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Chamber Quality Award-22.

Congrats Nilotia Freight & Logistics Company Limited for being crowned as the BEST CLEARING COMPANY of the year 2022 at the Chamber Quality Award-22.

More service, more wins.



The SSCAFFA's leadership on the press interviews session in the just concluded conference.

Under the theme: Empowering Our Businesses.

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On 26th November 2022, the University of Juba on its 24th Convocation graduated over 3,000 Students with various credentials. Among them are our prominent members whose commitment and determination resulted in this joyous moment.

On an equal note, the SSCAFFA management congratulates all the graduates.
Congratulations Ayuen Michael Akol Deng David Apiou Garang

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The President of the Republic of Kenya H.E. William Samoei Ruto directed all cargo to revert from Nairobi Terminal to Mombasa for handling and Clearance including Cargo destined for South Sudan

Earlier this month, the Authority at the Port of Mombasa known as Kenya Port Authority ordered the implementation of the President's directives and exempted South Sudan Cargo to remain at the Nairobi Terminal in their circular.

Our representatives and partners in Mombasa demand full implementation of the directives on all cargo.

Clearance at Nairobi terminals increases the cost to nearly a thousand USD.

At SSCAFFA, we request the authorities in South-South and particularly the NRA-Mombasa Monitoring Unit to interlope in the case, and faster their efforts to avoid trade barriers.

Cc: National Revenue Authority
Cc: Kenya Transporters Association Ltd

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Thank you JICA SSCS Project .


Mr.Donald Tindamanyire, the Principal Customs Officer (tariff & valuation) of EAC made a presentation on the EAC CET HS 2022 Amendment.

Other member states of EAC have already adopted the new updated EAC-CET 2022 harmonized coding system. South Sudan is yet to implement.
. JICA SSCS Project.


Good morning South Sudan 🇸🇸

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Congratulations to the SSCAFFA Secretary-General for this great achievement. Hon. Wilson.

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today

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Clarification of the new Customs Rate.

Last week, the Commissioner General's ordered the implementation of the new financial Act. 2021/2022 that has been approved by the President of the Republic last month 9th June 2022.

This financial Act. 2021/2022 contained the questionable Customs valuation of 90SSP per 1 $, an 100% increment from the previous /current. Among others are new changes made in Customs duties, Excise tax, Advance business profit tax, and value-added surcharge tax. With some percentages being reduced and others increasing.

What is the Customs Valuation rate?

Customs valuation is the determination of the economic value of goods declared for importation. These goods are valued in foreign currency depending on the commercial invoice description currency with origin and classification, the customs value provides the basis for the assessment of the customs debt, which is normally calculated as a percentage of the customs value. Each country set/provides its rate in converting the foreign currency to the local currency.

Some countries like Uganda, Kenya, and others use their central bank official rate in Customs as well to determine the values of goods in their local currencies.

In the case of South Sudan, the South Sudan Customs Service rate was 2.95 SSP per 1 $ until 2015 when the then Financial Minister set the SSP to float starting from 180 SSP per 1$. Immediately SSD Customs was forced to adopt 15 SSP per 1$ as the Customs valuation rate.

In the mid of 2016, the Customs valuation rate was increased to 30 SSP per 1 $. doubling the cost of Clearance of goods. Until earlier 2021, South Sudan Customs Service (SSCS) introduced its Tariff 2021/2022, with an increment of Customs valuation rate from 30 to 45 SSP per dollar. Till July 18th, 2022. when new changes were communicated.

Currently, the South Sudan Central Bank official rate stands at 585-609 SSP per dollar compared to the Customs valuAtion rate at 90 SSP (Proposed )

NB: the convertible Customs valuation in SSP (Custom Values) is now the Cost, insurance, and Freight (CIF). This value is being used by the SSNBS, and External Trade Department. Hence an increment is an advantage to other institutions.

This automatically increases the prices of goods in demand, since it increases the import/export clearance of cargoes. Business people can too seize this opportunity to exploit Consumers.

As per directives from the Commissioner for Customs Division -NRA. the implementation of the inception of the new Customs Valuation rate has been paused till 22 August 2022.

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Dear Clients.

On the 18th of July, the NRA implemented the Financial Act 2021/2022.

