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NAPA Business Solutions Co.,Ltd
NAPA Business Solutions Co.,Ltd
9 Muangthong Garden Village, Soi 69 Pattanakarn Rd Yak 2-3-4
บริษัท เอ็ม ซี มาร์ชโก้ จำกัด
บริษัท เอ็ม ซี มาร์ชโก้ จำกัด
ถนนอ่อนนุช ซอยอ่อนนุช65
Enlighten Corporation - Law Practice
Enlighten Corporation - Law Practice
41 อาคารพิพิธภัณฑ์จรรโลงพุทธศาสนา ซอยพัฒนาการ 64 ถนนพัฒนาการ แขวงประเวศ เ
We craft travel
We craft travel
735/2 อาคาร B ชั้น G ห้องเลขที่ BG 51 และ BG 20-21 ถนนศรีนครินทร์ แขวงสวนหลวง เขตสวนหลว
32 Soi Supapong 1 Yak 6 , Srinakarin Rd., Nongbon, Pravet
สำนักงานกฎหมาย ณภัทร อยู่สงค
สำนักงานกฎหมาย ณภัทร อยู่สงค
307/4 หมู่บ้านปัญญา, Suan Luang
บ้านทนายความ ilawcorner
บ้านทนายความ ilawcorner
M&A Security Guard Co.,Ltd.
M&A Security Guard Co.,Ltd.
Ramkhumhaeng 46
บริษัทไทยทำ โลจิสติกส์จำกัด
บริษัทไทยทำ โลจิสติกส์จำกัด
เครื่องฆ่าเชื้อโรคทุกรุ่น Spac
เครื่องฆ่าเชื้อโรคทุกรุ่น Spac
ุ60/257 หมูุ่6
56/231, ซอยพหลโยธิน 59 แยก 3, แขวงอนุสาวรีย์, เขตบางเขน, กรุงเทพ
สุขุมวิท 101
Bhatara Progress
Bhatara Progress
10, 12 Ramkamhaeng 30 Rd., Huamak Bangkapi Bangkok
143/388​ถนนบรมราชชนนี​ แขวงอรุณ​อมรินทร์​ เขตบางกอกน้อย​ กทม.10700

Company Set-Up Specialist for Foreigners in Thailand. Need a Visa & Company Set-up specialist? Professional solutions to the complex and challenging process of setting up a Company in Thailand are right here.

We handle all the paperwork and will also secure your Work Permit, your Work Visa and we can even open a Company bank account for you. 100% foreigner owned Thai Companies are available also. No hidden fees either. Our very own team of accountants will ensure that your companys’ Accounts and Tax returns are completed on time. Our Visa experts can also secure 1 year E.D. Visas, Retirement Visas, Mar


[07/27/21]   Please be advised that Millennium Law operates on a referral basis only. We are not looking for "new" clients but if you require legal representation or wish to discuss a private matter we can put you in touch with colleagues of ours who will help in areas such as
Matrimonial, Litigation, Probate, Unfair dismissal, Immigration, and more.
Send an outline of your requirements initially - in confidence. That will enable us to determine who best to pass your case to.
Stay safe everyone. 08/10/2018

British Embassy Bangkok to stop Certification of Income Letters From 1 January 2019, the British Embassy Bangkok will no longer be providing British Nationals with letters confirming their income. 30/07/2018

Thailand Changes Work Permits: With a work permit, one can now work in a permitted job anywhere, at any time! - The Pattaya News

Be interesting to see how far down the line this has gone. Good news though. Text courtesy of The Phuket News: Previously, foreigners who needed to obtain a work permit in order to work were prohibited from doing any work, for any employer, anywhere, and under any such conditions if such were not detailed and, therefore, permitted in the work permit itself. For example, if y... 04/04/2018

National development plan introduces the ‘Ethnic Question’ for the first time

Progress.........perhaps. Mentioning the term ‘ethnicity’ in the Twelfth National Economic and Social Development Plan for the first time is a major step forward for the Thai state.

[03/22/18]   Interesting data: Thailand issued 70,000 retirement visas in the year 2017, a new record. Compared to Malaysia with only 30.000……..the quality of life and the sheer "value for money" is creating a market providing for this section of the community. Investors take note.

