)
4.Kanatip Vanitsombat (Ben) (MIS)
5.Sukhum Sapueysuk (Jame)
Attention MIS4291 (BIS4996) students batch 2019/1, orientation date is set.
Date: 29th April 2019
Time: 10:30 – 12:00
Room: SC0502
PwC Consulting Campus Visit

Nov 22, 2018

Good chance to meet the PwC Consulting as they are having a campus visit, and explore future employment opportunities.
Price Waterhouse Cooper is coming to Assumption University on Nov 8, 2018 (Thursday) from 17:00-18:00 at VME 101 to meet with prospective employees.

They are seeking graduates or soon to graduate students in technology related field that can communicate both in Thai and English.

For more details, you can contact the organizer at Au ([email protected]) or the PWC representative at [email protected]
With rising consumerism around the world, electronic wastes (E-Waste) packed with toxic chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and other harmful chemicals are polluting the world and harming ecosystem. Seeing the issues, the Au E-Waste initiative was launched by the Department of Management Information Systems of the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics to help alleviate the issue by providing an avenue for Assumption University students to safely discard their E-Waste products such as Mobile Devices and Batteries. The E-Waste devices that are donated to the project will be sent to recycling centers to help alleviate the impact of E-Waste to the environment.

The project was supported by True Corporation and Recycling is handled by TES AMM. Graphical design for posters and donation boxes were supported by the Department of Visual Communication Design at Assumption University.

The project was launched in April 2017 and the E-Waste initiative was PR as part of the Social Responsibility indicator for the subject BIS2180 Information Technology, where Green Computing and E-Waste is a topic in the curriculum. As of May 2018, one year after the project, a total of 200 mobile devices have so far been donated to the project which is a promising start.

More details of the project can be found at the page

Department of Digital Business Management, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, Assum “Harnessing Potential of Digital Technology to Create Tomorrow’s Business Leaders.”

The major provides the knowledge of integrating information technology and business processes to meet the information needs of business, enabling them to achieve objectives productively and efficiently.


Photos from MSME ABAC's post 27/04/2022

Photos from MSME ABAC's post

Photos from Digital Business Management - Assumption University's post 27/03/2022

Should I apply?
How can I manage my time?
It will increase my work or not?
all of those questions in your head will disappear just join us in the "Talk to Talk" session of MIS Selection Day 2022 🥳
At: 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
From: 28 March until 1 April 2022
Place: MS Teams
What are you waiting for 🙎🏻‍♀️
Scan QR code and join the session to remove all of the questions in your head!!!

ทุกคำถามในหัวของน้องๆจะหายไปเพียงเข้าร่วมกิจกรรม “Talk to Talk” ของ MIS Selection Day 2022 🌟
เวลา: 4 - 6 โมงเย็น
ตั้งแต่: วันที่28 มีนาคม ถึง 1 เมษายน 2565
สถานที่: MS Teams
สแกน QR Code แล้วมาเข้าร่วมกิจกรรมเพื่อลบคำถามทั้งหมดในหัวของน้องๆ พี่ๆรอเจอน้องๆอยู่นะ 🥰


Don't miss the chance to become a part of us and the future!

We're now recruiting for the next DBM Committee for the year 2022. This is a great opportunity for you to sharpen several soft-skills together in order to prepare yourself for the future.

If you are interest please sign-up via:
The from is open from now until 1st April,2022 6.00 pm.

We're looking forward to seeing you!


It's your turn now🧐🤩
for more information:


Data Visualization Challenge Submissions:

Tearing down classroom walls and reaching professional communities around the world are our goals in data visualization class (MIS4125). This semester we identified 3 online challenges and 1 local event. One prominent data vis community, storytelling with data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and her team, holds monthly challenges in several topics since 2018 and the timing is simply perfect for our class. Three groups of our students submitted their work for February 2022 | declutter & Focus
Check out our student works below!

Influenza vaccination coverage, population aged 65 and over, 2004-2014 by Ploysiri Kitamura and Tatiti Namwong

High school athletics participants rate in Arkansas over by Papawarin Lapthanaworakulchai

Thailand tourism outlook by Pirada Yatinukul and Vilaphong Douangmala


🔥Summer Courses Offering for BBA Core Courses

Personal Information 17/02/2022

Personal Information

Dear MIS/BIS Alumni

Please do the survey by clicking on the link below.

Thank you very much.

Personal Information You can sign in any gmail if you would like to save your survey progress.


Registration 3/2021 (summer)


Senior Project Orientation 1/2022

Date: March 10, 2022
Time: 10:30-12:00
Venue: MS Teams

Details in the attached file.

Required attendance for all students who are planning to take Senior Project in semester 1/2022.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. 04/02/2022

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

Course Registration Survey 1/2022

The Digital Business Management department is collecting students' course registration demands for the upcoming semester. Please select all courses that you want to enroll in semester 1/2022.

Please submit this survey by 13 February 2022.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.


Reminder for MSME Academic Advising:

- Make an appointment with your advisor at AUSPARK.
- Prepare your study plan for Semester 3/2021 and 1/2022.
- Meet your advisor at your appointment date and time.


