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If two of our vice President have been tested positive for COVID19 what about us the poor citizens who does not take the protective measures seriously, we need to speak up and sensitise our community
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This is the Radio of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio. THE VOICE OF TRUTH AND PEACE. A member of Catholic Radio Network (CRN) in South Sudan.

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The management of Anisa radio station is announcing to its esteemed listener/audience about the ongoing maintenance and installation of new studio's equipment.

The maintenance and installation process started on Tuesday and is expected to complete next week Monday 28th March 2022

The new equipment will improve broadcasting/ clear listening.

Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience caused during this period.



Babu Emmanuel Lokiri, the man who killed three siblings in Rock City area of Juba on 1 August 2020, has been hanged to death this afternoon.

|Photo credit | Michael Daniel/ Eye Radio|

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*CDTY launched first Modern Eye clinic in Nzara County*

*By Baraka John.*

The Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio on Saturday launched first ever modern eye clinic in Nzara County of Western Equatoria State to provide comprehensive eye care and avoid blindness among communities.

The eye clinic was constructed by the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio with financial support of the Government of Germany.

Addressing the government dignitaries and Nzara County Community at the opening of the eye clinic the Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Tambura Yambio His lordship Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, said the Church work about the salvation of souls of people and spiritual part of it.

“We are also involved in social work because human being is complete, so we find ourselves that cannot only preach the word of God but also we extend some services.

Among the services we do as a Church is what we have come to open today the eye clinic”.
Barani Hiiboro Kussala said the Diocese has four major health facilities in the State, mainly in Nzara, Maridi, Tambura and Source Yubu, Primary Health Care in Nagero among others. He said the Diocese is more committed to health program in the State.

Meanwhile South Sudan vice president for service cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol said the Country has insufficient eye clinic that is forcing many South Sudanese to travel out the Country seeking for the eye services as the few are overwhelmed by number of seeking care on daily basis.

Abdelbagi applauded the Catholic diocese of Tambura Yambio for the great initiative towards the health of the people of South Sudan and promised his office support to work closely with new eye clinic to ensure eye care is delivered to the public.

“My office is ready to support this center to offer quality eye services to our population in South Sudan; this center will not only benefit people of Western Equatoria alone but the entire Country”. Akol said

He said instead for South Sudanese to trav

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Tombura, war affected children receive Reintegration kits in the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio.
With the bad face of deadly violence that engulfed part of Western Equatoria State, mainly Greater Tombura County children had aggressively experienced seriously tough memories including killing and other sorts of bad life moments. Some of those children had moved with some family members and others moved unaccompanied from Tombura to Yambio and seek safety.
The Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio with her mother concern and God’s love have taken lead together with other partners to welcome and support all the internal displaced persons and children at the centre who have arrived in Yambio. On this day November 11, 2021 the departments of Children Ministry and Women and family under the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio distributed Reintegration kits to 50 vulnerable war affected children in Curia the Diocesan Secretariat in Yambio.
Victoria Yee, who is in charge of children ministry in the diocese, while speaking to Rurugene News Letter in Yambio at “De Holy Village Ataari’’ in Curia said, as her office registered and verified 204 vulnerable children among the Internal Displaced children, Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) partnered again with the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio and handover 50 reintegration kits to the Diocesan children ministry to be distributed to the affected children. Madam Victoria YEE expressed dismay on how terribly she has heard from some children who witnessed killing of their parents and how ran in the bushes and lost most of their property among all their education academic year and now some are not attending classes due to many reasons because their lives have not settled as an IDP. She promised that her department will continue to offer what the diocese can for the holistic development of the all children under her office without discrimination.
Ginson Kamilio Bakuyo, a social worker under the Diocesan Women and family departmen

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RDAA crests awareness to about 50 selected community members on reconciliation and social cohesion
An indigenous CSO, Rural Development Action Aid has created awareness on the importance of reconciliation and social cohesion to nearly fifty community members in Yambio County with the sole objective to foster peace and reconciliation among communities as South Sudan recovers from cycle of armed conflict.
The awareness is part of a one-year project funded by UNDP titled inclusive dialogue for reconciliation and social cohesion, driven from the chapter five the 2018 revitalized peace agreement that emphasizes on the formation of the commission for Truth, reconciliation and Healing which is yet to be established by the RTGoNU.
Mr. Zingorani Albert Joseph the acting director for RDD says the awareness gathering aims at imparting the knowledge of reconciliation and social cohesion among the diverse communities in State.
He said the program targets three Maridi, Yambio and Nzara Counties respectively.
However, some of the participants uploaded the initiative, saying reconciliation and social cohesion are the cornerstone for the realization of peace harmony among communities.
Forty-five selected community members drawn from different residential areas in Yambio, included Youth, women, government officials, business representative attended the one-day awareness.