[01/18/18]   Smart Visas to start next month of­fer­ing 4-year stays

The gov­ern­ment is in­tro­duc­ing a four-year visa next month for pro­fes­sion­als called a “Smart Visa” to at­tract for­eign ex­perts and high-level ex­ec­u­tives to work in the coun­try, the cab­i­net announced yes­ter­day.
It will al­low the bearer and their de­pen­dents to stay in Thai­land with­out hav­ing to re­port to Thai im­mi­gra­tion ev­ery 90 days. If cer­tain con­di­tions are met they will not re­quire a work per­mit.
The pur­pose is to lure skilled work­ers who can con­trib­ute to 10 fo­cused in­dus­tries so they can help re­alise the gov­ern­ment’s goal of an in­no­va­tion- and tech­nol­ogy-led eco­nomic up­grade to “Thai­land 4.0”, Min­is­ter of the PM’s Of­fice Kob­sak Pootrakool said af­ter yes­ter­day’s cab­i­net meet­ing.
The visa will be di­vided into four cat­e­gories — T for Ta­lent, I for In­vestors, E for ex­ec­u­tives and S for star­tups.
While the first three cat­e­gories of­fer four-year stays, en­trepreneurs hold­ing the S Smart Visa will be granted an ini­tial one-year term that can later be ex­tended.
Those who are el­i­gi­ble for the new visa scheme in­clude ap­pli­cants work­ing in the sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy field, in­vestors, high-level ex­ec­u­tives and startup en­trepreneurs in a list of 10 in­dus­tries.
Mr Kob­sak said Thais should not fret about los­ing their jobs to for­eign­ers as 39 pro­fes­sions will be ex­cluded from the visa ap­pli­cants.
About 1,000 peo­ple are ex­pected to ap­ply for the Smart Visas each year, ac­cord­ing to an es­ti­mate by the Board of In­vest­ment (BOI).
Be­fore the ap­pli­cants can put in a re­quest for the visa at a Thai con­sulate or em­bassy their ap­pli­ca­tion must be ap­proved by the BOI, the Dig­i­tal Econ­omy Pro­mo­tion Agency, the Min­istry of For­eign Af­fairs and other agen­cies.
This process is ex­pected to take around 30 days, Mr Kob­sak said. Ap­pli­ca­tions will open on Feb 1, he added.

The cab­i­net also ap­proved yes­ter­day a mo­tion to ex­tend the dead­line by which mi­grant work­ers must have their na­tion­al­i­ties ver­i­fied from March un­til the end of June.
Thai­land has been crack­ing down on il­le­gally hired mi­grant work­ers in re­cent months to en­sure their hu­man rights are not violated and their work­ing visas/permits are all in or­der.

[09/27/17]   Migrant Myanmar workers experiencing difficulty in complying with the new directive can contact us for free advice. Visa switches done, quotas obtained for employers and all by proxy. PM us. We can help.

[07/12/17]   Migrant Myanmar workers experiencing difficulty in complying with the new directive can contact us for free advice. Visa switches done, quotas obtained for employers and all by proxy. PM us. We can help. 28/05/2017

Thai Visas in Penang |

If you've never done it then it's a pleasant alternative to Laos. , requirements may vary depending on the case. In the case of a Non-Immigrant ‘O” visa for retirement, you will need 800,000 baht tin a Thai bank, a copy of your Thai bank book, pension details or proof of a sustainable income, 2 passport-sized photos, and you must be over 55 years of age. 28/11/2016

Thailand to Promote 10 Year Visa for Medical Tourism | Chiang Rai Times English Language Newspaper BANGKOK – Thailand has come up with a new visa scheme in a bid to boost its medical tourism sector. On Tuesday, the Thai Cabinet extended to 10 years from one, the long-stay visa for foreigners aged 50 or older.


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Visa assistance in securing all types of Visa: Non-Immigrant O Visa (Thailand Retirement Visa / Thai Marriage Visa / Guardian Visa), Non-Immigrant B Visa (Business) + Work Permit. Also ED Visa for Teachers (with support documents from the school). Import/Export Licence, Alcohol Licence, Food & Beverage Licence. Plus Matrimonial Disputes (custody battles, alimony arrangements, etc) and Criminal defence.
We also handle the new company set-ups and make the whole process of starting a new business in Thailand stress free.
Best prices, English speaking, reliable and trustworthy service. If you need advice or help in any of these areas then just send me a PM in confidence with some brief details and a contact number to call you back on.

Travel visas also can be secured for Thai Passport holders to travel to UK & Europe, USA, Australia. 24/08/2015

Thailand plans to grant multiple-entry visas to tourists from all nations - Thailand News

the wheel begins to turn.


All new: Finally things begin to return to normal. Non-B Visas, Work Permits, Retirement us now for advice and help. [email protected]


Why leave it to chance? Use our know-how to set the whole thing up and take the stress away.


