รถสภาพดีมาก พนักงานสุภาพ บริการดีไม่จุกจิก ชอบมากค่ะ...
บริการดีมากครับ รถดีมากเลยครับ
Awesome service clean car deliver to any hotel and even to Pai highly recommend this company
Hi, We are looking to rent a family size car for 3 days in November, can you help? arrive at the airport early on 18th and need the car for 3 maybe 4 days. Thanks
Can you contact them about Wednesday please;)

We always sort you out the right deal.

Budgetcatcher is one of the Internet leaders in providing great car hire prices in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. While we make every effort to keep the cost of our car rental low we do not sacrifice quality, our fleet and our customer service is exceptional.

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 03/08/2023

The All New Toyota Yaris 2023 is ready to hit the road!

Finally, we've got reinforcements! The cavalry is here!

Book now your brand new Yaris 2023 with new design, and be the first rider on our new white horses!

For last-minute bookings click link below:

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 22/07/2023

All New Honda Scoopy Club 12 2023 has just arrived!

The Honda Scoopy Club 12 is known for its unique and stylish design, with a retro look and a comfortable seat, it's perfect for city cruising.

Brand new scooters. Be the first rider this weekend!

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 20/07/2023

Hug Camp Mae Chaem

Do you already have plans for the weekend?
Why not go camping in Mae Chaem?

Mae Chaem is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai city due to its picturesque scenery and cool weather.

From Chiang Mai, there’s a variety of ways to reach Hug Camp at Mae Chaem. Naam and I rode scooters but some of our team members drove up in a rental car. It is an easy three-hour drive and the views alone made it pretty worth it. Along the entire road trip, you will see various signs that point towards different waterfalls.

The Hug camp is the ideal place to chill out, let's go out for a couple of beers in the countryside!

Here is everything you need to know about Hug Camp:

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 17/07/2023

Sushi Lunch Break with BudgetCatcher!

Now it's lunch time and we're hungry again!
How about Sushi today?

A highly recommended restaurant by locals and the whole BudgetCatcher team is Oshinei Restaurant. Order good sashimi, salmon and sushi at Oshinei Chiang Mai when you happen to be near it (just a 3 minutes drive from our main office at Prim Park).

Enjoy the charming atmosphere (not that crowded) between 12.00-14.00, anyway they open from 11.00-22.00.
There are 3 Buffets A La Carte, we chose the "Main" buffet selection at 550 baht/person (+ taxes & service) and it was an incredible sushi feast!

Hurry up getting the best seat at Oshinei Restaurant today, aren't you hungry?

Check it out here on Facebook:

By the way, Toyota updates its Yaris (see our picture in front of Oshinei Restaurant) with a new modern interior & exterior, mag wheels and Apple CarPlay, a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive.

Be the first driver and book your brand new Yaris 2023 exclusively here on Facebook for 890 THB/Day only. Limited Cars and Offer until 20/07/2023.

Call 0876 22 77 99 - Use Promo Code: Sushi Lovers!

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 13/07/2023

Today Tim met some customers at Chiang Rai Airport, so he took the chance to visit some tourist spots around Chiang Rai.

1. Spot: Wat Rong Suea Ten (Blue Temple)

The Blue Temple is known in Thai as "Wat Rong Suea Ten", or “Temple of the Dancing Tiger”. The temple is a fascinating fusion of traditional Buddhist values and classic Thai architecture with extremely contemporary design choices.

2. Spot: The Black House Chiang Rai (Baan Dam Museum)

A short drive from the middle of Chiang Rai city, Baan Dam (Black House) is the unique creation of national artist, Thawan Duchanee. Part art studio, part museum, part home, Baan Dam is an eclectic mix of traditional northern Thai buildings interspersed with some outlandish modern designs.

3. Spot: Wat Rong Khun - White Temple

Wat Rong Khun, better known as "the White Temple" is one of the most recognizable temples in Thailand. The temple outside the town of Chiang Rai attracts a large number of visitors, both Thai and foreign, making it one of Chiang Rai’s most visited attractions.

The list of things to do in Northern Thailand could be endless. Feel free to use these images for your own travel inspiration and to motivate your next road trip.


Yes. He's here!
All New Honda City Turbo 2023.
We are ready to serve with our new generation fleet of Honda City Turbo!

For more details click link below:

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 17/06/2023

Your Brand New Honda Click 2023 has just arrived!