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National Security arrests largest criminal network with 93 million fake dollars

South Sudan national security service arrested 14 criminals with over 93 million fake dollars and 400,000 South Sudanese Pounds in Juba.

National Security Spokesperson, David John Kumuri told the press on Thursday that the criminals were apprehended on Wednesday including those robbing peoples cars at night.

He says the criminals have planned to inject the money to all the 10 states across South Sudan.

The spokesperson said about 10 South Sudanese who have been involved in the deal of fake dollars and some dealers from East Africans country.

He said the government of South Sudan is committed to deal with such criminals and ensure that no one does such activities in the country.

The spokesperson made this statement at the national security office on Thursday in Juba .


Vicar urges believers to support Catechists as Catholic Church celebrates St. Charles Borneo
The Vicar General at the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio is calling on all Catholic Church believers to stand with Catechists and support them both in kind and spiritually. The Vicars call came as Catholic Church around the world marks St. Charles Borneo
St. Charles Borneo is the patron of Catechists in the World. He opened up Seminary colleges and formulated guiding principles for fathers in Catholic denomination.
St Charles Borneo dedicated his entire life to work tirelessly in his life time serving Gods people.
Fr. Thomas Bagbiowia the Vicar General for the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio is appealing to Catholic believers to join hands and support Catechists serving in Gods temple, saying Catechists do not earn salary yet they commit themselves to serve Gods children.
Fr. Bagbiowia said Catechists pay bigger role in the life of Christians, therefore, they deserve honor in this big day marking St. Charles Borneo.
He was speaking via WhatsApp on Thursday in Nairobi.


Prioritize sacrifice in work to achieve success, coordinator advises staff

Prioritize sacrifices while working in order to achieve success, Simon Mikanipare, Tombura-Yambio Catholic Diocese coordinator urged staff.

He appealed that accurate communication and information should well be given in advance to facilitate the diocesan work to move smoothly, Anisa Radio reported.

The coordinator revealed to Anisa Radio that the diocese of Tombura-Yambio has offered scholarship to ten seminarians to study in Rome.

He added that the diocese of Tombura Yambio has also received various religious visitors from different countries who are concerned about the diocese.

The coordinator was speaking to Anisa Radio in Juba over the weekend.

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Hundreds of students, pupils have assembled themselves to Yambio freedom Square on Monday morning to celebrate catholic schools education day in CDTY, The learners started marching from Yambio freedom Square to St.Mary Catholic parish Yambio mother of God ,more details will follow....

Photos from ANISA FM RADIO 92.0 Mhz's post 08/10/2021

Catholic Catechistical training ends with certificates in Nzara.

Tambura-Yambio Catholic Diocesan catechists’ training in Nzara ended successfully with awarding the certificates to the catechists of 19 parishes.

The training on leadership, catechism and how to pray completed the three weeks, Anisa Radio reported.

PALICA Pastoral Coordinator, Fr. Medeni John, appreciated all catechists for their commitment since day one in the last three weeks and they are going back with their various skills to make great changes in their parishes.

He expressed happiness to all people in the diocese who made the training great especially Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala for all his encouraging words.

Episcopal Vicar for the Eastern Deanery congratulated the catechists who have completed the training well.

Catechists’ representative, Gordon Zanga, said they have changed through this training.

He called for more such courses especial to the new and young catechists who are joining the preaching ministries in the Catholic Diocese of Tambura-Yambio.


*Civil Society calls for fastest facilitation of medical recovery of all survivors*

The Civil Society Forum in Maridi calls on national and state and county authorities, UN and nongovernmental agencies to facilitate the fastest medical recovery of all Bilharzia survivors of Ibba Girls Boarding Primary and Secondary School.

It in a statement CRN got on Wednesday said the stakeholders should provide humanitarian support to the caretakers and improve hygiene and sanitation.

The Forum recommended that treated mosquito nets, water and sanitation supplies, food and beds are urgently needed for survivors to prevent diseases and manage community anxiety.