🚨Reminder: MSME Academic Advising 1/2022 (Compulsory)🚨

📣Don't​ forget​ to​ make​ the​ appointment​ with​ your​ advisor​ during​ the​ interview period (7 Dec, 2021 - 7 Jan, 2022), appointment​ period​ (1-11 Feb, 2022)​ and​ meet​ your​ advisor​ during​ the​ advising​ period​ (14 Feb-11 Mar, 2022)✨

📣อย่าลืมนัดพบ Advisor ในAU spark!! และอย่าลืมพบ Advisor ในวันที่ทำการนัดหมายกันด้วยน้าาา💝

Photos from Digital Business Management - Assumption University's post 04/12/2021

Congratulations to all graduates 🥳
We hope your journey after this is a fun ride! Before leaving the uni, don't forget to stop by and take a picture with our photo booth in front of SG building 📸

And again, thank you to Finance Family for being such a great partner to make a photo booth with us 💖


Thank you everyone for joining the Acedemic Seminar Day 2021 of our DBM. And thank you again to our almunis P'Mei and P'Tony for sharing your experiences with us 🥰🥳❤️


🚨🚨Don’t forget🚨 🚨
Tomorrow we have a meeting!
If you didn’t register yet, scan the QR code or click the link below and see you tomorrow 🥳

📍link for register:
📥for more information:


Do you ...
☑️ want to know what it's like being a Thai developer in Australia 🇦🇺?
☑️ get curious when seeing these words together: 'AI', 'Healthcare', and...'Big Data'?
☑️ have questions about data science jobs?
☑️ want to chat with our alumni?

If you do,
yes yup you,
sign up too,
we'll be there,
see poster for where,
you can meet the pair,
on December 3rd,
Filling that knowledge thirst!

📍register by scanning the above QR code or clicking on this link:
📥for more information:


📣Reminder! Semester 2/2021 starting on 11 November, 2021.


DBM will offer 4 sections on campus in 2/2021 as shown in the picture.
All other BDM/MIS/BIS courses will be online including lab classes.



💖MSME proudly presents our alumni as special guest speakers. Full of fun and knowledge for FREE!
We’ve prepared exclusive gifts for participant ☀️

Become an entrepreneur you always dreamed of!🦋

29 october 2021
Martin de tours School of Management and Economics

🔥พร้อมมาทำความรู้จักกับ'คณะบริหารธุรกิจและเศรษฐศาสตร์'แบบต๊าชๆ กันรึยังงงง~~
‼️งาน AU MINI OPEN HOUSE 2021 ที่จะมาพร้อมกับแขกรับเชิญพิเศษปังๆ ทั้งหมด 3 ท่าน
💖บอกเลยว่าห้ามพลาดเด็ดขาด เพราะเราจัดเต็มทั้งความรู้และความสนุก🤪

✨มี exclusive gifts ให้กับผู้เข้าร่วมทุกคน‼️

🌈มาร่วมเป็นส่วนหนึ่งกับงาน AU MINI OPEN HOUSE 2021 กันเยอะๆน้า🥺

click here👇
Meeting ID: 967 9685 9482
Passcode: 367774

👉for more information
[email protected]

Photos from Assumption University Student Organization's post 11/10/2021

Photos from Assumption University Student Organization's post

Photos from MSME ABAC's post 07/10/2021

📢 Grade Release Schedule (Approximate) Semester 1/2021

Photos from MSME ABAC's post 07/10/2021

AU Online Registration for 2/2021 Semester.


Dear Students,

We want to hear from you regarding the on-campus lab classes for the coming semester (2/2021). Please scan the QR code or click on the survey link to participate.

Thank you,


Teaching and learning mode in 2/2021 semester

Teaching and Learning Mode in Semester 2/2021


DBM/MIS/BIS Course Offerings in 2/2021 Semester


Appman Machine Learning Open House 2021
Date: September 17, 2021
Time: 18:00-19:40
Venue: Google Meet

If you are interested in joining the event, you can scan QR Code in the poster to register.


Reminder: Senior Project Orientation will begin tomorrow (September 9, 2021), at 10:30 - 12:00 hrs. on MS Teams.


ประกาศเรื่องเกณฑ์การรับเงินสนับสนุนลดค่าเล่าเรียนและค่าธรรมเนียมการศึกษา ระดับอุดมศึกษา (ตรี-โท-เอก) เพิ่มเติม

ตัวอย่างวิธีการสมัคร “พร้อมเพย์” ผูกกับเลขที่บัตรประชาขน ของแต่ละธนาคาร
+ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์ SCB :

+ธนาคารทหารไทย-ธนชาติ TTB :

+ธนาคารกสิกรไทย KBANK :

+ธนาคารกรุงเทพ BBL :

+ธนาคารกรุงศรีอยุธยา Krungsri :

+ธนาคารกรุงไทย KTB :

#Repost #ABAC #Registrar


The cancellation of Team mobile support on iOS13 and below



Dear students,

Do not forget to make appointment with your advisors for the academic advising during August 23, 2021 - September 3, 2021. For more details, please see the image.

Thank you.


