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The power of "Teamwork" 💪

Outing 2019 trip 1

📷 by @Komkrit Keereerom

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The power of "Teamwork" 💪 Outing 2019 trip 1 📷 by @Komkrit Keereerom

Learn about the A. P. Møller - Maersk family, APM Terminals is a part of.

“Our first priority remains to ensure safe and efficient operations for the supply chain. It is crucial that these regulations are met in a way which does not create congestion bottlenecks that ultimately impose additional risk and cost for all stakeholders” - Jack Craig, Head of Global Operations APM Terminals. What is the new IMO Container Weighing regulation all about? This Doodle video will tell you!

WeLiveSafe #StaySafe
#WeLiveSafe #StaySafe This year the APM Terminals Global Safety Day on April 20th 2017 is dedicated to the night shift operations. We asked employees about the dangers of day versus night shifts.

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