Flapping Duck Guesthouse

Flapping Duck Guesthouse


Many thanks for a great time at the Flapping Duck late February, you were all so nice to me. It's the perfect place for solo travellers as there is a very sociable vibe and it attracts really chilled people. I hope my bud bomb was put to good use.
greetings from faraway people!

kep on rollin'
Dear Flapping Duck friends.
Just a little reminder that , as booked , i will arrive October thursday 31 st for 5 nights , in a fan single room .Should arrive around 9 am .
Thankyou so much , and see you next week .
Elisa Weiller .
flapping duck full power.thank you so much people.bless all of you.
I've been travelling for some months now and this is the best hostel in Asia. You will meet the best people during your whole trip here! Warning: its very hard to leave! chill in an oasis inside Bangkok and near everything, have a beer on the lounge and chat around beautiful amazing people. Eskimo is the owner, very nice guy as well as the rest of all the staff. My longest stay was almost two weeks, and may sound crazy to hang 2 weeks in a big city, these were some of the best days of my trip because of this hostel! I recommend this hostel for everybody, always! I'll come back for sure!!
hey, someone knows til which hour is it open the reception of the hostel? thanks in advance
Merry Christmas Flapping Duck
Merry Christmas Flapping Duck
Hey i want to Know if it's possible to reservate but i can't find you on messenger so can u talk to me plz?? )thanks

Dorm rooms, single rooms, double rooms, hot shower, free wifi, book exchange, free lockers, free bicycle , bus tickets, free coffee and tea etc...

Flapping Duck Guest house is a quiet little hostel / guest house in Banglamphu, about 5 minutes walk from Khao San Road. Close enough for all the fun, but far enough to be a quiet little haven next to the river and the park, perfect for some rest and relaxation during your stay in Bangkok.


Quarantine-free travel to Thailand: Here’s what you need to know 30/10/2021

Quarantine-free travel to Thailand: Here’s what you need to know

Almost 2 years ,Long time no see.
Good news ,Thailand have No quarantine requirements starting from 1 November, 2021,For now 64 countries.
Hope to see you soon, Let's drink Kratom tea,Chang and high together !!!

PL . First night you can't stay with Duck ( no star ,no Doctor ) :-) ,You have to stay with 2-5 stars hotel. https://thaiest.com/blog/aq-hotel-1-night-packages
But We can happy together from 2nd night until you want to go to the beach.

Long term visa( 9 months) https://thaiest.com/blog/thailand-special-tourist-visa-stv

Check it out !!!

Quarantine-free travel to Thailand: Here’s what you need to know After the successful Phuket Sandbox Programme, Thailand will reopen the country for fully-vaccinated travellers from 46 approved countries starting November 1st without quarantine.

Photos from Flapping Duck Guesthouse's post 05/09/2021

First, Thank you so much for supporting and helping us.We are still running Flapping Duck Guesthouse,a few guests / month thou.Bangkok still curfew and locked down ,Covid problem.
But the good thing ,We have time for decoration and fixing Flapping Duck.And make another guesthouse
on the river.Hope to see you all soon.Take care.We will wait you Get high together here:-) https://m.facebook.com/Flapping-Duck-Art-Lifestyle-Resort-101571565576009/?tsid=0.7925187070694346&source=result

1. A single room
250 Baht

2 A Double room
350 Baaht

3. A Dorm room
150 Baht

Free bicycles, books,kayak
Every room Shared toilets and bathroom.
Kitchen, living room, and washing machine are in the common areas.

Contact us on facebook!