Upcoming event:
Nexus of E-Commerce (Thai session) by Mr. Montawat Tadaamnuaychai (Oscar), E-commerce Account Cluster Lead Manager of Buzzebees Co., Ltd.
Date: August 28, 2021
Time: 10:30-13:00
Venue: MS Teams

For more information, please see the image below.


Upcoming event:
Grant Thornton Roadshow @Assumption University
You are invited to learn more about us and start unlocking your potential through the online campus roadshow.
Date: Thursday, August 26, 2021
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Venue: MS Teams

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. 19/08/2021

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

Dear Students,

Today is the LAST day to do the course request survey for 2/2021 at . You can edit your requests if you want to.

Thank you.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. 16/08/2021

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.

Dear students,

The department is going to finalize the courses to be offered in the next semester 2/2021. We will offer the courses based on the survey results and related requirements. Please do the DBM/MIS/BIS Course Registration Survey (2/2021)” to confirm your needs within this **Thursday** (19/08/2021) by clicking on the following link.

Thank you.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.


All DBM t-shirts have been shipped already! Please wait a little more for the package to arrive. We really appreciate your patience and support.🙏🏻❤️

วิดีโอทั้งหมด (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)

What is Digital Business Management?
We are “MIS Committee Gen2”.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 situation that is currently uprising, we, MIS Team, decided to cancelled "MIS Workshop" u...




Department Of Digital Business Management, Martin De Tours School Of Management And Economics, Assumption University
Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan มหาวิทยาลัยอื่นๆ (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)
31 M13 Bangna-Trad ROAD Bangkaeo
Samut Prakan, 10540

โรงเรียนราชวินิตบางแก้ว สถานที่อบรมสั่งสอน กุลบุตรกุลธิดาให้เป็นคนดีโดยพระราชา

Faculty of Engineering - Assumption University Faculty of Engineering - Assumption University
88 Moo 8 K.M.26 Bangna-Trad Rd., Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand
Samut Prakan, 10540

Vincent Mary School of Engineering, Assumption University of Thailand - Official

หลักสูตรข้าราชการกลาโหมพลเ หลักสูตรข้าราชการกลาโหมพลเ
Samut Prakan, 10270

การฝึกหลักสูตรข้าราชการกลาโหมพลเรือนชั้นสัญญาบัตร รุ่นที่ ๒๕ ปี งป.๒๕๕๖ ณ โรงเรียนนายเรือ

มหาวิทยาลัยหัวเฉียวเฉลิมพร มหาวิทยาลัยหัวเฉียวเฉลิมพร
18/18 Bangna-Trad KM.18
Samut Prakan, 10540 สมัครเรียน online ได้ที่ และ

อยากสอบพยาบาล ข้าราชการ ทหาร อยากสอบพยาบาล ข้าราชการ ทหาร
Samut Prakan, 10270

ติวสอบราชการ ทหาร ตำรวจ ครูผู้ช่วย ก.พ.

Sam'Tech Event Sam'Tech Event
6/9 หมู่ 3 ถ. เทพารักษ์ กม. 9 ต. บางพลีใหญ่ อ. บางพลี
Samut Prakan, 10540

I love Sam'tech

Assumption University Student Organization Assumption University Student Organization
88 หมู8 อ.บางเสาธง ต.บางเสาธง สมุทรปราการ 10560
Samut Prakan, 10560

Assumption University Student Organization (AUSO) องค์การนักศึกษา มหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ Instagram : @ausoabac Twitter : @samoabac Line ID: @au.auso #AUSO2021

งานพัฒนานักศึกษา มรธ.สป. งานพัฒนานักศึกษา มรธ.สป.
59/1 ม.14 ซอยเทศบาลบางปู 119 ตำบลบางปลา อำเภอบางพลี จังหวัดสมุทรปราการ
Samut Prakan, 10540

การให้บริการนักศึกษา ทั้งกิจกรรมและงานทุน

Chalermvittaya School (โรงเรียนเฉลิมวิทยา) Chalermvittaya School (โรงเรียนเฉลิมวิทยา)
เลขที่ 11 ถ.วัดกลาง ต.ปากน้ำ อ.เมือง ฯ
Samut Prakan, 10270

ก่อตั้งเมือ พ.ศ. ๒๔๒๖ โดย พระเจ้าบรมวงศ์เธอ กรมพระยาดำรงราชานุภาพ (ในสมัยรัชกาลที่ 5)

กรุงเทพช่างกล กรุงเทพช่างกล
Samut Prakan, 10130

สถาบัน กรุงเทพช่างกลปากนํ้า glronb5, ;rthmp;yhmrl mhgpfnrohtfhethe rgewrght5h3erht thethejeru75

AU Residence Halls AU Residence Halls
๘๘ หมู่ ๘ ถนนบางนา-ตราด กม.๒๖ ต.บางเสาธง อ.บางเสาธง
Samut Prakan, 10540

King Solomon King David Queen of Sheba

Interior Design - Assumption University Interior Design - Assumption University
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26, Bang Sao Thong
Samut Prakan, 10540

Interior Design Program, School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University, Thailand Admission: