Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery : a comfy urban base

We are located in Silom where the day meet the night. You can shopping/ eating/drinking all the time You can shopping/ eating/drinking all the time.

Will Open in 2017
(Updated Data on 5 May 2017 )

------located in Silom where the day met the night.


Our Lumpini Park Celeb ☺️

Read about the Lumpini Park in Bangkok, where dragons live...

Image: adam_radovanovic (Instagram)


Happy Chinese Newyear 2023


Now Kinnon Hostel Check In-Check Out Time is
09.00 am to 06.00 pm
Open Daily except Saturday
Apologize for any inconvinience.

If you want to check in late please contact us via
Facebook Massenger or Tel 0970500545,0815775553


สั่งร้าน kinnadee กินณดี ฟรีค่าส่ง ถึง 25 ก.ค.64 ที่แอพrobinhoodได้นะคะ ♥️

แนะนำ 15 โฮสเทลที่ดีที่สุดในกรุงเทพ ปี 2020 | Rut Writer 06/01/2021

ขอบคุณทางblogger มากนะคะ

🌟 เรายังเปิดให้บริการอยู่นะคะ
(reception counter เปิด 9.00-18.00น.)
👉 ห้องพักรายเดือนเริ่มต้น 4,500 บาท มัดจำเพียง300บาทค่ะ
📍 รวมค่าประปา ค่าไฟฟ้า แล้วนะคะ เหมาๆค่ะ
💫 ใกล้ MRT,BTS,BRT, และป้ายรถประจำทาง
💫 ใกล้ตลาด ร้านสะดวกซื้อ และsuper market

+++++ ตอนนี้เขตบางรักยังปลอดภัยอยู่นะคะ+++++

แนะนำ 15 โฮสเทลที่ดีที่สุดในกรุงเทพ ปี 2020 | Rut Writer แนะนำ 15 โฮสเทลที่ดีที่สุดในกรุงเทพ

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Bye Bye Barbara ka. Thank much for come to stay here and say good bye before leaving Thailand. Hope to see you again in the nearly future ka ☺️

Photos from Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery :  a comfy urban base's post 06/07/2020

See you again.Norisan 😚
Wish you good luck in Japan 🇯🇵 @ ร้านอาหาร ดาวโภชนา

Timeline photos 14/06/2020

Happy weekend with healthy meal❤.
Hope you guys have a good health through this tough situation😊.


Why all of you should go to Lumpini park? The answer is to see this one🤣

Timeline photos 17/05/2020

Kinnadee cafe at the first floor.
Miss the special menu for kinnonian.

Timeline photos 03/05/2020

Throwback miss this place ❤

Timeline photos 28/04/2020

Simple holiday is the best.


Kinnon deluxe Hostel-Coworking-Eatery will be temporarily closed for a while cause of the covid19 crisis.

We appreciate every support from our lovely guests and everyday we make a wish for everyone to have a good health and pass this hard situation together.☺️

We miss all of you and hope to see you guys in the nearly future. ❤


Thank you to the famous actor, Mr. Off Pong Sak, organized a beautiful review. For kin na dee restaurant We are still open 8 am-5pm, delivery service only line man, get, grab.🙏❤️

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Who live in Silom Sathorn Bangrak area, please feel free to order us ❤ clean yummy and reasonable price.

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Looking for​ a place​ to​ stay​ at​ the​ center of​ bangkok? Well, Kinnon​ Hostel​ is​ here! a​ great place​ to​ escape the​ busy city of​ BANGKOK!
Kinnon​ Hostel​ offers,​ FREE BREAKFAST.​ CO-WORKING SPACE, TV ROOM​ (watch movies with​ friends 24/7) , ROOFTOP(where you​ can​ exercise​ every​ morning).
What​ are you​ waiting for​? Come​ and​ be part of​ our​ Kinnon​ Family.