How to Break a Horse?

1. Get the Click used to your hands.
Do this slowly. Stay within the Click's eyesight so you don't startle it. Reach out slowly.

2. Gain the trust of your new Click.
Having a personal relationship with your new Click is imperative in building trust with it. Spend time with your Click every day. Work around your Click in the mountains, giving it time to build confidence in you.

3. Practice safety around your Click.
Clicks are powerful animals that can cause a lot of damage. While training your Click, you want to make sure you are safe. Take it one step at a time and wear a safety helmet!

Be the first rider and book your brand new Honda Click 125 with zero miles on the clock! Call 0876 22 77 99


Due to high demand, we extended this month our SUV portfolio in Chiang Mai with a total of 3 new white Toyota Fortuner with more to come...

In the past we had to cancel some booking requests, these 3 new models will cater for customers' wishes in the fast-growing SUV segment in Thailand.

Low cost car rental at Chiang Mai Airport has never been easier!

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 28/05/2023

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the good times?
Are you ready for some fun?

Yes. We are!
We have something new ready for you!

Our new trucks 2023 have just arrived!
Are you ready for new challenges?

If Yes. Call 0876 22 77 99 - We will pick you up!


Get your TrueMove Tourist SIM Card 30-Days-Unlimited from BudgetCatcher!

Why do I need a Thailand SIM card?

Can you imagine a life without being connected? Not being able to open Google Maps for your Northern Thailand road trip, unable to order foodpanda or Grab, or finding a nearby restaurant around Chiang Mai City? Life is just so much easier and definitely when you are somewhere new and not familiar. Also in case of emergencies when your bank card isn’t working, all these kinds of things. Simply stay connected, it will make your trip to Chiang Mai much easier!

Why a BudgetCatcher SIM card?

Why wasting time in long airport lines to get a Tourist SIM card?
Why spend hours hunting from one telecom provider to another on vacation?

Just book online your 30-Days-Unlimited Thailand SIM card for 599 THB only!

Simply add your Thailand SIM card with one click when booking your car or scooter rental through our website and get connected now!

Buying a prepaid SIM card and installing it takes just a couple minutes while picking up your rental car or scooter, and you are all set with the fastest 4G|5G network connection and a lot of data for little money!

Read more: https://www.budgetcatcher.com/thailand-tourist-sim-30-days-unlimited/

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 20/02/2023

We love our jobs, we love our team, we love our customers, and we love Toyota.

Toyota updates its ATIV eco sedan with a refined engine, a new modern interior and new standard safety features.

Be the first driver and book your brand new ATIV 2023 exclusively here on Facebook for 990 THB/Day.

We’re constantly updating our fleet to offer you the latest models. You will always be behind the wheel of a quality model – we make sure of it!


Our New Honda Zoomer-X 2023 has just arrived.

All New Zoomer-X is now available at BudgetCatcher, one of our favorite scooters for riding in Chiang Mai.

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 10/02/2023

Our Favorite Boulangerie in Chiang Mai!

Good morning guys! Have you woken up yet? Need sugar?
OK, let’s get sugar high!
See you in Nana Bakery.

If you live in Chiang Mai you've probably heard of Nana Bakery.
Nana Bakery's owner is French and he bakes real French bread and pastries that tastes so good with reasonable prices.

To follow us to Nana Bakery in 89 Plaza, click below:


We are proud to officially announce the opening of our new office in Chiang Mai.

As a result of the continued growth and development over the last 12 years, we are expanding our reach and opening a new office in the heart of Nimmanhaemin (Nimman Road) area, Chiang Mai.

We want to thank all our clients for making this possible! In the end, everything we do, we do to serve you better and provide you with the best car & scooter rentals possible. And the new office is proving to be effective in this right from the start!

Happy New Year 2023! Let's continue the journey...

Here's where you can find us:

51 Siri Mangkalajarn Rd., Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200



Christmas is a time to believe in something greater than yourself - even for just one night. Enjoy the presents under the tree, the people that put them there, and the extra spark of gratitude the season brings. Budgetcatcher would like to wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year.

NOTICE: Due to the high demand during the Christmas period we are fully booked until the 8th of January 2023.

We recommend you, for last minute booking during peak season and public holidays, please contact us via Line@budgetcatcher or Messenger, we will sort you out the right deal!

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023 to all of you!