The Financial Act, 2021/2022 rectified the Customs valuation for conversion of merchandise value from USD to SSP, increasing the exchange rate from 45 to 90 SSP per 1 $.

There are also some specific changes made to Customs duties affecting the tariff heading 20.08 (chapter 20), 23.09 (chapter 23), 27.10 (chapter 27)
29.36, 29.37, 28.41 (chapter 29), 30.01-30.06 (chapter 30), 31.01-31.05 (chapter 31), 39.01-39.08 (chapter 39).

As well, there are various changes in all institutions enacted in the Financial Act 2021/2022.

NB: The Customs Valuation rate has been increased by 100% (45-90 per 1 $ ), hence doubling the previous cost of Clearance.

📷 Nimule Customs Parking Yard.

Cc: Eye Radio
Cc: Cityview Magazine
Cc: Number One Citizen Daily Newspaper
Cc: Radio Miraya

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Today we conducted the meeting with the team from JICA SSCS Project at OSBP-ELEGU.
the meeting focuses on the assessments and evaluating the application of HS-CODE and its rules of Origin challenges & its solutions, General Customs Matters, the scope of Clearing & forwarding, and the future undertaking.

The management of SSCAFFA appreciates the Team for its continued support toward Clearing Agents across South Sudan in terms of capacity building. This journey started way back in 2010; Providing training to over hundreds of Customs Agents.

JICA again happily announced one more training opportunity to the Agents scheduled for mid-March in Gulu City-Uganda.

Lastly, the management tasks all Clearing Agents trained by JICA to share the knowledge with their colleagues who might've missed the opportunity, and positively translate the knowledge into practice.


Monday Money.

Egypt goalkeeper Mohamed Abou had a list of Senegal players and where they mostly place their penalty kicks stuck on his water bottle!😅

In the same way, some of our clients instantly check the list to locate their Clearance firms.


To all Traders importing into South Sudan.

The letter attached here is from the National Bureau of Standards.
..... The administration of the South Sudan National Bureau of Standards is hereby notify all importers, Traders, and Clearance Agents that with effect from 15th January 2022. the administrative fees which authorized to be applied and collected by SSNBS in the public financial act 2019/2021 will be applied accordingly. Say Majak Deng Kuol.

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End of Year Message from the SSCAFFA Chairman Mr. Deng Daniel A.

The vice Chairman, Secretary-General, Cabinets members, and the entire Clearing Agents fraternity plus our distinguished clients, happy new year.

Ladies and Gentlemen
I bring you warm greetings wherever you are and congratulate you upon coming to the end of this year, which has been a very difficult one for business people across South Sudan. Let's thank God for the gift of life. It's not something to take for granted that those of us who are alive today have that opportunity.

Before I continue, I request each one of us reading this to spare at least a moment of silence in recognition of our transporters (Drivers) who were innocently killed by the enemies of peace. On behalf of SSCAFFA, I send deepest condolences and sympathies to their families, relatives, and business associates and pray that those who are sick will recover swiftly and those traveling a very safest journey.

As we come to the end of the year, my message will focus on the following issues;

The initiatives undertaken.
Allow me to take this opportunity to acknowledge your untimely backing and continually supporting the struggle towards economic transformation.

Last year in an election, you overwhelmingly elected this leadership to spearhead the transformation agenda and we're grateful that the progress is remarkable. This is because of your considerable support every day. Without you, we can't do anything positive.

I would like to paragraph some of the words of Martine Lurther King Jr. The best way to start, is to develop a road map or blueprint, to guild you at this crucial turning point in your lives. Not a physical one but a mental one with values and principles to imbibe in your life. What you do now and what you decide now may very well determine the trajectory of the rest of your life.

Ladies and gentlemen, last year on 21st November 2020 during the handover, our SSCAFFA account was reading 721(only Seven hundred twenty-one) SSP in a privately joined account that had never even been withdrawn, hence we established the office from we'll wishers contributions, God bless you. Today, our accounts read more than 5,000,000 (five million) SSP.

In a year, we are gratefully achieved the following through your cooperation and teamwork.

I). Abolition of Elegu-URA stamp; My leadership spearheaded the campaign to successfully remove URA-ELEGU STAMP as the basis for Parking fees collection by Customs.