How to get there?
1 Bus no. 516 ,27 ( about 18 Baht ) from Khosan road to Central westgate
shoppig mall ( 30 mins) and then motor taxi 20 Baht
2 Mrt( Sky train ) to Central westgate an then motor taxi 20 Baht
3 Long tail boat to Duck river pier
(5 am- 8am and 5pm - 7 pm ) 45 mins -25 ิBaht
4.Taxi meter About 140 Baht

The place to visit

1 Wat suan kaew ( temple) http://www.onedayillflyaway.com/2012/05/off-
beaten-path-wat-suan-kaew.html ( 10 mins )
2 Kho kret island https://www.lonelyplanet.com/thailand/bangkok/ko-
kret/40625c8c-8a11-5710-a052-1479d277e157( 30 mins)
3 Wat Tatien floatig market http://www.thai-blogs.com/2011/05/24/wat-
takien-floating-market-in-nonthaburi/ ( 20 mins)
4.Bang yai ( old market/ so Cheap and real taste ) if you want to try Thai
traditional food ,dessert , fruits ,vegetale ( pink fried rice,pad thai,pa-
tong-go,Hainanese chicken rice,Slow cooked pork leg with steamed
rice,stricky rice with mango etc....) 5 mins by walk

Photos from Flapping Duck Guesthouse's post 14/04/2021

Happy Thai new year,friends ( Songkran festival )
We don't have water war this year ,Covid problem.
But We will make you wet again for sure :-)Eskimo


Top 10 Beaches in Thailand

Which beach is the best for you ,Bro?
For me Chang island ,I love magic mashroom from Elephant poo!!! :-) Eskimo


24 Hours In Bangkok With $10

See you soon,Duckers :-)


#NatZooZen: Happy Snow Day from Our Giant Pandas!

Have a nice weekend !! ,Duckers .We have to enjoy our life as same as this Panda or more..( Although it's stucking in the zoo)


Photos from Flapping Duck Guesthouse's post 27/01/2021

Thank you so so much for donation and supporting us.And you are the first guest in 2021 and only one guest in Duck now .We will not let you alone in here .Have fun in Duck river now :-) ,Alison Harrow

(Check it out the link below,We are looking forward to seeing you again,My friends)
Eskimo 26/1/2021 ( 8 pm.)



Merry Christmas from Khosan Road 25/12/2020:-)

Merry Christmas,Duckers .I made this Clip for you.Hope it will make you miss Khosan road ,We wish you were here :-)

Photos from Flapping Duck Guesthouse's post 15/12/2020

Hello,Dear Duckers.How are you? Hope you are ok all .Anyway Thank you so much for helping here.I wrote every names who donated Flapping duck,Remind me about you.If we have a chance to see each other again.Please say hi to me .I will treat you Padthai ,Leo,Chang ,Sangsom or 2 joints :-) You can stay my place in countryside ( Nontaburi province) for free
From Flapping duck about 15 mins by taxi ( 150 Baht) ,Local boat + Tuk Tuk about 45 mins ( 75 Baht) or Local bus + motorbike taxi 45 mins( 40 Baht)
There are Kayak and bycicles
Duck river guesthouse ( Next to the river)
Btw .Its 8 months already,Closed the border.I dont know how long But We never give up.I still trying my best for saving here.I have a lot of debts thou.Miss you all .Looking forward to smiling with you:-) .Eskimo

Ps. You can save flapping duck guesthouse here.
Our account is [email protected]

Or this one


Are you ready for Sangsom and Mary ?:-) Miss you ,Dude.

วันนี้ ที่นี่ #เวลาเดิม กับเพลงเพราะๆ จากน้องเต้น และน้องมุก

มาฟังเพลง จิบเครื่องดื่มเย็นๆ กันที่ #ร้านเป็ด 🐥🎤🍺

คิดถึงๆ รีบมาน้าาา ❤️ ใครมาไม่ถูก ทักมาเดะไปรับ อิอิ

Flapping Duck Bar #บาร์ลับถนนพระอาทิตย์


Hello, Friends.Thank you for helping and supporting Flapping duck guesthouse .We are still keep running,No guests enough for paying a rent thou.But we want you to know ,You are helping another people as well.Young people rent our place for making "Flapping duck bar"now.They are not rich but They got big dreams.Work hard ,Play hard.Same as us .Miss you all.Hope to see you soon.Eskimo
Ps.Bangkok ,23 degrees now.:-)

youtube.com 21/09/2020

Paradise Thailand ( พาราไดซ์ ไทยแลนด์ ) - 3rd Class Train [ Official MV ]