The whole Budgetcatcher-Team

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 29/11/2022


Budgetcatcher provides you always the latest models of scooters in Chiang Mai such as: Honda Click 160i - Premium Scooter

Choose your desired motorbike from our wide model selection for your daily, weekly or monthly rental.

For more information click link below:

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 23/11/2022

Oops!... We Did It Again.

Our brand new Honda City Hatchback 1.0 Turbo has just arrived!

A hatchback city car with multi-utility cargo space and a 1.0-liter turbo engine that allows you to move in your own way in Chiang Mai.

Car Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1GNZ8IEP64

Available now here on Facebook only!

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 05/11/2022

Come and Experience Loy Krathong with Budgetcatcher this coming Tuesday 8th November 2022!

Do you plan on renting a car during Loy Krathong for driving around in Chiang Mai or Northern Thailand? Then we have great news for you!

Our brand-new SUV Fortuner Leader 2023 has just arrived!

Rent a Fortuner, the super popular SUV from Toyota, another great way to spend time with your family and create unforgettable experiences by taking a road trip in Northern Thailand.

Read More: https://www.budgetcatcher.com/toyota-fortuner-suv/?currentCarId=12166


Covid-19 is over!
Thailand has fully reopened from 1 October 2022.
Therefore, it's time to throw your antidepressant away and going back to travel!

Budgetcatcher is more than just a car rental company. Budgetcatcher is about a lifestyle of freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. Traveling is a passion, a way of living. It will help to find yourself, or it will help you to gain a better perspective of who you already are!

Budgetcatcher Real Life presents amazing things to do in throughout Thailand. We just came back from Krabi, exploring the amazing landscape via long-tail boat. Privat long-tail boat costs 2000 THB for all day. Take off your Covid mask and come back to snorkeling mask, there are so many islands to discover!

Best time to visit Krabi is between 01 October - 31 November. Only in this period mass tourism will be gone and empty islands and beaches are all yours. Top accommodation rental prices dropping down to 80% during this time. Maybe your last chance to discover Krabi like 20 years ago.

Take advantage from our Long Term Car Rental offers and hire any vehicle that suits you and explore South Thailand on your own.

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 30/10/2022


Budgetcatcher provides you always the latest models of scooters in Chiang Mai such as: Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid

Amenities include Yamaha Y-Connect, Smart Key, Electric power socket, LED headlight, Hazard lamp, spacious 17.8L underseat storage, and a 5.1 liter Fuel tank. The Fazzio rolls on tubeless tires, touts a Fully Digital Speedometer and Blue Core Hybrid Technology.

Browse our selection of new scooters available for long and short term rental at our trusted shop in Chiang Mai. Get in touch today!


Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 02/09/2022

We're happy to announce the birth of our new 2 babies. We doubled the fun – we've got two instead of one! So cute, so innocent. Their names are Mazda and Revo, let's celebrate them, come over here!

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 13/07/2022

NEW Motorbikes 2022 available now!

Need a vehicle but don’t want to burden yourself with trying to find a parking lot? Don’t need the clunkiness and the huge amount of space of a car? Then get to your destination by renting a motorbike at Budgetcatcher in Chiang Mai! Be flexible, fast and hit the road with our brand new motorbikes 2022!

We have updated our motorbike fleet such as Honda Click 150cc, Yamaha QBIX 125cc, Honda Click 125cc with more to come...

Budgetcatcher offers the opportunity to save money when you rent a brand new motorbike on a monthly basis.

Your benefits of renting a motorbike with Budgetcatcher:

- We do not hold your passport.
- 2 Motorcycle Helmets
- All motorbikes are covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance.
- Delivery & Pick-up Service
- All rates are based on unlimited miles.
- A range of the most popular motorbikes at great rates.

Catch one of our brand new motorbikes 2022!

Call 0876 - 22 77 99



Budgetcatcher Jobs: Become a part of the Budgetcatcher family!

We are BUDGETCATCHER. We are a family business. We are not like the others. And that is why we do not operate like other companies. We have our own rules: we are obsessed with the desire to improve every day. We love our work and our customers. We want to generate excitement. Satisfaction alone is not enough! We start things with the will to get them done – and we do. We reward performance and never give up even if we may fail at times. Last but not least, we always remain Budgetcatcher. With our drive, our grit and our dedication. Now and in the future.

Become a part of Budgetcatcher!

Search our Opportunities:
Apply to Reservation Agent, Customer Service Representative, Supervisor, Branch Manager and more!

