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this business account has been operated for more than 7 years, its working throughout with no discri


Celebrating my 7th year on Facebook. Thank you for your continuing support. I could never have made it without you. 🙏🤗🎉


I recently understand that February and January are twins brothers in South Sudan, they behave alike. What the lives yajamani🙄🙄


Women are the mother of universe adil even sky show their highness, wow Nyash is the best😂😂


Let our peoples come out from 10 years prison IDPs.

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Happy Sunday and wish you safe trip off Holiness Pope Francis back to Rome, Vatican. Hopes, loves, unity and peace shall remain in South Sudan.


African continent is proud of what was done by Morocco yesterday for eliminated Portugal in FIFA world cup 2022 round of 8, although Moroccan fans and players discouraged our hopes are ruined but we are still stand behind you through geographically located, but by natured/birth and religious you're Arabs and Islamic nation, the same to Egyptian and many others nations are Muslims doesn't meant they're not African.

Congratulations for making African continent proud. It's first time for African teams to reach round 4th in World cup. But you made it for us even it will much be better to Arabs world we are still hoping that you would be call in 54th countries of Africa.


I can't wait to see my favorite artist at Nyakuron Culture, on 15/10/2022. Wish you success my beloved artist Kiss Daniel. Much love from all 🇸🇸🇸🇸.

Voice of Nationalist.


We need protection from government, if not we frustrate, only my City where gunmen shooting their guns within the city😥😥



I've just reached 200 followers! Thank you for continuing support. I could never have made it without each one of you. 🙏🤗🎉


When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logics, but creatures of emotions.


Lawmakers at the council of states have asked the Governor of Unity State Joseph Nguen Monytuil, to resign immediately or be removed by presidential decree, an MP representing Unity state has said.

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their address. 24/04/2022

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their address.

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their address.


South Sudanese know how to raise corruption.



A woman said to me, 'It took me years to really know that men cry too. I took my husband for a super human. I see him leave the house everyday and come back providing for us. One day as I have left the house and he was at home, I remembered that I needed to take something along, I turned back and headed home. As I got home, I tried going through the back door which was closer to the window of our room. I heard my husband crying like a baby asking God to help me get a job so I can help him fend for the family. He has never complained to me before but that day, I broke down in tears realizing that my husband has held much of his pains alone"

A young married lady went to her mother and complained that her husband has not always bought things she wanted from him. The mother asked her, 'How many of those things have you bought for yourself?". She stayed quiet and said, 'But he is my husband?". The mother replied her, 'Have you ever found out the things your husband wants you to buy for him?".

Men always try to hide their pains.

Men can be financially broke and pretend to have everything.

Most men are married but they have lonely life. Sometimes, ask your husband out. Men are not always busy as women think.

You have to understand that your husband has pains and needs too. Don't judge him by things you want from him. Sometimes, your husband doesn't have things you want.

Men also have emotional needs and problems. Men still cry for love...

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Dr. Angelo Khor Biel Rom

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their website address. 02/04/2022

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their website address.

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their website address.

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Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their phone number.

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their phone number.

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp. 01/04/2022

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp.

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp.

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp. 01/04/2022

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp.

Dr Khor Biel Rom is now on WhatsApp.

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Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their business hours.

Dr Khor Biel Rom updated their business hours.


Happy Sunday to all followers of the Lord Jesus Christ son God.


Life is the something very important it is not for joking, if you want to joke for your life please stop disturbing others in their beautiful life and happy life, because you don't know the benefit of the life, if you doesn't have a teeth will respect your friends is teeth? no, you will not respect them because you're a one eye or disabled person, future generations to come is very great and good for us to enjoy it even though we are going to die our descendants will enjoy the rest of our lives and follow the right ways forward don't let your children be like you if you don't cares for your life or your birth background while they want to be a little good children not like the stupid mind of their father and mother, think for yourself and your family in the coming future generations please our ancestors were illiterate people but they tried to briefed us for the future to come but we didn't listened their advises because we call ourselves educators people.

Is there a educated person who thinks for corruption or destructive behavior to their communities or there is a educated person who want to murder someone else or who want to destroy the life of the country, we are going to be the same with our illiteracies brothers and sisters in the villages those who don't care for tomorrow, I love my future generations and i want everyone else to be like me let we build trusty in our community lives together with our friends and family to our descendants future generations, our ancestors leaved us to build our own place and to be a good people but we don't have that life because of too much sins and hates and we do not obey the God's grace or his braveness and all the ten commandments or our traditional moral laws and leaves our cultures and we played the foreigners is cultures or their civilizations because we don't have humanity or dignity and respect for our culture and civilizations.





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