Photos from Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery :  a comfy urban base's post 11/03/2020

Trip to wang lang market by boat hostel


Happy chinese new year from Kinnon.
Wish all bests to you, wish you all have a good luck and wish your dreams come true 🎊🎋🎆🎉🥳🎍


Staff new year party 2020 and draw lots . 🎁 @ Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery : a comfy urban base


kinnon staff party 🤟🏼💕


Kinnon Big Cleaning Day 🧽🧴
Cleanliness is out middle name 🤟🏼
Rita&On in nasa space suit😂🚀 @ Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery : a comfy urban base


When you are traveling for a long time sometimes you need a rest.
Do nothing.
Not going anywhere.
Just chill and relax and doing "me time".
Read a book or watch movie.

But at some hostels it's not easy to do that because maybe the hostel don't have a proper common area.

At KINNON we provide a cozy TV room with Netflix , mini library, big couch , even a quiet room for private video call without disturbing other guests.

Cause we want you to feel that KINNON is your home in Bangkok.


Bangkok is a very convenient city for digital nomads .
Bangkok has a lot of advantages for the nomadic lifestyle, as a convenient city and cheap cost of living, with a vibrant culture, beautiful temples to visit, easy transportation, and potential networking opportunities.

Definitely, it is worth to explore the destination for nomads and travelers.

The best place to stay in Bangkok for digital nomads is anywhere close with BTS & MRT stations, where you can find nice facilities, supermarkets and local places where to eat.

And KINNON perfectly provide a good environment for all the traveling digital nomads with a co-working space and a quiet room for private functiion.

With a strategic location at Silom where the atmosphere of a business district, lots of restaurants and bars.

Also close to Lumpini Park, which can be convenient for nature or exercise break.


Top 10 Best Things To Do In Bangkok (Ultimate Guide) - Bangkok Foodie

and maaanny other things !!

dont forget to sleep with us 😊 Looking for something fun and exciting to do when you're in Bangkok? Here's a list of 10 exciting things & activities in Bangkok for you and your loved one!


Not just for solo traveler, KINNON also provide a cozy family room that will fit perfectly for 4 people.

With a queen bed and a bunk bed plus a TV & a refrigerator, this choice is a favourite among small group.

So hurry up book it now !!



Welcome 2020 !!
is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley



Dear beloved guests at KINNON
Lets celebrate the cupcoming year with a BBQ dinner at 7.00pm tonight.

Contact the reception for more info



SORRY FOR TONIGHT & TOMORROW you cant sleep with us.
Cause its fully booked due to the holidays season.

And Thank you for the booking.

Please check again the next day.


KINNON provide healthy & delicious breakfast for our guests everyday.

Here you can have salad, bread, fresh coffee, milk, orange & pinneaple juice, cereal, fruits and special meals cooked with love by our staffs.

Tell us, what's your favourite breakfast from KINNON ?



Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand.

At most boxing stadiums in Bangkok you have to pay ticket for about 1000 baht to watch professional Muay Thai Fights at the proper stadium.

There’s an option that you can watch some real fights for free !

Every Sundays (and the third Wednesday of the month). Channel 7 broadcasts Muay Thai fights live on Thailand national TV.

To come and see the show there you need to follow the rules :

1. Wear polo shirts or button down shirt. (you can buy cheap used shirts there) . Must wear long pants too.

2. And closed toe shoes like sneakers. NO flip flops. Can rent shoes for 30 baht !

3. To have a good seat, come before 1 pm and just wait at the waiting area.

4. Door open at 1

5. No food or drinks allowed.

6. Tourists get special seat in front of the ring

7. Fights starts at 2.30

The energy in the room is very rowdy, contagiously exciting ,very interesting to watch. Very recommended !!


Have a happiest holiday !
greetings from us at Kinnon Hostel


I’m Taylor from Taiwan.

I have been staying here for almost 5 months to study Thai language and have time to experience living in Thailand.

I like the atmosphere here because there’s a lot of nice people here and everyone is friendly.
And you can make a lot of friends.

Staying in a hostel is fun, if I stay alone I will be lonely.
When I’m back home I will miss the staffs here.



I’m Iri from Germany.
I stayed in Kinnon for 5 days. But 2 days ago I moved to another hostel that is closer to the MRT and Lumphini Park. But the staffs are not as nice as Kinnon hostel and it was too loud. I miss my Kinnon family so I came back the next day to Kinnon and finally happy to be here again.

