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MonSsuno Technologies is one of the most rapidly growing online solutions company in South Sudan, providing an array of web design, web development,....

MonSsuno Technologies is one of the most rapidly growing online solutions company in South Sudan, providing an array of web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing solutions to an esteemed global clientele. Our updated infrastructure coupled with our team strength of 150+ professionals enables us to blend superior technology with core functional expertise to deliver outstand


The spirit in technology is programming 23/02/2016

MonSsuno Technologies | Welcome To Our Official Website

Clients of the Month:

1.South Sudan Media Authority [Branding]
2.Kendre Coffee [Website Design & Development]
3. South Sudan Community Change Agency (SOSUCCA) [Web Design + Development]

All their works are featured on
See you there...... MonSsuno Technologies is one of the most rapidly growing online solutions company in South Sudan, providing an array of web design, web development, graphic design and Internet marketing solutions to an esteemed global clientele. Our updated infrastructure coupled with our team strength of 150+ prof…


We would like to warmly welcome our new clients from UHI Insurance Co. Ltd South Sudan & Kendre Coffee.

The exciting news coming out of MonSsuno Technologies this week is that we have recently concluded a deal for the Brand, Design & Development for both of UHi Insurance website and Kendre Coffee based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new clients to MonSsuno Technologies and we look forward to building a longstanding, successful relationship with you all. You will have recently received correspondence from both ourselves and you with regards to the acquisition, however if you do have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact Shadrack, Managing Director, on +211955229521 or [email protected]



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We are now 360 degree and counting...
Happy New Year All


Images and videos are powerful tools for visual storytelling. All the visuals on our website serve to convey our company's philosophy and skill. You won’t find a single icon or a photo that is purely for decoration.

The only rule we aim to follow when it comes to showing our work is that the presentation should always be honest and meaningful.


Our new logo and all the copy on our website is set in Franklin Gothic Demi. We were particularly fond of its elegant cedilla and decided to keep it in the logo as a tribute to our original name.


MonSsuno Technologies / News , Events & Updates
We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. It has been redesigned to give you a more consolidated and easier to navigate site to keep up with the latest activities taking place at MonSsuno.

Immediately you will notice streamlined menus, simple navigation and access to the information you want about MonSsuno’s status By providing an improved destination for engineers and business’ to learn about MonSsuno, we have designed the new website as a resource hub.

find out more on!.html


We support Innovation

Find out how we support innovation:


"As the world continous to change it is important that our faculty and staff abreast of educational and technological advances. New theories and ideas on educational development for students are debated constantly; technology and new learning tools are presented frequently. Our faculty and staff will be at the forefront of those discussions to ensure students are receiving the best educational and personal development opportunities. Additionally, faculty, staff and students will be encouraged to be creative throughout the leanring /teaching experience at the American School of South Sudan"__The American School of South Sudan


This is a developer's advice!

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Hello world!
We are very greatfull to all our clients and fans for all the support you have given and showed us.

# Thank You All


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MonSsuno Technologies

MonSsuno Technologies is one of the most rapidly growing online solutions company in South Sudan, providing an array of web design, web development,....


MonSsuno Technologies website design and development services integrate the art of technology with the technology of art for a superior user experience. Our bespoke web design and development service works closely with you to create a unique, high quality site to reflect your corporate identity. Whether you have an existing site that needs a face-lift or you are starting from scratch, we will ensure the website is designed and built with yourself and most importantly your users in mind...
see for yourself


We have a Count down people,
we are Finally launching our website in...
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With IT,#we are the solution providers


Don't be left behind with technology as the year is counting down,@MonSsuno Technologies we give you the latest#contact MonSsuno and we unleash for you all you need.


What is Something you are tired of seeing online?


In your quiet moments, what do you think about? How far you’ve come, or how far you have to go? Your strengths, or your weaknesses? The best that might happen, or the worst that might come to be? In your quiet moments, pay attention to your thoughts. Because maybe, just maybe, the only thing that needs to shift in order for you to experience more happiness, more love, and more vitality, is your way of thinking



In 2013, we Had so many Friends,
Some became very special,
Some became best best of friends,
Some fell in love with.....,
some changed their cities,
Some left Us.........We left some,
Some are in contact_ some are not in contact,
Some don't contact coz of their ego........We don't contact some bcoz of our ego,
Some left us in this world
Wherever they are
however they
we still Care, Remember, Love, Miss and Care about them because of the part they played.
Being friendless taught us how to be friendly

happy New Year


Before The Church Bells Ring. Before The Holy Star Appears.Before you pop that bottle Dude,
Before the Networks Get Jammed #iCom_Technologies would like to Wish You A Merry Christmas! and A Happy New Year


Lets dedicate our young lives to developing the country's internet infrastructure by designing mega sky scrapers online. join the family now.



Congratulations to those who took there time to inbox us -
Our new admins are #ED AIDI, #S.A.D
advertsers: #Mal Kish ,#JornLong
and more.......the next lucky one could be you (*_*);

# iCom Technologies


2009,2011,2013 Owino Market got burnt: there is something fishy here......... why odd years?


We know sometimes you feel like giving up. Every new day there’s seems to be no change in your life. All the troubles of your heart and worries keep on worsening! You wonder why everything is happening to you. You keep on asking yourself why you’re not lucky like other people. You keep on praying to God but so far he hasn’t answered your prayers.
Now you have started losing hope. You now think that maybe you were meant to be like that or maybe somebody cursed you. But I tell you what my friend? You weren’t meant to be like that & you weren’t cursed. God is silent but he watches you day and night. He listens to your prayers and he has something special for you. Just stay strong, focused, and hardworking & keep praying to God. Bear it in your minds that you’re not alone in that hard situation, we all in the same boat. So don’t give up my dear friend. Your time is coming soon...



1.Where pastors are gangstars,,
2.Where ugly girls are called beautiful queens,,
3.Where relationships are perfect and never
face problems,,
4.Where God is praised and worshiped only
on sundays,,.
5.Where faithful ladies are transformed to
pathetic flirts and also where married men
are single,,.
6.Where virgins talk about s*x like qualified
7.Where shameless non-believers are holy
8.Where hopeless school leavers are at the
best universities,,
9.Where broke ni**as boast of swag and
10.where ugly girls upload
half-naked photos just to get some likes and
11. Where insecure partners put themselves
as profile pictures and exchange passwords..
12.Where serious statements are hidden in
the name of Laugh Out Loud "LOL".
13.And where someone always gets offended
after seeing updates like this!

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# iCom Technologies


"Technology is ruled by two types of people: those who manage what they do not understand, and those who understand what they do not manage."
# iCom Technologies


Morning people thanks for your support and likes we getting hope you all have a good day. :$


iCom is looking for a Good advertising agent if ur interested inbox us



Do u want free staff contact #iCom


its not all about the niceness, portability n greatness of the technology..... appreciate the brain behind it#



People dream of a beautifull world #iCom creates and with every is aboard.
Lets create a world together.
#C.E.O iCom Technologies


Lets join the iCom family n earn penny for every client you get for iCom Technologies

Catasy of #iCom


SACCO System
Small Enterprise Banking System
Fuel Management System...



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