II). Unification of Customs C/A permit. Previously the administration of Customs charge the license's fee differently. We jointly advocate for equity in the issuance of Clearing Agents permit and this call was answered positively and as of today, the reasonable amount is applied to all applicants regardless of the background.

III). Reduction of C/A Customs operation license; previously Customs charges ranging from 350,000-550,000 SSP as Clearing Agent permit fee. My leadership voiced the interest to have it being reduced to an affordable amount as we too experiencing the Covid 19 impact on economics. 2021 Customs license renewal was reduced to 250,000 SSP.

IV). Implementation of the Clearing Agent's commission. In the year 2019, the Director-General for Customs Service (Commissioner for Customs Service, NRA) approved a fee of 100 USD for every declaration as an agent commission but its implementation was zero. This year in March, we managed to collect nearly 9,000,000 SSP on behalf of the companies working with the middlemen. This amount was then repaid to the clearing companies that own them.

V). Stoppage of the Unnecessary Collections within Customs Sections. All sections in Customs used to randomly ask for money from the declarants. This has stopped at some points although some still practicing it. Soon the leadership will function over those illegally making collections.

VI). We responded to the Long Distance Drivers Union staged strikes on two different occasions in April, and September respectively. As promised earlier that this forum (SSCAFFA) will always respond to issues hindering the daily imports & exports of goods and services at the border. We engaged and participated in negotiations in bringing solutions to compliance.

VII). In April, we tasked the government to unify revenue payment systems putting an end to parallel payments of collecting institutions. Years back, many Clearing Agents have withdrawn billions of SSP to pay for SSNBS & Trade Charges manually transactions. This was risking the lives of many Clearing Agents by handling the cash in such a violent environment. As we laid down our tools calling for unification after several notices to the authorities. I and the other 4 members were taken to the busy area of Loa (illegally detained) for about five days just because we requested banking transactions for revenue payment.

We are glad that in July, our request was implemented and despite the pain many of us encountered. At least, every declarant is paying declarations in cashless unified transactions.

VIII). Introduction of the SSCAFFA membership certification. Each member is being issued with the membership certificate after meeting all obligations.

IX) Training of the Clearing Agents, more than 300 Agents benefited from the training of SAD & CLASSIFICATION of Goods both sponsored by JICA, SSCAFFA, and Trademark East Africa.

X). Payment of the road user by the Clearing Agents. The leadership signed a memorandum of understanding with the Traffic department in Nimule border allowed only Clearing Agents to pay for South Sudan Road User permits, fire brigade permits, state revenue, etc instead of Drivers.

XII). Responding to issues affecting Clearing Agents most especially in the switching of the clients or conflict with Clearing Agents amongst themselves every day without self-center.

XIII). Responded and called for the cancellation of the issuance of the trade certification. Most of us experienced the worst of December when the government introduced the complicated charges that caused traffic in every checkpoint of Uganda and Kenya. Congratulations to the Hon. Minister for Trade & Industry, and the Hon. Commissioner General for NRA in responding to our request for the government to pause the process and task the review of the contract.

Whoever is still collecting money from the traders in Uganda, and Kenya violates the Ministerial order, and the document written by the Hon. Commissioner-General canceling collections immediately until further notice.

However, there are numerous challenges registered in a year and this can't go without pointing them. We've encountered and still encountering the following.
1. Interference of the government officials in owing clearing firms. These officials take advantage of their positions/ranks and forcefully take clients of those with fewer privileges.
2. Unnecessary detentions of our members without Justice and necessary procedures. Some are because of disagreement.
3. Continues practices of Customs Malpractices (Forgeries of Customs documents & smuggling) by few clearing Agents that embarrassing or undermining our professionalism.
4. Selective applications of Customs Tariff rates in Customs Enforcement.
5. Middlemen interference in Customs Procedures who take advantage of unorganized clearing firms.
6. And many more
With all these setbacks, we have not given up on unity, but our view remains that the most important unity will have to come from these risk-takers (Clearing Companies managements).

