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Missing everyone already, thanks for some of the best times of my life!
Nolo hub is one of my favourite hostels. First of all, the staff is really helpful and friendly. The organized activities were a lot of fun as well. The walking street wasn’t too far (Pai is also a great place to learn how to ride a scooter) and you can definitely tell that Jordin loves his job because he goes above and beyond to make sure his guests are having a good time which was greatly appreciated! The hostel itself was so comfortable/clean, and the pods are a pretty unique touch! The rooftop view is beautiful and Bruce the pup was the cherry on top, very cute. Lots of great memories, I miss it already, wish I could have stayed longer!
Can't wait to stay here!!!

Nolo Hub Pai is currently closed due to Covid 19. You can support us and our staff by donating to Live your life without lows way up in the mountains at Nolo!


Photos from Nolo Hub's post 28/04/2021

To my main partner in crime, my ride or die, my brother @trentanthonygiglia thank you so much for sharing these awesome snaps. Just a handful of the many amazing moments shared with you homie. Miss you more than anything and can't wait to do it all again one day ❤️

Photos from Nolo Hub's post 28/04/2021

Firm handshakes to the man that needs no introduction @gabes_of_wrath. Let's these be the first batch of many memories to come brother. Hope you're well! 🤝

Photos from Nolo Hub's post 28/04/2021

The lovely Libsta, hugely appreciate your sharing these snaps despite your social media hiatus.
I'd need a thousand hands to count all the awesome memories made with you here. You're awesome ❤️

Photos from Nolo Hub's post 28/04/2021

Huge shoutout to the forever cool, calm and collected @ttati___ such a lovely trip down memory lane, we miss you!

Photos from Nolo Hub's post 28/04/2021

Big thanks to the lovely @rosemaat for sharing these awesome Christmas memories. The first and only Christmas we've celebrated at Nolo and the best Christmas I've ever had ❤️

Photos from Nolo Hub's post 04/04/2021

Photos from Nolo Hub's post


Hold the bridge, hold somebody, hold the scooter, hold anything and smile!


Follow the leader into the jungle! Right @alicemaymay94?


Nothing beats a bar crawl after a long hard day of scooting around chasing the sunset


Such a sweet day. Just as we got to the hot springs it's started to rain. Nothing much beats raindrops on your skin in the middle of the jungle chilling in a hot spring. All topped off with taco Tuesday. G times!


A memory each day until Covid goes away. This is what I'll be using this account for and I hope you all are cool with that ❤️
We miss you all!


Got myself a new phone to try and get some sweet looking pics of Pai to show you all while you're away.
Unfortunately it was stolen about a month after getting it, totally not the Pai way. Regardless, here's young Pablo, our newest edition to the Nolo Hub Doggo Squad!
Hope you all are well!


With two months left in the year we are working harder than ever to continue providing food for those in need throughout Pai and it's surrounds. With most recent communities fed in Ban Nam Hu, Sai Ngam, Mae Na Thung and Doi Chang we are doubling down now not only in providing 100 care packages every week but also started local fundraisers to help finance the construction of a mountain education centre near the national park of Huai Nam Dang.
If you have ever considered donating towards supporting those in need in Pai then this is definitely the time to do so. Now coming into Northern Thailands colder months we are about to launch our clothing drive providing warm clothes, cooking supplies and blankets to mountain communities that truly take the brunt of the cold. Let's finish the year as strong as we started everyone!
Donations can be made to

Thanks again for everyone's support, it has been said many a time and I will say it again that none of this would be possible without your love and support! Even a small donation can help a family in need more than you know!


It's been 4 weeks since Nolo Hub has joined alongside Pai's local food drive, purchasing and delivering food for those in need during these testing times. 4 weeks and over 400 care packages have been delivered to families throughout Pai's rural villages thanks to you.

Although I try my best to write these posts to give you an insight in the difference your support affects others, it really is hard to express the gratitude and appreciation felt from your actions in a caption.
Nonetheless, I want it to be known that for everyone who has been able to give during these times and make this a possibility brings true warmth to our hearts and has honestly helped and brought happiness to so many who are truly doing it tough.