Kinnon has everything I need like free breakfast, nice clean shower, hot water, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, body lotion. Nice bed, lots of space, rooftop, the hammock, and a TV room !



Hi, Im Yuta from Japan.

I have been staying in Kinnon for 8 months because I’m practicing Thai Boxing.

I like to stay here because the breakfast is so delicious. But I’m gonna leave Bangkok soon and become a professional Muay Thai Fighter in Japan. I will miss the pancake from Kinnon.


For Christmas we give all guests a gift


For any guests who stayed at KINNON today will get a spesial christmas gift !!!


Bangkok is the street food capital of the world. Street food in Bangkok is tasty, quickly delivered and super cheap.

You can usually have a snacks from 5 baht.

All over Bangkok, you will find cheap and delicious Thai food on the street.

Some places are pop-up food stalls that move around on trolleys, while others are more or less permanent, serving fresh and tasty Thai food at small tables on the street pavement.

Lucky for us just a 1-2 minutes walk from KINNON Hostel
You will find plenty of fantastic options to sample the cheap street food at the Silom Square Food Center that located across the 7 Eleven.

From any kind of fresh homemade bakery, pastry, delicious cooking, light snack, vegetarian dishes ( with the yellow flags), halal food, boba tea , fresh fruits and vegetables, fried insects, and many other good food.

And the best thing is the price is cheap because the market is caters for the local people like the employees of some offices nearby.

If you come during lunch break the place will be very crowded and hot. So it's better to come before 1pm

The downside part is they usually closed after 4 pm. Meanwhile there are some street food carts available until night.

So if you are staying at KINNON and want to try cheap & delicious Thai street food , don't forget to visit that market !!

Silom Square Food Center
58 Si Lom, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 2 233 7779

@ Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery : a comfy urban base


KINNON provide healthy & yummy breakfast for our guests everyday.

Here you can have salad, bread, fresh coffee, milk, orange & pinneaple juice, cereal, fruits and special meals cooked with love by our staffs.

Tell us, what's your favourite breakfast from KINNON ?

ต้องการให้ธุรกิจของคุณ ธุรกิจ ขึ้นเป็นอันดับหนึ่ง โรงแรม ใน Bangkok?

Our Story

Our inspirations of creating KINNON Hostel

Kinnon Deluxe Hostel has its inspiration from Himavanta forest, a legendary forest in Thai folklore. It is said to be the home of a variety of mythical creatures such as the garuda, the naga, and the kinnara. We see ourselves as the place of serenity as we are located next to Lumphini park, a symbol of peace and rejuvenation in the Silom area.

A mythical creature that symbolizes our hostel is ‘Kinnon’. ‘Kinnon’ is a half bird half human in the Himavanta forest that lives its life with freedom. Kinnons are like our guests who embark on a new journey to discover new things in the world. At Kinnon Deluxe Hostel, we want to be the community that helps connect and facilitate the travelers so they can exchange ideas and experiences.

We are more than just a hostel. We are the “Comfy Urban Base” of Travelers. Kinnon Hostel is located in the center of Bangkok areas, the area called Silom / Sathorn district. Silom is well-known for its nightlife, shopping departments, and mouth-watering street foods. We are located within a 10-minute walking distance from BTS Sky Train (Sala-daeng station) and MRT subway station (Silom station). In addition to our prime location, we set aside our space so that you can get the most out of your time in Bangkok. We have a co-working space area, a restaurant, and a rooftop garden & bar to make sure you enjoy yourself . Stay with us and start your journey at Kinnon Hostel

วิดีโอทั้งหมด (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)

KINNON provide healthy & delicious breakfast for our guests everyday.Here you can have salad, bread, fresh coffee, milk,...
The impressive story in the hostelPim came back from outside and came in inside the hostel.When she was stepping in Kinn...
Make a wish and throw the coconut.If your dream comes true,The coconut will be broken 🥥  The coconut water will clean th...
Welcome all of you to Kinnon hostel.Please feel free like  you drink at home.🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Rita is the strongest girl in our hostel ❤ even if she have no one to dance together,she still dance alone 💪
Gonna crazy ❤
Matthew with Thai class 🤓. Day one ☺️




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