Hello,Friends.Thank you so so much for helping Duck.Now We got money from donation about 1,000 Euros.Its not enough for paying a rent for sure.But It show me about your big kindness and big love to here,I have no words to say.Many friends,many guests try to help,We got the same problem thou.it make me Considerate a lot.Dont worry I will try my best for keeping here.And Dont make your money useless.
Now we make another way for getting some money.But we still need your help .
we make Flapping duck chanel on youtube .So we need you push to like, subscribe share and hit the notification bell it.

And if we have member a lot( fingers crossed),and some friends or you want to put a clip in Flapping duck chanel,We will so happy if you can get some money from youtube .

First clip-Its a named " Paradise Thailand "song from " 3rd Class train band "(You knew them already:-) .Its on low budget but high attention..Dont forget to like ,Subscribe,share and hit the notification bell this one .If you dont want to do it ,its ok.:-)

Lastly,Thank you so much for helping,Hope to see you all again soon.Miss you .Eskimo

Ps.You can still donate us by https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/country-worldwide
Account [email protected]

youtube.com ฝากติดตามรถไฟขบวนนี้ ด้วยนะครับ จะมีเพลงออกมาเรื่อยๆ ขอบคุณมากครับ Please subscribe our YouTube channel & Thanks for supporting us !! *************** Music C...


Hello,Friends.Thank you so so much for helping.I dont know how long Covid -19 is gone.But i know we never give up.Keep smiling .:-) Eskimo


Thank you so so much for saving us.And Im so sorry if i wrote your name wrong .Never give up :-)


Thank you so so much for saving us.I will start to write a name who donated us untill the last one.Take care .Eskimo


Happy birthday"Hilo"We never let you alone here,you are not in your country thou:-)


Undate 20/6/20 !! NO curfew in Thailand now:-)Flapping duck still running. Hope every friends still feel high everday,Virus can't make us down.🤩🤩🤩



Thailand extends lockdown untill the end of May!!! No alcohol 😂😂😂😂

But Good news!!! Extended stay for foreigners until the end of July 🤩🤩🤩https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1907900/extended-stay-for-foreigners-until-end-july-formally-endorsed


It was a great time with you in my memory.I dont p*e with you anymore ( Bye Bye Police station on Khosan road) And you?😅😅😅


Hello,friends. Flapping duck guesthouse and Restaurant still running and getting high everyday If someone are still stucking in Thailand now ,feeling lonely .We are here... So Dont worry be happy:-)
Ps.We proudly present to you our new boy band in Thailand "The Flapping dick" :-)

youtube.com 26/03/2020

Cuckoo chick coup. ep1

No parasite No virus Only Ducks in here!!!!!

youtube.com Cuckoo! Coup within nest. Cuckoo chick born several hours earlier in the host's nest. Cuckoo eats food from its host bird and accumulates power. About 12 hou...


I'm not a Duck "Bar and Vegetarian restaurant"

Nothing gonna stop our smiles.F**k off Virus!!!:-)

Don’t forget good mood everybody 😊✌️😂


Bangkok locals use bras and knickers to cover their face from smog

Take care yourself from Covid 19 Virus ,Duckers
Everything's gonna be alright:-)

The toxic cloud, a mixture of fine particles that is eight times higher than safe levels, is expected to continue for at least another month amidst humid, stagnant weather in the city.


Happy birthday ,Ahmed:-)


Never too late.We are waiting for you here:-)


Hey,Artists ,musicians We are waiting for you :-)

Musical Volunteers: Play or sing with us!

