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Experience Bangkok on foot, public transport, bike, or boat with us. Know and enjoy Bangkok insight. Why should you join us?

At Kudo Journey Thailand, our tours will not only talk about who, when, and where but also why and how including dilemmas behind different moves and consequences based on an extensive collection of data collected, analysed and synergized from various sources. Information shared by our tour guides has been carefully researched from different sources from books written by foreigners who lived in the

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Tayiam, a small village in remote Yasothon province, Northeastern Thailand that we support in developing into a tourist village is participating in the “DOT Connect to Healthy Route 2023" organized by the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Sport. From 72 teams, we are now in the top 24 list. Great work!!

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If you visit temples in Bangkok especially the first-class temples, you will find many stone figurines carved into figures such as warriors, nobles, and angels. Many tourists, including Thais, are amazed at what these heavy stone-carved dolls were made for and why they are so many in the temples.

One widely accepted answer is these stone dolls are used as junk to balance Chinese merchant ships. It is called ballast. Chinese merchant ships in the early Rattanakosin period carried valuable goods such as silk or tea leaves which are lightweight into the kingdom. Therefore, these ballasts must be loaded at the bottom of the ship to balance, allowing the boat to pass through the sea breeze to reach its destination. When reaching the destination these ballasts are useless but instead of throwing them away in vain, Chinese merchants thus offer these dolls to the king and the King gave these items to decorate various temples.

This makes a lot of sense however recently historians began to see many weaknesses to the explanation and carry out further research. To find out the answers join our tours.

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Our Bangkok in-depth walking tour gets you to explore hidden gems and off the tourist track places.


Walking the banks of the inner moat of old Bangkok will take you to temples and palaces.

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Discover Bangkok's hidden story on foot. Happy that our guests were happy :)

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Guests enjoy the story of Bangkok on our Bangkok In-Depth Walking Tour.

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Run through and rehearsal for an online seminar on accommodation for long stay tourists and Thailand standard.

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After a year of work to develop tourism and activities for a village in remote Yasothon province, one of our food product that we joined hands with NIDA was selected to represent in a regional hackathon competition. Tho, not successful today, we will keep working.

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Offering a pig head to Guan Ying is impossible! A mistake or I miss something, will research it.


Human-headed Naka is very rare. It is just a design of the artist, or it is a mystic creature. Will find out.

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Today, I visited the Temple of Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. I found a topic that I still blur. It is various crown types of the twelve guardian giants. I will solve it very soon.

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