Nyimuora Academy Primary school

Nyimuora Academy Primary school


I John Liet Matong the Secretary of Academic Affairs wishes the best to all pupils in their exams in Nyimuora Academy primary school. 2021.
Nyimuora Academy Primary School gives the quantity and quality education to the pupils. We have strong and qualify teachers who deliver the best services to the pupils. We are proud of Nyimuora. May God bless stalkholders, teachers and pupils.
Pupils of Nyimuora Academy primary school during Examination day.
Nyimuora Academy primary can give a rightfull service to people of south Sudan in terms of educational need.
So if you are indeed of good and the best place for leaning just sent you children to Nyimuora Academy primary school.
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Nyimuora Academy Primary school provides nursery and primary education services in Hai Bilpam behind


Performance of Nyimuora Academy Primary School

Since its founding in 2020, the first candidates sat for primary leaving certificate in 2021. The school emerged 113th out of 115 primary schools in the state then. All the candidates passed. The second group of candidates sat for primary leaving certificate in 2022 and all of them did not only pass but the school moved to number 26 out of 127 schools in the state. What a big leap in just two years! The education ministry amazingly informed the school that the school is doing well but if the enrollment is above 50 pupils, there will be better results than this.

Right now, there are almost 100 pupils registered in the school to sit for primary leaving certificate. What do you expect?



Nyimuora strives to excel everyday with Only God providing the necessary support. As seen yesterday in the previous post, the school announces the results received from the state ministry of education today as seen in the attached file. All the candidates have passed 100% just like they did last year, thank God!

More on this is still coming in tomorrow.

Stay tuned..............



Nyimuora Academy Primary School was founded in 2020 in Bilpam A, Wau town. Although the school closed just two months after ringing the first-ever school bell to signal its birth, the school managed to facilitate the first badge of its primary eight candidates. This group of people passed! It was a good start. Nobody failed. COVID-19 didn't fail Nyimuora.

The second badge of primary eight candidates in 2021 sat again and results were released recently. Do you want to know how the school is performing? Buy your MBs and keep your eye on the page for the official results tomorrow from the school.

As usual, we remain A Global Center of Excellence and Integrity (Vision) as our Motto says (Only God).

See you tomorrow.

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Nyimuora Academy Primary School, a never miss institution in Wau!

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 25/05/2022

We received a delegation from ministry of education and instruction headed by director of private schools in Western Bahr El Ghazal state.

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 09/03/2022

Nyimuora Academy Nursery and Primary school announces the registration of learners for the academic year 2022/2023 on 14th March 2022.

We offer the following to our clients this year:
1. Scholarships based on academy excellence and good discipline
2. Exemption of one child out of five children from the same family from paying tuition fees
3. Affordable school fees paid on flexible installment arrangements

Vacancies are limited. hurry before they are filled!


Graduation 🎓 of the first batch of the nursery class 2021!

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 24/01/2022

The last phase of construction at Nyimuora Academy Primary School started today with delivery of bricks. We thank God for this far we have reached. We pray for greater achievement 🙏. Our motto remains: ONLY GOD!

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 30/12/2021

Members of the Nyimuora Academy Primary school PTA after the meeting in the school meant for reviewing the school activities for 2021 and chart a way forward in 2022. We thank God for this far we have come and pray that He will continue to guide us in 2022 and beyond as our motto says, "ONLY GOD".


Nyimuora Academy Primary School successfully closed the school today after examinations and sent pupils on holiday during Christmas festive season. I must say, congratulations to both learners and teachers for this achievement.

Many thanks to the parents who labored to pay school fees. You have accomplished a big responsibility for your children.

It is now time to celebrate the festive season, end of the year, and resilience against the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is my prayer that all the parents, learners, teachers, and friends of Nyimuora Academy celebrate this Christmas and the end of the year in good health and peace. May the good Lord protect you as our motto remains ONLY GOD!

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We trust God
We love God
We believe God
God is the only way to success, if you believe in him, he will give you fruitful life and success.
Our motto is ONLY GOD
You can reach the Adim of Nyimuora Academy Primary School for more information on the below line.

Nyimuora Academy Primary School 24/08/2021

Nyimuora Academy Primary School

You may access more information from the school website here: https://nyimuora-academy-primary-school.business.site/

Nyimuora Academy Primary School Educational Institution in Wau

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 20/08/2021

Nyimuora Academy Primary School is ready to fulfill the needs of public opinion in wau, State of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal. We believe in Education as the one to change south sudan one day in future.we want to inform the public that," we are ready to give the best we can in term of educating the children of this country South Sudan and Africa at Large.we are happy with The ministry of General Education and instruction and United Nation international children Emergency Fund(UNICEF) for giving us the opportunity to expressed our ability to the public.

Nyimuora Academy Primary school.

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 20/08/2021

We received the delegation sent from GESS head office to Nyimuora Academy Primary School to come and discuss the issues facing the school.
Thanks to GESS office for sending the committee headed by Mr Bill, and Jimmy the GESS school supervisor wau office

Nyimuora Academy Primary school updated their website address. 11/08/2021

Nyimuora Academy Primary school updated their website address.

Nyimuora Academy Primary school updated their website address.

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Rome was not built in one day! In Nyimuora Academy Primary school, we improve everyday and we thank God for our success. Our compound is now more secure with the successful installation of our beautiful gate, thanks to Don Bosco VTC welding department for quality work. We give thanks to God as our motto says "ONLY GOD"!

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Nyimuora Academy primary school will resume on Monday.
we encourage the community to turn up for the last time of the Academic year 2021_2022.

Photos from Nyimuora Academy Primary school's post 30/07/2021

We have just ended with first term Examination today, we hope for the best future.


Despite covid-19 which struck the world and South Sudan leading to the closure of schools two months after opening our new school, Nyimuora Academy Primary school continues to ensure resilience as we strive to excel. In the recent results of the primary school leaving examination, all our candidates passed the examinations. Today, I share with you interaction between Silvia Aluel Bill and her nursery school children, a struggle we are determined to pursue as we rejoice in the lord when we're successful or ask the lord for help when we get challenges as our motto says, " ONLY GOD".


School main gate in the process. The surprise for next term!


Congratulations to my students of Nyimuora Academy Primary school. They have all passed the primary school certificate examination 💯. Keep going Nyimuora Academy Primary school , the global center of excellence and integrity. We praise God as our my motto says "ONLY GOD".

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