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Hand crafted silver and gemstone jewelry by Thai Jewelry designer Sirilak Samanasak. One of a kind works of wearable jewelry art. Custom designs are available.


Introducing the enchanting “Pink Sapphire and Moonstone Pendant Necklace in Silver Bezel Setting with Silver Engraving Plate on Sterling Silver Chain.” This necklace beautifully combines the elegance of pink sapphire and moonstone, showcasing their natural beauty in a striking design. Available in all our stores ❤️

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Unique solid gold diamond pendant with a available now ❤️.

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Stunning handmade 18k solid Gold ring with 4ct pear diamond. 💎

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Large Dendritic quartz pendant necklace with Black star diposide, Green Turquoise and brown Turquoise gemstone…. It has been a while since the last update, please@check out our stores for new items! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Mint kyanite and turquoise’s silver bracelet . by jewelry.

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Stunning 22k white gold 1ct diamond ring . by

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***SOLD*** 5.8 Ct. Green emerald with gold ring. by

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***SOLD*** 22k gold diamond ring. With 0.78 ct diamond . เเหวนทอง 22 เค ฝังเพชร 0.78 กะรัต. jewelry by metal studio jewelry.

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Diamond ring 0.3 ct set in 14k gold.

แหวนทอง 14 เค เพชร 0.3 กะรัต . by jewelry

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….Hand crafted jewelry…
รายละเอียด ใต้ภาพนะคะ

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ต่างหูทอง ฝัง ทับทิม
ขนาดพลอย 4-5 มิล
ราคา 4,800 บาท
ส่งฟรีภายในประเทศ ค่ะ

Stunning 20k gold earring with conflict free Siamese ruby. Only 5 pairs just available in stock please see our story for details. ……
🫢 1 SOLD!!! Only 4 left !

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Cluster bracelet will be available soon. ❤️💙💚 please stay tune .

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Faceted moonstone pendant necklace and blue kyanite in silver bezel setting set in silver textured fan shape and sterling silver oxidized chain
Handcraft spring ring clasp closer

Necklace measure: 18 inches
Pendant measure: 40 mm W x 33 mm L




ราคา 6,800 บาท
ขนาดกลอย3 มิล
Green emerald stud earring, 18k gold. Listed ! 💚💚💚

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Stunning moonstone with spectacular blue fire just listed ! 💙💙💙.

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Silver long necklace with hoops , length from 20-25 inches with extension chain are available in our stores . ❤️❤️❤️


18k gold wedding band with hammered texture. by


White topaz , ruby and diamond silver earring ❤️💕

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เเหวนทองคำ18เค ฝังเพชร 0.6 กะรัต

Ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, what is your desire? ❤️💚💙



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Gold nugget with diamond on silver ring . Oxidized silver on hammered texture . 🔨⚒️⛏️

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เเหวนทองคำ ฝังมรกต 3กะรัต
ราคา 68,000 บาท .

Solid 18k gold emerald ring . 💚💚💚 by

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Silver bracelet with stunning African ruby, Christmas is just around the corner . All shipments are guaranteed to arrive at your door in time for Christmas if the order is place before the 18th of December 🥳

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A bunch of new earring are in stock ! Please stop by and have a peak. Available in all stores. 🥳💚💜❤️💙

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Another happy couple 💕 1ct. Princess cut engagement ring. 💛 by metal studio jewelry.

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"Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique." - Elizabeth Taylor

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Best Action Movie, Action Movie , Full HD Movie, Movie 2021....

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Swatch, launched in 1983 by Nicolas G. Hayek, is a leading Swiss watch maker and one of the world's most popular brands.

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Fine Silver & Jewelry โรงงานผลิต ออกแบบเครื่องประดับแท้ ส่งออกกว่า 22 ปี โดยทีมนักอัญมณี-ดีไซน์เนอร์

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