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Biogents develops and distributes highly efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable mosquit Biogents mosquito traps are the result of more than 16 years of research in the behaviour of mosquitoes.

Our mosquito traps are especially effective against yellow fever and tiger mosquitoes. The superior efficiency is proven in many independent scientific studies. Without using insecticides, we developed an ecoresponsable way for pest and vector management. Additionally we perform contract R&D worldwide. Biogents. Science for your Protection.

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West Nile Virus (WNV) is re-emerging in Europe, and cases increased particularly during the last decade.
Fortunately, a WNV infection is not a problem for most people, as 8 out of 10 infected don’t develop symptoms. According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 5 infected develop the following symptoms: fever, headache, body aches, joint pains, rash, vomiting, diarrhea. However, WNV can also lead to serious, neurologic illness in about 1 per 150 infected, and some of these cases are fatal. The main victims are people with a weakened immune system, such as elderly persons or people with pre-existing illness.

A newly published study had a more detailed look at West Nile virus outbreak in Andalusia (Spain) in 2020 and the results showed that continuous mosquito monitoring can predict human infections well.

Our mosquito traps are used worldwide not only for mosquito control but also for mosquito monitoring. In the course of this study, our CO2 mosquito traps were used.

👉Full article:

👉Further info on WNV:


In the meantime, there are also scientific methods to study the tiny brains of mosquitoes in more detail.
We know from nature that there are differences between the sexes of animals not only in characteristics such as body size, coloration or the development of weapons, but also in behavior.

Mosquitoes show very pronounced sex-specific behavior, which makes them an optimal group to study the extent to which there is a structural basis in the brain here.

Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar, but female mosquitoes require blood meals in addition to producing their eggs. Since it is this behavior of ingesting blood meals that plays a major role in the transmission of disease, it is of particular scientific interest to explore in more detail what brain activities underlie this.

This newly published study provides new insights into how sex-specific behavior is related to differences in brain structure, while revealing the likely location of the fine neural circuits that control male- and female-specific behaviors, which is of particular interest for mosquito control.


(Image source: : Li, J., Merchant, A., Zhou, S., Wang, T., Zhou, X., Zhou, C., Neuroanatomical basis of sexual dimorphism in the mosquito brain, ISCIENCE (2022))

NO MOSQUITO COAST Banwa Private Island aims to be the first mosquito-free island in the Philippines - Banwa Private Island 13/10/2022

NO MOSQUITO COAST Banwa Private Island aims to be the first mosquito-free island in the Philippines - Banwa Private Island

After our success story on the island of Soneva in the Maldives, the Philippines now follows. Instead of regular spraying of insecticides, the island relies on the area-wide use of our mosquito traps.

Banwa Private Island aims to be the first mosquito-free island in the Philippines"

For more information and enquiries regarding mosquito traps and mosquitoes in island elimination programmes, send an email to [email protected].


NO MOSQUITO COAST Banwa Private Island aims to be the first mosquito-free island in the Philippines - Banwa Private Island   A long-term insecticide-free management programme in partnership with Culex Maldives Banwa Private Island in North-eastern Palawan is on track to become...

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Our mosquito traps are tested and used for field studies worldwide. That's why there are more than 400 publications writing about our mosquito traps in the field.

Originally, we mainly supplied the professional researcher market with traps and thus made a name for ourselves worldwide.
Our well-known BG-Sentinel trap has become the gold standard in tiger mosquito monitoring over the years.

As we are constantly researching and developing, we have developed the BG-Pro mosquito trap as a successor model, which is now also being used in more and more studies.

The images are from a newly published study from the south of Brazil.

(You can find the whole study here 👉 )

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We celebrated 20 years of Biogents last Friday. 🎉🎊
We all still have a smile on our face. Beautiful location, sunshine and happy people - it couldn‘t get any better than this.
Magic moments with magic people! ✨

We are so proud to have come this far and to still have so many people by our side - after so many years.
We look forward to many more years with you! 🙌


Have you ever wondered how mosquitoes originate and evolve?
You can find all the information on our website.
Here we have also collected for you all further information about different mosquito species.


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The detection of a yellow fever mosquito in Marseille highlights a possible pathway of introduction of such invasive mosquito species into Europe and illustrates the importance of a rapid response to implement appropriate measures to manage and control these mosquito species.
This yellow fever mosquito was likely introduced by a merchant ship from tropical Africa to Europe.

This shows the importance of establishing a surveillance system for invasive mosquitoes at entry points, including ports.

Find the scientific article here:

Biogents USA on Instagram: "@phil_torres tested our BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap in his yard" 16/09/2022

Biogents USA on Instagram: "@phil_torres tested our BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap in his yard"

The famous US biologist, science communicator, photographer, and TV host Phil Torres tested our BG-Mosquitaire mosquito trap in his yard this summer.

Let him explain to you how our trap works.
Watch now on our Instagram channel 👇

Biogents USA () • Instagram reel

Biogents USA on Instagram: "@phil_torres tested our BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap in his yard" Biogents USA shared a post on Instagram: " tested our BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap in his yard". Follow their account to see 175 posts.

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In relation to our project in the Maldives, a scientific study has now been published.
Through the area-wide use of our mosquito traps on the island of Soneva in the Maldives, it was shown that in combination with breeding site control, a sustainable reduction of the mosquito population by 93 to 98% could be achieved over a period of 1.5 years.

The scientific data base and evaluation on this could show that this approach is the first affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to insecticides in decades to control mosquito-borne diseases on smaller islands.