Now let us take a look at the job requirements (Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) of a Budgetcatcher family member:

• Thai citizenship
• Current Thai Drivers License
• Knowledge of computer systems, Social Network
• Strong professional demeanor, interpersonal skills
• Well English written and oral communication skills
• Sales ability
• Planning and organizing
• Conflict resolution and negotiation
• Ability to work as part of a team and independently

Are you ready to join the team? Contact us if you have any questions about jobs at Budgetcatcher!


Your new journey has started!

Go further in 2022 with our new Toyota Vios 1.5L
Just out of the dealers showroom with the red number plate!

Be the first driver and book your brand new Vios exclusively here on Facebook for 900 THB/Day until end of the month.

We’re constantly updating our fleet to offer you the latest models. You will always be behind the wheel of a quality model – we make sure of it.

Discover very exciting offers and book online to save money with our convenient and hassle free booking.
Find out more on our website: https://www.budgetcatcher.com/

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 25/05/2022

B**g Chawak Zoo in Suphan Buri Province - Day 2

In our last post we recommended the best restaurant and Tom Yum Kung in this province. But there is a lot more to discover:

B**g Chawak Zoo - Situated on the border of Suphan Buri and Chai Nat provinces you’ll find a lovely lake and reservoir area known as B**g Chawak.

B**g Chawak Zoo has a wide variety of animals on display, there are lions, white tigers, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, deer, birds, fish, giraffes and a spectacular Underwater Sea Paradise.

The entrance fee is not divided between Thai and foreigners. The entrance fee for children is 10 baht and for adults 20 THB only. And kids could feed the deer or giraffes for 20 baht.

When you are in Suphan Buri and coming with kids, it's a must to visit one of the nicest zoos I’ve seen in Thailand.

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 22/05/2022

Find the best Tom Yum Kung in Thailand!

Travel the way you want! Some companies charge you for every mile that you travel in your Thailand rental car, but at Budgetcatcher all our rates are based on unlimited kilometers, giving you the freedom to relax and explore Thailand without unnecessary constraints. Access is allowed to all provinces of Thailand, therefore we also have some travel tips outside of Northern Thailand.

Asian food has some of the best soups in the world! One of the ultimate places to find the best Tom Yum Kung in Thailand is located in Suphan Buri Province. A perfect break on the way back to Chiang Mai.

This restaurant called "Kungpen" is one of the most famous in the Samchuk district area, made famous by Television. Guaranteed freshness. All Giant Freshwater prawn alive from nearby farms.
Kungpen floating restaurant is a fun and memorable way to enjoy your dinner with a sunset. I traveled for almost 25 years in Thailand, and this Tom Yum Kung in Suphan Buri was one of the best I’ve had in Thailand.

More information you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/kungpen3chuk/

By the way, Kungpen Restaurant is located just 500 meters away from the "Samchuk 100 Year Market". It is one of the most preserved traditional markets in Thailand. It still has the original wooden shop houses that date back to the reign of King Rama V.
A bit of the past in the present right here!

Coffee odor covers you upon entering the market. Various Thai traditional sweets await for you to take samples. The most recommended dishes, whether rice wrapped in lotus leaves, tasty roast duck or red pork noodle combined with an ancient ambience attracted a large crowd over weekends and public holidays.

You can combine both places for a perfect day, but do NOT eat too much before entering Kungpen Restaurant!!! 😀

More information about 100 Year Market you can find here: https://thailandtourismdirectory.go.th/en/attraction/1638


Songkran Festival Chiang Mai 2022 - Countdown!

Songkran is Thailand's most important public holiday and celebrates their traditional new year.
It takes place from the 13-15th April.

For foreigners, Songkran is best known for being the biggest water fight in the world, when locals and foreigners alike splash water at each other all over the city. Due to Covid-19 many special events in Chiang Mai being canceled 😭😭😭, anyway, we hope you will find a private way to joy happy Songkran with your friends and family.

NOTICE: Due to the high demand during the Songkran period we are fully booked until the 16th of April 2022.

We recommend you, for last minute booking during Songkran Festival, please contact us via Line or Messenger, we will sort you out the right deal!

Wishing you luck, fortune, great health, and a happy life. Happy Songkran! May you and your family find inspiration and happiness this year.

The whole Budgetcatcher-Team


Hassle-Free Booking with Budgetcatcher

When we say "no hidden fees", we mean it!