Despite the separation Covid has brought to the traveling community, your incredible support continues to give us hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I truly hope efforts like these will continue to strengthen the spirit of travel, showing it is more than just getting on a plane and exploring, but also a means of sharing the love and positivity that comes with being human despite where who you are or where you're from.

So once again, thank you all for helping make this possible. 100 care packages every week for the rest of the year is a massive goal but I'm confident together we can make it a reality.

As a side note, not only have your donations supported many in regards to putting food on people's tables, it also covered a crucial medical visit for one of our staff, Sunny and medication needed for his joints last week. So with that, he sends his thanks, without it he wouldn't have been able to afford the consultation all together. We will keep you updated on how he's doing in the future.

If you would like to donate you can do so via PayPal or send us a message.


Hi everyone! This is a long read, so if you’d like the TL;DR here you go: Alongside doing our best to support the staff at Nolo Hub during Covid we are helping run clothing campaigns in rural villages and community food drives and you can help too by donating to :)

It goes without saying that Pai alongside the rest of the world has been seriously affected by this crisis.

For those who have frequented Pai before Covid, you would know this funky little mountain town was once brimming with life, a walking street packed every night, crowded landmarks, packed restaurants and streets filled with questionable drivers.
Now after 6 months of Thailands border being closed the town and many living in and around it are in need of help to get by.

With the generosity and support that many of you have shown since Covid, Nolo Hub has led two clothing drives delivering clothes, toys and supplies to remote villages in the outskirts of Pai. Thanks to your generosity we were able to donate over 40kg of clothing let alone the other supplies needed. Not forgetting to mention providing vital financial support to Nolo's team with many still out of work.

Now with the crisis continuing to keep Pai at a standstill, we have taken the next step by helping support the local community run food drive delivering food and goods around the town to those in need. As of yesterday we delivered over 100 care package around the town with the goal of continuing with weekly drives for the rest of the year.

So with that said, for those of you who are in a position to help, we call on you as a collective community and ask for any donations possible be sent to
If you do not have PayPal but would like to donate please send me a message and we can work something out.
Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference from helping one of the staff stay on top of their rent to paying for a households basic foods and goods.

Thanks again to everyone who has been part of this journey, your love and support has not gone unnoticed and the whole team at Nolo Hub are incredibly grateful.

Thank you 😊


b r u c e
📸 @jamesclean @ Pai, Thailand


Our homie @jet.vv reppin the Nolo Hub tie dye on her latest camp trip in Germany with Sangsom and all! It's so awesome to see you all finally being able to get out and about in nature and keeping the adventures rolling! ❤️🌿

If you've got a cool shot of you and your merch abroad we'd love to see it! 😊 Hope everyone is doing well! @ Heimbach


Thanks @gamajayy for these beautiful shots of Pai's cloud wrapped mountains, one of our favorite parts about rainy season!
Check out Jay's tattoo work she does alongside her husband @minkcrossman at @crosstattoopai. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next Pai tattoo! 😉

Hope everyone is doing well ❤️ @ Pai, Thailand


For those missing Pai's beauty here's some shots taken by our good friend Alexandra Stupak. With recent rains it's time to plant the rice and enjoy the greenery 🌿😊 @ Pai, Thailand


With restrictions beginning to ease this Sunday we're hoping to finally be able to ship our Nolo Hub merch around the world to all of you who've been so generous and donated during this crisis. Sending a huge shoutout to all of you who have been kind enough to dig deep in a time when no one has it easy, your kindness and positivity has been amazing and is what we certainly need to help through these challenging times ❤️ @ Nolo Hub


Time to roll up your sleeves and vote people! Check out our Instagram Story right now to cast your vote on what limited fonts we should use for our soon to be available online merch! We will have the votes open for only 12 hours so make your vote count and be part of the Nolo merch process having your say in what font type you like the most!


Good things come in time and now, with our doors closed, good times will come in time! Good times, amongst good people, in good ol' Pai!
Cheers @markrayphotos for this dope shot!