It called for transparent fact findings on the de-worming campaigns coordination and a robust, sustained community sensitization and re-education on the safety and benefits of the campaign to rebuild trust in ongoing and future similar campaigns.

The Forum expressed its concern to stand in solidarity with the survivors of recent Bilharzia campaign in Ibba County, Western Equatoria State.

Over one hundred school going children, mostly from Ibba Girls Boarding Primary and Secondary School developed adverse side effects and were taken to Maridi Hospital for better medical management and were referred to Juba Teaching Hospital


Education Minister urges primary and senior leavers to focus on studies

By Waure Eddy

Concentrate totally on studies as mock exams are drawing nearly, Grace Apollo Musa Western Equatoria State minister of General Education and Instruction encouraged P8 and senior four students.

She told Anisa Radio that the timetable for candidate will be out as soon as the national ministry of education finishes marking senior four exams.

Grace disclosed that she visited all schools in the state to check whether teachers are teaching well students.

She appealed to all students especially P8 and senior 4 to pay a close ear to the teachers.

The minister stressed that students should rest for an hour while being at home and resumes their serious reading.

She also urged parents to spare enough time for students especially girls to read and pass well in the upcoming exams.

Grace encouraged the students to have dreams and work hard for it through becoming an intimate friend to the books.

She strongly requested teachers to bear with the situation and teach and that the candidates should attend lessons on Saturday.

The minister appealed to all schools in Nzara, Yambio and Ezo to admit IDPs students from Tombura.

Grace Apollo said that the ministry of education does not admit students to run business at night beyond 7PM, warning candidates not to be seen outside beyond that time.

She said parents and students must know that they should bear with any condition and prioritize the education for their better future and stay at home reading in order to pass the exams well.

Photos from ANISA FM RADIO 92.0 Mhz's post 05/10/2021

*Ibba Girls Boarding founder condemns wrong use of Bilharzia tablets by WHO.*
The founder of Ibba Girls’ Boarding School of Western Equatoria State condemned World Health Organization or WHO after hearing that hundreds of pupils across Ibba County were in critical condition due to wrong use of bilhazia tablets.

Nagomoro Bridget said she lost trust in WHO because of the error it has made and not bringing professional doctors to check the medicine before giving to pupils.

She urges the government to take legal procedures against WHO to explain more on that otherwise.

Nagomoro also blamed the state government for allowing WHO to go to the ground with such a campaign without supervisors or inspectors.

The founder threatened to sue WHO to court because it may not know the effect on the children later.

WHO Technical officer, Dr. Mutale Nsakashala, said they trained national and state supervisors to go and train coordinators to impart the same skills in Payam supervisors.

During the campaign children are supposed to eat first and take 30 minutes before taking the medicine, she explained.

Meanwhile the Undersecretary of Ministry of Health, Victoria Anit Majur with team, left Juba for Ibba to investigate the matter.

The officials spoke on Monday in their different offices in Juba.


As we celebrates World 🌎Teachers days ,we joins hand to congulate our brother James Poulino our radio presenter at Anisa FM Radio who have graduated 🎓today at solidarity teachers Trainings college in Yambio of CDTY ,On your graduation, we honor your hard work and dedication and your journey to success. ...


As we celebrates World 🌎Teachers day,we joins hands to our brother James Poulino our radio presenter at Anisa FM Radio who have graduated 🎓today at solidarity teachers Trainings college in Yambio of CDTY ,On your graduation, we honor your hard work and dedication and your journey to success. ...


36 people killed and 86 wounded in Tonj fresh fight, commissioner confirms

Inter-communal conflict that erupted on Sunday in Tonj East has reportedly killed 36 people wounding 86more others with five more individuals missing, John Deng Kook Chan Tonj east county Commissioner confirmed.

He told Don Bosco Radio that the root cause of fighting was stealing of eight cows by unidentified armed youth and after follow of thieves.

Deng Kook narrated that the clashes were between Luanjang community and the three sections including Thiik, Adoor and Akook fighting the whole day.

He says the situation is relatively calm after the displacement of a number of villages.

The commissioner said the incident is being reported to the state government to deploy armed forces to the area soon.

He cited floods that has block the roads linking Luanjang to state headquarters as a major problem.

Deng explained that they are accessing the airstrip to drop governments forces to calm the situation completely in Tonj east.

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