✔️ First Class Insurance Included – Full Coverage
✔️ Free Cancellation
✔️ Free Additional Driver
✔️ Unlimited Mileage
✔️ Vat Included
✔️ Free Pick Up & Drop Off Service
✔️ Knowledgeable and Friendly Service

By the way, the longer you book a car for, the lower your per-day rate will be!

Check all daily rates below:


March School Holiday Car Rental Deals

March school holidays are around the corner.
Rent a car from Budgetcatcher and we will pay for your petrol!

The final bell rings. Two-month summer break is coming. Long term travel has truly never been easier; now is the time! Rent a car with Budgetcatcher for 2 months and start your Thailand summer trip. Our gift: Receive car in full tank and return to us at any level. Included 1 Free Baby Car Seat.

Included First Class Business Rental Insurance.
Minimum rental period 2 Months.
Receive car in full tank and return to us at any level.
Included 1 Free Baby Car Seat.
All rates are based on unlimited miles.
Access is allowed to all provinces of Thailand.
Limited time offer until Sunday, 06.03.2022.

For our School Promo call: 087 622 7799

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 29/01/2022

Phu Langka Forest Park - Beauty of Chiang Kham County -

Have you guys plan for next weekend yet?
Phu Langka is calling.

Phu Langka Forest Park is a famous tourist attraction of Chiang Kham County and Pong County, Phayao Province.
It takes about 4 hours drive from Chiang Mai to Phayao.

Phu Langka Forest Park is a must. You can see lots of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests, the highest mountain is Phu Tewada (about 1,720m high), a perfect spot for fog seeing during winter. There are also home stay and places to camping, and next to the place there is one cafe called Magic Mountain. You could see the mist and an amazing view overthere.

Weekend is ready for you! Beautiful and plentiful scenery is guaranteed! Back to earth, You will get a full-time rest...

Just pick up your rental car now!
Contact our office : 0876 227799


Hi, my name is Revo. I was just out of dealers showroom few days and missing my red number plate. Have anyone seen my red number plate???

If yes, please call me, I'll wait for you here like a stone!

Our new car rental fleet 2022 has arrived!
Go further in 2022 with our brand new Toyota Revo Automatic.
Be the first driver and book your brand new Revo exclusively here on Facebook for 999 THB/Day only.

Limited time offer!
Call: 0876 22 77 99

BudgetCatcher We always sort you out the right deal.

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 07/01/2022

Our new car rental fleet 2022 has arrived!

Go further in 2022 with our new Suzuki Swift.
Just out of dealers showroom with red number plate!

Be the first driver and book your brand new Suzuki Swift exclusively here on Facebook for 990 THB/Day only.

We’re constantly updating our fleet to offer you the latest models. You will always be behind the wheel of a quality model – we make sure of it.

Discover very exciting offers and book online to save money with our convenient and hassle free booking. Find out more on our website:



Let your dreams take flight in the New Year 2022!

A new year is like starting a new chapter in your life. It’s your chance to write an incredible story for yourself. Follow your passions and you won't have to chase your dreams, they will come to you!

Budgetcatcher is fully booked until 5th of January 2022.

Till then, we're out! Let's have a party...

Happy New Year! Cheers!

The Whole Budgetcatcher-Team

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 27/12/2021


Supersport Bike GPX Demon 150cc
Color Black
Engine 150 cc
First date of registration: 30/11/2020
Mileage: 2803
Well maintained: Top condition

GPX Demon 150cc is a very popular entry-level supersport bike.
Complete papers ready to transfer!
✅Road tax up-to-date
✅Registration Book "Green Book"

👉Cash Price: 24900 THB only.
Cash today included Service (Paperwork) and Fee to
Transfer Ownership to your name.

We offer up to 100% funding on your new motorcycle or scooter. You can now get on the road faster and apply for your motorcycle loan with Budgetcatcher:

👉For foreigners:
9000 THB / 3 months Installment with zero down payment.

Move Fever's rent-to-own agreement is a standard lease contract with an added purchase-option for the tenant (buyer).
12 Months Rental Contract with 1000 THB down payment.
Monthly Rental Fee 2500 THB.
The bike is yours at the end of the contract.

For further deals and information, please call us at 0876 22 77 99.


With one harmonized voice, we would like to wish you all a very happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year.

NOTICE: Due to the high demand during the Christmas period we are fully booked until the 5th of January 2022.

