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Photos from Make Up By Paleki's post 16/05/2022

When it comes to makeup, the most important thing is that clean and clear canvass ie good skin. If possible, invest in the right products and treatments for your skin and then your makeup becomes an easy task.
My makeup on me as I head to a wedding 😊


Makeup is powerful indeed!
Enjoy 😉


Smile for the camera 😁
I hope you're all keeping safe out there!


Sometimes simple is enough...


Simplicity goes a long way.
Simple smokey eye makeup.


Make Up By Paleki's cover photo


Congratulations to our beautiful bride last weekend ... Mrs Margaret Kalmal. There's nothing like natural beauty 😻
Photo courtesy of Donia Media
Makeup by us ☺️


Makeup isn't suppose to make make you look like a different person, it's meant to enhance your already existing beauty 😊




A big thank you for all the likes, support and love. We have reached 2k likes today. Keep pouring the love :D Be blessed...


Simple evening glam...


Evening glow, simple Smokey eyes and nude lips... 😊


LIP CARE: in addition to lip balms, stay hydrated by drinking alot of water, massage your lips everyday to improve circulation, scrub your lips to ensure they stay soft and healthy.


Happy New Year friends and fans ... Blessings!


Evening makeup for casual outings ...


Make Up By Paleki's cover photo


Our bride some weeks ago was Chier Deng theme was blush pink and nudes... and the hair-styling was by Paleki too :) congratulations on your wedding and may you be excellent to each other 😍😍😍


Make Up By Paleki


As you take the first step towards a memorable journey, you leave behind fond memories and giggles galore. Keep spreading sunshine, love, and happiness my dearest sister. Heartiest congratulations on your wedding Christina Obur Ayang

Untitled Album 04/09/2018

Untitled Album


Quality goes a long way!!! 😍

And the bomb just dropped 💣💥REVEALED!!!!!! 🚨🙀🙀🙀💜💜💜 She is so PRETTY!!!!! The @NORVINA 🙌🏼 💜bottom row all mattes, top all Shimmer...about to drop by @anastasiabeverlyhills
and it looks like there is a new too 👀💄

Will be available ➡️ JULY 17TH .
We have been waiting for it! And it’s coming this month! How exciting!!! My Soul is ready!! 💸💸 What are your thoughts? ✌🏼💜 XO pic: THANK U for this beautiful update: @m.t.47 😘 .


Makeup is about balance. When the eyes make a statement, the lips should be quite...


800+ likes and still moving on strong... thanks friends 😍


Make Up By Paleki


Mrs Nyandeng’s evening glam 💍💃🏾✨


Our bride today is Mrs Nyandeng ... bold and beautiful! Nude and glowing makeup 😍


Make Up By Paleki

I am genuinely thankful that you liked my page. I look forward to our interactions and engagements... Be blessed!

Make-up Artist


Our bride last weekend was a Jij Bagat and the makeup and hairstyle was for her traditional wedding .... such a humble lady. I wish you all the best as you plan your big day! 😘


Dil Ki Baatein With Golden Words

For I second I was wondering why that makeup set is so sponge... 🤣

Woow SoooOoo Nice😎😎
Tag🔖 Your friend👭👬👫 jis key Birthday🎂🎉🎁 pay Aysa Cake🎂 Hona Chaya, 😆😆😍😍


I want to share some work I did on an elegant beauty ... so pure at heart that I wonder if she's from this world, a true angel... Yaro! Congratulations beautiful


Make Up By Paleki's cover photo


We all know the basic winged eyeliner, but let me introduce to the new version; the double winged eyeliner. It is like a winged eyeliner, but a lot more edgier, and let's face it...we all need to add some cutting edge to our looks from time to time. As visible from the name, the double winged eyeliner involves making the winged eyeliner twice, once on the upper eyelid and another time on the lower eyelid. I'll take you through the process, step by step, and then you'll know how to make the double winged eyeliner.

1) Start by drawing a winged line on the upper eyelid. Drag the brush from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye, with a wing at the end.

2) The wing should start from the outer corner of your eye, between the eyelashes. Draw the line outwards, with the ending of your eyebrow being your aim.

3) To make the double winged eyeliner, make sure the eyeliner starts out thin from the inner corner of your eye, and finishes thick at its end.

4) With the double winged eye liner, you will mimic the wing you drew on your upper eyelid on the lower lid. You will draw the winged eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner.

5) Carefully draw a winged line parallel to the winged line on your upper eyelid.

6) Make sure when lining your lower lash line to stick close to the eyelashes.

7) If your winged flicks are too thick, use an ear bud dipped in makeup remover, and clean between the winged lines; this will define them.

8) Add contrast to your eyes by highlighting the corner of your eyes with nude eye pencil.

Tip: You can do the double winged eyeliner in different colors. For example, black and gold, or black and metallic green.


Today I want us to talk about how to use the BeautyBlender. Why is this little egg-shaped sponge so awesome? Because you wet the sponge prior to use and it will give your skin added hydration. For sensitive, easily irritated skin or skin with active inflammation due to blemishes or Rosacea, the Beautyblender is wonderful because it’s so gentle and non-abrasive. It will not highlight peach fuzz or uneven texture the way a buffing brush sometimes does.

Using the Beautyblender is easy:

1. Wet your Beautyblender and squeeze out the excess moisture. You want the sponge to be barely damp when you're using it.
2. Apply your foundation to the back of your hand or a flat surface and dip the rounded end of the Beautyblender into it.
3. Begin to apply your foundation by stippling or bouncing the Beautyblender all over your face. No need to press into the skin too hard; the Beautyblender sponge will do most of the work for you!
4. Use your ring finger to pat concealer over dark circles. Use the pointed end of the Beautyblender to lightly blend your concealer into your foundation.
5. Dip the rounded end of the Beautyblender into a translucent setting powder and pat into the skin to set foundation and concealer.
6. You will want to clean the Beautyblender after each use with either the liquid or solid cleanser. Both double as brush cleaner as well.
Enjoy it and let me know if these steps were useful :)


Make Up By Paleki

We have officially reached 200+ people on this page. I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the support, engagement and promotions ;) May we continue to thrive for the good of life and beauty!

Makeup Artist



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