If you have musical skill and would like a place to practice or share your music, we may have a place for you! We have a guitar onsite but also welcome a variety of instruments in our place. We are looking for individual performers or small groups who would be keen to play old music,pop,rap,reggae,jazz,techno,Madonna, Justin Bieber Etc..for our guests.

Opportunities are available now.

If you are interested in sharing your love of song and would enjoy socializing with our guests then we want to hear from you.
Time Required: 2 hours (8pm-9pm and 10pm-11pm)
Free room ,drinks and Mary jane for sure:-)
Contact us on this Facebook.


Have fun tonight!!!!Happy Halloween everyone:-)

bangkok.com 24/10/2019

Loy Krathong in Bangkok - The Thai Festival of Lights and Lanterns

Dear, Duckers:-) November fair.Check it out!!!!
1.Loy krathong festival coming -11thNov2019
2.River festival( 9th-11thNov 2019)https://www.thailandee.com/en/events-thailand/bangkok-river-festival-180
3.The eldest temple fair in Thailand (4th-10thNov)https://www.mythailandphotos.com/golden-mount-temple-fair-parade/?share=facebook&nb=1
4 Red cross fair in the park (15th-24thNov) at Lumpini park Bkk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuiuzcPEdm4&feature=share

bangkok.com The evening of Loy Krathong is one of the most picturesque festivals in Bangkok. It’s when people gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the goddess of water by releasing beautiful lotus-shaped rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water.Every year, Loy

richardbarrow.com 08/10/2019

Everything we know about the Royal Barge Procession in Bangkok on 24th October 2019

93 years ago Last time.Now it's in front of Duck!!!12/12 /19 (rehearsal 10 times -Check it out!!)

richardbarrow.com The Royal Barge Procession, the final event of the Coronation of King Rama X, will be held on Thursday 24th October 2019. The procession will begin at the Wasukri pier at 4:00 p.m., when His Majest…

tielandtothailand.com 28/09/2019

Bangkok Vegetarian Festival - Tieland to Thailand

Vegan duckers,Vegetarian festival is back ( 28thSep-7thOct 2019) 10 days everywhere in Thailand.Let's go Chinatown!!!!

tielandtothailand.com Every October, the Bangkok Vegetarian Festival brings tasty meat-free snacks and colorful parades to the heart of Chinatown.


This is our friend Bungalow on beautiful island !!!Cheap and Cool .Check it out.You will love it.:-)

🌴Sabaibungalows at kohyaonoi🌈. beautiful views private good for relaxing ❤️
⛵With boat trips , dive 🌊 Restaurant 🍽️ Thai food Seafood 🦐🐚🦀🐠🦑From the fresh sea , 🍝 Europe🍔 food , ☕cooffee ,🍹fruit Smoothie drink , 🍻🥂🍷bar , tattoo shop, Free wifi 🏡Cheap room Daily room- Monthly room deaceful area for relaxation,🎉 Party reception Able to accommodate many guests 30-50 people🎇And learning resources in Ko Yao Noi area , Local products
*Motorbike rental service for driving around the island and swimming along the beautiful beach.
*Taxi for delivery

🙏🏿Please try to feel the atmosphere of our area.🙏🏿




Hey, Dude If you need very good Tatoo or make your old tatoo look good again ,not too expensive and clean .This is Our Tatoo artist :Kitti .Check it out!!!:-)

วิดีโอทั้งหมด (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)





58/1 Samsen, Thanon Samsen, Wat Chaopraya, Pranakorn


Yon can book a room on this Facebook .Find us just across the little foot bridge between the food stalls in Santichaiprakarn Park, on the corner of Phra Athit Road and Phra Sumen Road. Nearest pier for river taxi: Phra Athit Pier.