(Source: Jahir, A.; Kahamba, N.F.; Knols, T.O.; Jackson, G.; Patty, N.F.A.; Shivdasani, S.; Okumu, F.O.; Knols, B.G.J. Mass Trapping and Larval Source Management for Mosquito Elimination on Small Maldivian Islands. Insects 2022, 13, 805.


Here you can see an extraordinary mosquito catch within 2 weeks in the south of France from one of our customers.

Our BG-GAT mosquito traps are low-cost, non-electric and easy to use mosquito catchers that were especially developed to help you reduce tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes in your backyard. These species are day biters, very aggressive, and can transmit diseases like dengue fever, Zika, and chikungunya.

In comparison to our other outdoor mosquito trap, it targets not the mosquitoes that want to bite you but the ones which are searching for a place to lay their eggs.
Trapping these ones can eliminate 50-100 offspring per mosquito and therefore helps you reduce the mosquito population in your garden.


Bugs Life Bloody mary mosquito 06/09/2022

Bugs Life Bloody mary mosquito

Why are some people more attractive to mosquitoes than others?

People attractive to mosquitoes are more acidic than others.
Mosquitoes could reliably distinguish a highly attractive person from a weakly attractive person, unless the smell of the "mosquito magnet" is considerably diluted.

So it's all about human skin odor.

That's why our attractant BG-Sweetscent used in our mosquito traps mimics human skin scent.


Bugs Life Bloody mary mosquito This was a very funny scene so i put in to a video by itself since there isn't one already on youtube

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We at Biogents enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere with each other and stand for flat hierarchies.

Of course, in addition to joint lunch and coffee breaks, we also value regular joint team outings very highly.

This gives our employees the opportunity to exchange ideas away from the daily office routine and to get to know each other better on a private level. Employees from different departments can exchange ideas with each other and cooperation is positively influenced in the long term.

Apart from open communication in a relaxed atmosphere, we all need a nice break from everyday life. 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️


Controlling mosquitoes can be a very complex issue.

You need help with the correct placement of the trap?
You are unsure how to install the trap?
How many mosquitoes should be caught in what period of time to know if the trap was placed correctly?

Have a look at our YouTube channel to watch many informative product videos, set-up instructions as well as tips and tests of anti-mosquito products:

You can find much information on our website:

You can't find what you're looking for? Just send us a message and we will be happy to help you!

The mystery of mosquito flight 25/08/2022

The mystery of mosquito flight

For a long time mosquito flight behavior was a mystery.

How do mosquitoes fly while moving their wings through only a small angle with each flap?
Nature Video explores the new research that finally solves this aerodynamic problem.


The mystery of mosquito flight For a long time insect flight was a mystery: how do they stay aloft with large bodies and small wings? For mosquitos the puzzle is slightly different: how do...


What body parts do the mosquito species Aedes aegypti and Anopheles arabiensis prefer to bite? And is there a difference in the distribution of bites between standing and lying body positions?

Interesting study to generate information for personal protection measures against malaria and dengue vectors:

Interestingly, yellow fever mosquito bites were not as concentrated on the lower limbs of standing subjects as were Anopheles mosquito bites. (47.7% to 95.9%)
In sleeping subjects, the distribution of bites was more similar. Here, the bites of both mosquito species were distributed relatively evenly over all exposed body surfaces.


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What is so special about our traps?

The U.S., German, and French military, numerous mosquito control districts, and public health organizations around the world, including WHO and CDC, use our traps.
Why is that? Effective mosquito control is science.

Our unique trapping system was developed in over 16 years of research. Its efficacy has been confirmed in over 400 research papers by scientists and other experts throughout the world. Biogents traps are proven to be among the best ones on the market. Besides the functionality, color as well as size, design and the attractant play an important role. Once the mosquitoes have been lured by the attractants, they will be sucked into the trap where a catch bag awaits them.

More info: 👉

Can we outsmart the world’s deadliest animal? 18/08/2022

Can we outsmart the world’s deadliest animal?

Mosquito Factory in Medellín, Colombia.
Why a lab is breeding 30 million mosquitoes a week

Interesting article about using special bacteria in mosquitoes that block them from transmitting dengue and other viruses, such as Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, to humans.

Can we outsmart the world’s deadliest animal?

Can we outsmart the world’s deadliest animal? How humans are striking back against mosquitoes.


Our mosquito traps are not only used by private users worldwide, but also by professional pest controllers, health authorities and other public institutions.

A few examples of renowned institutions that use Biogents products:
• The World Health Organization, WHO
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA
• Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Germany
• Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation projects in Asia and Brazil
• US Armed Forces, USA
• Tropical Public Health Unit, Queensland Health, Australia
• USDA, Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology, USA
• Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK
• Environment and Natural Resources Area, IASMA Research and Innovation Centre, Italy
• Australian Government, Australia
• Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
• Robert Koch Institute, Germany
• Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Germany

.... and many more...

วิดีโอทั้งหมด (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)

Our mosquito breeding is developing well. We are already looking forward to the next research contracts. #mosquitoresear...
Have a look at a nice DIY trap version of our BG-Mosquitaire mosquito trap with an XXL catchbag to catch even more thous...
What can be achieved with a BG-Mosquitaire mosquito trap? Nice video showing a record catch of 3000 Asian tiger mosquito...
The result after 6 hours,
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With the recent rain the Mosquito population is increasing now is the time to protect your loved ones. we now offer free...
Mosquitaire catch after only one day operation in Thailand !
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