We think we know one guy who's absolutely stoked for some social isolation!


Hey everyone!

It is with deep sadness, we are announcing that Nolo Hub will be closing its doors to new bookings starting Tuesday 24th of March in response to COVID 19 until it is deemed safe to reopen again.

Even though this was a incredibly hard decision to make, it is a decision that is made with the health of you as nolo hub family, our team, our beautiful Pai and the amazing humans that live here.

We will be using this time to take some seriously needed rest while working on the hostel and doing our part to support the community during this time to reopen better than ever.
Bruce will be using this time to practice his soccer skills along side tug of war conditioning/techniques.
Jordin will be using this time to work off his new Chang belly/dad-bod alongside some much needed gardening, finishing the new website and new tour plans including camping, new village adventures and much more.

The 24th of March will be our 297th day of doing everything we can to give you the best Pai experience possible and with that, the whole Nolo Hub team, both past and present, want to take this time to offer our utmost gratitude and thanks for your incredible support and friendship along this amazing journey. We cannot express how thankful we are for all of you and everything you've done to help create the place that Nolo Hub is today.

To all of the Nolo Hub family, please take care. Let's all remain positive and work together in supporting one another during this unprecedented time on this planet we all share.

Sending love, good vibes and good health. For anyone needing help, advice or just feel like a chat with the gang you can contact us through our social media and email.

Much love from all of the team at Nolo Hub:
Jordin, Marc, Maya, Lek, Jane, Wun, Wut, Jah, Sunny, Nuch, Puii, Kan, Tarzan and last but not least, young Bruce.

See you later! 🤙


Tuesday cruises ❤️ @ Nolo Hub


Thanks to all the legends who joined one of our biggest cruises to lod cave to date! @ Thum Lod Cave, Mae Hong Son


Bruce has a new friend, Tarzan! Catch him at the hub for some back scratches and some serious tug of war!
Hungover? No probs, he's a great cuddler too!


Brucie boy finally is finally on the tools putting together our new carpark!


Sunsets are much better when watched together. Thanks for the sweet photo @liekedbruin


Bruce 📸 @jack_haynes95 @ Nolo Hub


@alicemaymay94 the goddess of trek photography. @ Nolo Hub


s q u a d @ Nolo Hub


Our main man @theoograce coming in red hot with some post rainy season rice field vibes! Incredible footage and amazing editing, well done brother! We love it!


3 treks in one week! Thanks to everyone for the memories and @dougie.gif @_jrh____ and @the_glassman for the beautiful shots ❤️


Sunday vibes. Cheers @the_glassman for the sweet shot of Bruce almighty!

Our Story

Nolo Hub is a hostel located up in the valley of Pai, Mae Hong Song, Northern Thailand established in 2018 and opened to the public in May 2019.
The hostel has been built from the ground up, designed by travelers just like you. We aim to provide a positive, friendly and encouraging environment that makes you feel at home among friends both old and new and we want you to join us on this journey as we grow into a movement promoting sustainable travel that supports both the traveller and the locals of the area that the traveller is lucky enough to explore.

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Our main man @theoograce coming in red hot with some post rainy season rice field vibes! Incredible footage and amazing ...
Waiting for Nolo Hub to open be like...
A quick practice shot using the drone at the height of Nolo Hub’s roof. Looks like our guests will have one hell of a vi...




Tambon Mae Hi


จันทร์ 09:00 - 22:00
อังคาร 09:00 - 22:00
พุธ 09:00 - 22:00
พฤหัสบดี 09:00 - 22:00
ศุกร์ 09:00 - 22:00
เสาร์ 09:00 - 22:00
อาทิตย์ 09:00 - 22:00

Pai บริการวางแผนกิจกรรมอื่นๆ (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)
Jungle Bar Pai Jungle Bar Pai
114 M.4 T.Mae Na Toeng Pai District, Tambon Mae Na Toeng, Amphoe Pai, Chang Wat Mae Hong Son
Pai, 58130

Swadee Krup, Come join us, with experienced bartenders and underground music being played all night, this is one outdoor location not to miss