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Nolo Hub
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PAI flower shops - อ้อยดอกไม้สด
PAI flower shops - อ้อยดอกไม้สด
Amphoe Pai 58130


Anybody found a black iPhone 6? I lost it last night at the party.
My name is Amaury, I'm a french psytrance dj, I will be in Thailand from christmas until mid-february, and I'm looking forward to play in some partys. You can listen my dj sets here :

or here : https://soundcloud.com/psyonik-wave

I began to mix in 2005, I played all around France, and i had the luck to play 3 times in Nepal in 2014, and 2 times in Peru in 2016.
If you are interested, please write me back here or on my personal e-mail : [email protected]

Cheers 🙂
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Swadee Krup, Come join us, with experienced bartenders and underground music being played all night, this is one outdoor location not to miss

Pai's #1 Outdoor bar dedicated to Live music and underground DJ's from around the world. some of the music genres we like to support are Regge, Dub, Psytrance and Deep House, also with a fine selection of cocktails and food available on site you are sure to be satisfied. Bungalows and Dorms are also available on request



Already two years from now i didn´t saw my Thai Family and my beloved Jungle Zone 😢but i am positiv for the future that we gonna be back for the next year with some amazing Jungle Frequency Events.


Hello friends and freaks sorry that you haven't heard from us for so long. But due to the worldwide corona situation, it is not possible and portable for us to start our events this winter.
We very much hope that the situation will improve soon.
And look to the future with confidence.

Big hug from the Jungle Bar Pai / Jungle Frequency Crew

Stay calm and healthy


Sorry for our late reply but its time to thank you all for the support during this season.❤️We really enjoyed doing partys for and with you. And especially the last jungle-frequenzy #4 was an amazing closing event and we had alot of fun and ase well our mainact Dj Chicago had fun to rock this magical place up there. 🌴🎉🎶🦎🏞️
No its time for revover a bit and start with new power and new visions into the coming season.
🙏❤️ Jungle bar pai will be back in November


We are pretty happy to share this aftermovie with you guys. Thx to all of you coming over and celebrate with us. See you next year with another stunning edition

Photos from Jungle Bar Pai's post 03/03/2020

Jungle Frequenzy #4
Season closing party 🎉🌴🏞️✨🍾🦎 we are looking forward to have a last dance together in magical jungle of Morpang. 🕺🎶
And as well it is a super big honour for us, to invite one of the godfathers of psychedelic and goa trance to Pai.... Dj Chicago is a member of the legendary 1200 Micrograms and one of the founders of psychedelic music culture in Goa....don't miss this unique event if you are a true lover of psychedelic music
Tickets available from wensday on at our selected hostels and bars around Pai 🎟️

Photos from Jungle Bar Pai's post 03/03/2020

We had a blast! Thank you for smiling at ! ♥️🙏🏼

See you soon at Jungle Frequency!


Magic! ♥️🙏🏼

Peter Liquidsound Taesty Gecko Productions DJ Beef Case e-Mov Dacru Records



🚕Taxis will be available tonight at Duanden travel service on
walking street and at school street.
>> 50 baht each way.

And pls be aware its gonna be chilly and we are dancing on uneven jungle ground. 👌👟


A message from artyficial!

...we are very happy to welcome you in , Artyficial!

Photos from VJ Karmelion's post 20/02/2020



We’ve got a message for you! ♥️🙏🏼

e-Mov Dacru Records


Ready to party? Our friend Peter Liquidsound will be well prepared to have a 💃🏼🕺🏼 with you at Jungle Fever Festival Pai!

👉🏻 Check this out: bit.ly/2SAyBqT

Transient Disorder & E-Mov - Unicorns Still Exist 11/02/2020

Transient Disorder & E-Mov - Unicorns Still Exist

📣 We proudly present e-Mov at Jungle Fever Festival Pai! Have a look at his wonderful new piece at Dacru Records. 🎶

Transient Disorder & E-Mov - Unicorns Still Exist Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeDacruRecords Transient Disorder & E Mov - Unicorns Still Exist, release date: 20.01.2020. by Dacru Records - DCREP159 Is be...


♥️ It was a pleasure!

See you soon, na! 🙏🏼



🥁 The countdown is running! 🎉


Unfortunately DJ Limitless Inferno Productions can’t play tomorrow.
👉🏻Get well soon!
♥️ BUT we proudly present Boogie Dush at Jungle Bar!


Important notice for all the peeps out there how will come to our party tomorrow.🌴🎶🦎✨
🚕Taxis will be available at Duanden travel service on
walking street and at school street.
"50 baht each way.
And pls be aware its gonna be fresh tomorrow and we are going to dance on jungle ground. 👌👟

Photos from Jungle Bar Pai's post 21/12/2019

Hi guys we are pretty happy to present you the pictures from our last jungle frequency #2 check it out mark yourself and share 😊😍✨😎


Important notice for all the peeps out there that will come to the party tonight.🌴🎶🦎✨
🚕Taxis will be available Duanden travel service on the walking street and at the shool street. 50 bath each way
And pls ware some shoes and warm clothes its gonna be fresh tonight and jungle ground. 👌👟


Pretty happy with our new design🌴🎶✨🌴
Teo weeks left guys https://facebook.com/events/2074789959292893/?ti=cl


Only one day left then we start with our first party this season. Decorations are almost done visuals are setted and sound system will get set up tonight. 🎶🤩🎉✨
Make sure you grab your pre-sale ticket at selected hostels and bars around Pai

Photos from Jungle Bar Pai's post 14/11/2019

JUNGLE zone is getting ready 9 days left for jungle frequency ✨😎🎶👌💪🇹🇭👽🔥


Hi to all Friends and Music Freaks out there we are pretty exited to share our first full 🎶 Line up 🎶 with you

Please help us to share this news with your Friends

We looking forward to make this coming season to an unique and amazing Jungle Party experience for all of you

Event Link https://www.facebook.com/events/2546787642051594/

Pls follow Jungle Bar Pai for future informations


About us!

Pai's #1 outdoor bar dedicated to underground DJ's and performers from around the world.

Some of the music genres include, but not exclusive to: Psytrance, Drum N Bass and Tech House.

We also have state of the art staging with laser shows, UV lighting and art, fire performers, food stall and Dorms and bungalows available for rent on the night.

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A message from artyficial!
DJ Pisshead
Welcome to The Jungle 2016




114 M.4 T.Mae Na Toeng Pai District, Tambon Mae Na Toeng, Amphoe Pai, Chang Wat

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