We hope that in the coming year 2022 and beyond, we shall register and accomplish the more valuable assignments like;
1. Having a countrywide Incorporated SSCAFFA Constitution.
2. Establishment & Construction of headquarters office and station offices.
3. More training to boost the capacity in the field of Customs Clearance, Financial Management, and international trade.
4. Cooperating with relevant institutions to foster professionalism in the field of Clearing and forwarding.
5. Regional and international integration with other recognized Clearing Agents Associations to foster bilaterally.
6. Creation of the Association website.
7. Many more activities related to Clearing and forwarding business.
8. Creation of the investment club and SACCOs.

Importantly, I would like to appreciate the personals for their efforts in transforming the revenue system in modernity, most especially their focus on automation systems and for always addressing the issues affecting traders in their areas of operations. May Almighty lord let you finish all your strategies as programs without obstacles. To mentioned but few,

Hon.Dr. Patrick K Mugoya, Commissioner-General for NRA.

Hon. Africano Mande, Deputy Commissioner-General for NRA.

Hon. Maj:General. Akol Ayii Madut/Ph.D., Commissioner for Customs Service-NRA.

Not forgetting all Customs officers led by their Chief Customs Officers, External trade department officials, SSNBS officials (MIN. of Trade), and Security agencies in their respective geographical areas of operations.

Last but not least. I request and keep encouraging you to keep the partnership strong and stronger in the coming year.

Wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year 2022.

Mr. Denq Daniel
Chairman, South Sudan Clearing Agents & Freight Forwarders Association. (SSCAFFA).

photos: SSCAFFA file.


There are a few rules you will need to follow in order to create a business with a decent level of success. Nothing unaffordable, but you have to follow them.


Once you set out to accomplish something you will inevitably meet obstacles and challenges along the way.

Don’t let them deter you or change your opinion on what you want to and can accomplish. If you have defined your goal clearly, do not give up and say this is good enough. You must remain disciplined enough to accomplish the goal you set out to do.


Dear Clients, Stakeholders, Members, and the general public. Please treat this as an urgent notification and its implementation is effective. The cost of Clearance has been increase by nearly 800% exception of Exempted goods.
...... The rates that should be applied to all Customs duties and taxes must be the prevailing daily Central Bank of South Sudan". said Commissioner Customs Division.

Cc: Eye Radio
Cc: Radio Miraya


Continuation for the E-Service training
In Nimule


Clearing Agents attending training for the E-service


Dear clients and Clearing Agents fraternity. Please note that the National Revenue Authority Customs Division is digitalizing its system starting on 1 December 2021 with the implementation of online issuance of the Certificate of Destination at the port of Mombasa. Therefore all importers and Clearing Agents must fulfill the details given below in the attached document.


Happy birthday Chairman Denq Daniel A., as you strive to accomplish most SSCAFFA's objectives in the office, we wish you good health and good governance.

Happy Birthday, age gracefully.


South Sudan Clearing Agents & Freight Forwarders Association.

China's Vice President delivers a speech at the high-level session on the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO: Mutual Benefit, Shared Future

Celebrating achievements since joining WTO, looking to future

Cao Qian
15:04 UTC+8, 2021-11-06

China International Industry Fair
Celebrating achievements since joining WTO, looking to future

China will continue to expand opening up, safeguard the multilateral trading system, and spare no efforts in promoting openness and cooperation around the world, Vice President Wang Qishan has said.

He was addressing the high-level session on the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO, Mutual Benefit, Shared Future, a key event held on Friday as part of this year's Hongqiao Forum, which is an important section of the ongoing China International Import Expo.

The remarks by President Xi Jinping as he addressed the opening ceremony of the 4th CIIE not only summarized China's achievements over the past 20 years since its accession to the World Trade Organization, but also put forward the country's propositions on the maintenance of true multilateralism and unveiled its next round of plans to further expand high-level opening up, Wang said.

China will continue to create a market environment where domestic and foreign companies are treated equally, and fair competition is promoted, push forward the reform of the World Trade Organization in a constructive manner, support WTO's active role in international economic governance, work hard to deepen regional and bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and negotiate and sign more high-standard free trade agreements, the vice president said.

The country will also try its utmost to help the international community overcome the epidemic and restore the economy as soon as possible, by providing assistance in epidemic prevention materials and vaccines, according to Wang.

Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang also delivered a speech during the session as he shared more details with the audience about the impact of the milestone event on the city's development over the past two decades.