จันทร์ 09:00 - 23:30
อังคาร 09:00 - 23:30
พุธ 09:00 - 23:30
พฤหัสบดี 09:00 - 23:30
ศุกร์ 09:00 - 23:30
เสาร์ 09:00 - 23:30
อาทิตย์ 09:00 - 23:30
หอพักยาวชน อื่นๆใน Bangkok (แสดงผลทั้งหมด)
Mascot Hostel Bangkok - Pratunam Mascot Hostel Bangkok - Pratunam
11/124 Ratchaprarop Soi 8, Ratchathewi
Bangkok, 10400

New & Clean | 24 Hours Check-in | Therapeutic Beds & Pillows | Budget Rate | Free WIFI Zone | Free Tea & Coffee

Thai Cat Hostel BB Bangkok Thai Cat Hostel BB Bangkok
40717 Ratchaprarop Road
Bangkok, 10400

Welcome traveler to Thai Cat Hostel.We will take care you like a friend and our family.

Riski residence bangkok-noi Riski residence bangkok-noi
Bang Khun Non 13
Bangkok, 10700

ที่พักรายเดือน รายวัน Budget hotel in Bangkok

Smile Society Hostel Smile Society Hostel
130/3-4, Silom Soi 6, Silom Road
Bangkok, 10500

A small green youth hostel in a convenient location. We welcome all people around the world with a clean & comfy bed, friendly atmosphere & safety stay.

Counting stars hostel bangkok Counting stars hostel bangkok
196 Phra Sumen Road, Bawon Niwet, Bangkok, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Bangkok, 10200

Counting Stars hostel is the best place to stay in Bangkok. We treat you as our friends rather than customers. Stay with us and you will be delighted.

T7 Roof Top Bar  & Food Hostel T7 Roof Top Bar & Food Hostel
143/5 Thonglo Soi 7 Sukhumvit55 Klomgtonnua Watttana
Bangkok, 10110

Udee Bangkok Udee Bangkok
49, Soi Pradiphat 19, Pradiphat Rd, Samsennai, Phayathai
Bangkok, 10400

Udee Bangkok is a little home with a small greeny area purposely opened to welcome travelers who prefer the simplicity of homelike, cozy living in a serene atmosphere. Here, our guests will be truly exposed to Bangkokians’ ways of life.

Kanvela House Kanvela House
716 Krungkasem Road, Wat Sommanat, PomPrap SattruPhai,
Bangkok, 10110

Kanvela House is your local happiness place CAFE (Buddha & Pals) 9AM - 8PM (EVRYDY) BAR (BOXING COOL) 7PM - 1AM (CLOSED MON) LIVE JAZZ 8PM - 11.30PM (THU - SAT) PHONE for more info. +66 (0) 61 585 9283

BaanSu Hostel at Ratchathewi Station BaanSu Hostel at Ratchathewi Station
661 Soi Phayanak, Bantadthong Rd. Ratchathewi, Phaya Thai
Bangkok, 10400

Explore Bangkok like a local. Make yourself at home while staying at BaanSu ที่พักสบาย ราคาประหยัด ทำเลดี ต้อนรับอบอุ่นเหมือนครอบครัว

I Sleep Silom Hostel I Sleep Silom Hostel
5/7 Decho Road (SILOM)
Bangkok, 10500

I-Sleep Silom Hostel @ Home style hostel at the heart of Bangkok metropolitan.Closed to BTS ChongNonsi ,Patpong : Line id isleepsilom

Kim hostel at Morleang / คิ้ม โฮสเทล หมอเหล็ Kim hostel at Morleang / คิ้ม โฮสเทล หมอเหล็
58/5 Soi Ratchataphan, Makkasan, Ratchathewi
Bangkok, 10400

Convenient hostel in the center of Bangkok with 33 guest rooms.

Vivit Hostel Bangkok Vivit Hostel Bangkok
510 Tanao Rd., San Chao Pho Sua, Phra Nakhon
Bangkok, 10200

" Vivit Hostel Bangkok " is the top-quality boutique hostel that offering a unique colonial décor with a truly authentic Thai atmosphere