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Our Alumnus, James Rabih , was among those who graduated from University of juba yesterday. He is a graduate of the department of communication and public relations diploma award. Congratulations Rabih! LSS wishes you all the best .

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Congratulations to our first graduates of Loyola, ICT!


Loyola ICT Center Cordially Invites you all to participate in its first graduation Ceremony. The program will commence at 9:00 Am, today at the Loyola Multipurpose Hall.

Come all!

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Meet our sister school in Gulu, Uganda!


At LSS, we take the safety of all our students, staff, and collaborators very seriously. Please we do ask all to abide by our Child Safeguarding Policy.



Happy All Saints Day Y'all!

May your day be filled with love and happiness on this All Saints’ Day and lead you into the blessed future.

Happy All Saints' Day!

Photos from Visit Wau's post 22/09/2022

Photos from Visit Wau's post



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The joy of our outgoing students as they secured the first place in the state in the National Exam Results. We are thankful for the dedication of teachers, mentors, parents, and our hardworking students. You have done your best and LSS family wishes you all the best in your next academic endeavors!


Fr. Oscar Momanyi S.J. πŸ€—


Smiles from LSS ! Make your day bright with a smile 😁


Meet Yohana Victor. Yohana was our student from 2008-2013.
Below πŸ‘‡ is his reflection on his experience at LSS and his message to the current students at LSS.

"Some of the things I learned during my time at LSS

1) Organization: ability to prioritize school work and related activities. Ability to meet tight schedules.

2) Teamwork:
Ability to operate effectively in a pair or in a larger group in order to complete school tasks and related activities.

Those are valuable aspects of the school I like so much and today I'm applying them to my life.

I hold a bachelor degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Catholic University of South Sudan 2014 - 2019 with the grace of Br. Omondi Andrew and the entire school community.

Currently I'm a civil servant in Western Bahr Elghazal State government.

My message to the current students is "The roots of education are very bitter but the fruits of Education are very sweet". Persevere!
God bless you all πŸ™πŸ’―

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We are light to the Nation!


Meet our Alumna of today! Read
her message here below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
" I am Shakrin Ernesto (2011_2016). I am lucky to be a member of the big Loyola family and very grateful for the good things Loyola had taught me. I
am currently pursuing my degree in Juba university, school of computer science, and information technology. And by God's grace I might finish next year. So kindly pray for me, family. 😊
I wish all my fellow sisters and brothers back there all the best and let's always be light to the Nations".


Loyola Archives// Today we feature Mr. Nahum Osman S.J.


Loyola Archives// Today features, from left: Fr. Dominic, Fr. Victor-Luke Odhiambo S.J, And Fr. Buberwa Karongo S.J. The photo was taken on the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola (Loyola Day) July 31st. 2012.


Loyola Archives today// features Albert Onderi (Aka Papa) with his students. This photo was taken on Loyola Day (feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola) in 2011
Credit// Roben Woderif

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We wish our outgoing Senior 4s (2022-2022) all the best in their future academic endeavors! Loyola is proud of you. Be lights to the nation!
Credit// Pilatus Anthony


Keep it coming! Loyola is here for you folks!


Loyola Archives// Who are those?😁


The second phase of the Girls' Education South Sudan (GESS) programme has been running for over three years across South Sudan. GESS is helping to improve the lives of a generation of South Sudanese children by ensuring the provision of equitable and accessible education, and essential support to the education sector in South Sudan, with a particular emphasis on girls and children with disabilities.

Our recently released flyer shares information on our programme activities, and results on the first three years of the programme.

Take a look at the flyer, here:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
Canada’s International Development – Global Affairs Canada
USAID South Sudan
EU in South Sudan


LSS Parliamentary Debate Session! 😎


Meet an Alumnus today!

Meet Luka Juma Tito. Mr. Tito was our student from 2014-2019. Here is what he says about his experience at LSS: "Loyola built me in terms of good learning and skills such reading, writing, and communication skills as well as ethical values. It also taught me respect for my fellow brothers and sisters. I am currently pursuing a degree in Catholic University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences( Wau Compus)".

___Share with us your story and inspire others____


Announcement, announcement, announcement! Loyola Secondary School -Wau is looking for a volunteering Music Teacher (tutor). If you are a music teacher and are willing to volunteer to help our students or you know anyone who might be interested please reach out to us by hitting up our inbox on this page...
Shukran !


Meet our most recent Alumnus, Francis John. He was a student of LSS Loyola from 2017_2021. He jokingly refered to their class as the coronavirus team. Francis John Adriano is now joining university of Bhar El Ghazal. He will be studying Veterinary medicine. His message to all Loyolights is this
"So for up coming Loyolights,Just from the name of school, success will start following you"
----Keep your stories coming ------


Ladies, anyone?πŸ€”

Good morning folks! Loyola is looking for female volunteers to help girls love Math! We will appreciate your contribution to help our female students solve sophisticated numbers....
If you can help, please send us a text via chat or in the comments below or visit LSS during working hours from Monday to Friday.


Are you an alumna or alumnus of LSS? Interested in sharing inspiring stories of your academic journey after LSS? Reach out to our IT team. Hit the inbox of LSS-WAU page. Share your story, inspire others! Please enclose a photo of yourself below your write-up. Be brief and concise! A paragraph or two will do it!


One of our former students, Maila Zacharia has graduated today from Cavendish University in Kampala, Uganda! Congratulations, Maila! We are proud of you!! Keep the light shining 🌟


Our future Scientists thinking hard! It's lab πŸ§ͺ🧫 time


Dear friends,
It is with grief that Loyola Family came to learn of the sudden demise of our former student, Miss. Sarah Achot and her daughter. Achot studied at Loyola in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Many described her as a jovial and bold personality. According to some sources, Achot and her daughter were killed by a palm tree that fell on them in their compound. Supposedly, the tree fell from the neighbors' house and leading to their ultimate demise. Let's keep Achot and her lovely daughter in our prayers. May their souls rest in eternal peace! Amen.


Good morning Loyolights!


FYI: Dear all,
Greetings from Loyola. We would like to inform the public that this page is strictly for official communications: i.e inquiries, questions related to admissions, meetings, students affairs, teachers recruitment, and other such official communications. We do not respond to any messages after the working hours indicated below πŸ‘‡. We also do not communicate just for fun. Therefore, we do not entertain people who simply slide in our chat box just to chat for fun. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Loyola Secondary School -IT and Public Relations Team πŸ™


Good morning folks!

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Our Science Lab is ready and in use! Thanks to all our friends, donors, and supporters who made it a reality. Our students are excited and thrilled by this new experience ☺️


Masonry exams. And the girls aren't taking it lightly! 😎


Our Masonry Students during practical exam today! The future looks bright!

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I am Emmanuel Augustino, S.2B. I come every Saturday to work with my teacher Mr. Godfrey Ocaya to practice erecting different models of constructions. Today I am working on this model and I feel I am improving.


Be hopeful! Good morning from all of us at LSS! Wishing you a great day!

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LSS Parliamentary Debate Session! 😎
It's Loyola! We take un-traditional approach, yet the long tradition of the Ignatian pedagogy ---holistic formation (hol...
And that's not all! Our students do not learn from classrooms only. The Loyola parliamentary sessions (debates) help our...
Our School Anthem !😴




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