"China's entry into the WTO in 2001 has left a profound impact on Shanghai, which is well known for its open economy, as it has greatly accelerated the gathering of global resources into the city," Li said.

By the end of 2020, the city had registered an accumulated US$280 billion in actual use of foreign capital while the number of regional headquarters of multinational enterprises and foreign-invested R&D centers in Shanghai totaled around 800 and 500, respectively.

Meanwhile, more than 4,000 domestic companies have expanded their footprint overseas with business presence extended to around 190 countries and regions.

A number of distinguished guest speakers, which included WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao, UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan, and senior officials from major international organizations such as the World Bank Group and the New Development Bank, also addressed the session either via video or on site.

South Sudan Clearing Agents & Freight Forwarders Association. Send a message to learn more.


The management of congratulates the staff of G & L Investment Company Limited Mr. Majok Achirin on his graduation.

Mr. Silas graduated with a first-Class Honours Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration(HRM).

We wish you healthy and productive steps ahead.



from our member majok Achirin


Faculty of Economics and Business, Staff, Parents, Friends and CUoSS Class of 2021. Good morning and Good Evening wherever you are.

On 29th October 2021, I and other colleagues graduated from Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) based in Nairobi, Kenya. I think, it is important to educate someone who doesn't know why Students from Catholic University of South Sudan based in Juba are graduated from CUEA based in Kenya instead of graduating from Juba campus. The Catholic University of South Sudan is an affiliated University of Catholic University of Eastern Africa. CUEA have a tradition of graduating all it's graduands from various affiliated universities in the mother University in Kenya. Such special day is marked and celebrated by everyone who have friends and relatives who graduated from such prestigious institution. Yesterday, I was one of those highly celebrated students for the past 48 hours. I received numerous hands of applause on social media, phone calls and text messages for making each of them proud. I really lack enough words to describe my feelings. To say the least, I am honoured for every single word each one of you have uttered to describe me and celebrated my academic achievement.Thank you so much for making my Day colourful and memorable.

My 29th October 2021 graduation was a journey that started from 24th June 2017. It was a journey full of ups and downs. At the time Downs want to overtake Ups, I don't accept to be defeated, I seek help from those who help the needy, both materially and financially. Admittedly, a lot of people have helped me to reached this milestone and I will remiss not to give them, Thank You.

First and foremost, I want to thank my family for providing me with endless support, love and encouragement. I wouldn't be graduating from Catholic University of South Sudan with First Class honour if it weren’t for them. My parents never doubt my abilities. I am proud to say, take this honour and it celebrate. It is home made victory.

Secondly, I would like to extend my thankfulness to Almighty God, for without him, I wouldn't get that superb energy to carry on until this mission is accomplished. I would also like to thank my friends and colleagues for pushing me to be my best and helping expand who I am.

To Mr Apiku Geofry Okumu, I hold you so dearly. Thank you for everything you did to make this an accomplishment reality achieved through teamwork. I dedicated this achievement to all staff of G & L and SBM for standing besides me throughout this academic journey.

To my colleagues, Mr. Simon Thopne Kuol, Mr. James Ajuongdit Adut, Counsel. Clement Majak Mayor, Aroch Thuc Lual, Adut Majok Kon, Agheer Marial, Puorchien Matueny Makeny, Mayor Kot Atoolder, Late. Daniel Moura Arok, Mr Daniel Dictor Makur, Mr Abraham Luke Mading, Mr Christopher Hokciir, Baranaba Gum Achirin, Marco Malual Apugi, Daniel Kaar Mathiang, MaborAdut Nyiriel, Ustaz, Majak Chanuong, Bol Makur, Ichok Makur, Dool Mading Wel, Maker Mabor, Laat Majak, Abraham Makur Mayen, Matthew Majier Anyak, Garang Aleth, Garang Marial, Patrick Magak , Kuol Ariik Mawien Jr Mamer Malek , Malath Makuer Gol , Joseph Baak Paul Cabiet , Mabor Deng Kulang, Marial Dhal and other unmentioned colleagues who have helped me in one way or another, thank you for being my mentors and a sure laugh or shoulder to cry on.