We recommend you, for last minute booking during peak season and public holidays, please contact us via Line or Messenger, we will sort you out the right deal!

Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

The whole Budgetcatcher-Team

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 12/12/2021

⭐⭐12.12 Christmas Promo🎄 Honda CBR 150R

Rent a Honda CBR 150cc for 2900 THB/Month only!
900 THB/Week
200 THB/Day

Budgetcatcher offers the opportunity to save money when you rent a brand new motorbike on a monthly basis.

Catch a Honda CBR 150R Sportbike for 2900 THB/Month only!
Pickup & Return at our Main Office at Prim Park only.
Limited time offer and bikes until Friday, 17.12.2021.

The Day has a race for you! Call: 0876 - 22 77 99

Photos from BudgetCatcher's post 10/12/2021

Chada Cafe Chiang Mai - A place you’ll keep coming back to with the kids in Chiang Mai.

Do you have children between 1- 4 years of age? Then Chada Cafe & Restaurant is the right place for you. Your kids will love it!

There is not only great coffee here, but also a lot for small kids to explore in the Mini Zoo of Chiang Mai.

Chada Cafe doesn’t advertise as a farm, yet it easily could. It’s more like a petting zoo if anything. They’ve got ostriches, exotic birds, turtles, horses, donkeys, lambs and sheep! And for 20 baht kids can feed the lambs and sheep adorably sized bottles of milk.

At the back area is a huge sandpit and metal playground. Funnily enough the kids hardly play here as they distracted by the freely roaming sheep or just want a go on the swings. ​They kids really just take care of themselves here as there is so much space for them to play.

Overall, Chada Cafe & Restaurant is a great experience for kids that can be recommended. It stays open until 11.30 pm so there is no rush to head home just because it gets dark.

Address: 70 Soi 5, Pa Daet Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100.

Check it out here on Facebook:



Loy Krathong 2021 will be celebrated on the night of Friday, November 19th. Many special events in Chiang Mai being canceled😭😭😭, anyway, we hope you will find a private way to joy happy Loy Krathong with your friends and family.🥳🥳🥳

All customers may kindly note, that we are almost fully booked throughout the month of November 2021.

👉Therefore, for last minute booking please contact us via Line or Messenger only, we will sort you out the right deal same day!

Happy Loy Krathong!

ต้องการให้ธุรกิจของคุณ ธุรกิจ ขึ้นเป็นอันดับหนึ่ง บริการรถยนต์ ใน Muang Chiang Mai?

Budgetcatcher Car Rental Chiang Mai

We currently have two branches in Thailand. Our main car rental branch in the North, Chiang Mai, and our second branch in the South, Phuket. If you have long term travel plans, renting a car for longer than a month might be the perfect solution. Budgetcatcher’s Car Rental Chiang Mai and Phuket offers the opportunity save money when you rent a car on a monthly basis. You can get a great deal on monthly car rental at all our locations around Thailand.

Budgetcatcher Car Rental’s friendly and knowledgeable reservations team are always on hand to give advice or additional information related to cheap car rentals in Thailand. Our easy and flexible airport or home PICKUP and DROP-OFF Service make our service very convenient for you.

For more detailed information, please visit our website: www.budgetcatcher.com

วิดีโอทั้งหมด (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)

399 THB Weekend Promo
Roadtrip Budgetcatcher Ya Nui Beach Phuket Thailand
499 THB Weekend Smash Promo!
Rent-A-Car Christmas Promotion Chiang Mai
399 THB Weekend Promo!





72 Tippanet Road
Muang Chiang Mai


จันทร์ 08:00 - 18:00
อังคาร 08:00 - 18:00
พุธ 08:00 - 18:00
พฤหัสบดี 08:00 - 18:00
ศุกร์ 08:00 - 18:00
เสาร์ 08:00 - 18:00
อาทิตย์ 08:00 - 18:00

เช่ารถยนต์ อื่นๆใน Muang Chiang Mai (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)
Chiang Mai Alphard Chiang Mai Alphard
118/13 M. 2
Muang Chiang Mai, 50100

บริการเช่ารถ อัลพาร์ด Alphard เวลไฟล์ รุ?

GOODtrip Rent a car ChiangMai GOODtrip Rent a car ChiangMai
Muang Chiang Mai, 50200

บริการเช่า รถเก๋งขนาดกลาง อีโค่คาร?