Kaeng Khro District

Kaeng Khro is a district in the eastern part of Chaiyaphum Province, northeastern Thailand.HistoryThe area was originally part of Phu Khiao district.

It became a separate district on August 13, 1959.The name of the district comes from the small river which flows behind the district office. Along the river bank many Ta Khro trees.GeographyNeighboring districts are Phu Khiao and Ban Thaen of Chaiyaphum Province, Mancha Khiri and Khok Pho Chai of Khon Kaen Province, and Khon Sawan, Mueang Chaiyaphum and Kaset Sombun of Chaiyaphum again.AdministrationThe district is subdivided into 10 subdistricts, which are further subdivided into 125 villages .


Kaeng Khro