I will remiss not to mention and appreciate Gen. Stephen Abud Thiangkol whose financial and moral support have kept my conscience clear throughout this academic journey. I can't thank you enough. May God bless you.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Peter Kenyi Sabina and Uncle Prof. Fraser Tong Kuotwel, who gave me a home away from home and I will forever be thankful for your help.

But all thanks aside, today is about the Catholic University of South Sudan class of 2021 and the outstanding accomplishments we have achieved both individually and as a whole.

From awards on the field and in the classroom to acceptances into internships and graduate programs, we tirelessly fought to better ourselves each day. Overcoming our economic national distress, COVID 19, and societal expectations we rose to each challenge and persevered.

But today I want to discuss more than achievements awarded and obstacles overcome, I want to highlight the love our class shares. My fellow graduates share a love that acknowledges humanity, focuses on potential and shows a deep interest in others. Our love was exemplified through empathy, guidance, and praise. We loved not solely in words, but through always offering a helping hand and displaying selflessness. Some may say they loved Catholic University for the family atmosphere, small class sizes, our even Br. Dr. Bruno Dada because we all know he is the go-to for anything. Others may pinpoint hardwiring Mr Jimmy Pitya Ladu, and an excitement to remember your name throughout my life. Mr. Jimmy is the true definition of inspiration. Sir, I am proud to go out there, as competence and well trained Human Resources officer who will serve this Nation with dignity and respect.

I have total respect for the CUoSS, 2019 Debate team for championship win of Inter-Universities Debate Competition organized by Advance South Sudan, that experience is one I will never forget.

Graduates, whether you share one of these loves for Catholic University of South Sudan or others come to mind, continue to build a love that values others and respects yourself.

As I reflected on why I love Catholic University, a commonality manifests the test: the Catholic University of South Sudan fosters one per cent of the authenticity of one per cent of the time. Catholic University is a place that gathers those from all backgrounds, a place that embraces individuality and accepts the not so ordinary. Watching classmates excel on the field, in the classroom, clubs, sororities, fraternities, art exhibits, music concerts and so much more- there was always a place for everyone.

Having attended the Catholic School in Primary, I set in the heart of Christianity I had been introduced to many cultures and diversity- Catholic University is a place to be completely you and share it with others.

So, as I continued to reflect- keeping in mind the theme of love, I realized that I didn't love one specific thing about Catholic University but a million little ones. Catholic University administration and my classmates loved and gave me they're all on days I needed it most. They built me up and surrounded me with more love than imaginable. My classmates taught me that it is beautiful to stand out in a world that is constantly pushing you to fit in. Catholic University surrounded me with strong individuals who fight to overcome injustices and take stance on their beliefs. As we prepare to enter the next stages of our lives, I urge the class of 2021 to never forget what you learned and the life journey you’ve taken to arrive here. Remember the good times and learn from the bad. Embrace who you are and gather with those that lup-the up the same way Catholic University and my fellow graduates did for me.

Last but not least, dear fellow graduates, as we graduated from various departments with different degrees and different class of awards, I would like to remind you, our education, degrees, our awards aren't enough unless they help in transformation of individuals life and South Sudan as a whole.Go out there and serve our people with integrity and honest as implanted and inculcated in us by Catholic University of South Sudan.

To conclude my graduation statement,I leave you with a quote from Auggie in the movie Wonder
“Then again, maybe that’s kind of the point. Maybe the truth is not so ordinary. Maybe if we knew what other people were thinking we’d know that no one’s ordinary, and we all deserve a standing ovation at least once in our lives. My friends do. My teachers do. My sister does for always being there for me. My dad does for always making me laugh. And my mom does the most for never giving up, on anything especially me. It’s like that last standing ovation Mr. Matthew Pagan, the Vice Chancellor of Catholic University of South Sudan gave us when he proudly pronounced our names virtually during CUEA 40th Graduation Ceremony. Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. And want to see what people are, all you have to do is look.” So, class of 2021, please stand up, because today, you did it, and you desirous own standing ovation!

Once again, thank you to everyone who celebrated my academic achievement.


Silas Majok Achirin

Graduated with first-class Honours.
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Human Resources Management)

CUEA batch 40th and CUoSS Batch 10th.

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Continuation for the E-Service training In Nimule
Clearing Agents attending training for the E-service





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