South Sudan Anataban

South Sudan Anataban


yei # na arufa sout na
We re here members of anataban attending training of human rights organized by ceded
Adut Akech has got a new white boyfriend, she swore that she won't date south sudanses boys because they didn't know romance.

Adut advised her south sudanses ladies to follow her footsteps and forget about these boys of Juba.

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End Revenge Killing campaign🎯
SSouth Sudan AnatabanSSouth Sudan AnatabanASouth Sudan Anataban#Rumbek🥰
Politics or geopolitics involving guarding of one is interests are catastrophic. Now, who is to be blamed over the suffering of Ukrainians? The US or Russia?
What's on your mind? The question to You S.S young generations . What is the best political governance can be build to brings peace to S.S? (Political governance types models) that will be reasonable to S.What's on your mind? The question to You S.S young generations . What is the best political governance can be build to brings peace to S.S? (Political governance types models) that will be reasonable to S.S.
Bahr El Ghazal : Jesus.
Bor : Jethu.

South Sudan Anataban, started the beef.
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What is the funniest thing you know about this former minister?


Hello, south Sudan Anataban followers
What do you expect from us?


Guess the state of the priest in South Sudan


South Sudan culture ❤️🇸🇸


Hi malonguai
President of jobless is selling his second hand girlfriend and still attractive with the good condition

Model: 1996

Type: SSD


Colour :Brown-black

Mileage: 1 child, 391 words per minute(mouth speedy)

14 horse power fighting capacity

Price: negotiable ,swap allowed

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Kü thök wël


Top economists in the Country meet to emphasize on ways to find amicable solutions to deter worsening economic situation.

H.E Achol Adut President of Black Market after the meeting urged the public to remain calm and serious measures have already been undertaken by board to curb down economic situation.


Which place will you never visit in South Sudan even if you are given money.

1. Rumbek
2. Awiel
3. Wau
4. Kuajok
5. Bentiu
6. Malakal
7. Bor
8. Kapoeta
9. Yambio
10. Yei
11. Torit
12. Abyei
13. Akon( home village kiir)
14. Leer ( home of Riak Machar)
14. Raja
15. Juba


Happy birthday 🇸🇸


Jieng classification are only four according to Jieng council of elders in document trending on social media with several subsections.

The main Jieng 4 sections are ;

1. Agaar

2. Apadang

3. Bor

4. Reek.

It is upto individual subsection of Dinka to choose where they belong if they don't go by main classification.

Note: in Jonglei state we have Bor and Apadang.

Any Jieng/Dinka subsection in Jonglei state for example can choose to align themselves to either Apadang or Bor based on characteristics that brought about main 4 classifications of Jieng.

The case of Jonglei being called Jieng.


Dr. Riek Machar celebrating birthday while there’s insecurity in Mayom County of Unity State.


What do you think is the solution to South Sudan problems ?


Gogrial west county, warrap state


According to your battery percentage, how much do you love South Sudan ?


Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, the south Sudan minister of cabinets affairs called south sudanses citizens criminals after they rejected the dredging of river Nile and its tributaries.

Are we really criminals in something that's concerning our country which will affect our lives many areas?

Today from the right source in his office indicated that he has bribed youth from various political parties with amount of 17000,000 ssp to support the dredging of nile river.


While I was watching south Sudan basketball team playing against Tunisia, there was another guy from Yirol who was supporting Tunisia.


Hello guys
What can we do to achieve peace in south Sudan.



South Sudan minister of water and irrigation Mannah Peter Gatkuoth is confirmed dead this morning.
May his soul rest in peace.


We still wonder, why Jesus didn't chose any woman amongst his disciples?

Photos from South Sudan Anataban's post 06/06/2022

Photos from South Sudan Anataban's post




Kemet and the Nuer kings in the picture below is one of the Nuer kings and the grandson of Tanod Amani Tutankhamun. The Nuer tribe was an important part of the Kemet civilization and was among the Nile tribes that migrated after the Roman and Ptolemaic invasions of southern Egypt and were known for their centuries-long cows to this day, and there are many murals that speak About that and describe their lives, while heedlessly, the rest of the Mamluks stole that civilization and attributed it to themselves without any resemblance to the southerners. They were a nationalism intertwined with the Beja and the Kordofanians, and they are cousins ​​of the Nubians of the North, and they have kinship and blood with them, but unfortunately they were demonized and ostracized because of a false Arabism




Hi ,south Sudan Anataban is for sell
Who can buy?



Photos from South Sudan Anataban's post 24/05/2022

Disarmament in warrap state is progressing well.
More than 1500 illegal fi****ms have been collected so far in Tonj north county.


Mundari cattle have already abused our newly inaugurated bridge.


The very important historical events to know in South Sudan history from the begining till now.