It's a jungle out there so why not let someone else shed some light on proceedings.
Setting up a Thai Company, Visa/Work-Permit Issues, Retirement Visas, Bank Accounts, Driving Licences, Acquisition Mediators, Property Managers. We're the trusted hand to lead you through, we'll be pleased to help if we can .


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[10/20/14]   Millennium Law are still able to secure your 90 Day Non-B Visa, set up and register your Thai company, organise a work-permit, a bank account (company and/or personal), apply for and process your Marriage Visa, Thai Driving Licence........if we can asssit with any of these or if you have any issue you think we can help with please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your individual needs in strictest confidence.

[07/26/14]   Don't get caught up in the stampede for a long-term solution to your visa problems. If you need a long-term visa for Thailand just contact us. Non-Imm B Visas, Retirement Visas, ED questions asked - free door to door service (if resident in Bangkok), quick turnaround. Let us take the strain.

[02/17/14]   I'm pleased to report that we are well under way with satisfied clients starting to mount up. Retirement Visas being particularly in demand. Everyone refusals - providing you are over 50 of course.


Millennium Law Company Pvt Ltd's cover photo


Millennium Law Company Pvt Ltd's cover photo

[02/10/14]   Welcome to our page. Our staff are on hand to help with the challenging process of setting up a new company in Thailand.



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หนังสือเดินทางและบริการวีซ่า อื่นๆใน Bangkok (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)
We craft travel We craft travel
735/2 อาคาร B ชั้น G ห้องเลขที่ BG 51 และ BG 20-21 ถนนศรีนครินทร์ แขวงสวนหลวง เขตสวนหลว
Bangkok, 10250

บริษัท วีคราฟท์ อะบรอด จำกัด ก่อตั้งเมื่อ พ.ศ. 2560 โดยเริ่มต้นจากธุรกิจการศึกษา โดยการเป็นตั

ออกเอกสารสลิปสเตทเม้นจดทะเ ออกเอกสารสลิปสเตทเม้นจดทะเ
Bangkok, 10310

รับปรึกษากู้สินเชื่อธนาคาร ขอวีซ่า ทำเอกสาร เดินสเตทเม้น ให้ความรู้การลงทุนในอสังหา

Osamu Travel Osamu Travel
Bangkok, 10220

บริษัท จัดนำเที่ยวทัวร์ต่างประเทศ สัมมนา ดูงาน กรุ้ปส่วนตัว โทร.090 3366 963

EK Netithai Law&firm EK Netithai Law&firm
139/277 Soi,Ramkhamhaeng 60/3 Kwang,Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkapi District, Bangkok 10240
Bangkok, 10240


Aussieway เรียนต่อออสเตรเลีย เรียน Aussieway เรียนต่อออสเตรเลีย เรียน
9 Chokchai 4(50) Intersection 6 Rd Ladphrao
Bangkok, 10230

Education & Migration Agency to Australia from Thailand and AUSSIEWAY is the founder of Rich Education & Visa Services Australia and Thailand and IN EDUCATION & VISA SERVICES Australia.

Thai Solutions in Bangkok Thai Solutions in Bangkok
Phayathai PLAZA Building, BTS Phayathai
Bangkok, 10400

Our school in Bangkok is accredited by The Ministry of Education Thailand. We offer Thai, English, Japanese languages teaching. We also help students to get a teaching job in Thailand

Visa 4 Sweden Visa 4 Sweden
13 Sukhumhvit Road

Schengenvisa / UT-ansökningar. Translations. Start companies/workpermit. รับปรึกษา วีซ่าท่องเที่ยว และ วีซ่าถาวร Run Visa from Thai to Sweden

Wing English Wing English
118/8 อาคารมัลเบอร์รี่เพลส ถนนเพชรเกษม แขวงบางหว้า เขตภาษีเจริญ
Bangkok, 10160


Travel Visa USA Travel Visa USA
Bangkok, 10400

รับทำเอกสารวีซ่าท่องเที่ยวอเมริกา Promotion 1999 !!! B2 GREEN CARD

Thailand, visa ,company Thailand, visa ,company
Bangkok, 10110

visa for tourist,work permit, business, marriage etc.

TSL & Associates Co., Ltd. TSL & Associates Co., Ltd.
130-132 Sindhorn Building, Tower 1, 2nd Floor, Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok, 10330

TSL & Associate (Thailand) has been providing legal and business services in Thailand for over 15 years, with two main offices in Bangkok. TSL offers a wide range of services for both foreigners and Thais.

Everyone travel and study abroad Everyone travel and study abroad
Bangkok, 10900

We are travel agent operators base in Thailand. We offer a wide range of solutions to fulfil the needs of clients travel interests, preferences, travel style and budget.