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Hai Amarat


viva to all Peterson &Son's visitors
Am going Kampala visiting lovely family of mind today pray for me pray for my family dear friends and Am also praying for your families too as you do for me.
I thank Him in the highest for blessing me and my family to reach 2020 and Am still expecting him the Holy God to protect and keep us more than the past in Jesus name AMEN.
Am very happy and joyful to the year Merry Christmas and I hope the 2020 will super than X-MAS. God Bless my entire family, relatives colleagues, friends and my enemies in Jesus name Amen.
The loving mothers are blessed for their support on children rising in a good way of living.
when you have bad wife, You will be have a bad family, and when you have a bad family, you will be having no home.
The image I Have saw in South Sudan, majority of children left their parents and scatered all over the city and their parents don't maintant or care them to minimize street children.
Woman is very important in a family, She is an administrator for the family and man is the supportor to support a wife inorder to run theirs famuly administration. So dear brothers & sisters lets keep in tauch to each other so that we bring up good family where our children could LOVE us and stayed with us and build a social family.
May Almighty God bless him through his only begotten son's name Jesus Christ Amen.
Peace & unity begin at your clossed family level then it will extended to external family level.

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Be patient and you will win any plan you set in your family.

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Great thanks to our heavenly father for protecting me my family, relatives, friends and friends of friends, colleagues in work and my enemies to this season. But I am still him Holly God to keep on protecting all of us to reach Christmastime through his power in Jesus Christ's name I pray amen.


Hi! Everyone look quiet long without connecting to you all my friends and family members.


Good morning to all friends in Jesus name.


When help any situation! It doesn't mean that situation only but also you God from heavy work which God would have gone through to rescued that situation. Great thank should be to those who used their time for others. And God bless you.


Good leaders come from happy family, please, bro and sist let's bring up our kids in a happy care so that they become good leaders tomorrow. Good luck


Am going Kampala visiting lovely family of mind. Pray for me and my family and here now Am praying for your families as you do it for me too. Amen.


Women are part of the families' building, because she is the first teachers to our children, so I want all women not to relies on men alone, your family also need your support and your man will top it up and your family automatically improve its life.


The happiers parents are those who have children while unhappiers parents are those who have no children. When will those who children be happy?


I love my dearest Son and the sweeter Mam to my dearest Son. Almighty father in heaven, may your holy spirit be with them in Jesus name Amen.


God will be with families caretakers in Jesus name Amen.


My greeting to all heads of familes around global, May Almighty God bless you Jesus Name Amen.


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My people in the worldwide, I greet you in the name of the HOLY GOD, and great thank to him father in the highest for crossing us to new year 2019. May God bless you all Amen.


My Happy family may God bless them, Amen.


Love your family to build a good family to build a good society.


God bless happy families


Comfortability is one of the first attributes tomake a futurely child which will change the society from wrong to right


Bad child care! Is a good criminality promotion in the world. Please, is that good to happen that way.


I Always Feel Surprise When Seeing Children Which People Termed To Call Them Street Children And Said They Don't Have Parents.

Is This Going To Be True That They Don't Have Parents? If They Don't Have Parents!.

How Do They Come Into Existant? If They Have Parents, Why You The Parents Don't Care Of Your Kids

Now, I Would Like To Advise Those Can't Manage To Care Of Their Kids To Stop Producing.


parents should have a strong good care of their children to bear a bright children that can make beautiful family and a beautiful Nation.


Peterson &son


without peace, "no love" without love, "no family" and without family, "no community" and without community, "no Nation" and without Nation, "no world" and with all that, let us think on how we are going to manage it to maintain the world existence.


fixed your mind to the intended only for your time to meet all the best of luck.


to manage your home and your family, it first need you to understand what are the expectations of your family before you.

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