1. 1947 (Juba conference)
2. 1955 ( Anyanya one in Torit)
3: 1960 Awiel Rice scheme
4: 1967 Killing of Deng Nhial
5: 1968 killing of Dinka-Bor Chiefs
6. 1972 (Adis Ababa peace agreement)
7. 1976 (Anyanya two)
8. 1983 (SPLM/A in Bor)
9. 1991 (SPLA-Nasir of Dr. Riek which lead to Bor Massacre)
10. 1992 (William Nyuon Bany split out of SPLA in Pageeri).
11. 1997 Khartoum agreement signed by Dr. Riek Machar
12. 2005 (CPA in Kenya.)
13. 2005 Death of Dr. John Garang and the appointment of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit as the president of the Government of Southern Sudan
14. 2008 general census
15: 2010 General election
16. 2011 ( South Sudan independent)
17. 2013 ( SPLM/A IO, Dr. Riek failed coup attempt)
18: 2015 compromise peace agreement (CPA 2) in Ethiopia
19: 2016 J1 war
20. 2016 creation of 32 States
21: 2018 Revitalized peace agreement
22. 2020 revoking of 32 States and creation of three administrative area eg. Ruweng, Pibor and Abyei administrative area
23: 2020 Desert locusts captured Juba and some parts of Eastern Equatoria
24: 2020 - 2021 devastating flooding
25: 2021 Kitgwang declaration and Lou-Nuer Triple Alliance

Add more please!!

Authored by: Riak-Maliik


Warrap state council of ministers office in kuajok Town.


Why Nas Gogrial East writing like this.


This is president kiir situation.


Adut Akech has got a new white boyfriend, she swore that she won't date south sudanses boys because they didn't know romance.

Adut advised her south sudanses ladies to follow her footsteps and forget about these boys of Juba.


The south Sudan butchers union chairman mr. Adut Machar Achol who is from Yirol together with his colleagues have threatened to lay down their tools if government doesn't prevent raising prices of the cattle.


John frog vs Lady Kola

Who is going to win ?


All slay queens are back on Facebook today with full force after finishing senior 4 exams earlier today.



Inu we destroyed our country and the things we promised our people did not materialized because of war.

We were promised by the people who would come and develop our country with their money but they did not come because of war.

Now that there is peace let us stop unknown gunmen and maintain security so inu that those who promised us to come and develop our country will come with their money and invest in factories and agricultural so that all the youth loitering on roads without jobs will work in industries.

President Kiir Mayardit in yesterday Eid Fatr with Muslims.



If my father’s Name is Bill gate and my mother’s Name is Bill door.

What’s my name then ?.


If Chelsea Wins, I'm not going to post again.


When Dr. Riek Machar tries to go to heaven.


Warrap state airport Terminal in Kuajok.


In Bhare el Ghazal: Taitol

In Bor Town: Total


Late Gen Dominic Dim Deng was a senior member of the SPLA and distinguished veteran officer whose jobs had transformed the SPLA during his tenure in the office.
His contributions to the liberation of south Sudan is indeed immeasurable and he will never be forgotten in the history of this country .
He was the first south Sudan minister of defense and veteran affairs from 2005_2008 before his life was cut short and died in plane crash.
May his soul continue to rest in peace with 17 others officers who died with him.


This picture is heart breaking
This war in leer must end, this little boy is innocent and deserves not to be stabbed 😭😭😭😭.


Information to all

Fund raising for soldiers in the country

Soldiers have not been paid for two years, All Government post holders, businessmen and people of good will are all invited to attend fund raising event for Soldiers which will take place next Sunday in Freedom Hall.

All are invited even diasporas are asked to contribute.


Awiel University fund raising event in freedom hall.

1. President Kiir contributed 40 million SSP
2. Vice President Abdelbagi contributed 10 million SSP
3. Tut Kew contribute 10 million and will add more
4. Governor of Awiel contributed 22 million SSP.
10. Awiel sons contributed 12,900 dollars

Other Vice Presidents were invited but did not attend fund raising.

1. 1st Vice President Dr. Riek Machar did not attend and contributed nothing

2. Vice President Taban Deng G*i contributed nothing

3. Vice President wani Igga contributed nothing

4. Vice president Rebecca Nyandeng contributed nothing.


Our Juba ladies call themselves Honey ,chocolate ,Sugar but when you kiss their necks, they taste like salt, Kombo.


Welcome back mr. President Salva kiir mayardit ,the three days you spent in U.A.E is like 3 years for us the citizens of south Sudan.

Your people of south Sudan have been yawning for your coming back.
Who did not miss Salva kiir mayardit?


Any way we got the message you want to convey to the people of the republic of Kenya for the death of their former president Mwai kibaki.

Our brother from Khartoum.

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Poem For my Country 🇸🇸



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