Please dear almighty, may our brothers new unreleased song beledi be a hit better than action n energy 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 we can do it guys "John frog"
May Almighty GOD protect you and also take care of you and also guide you and also bless you all days 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️☮️🙏🙏
I love 💕 you all guys who works hard to get something
Hallo baby girl
You are so beautiful
Beloved sister, Jesus died for you oooooo 😂 give your life to Christ now
Who need 2022

Let's work hard to eradicate Mangar (Hunger), keep the country aware.( Mangar is real)


Mangar eradication
Three big game-changers are: enhancing research and development in agriculture and food to increase productivity in a sustainable way; slashing food waste and losses; and adding income and nutrition components to social-protection programmes. Research priorities to cut waste include scaling up solar energy and battery storage technologies to make food processing and preservation more affordable. New forms of packaging using recycled materials, coatings of nanomaterials and even edible films would keep foods fresh for longer. School feeding programmes, together with incentives to keep children in education (such as take-home rations for parents)

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Let's work together ❤ 💪


Mangar Adit batal, let's work together....





Other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Juba (show all)
Peace Network Peace Network
Juba, 00000

Humanitarian, Non profitable organization saving life and promoting peacebuilding in Africa and in Particular South Sudan.

Public Health Advocacy Foundation Public Health Advocacy Foundation
Munuki Suk Libya
Juba, 11112

Public Health Advocacy Foundation is a non-profit Non-Governmental Humanitarian aid organization fou

Freedom and Feminism Organization Freedom and Feminism Organization

An NGO which aims at human freedom and women liberation.

15SDLT Street, Turalei , Twic County
Juba, 0019

SDL Transformation is Aiming to save and change Lives of Mankind through Biblical support by promoting peace,unity and Love amongst the community, free education program and not fo...

Global Alliance Innovation for Poverty Eradication Action Global Alliance Innovation for Poverty Eradication Action
Munuki Block "B" Juba


Lim Nguen Foundation Lim Nguen Foundation

The LimNF works for the social development and integration of underprivileged children, individuals, groups and communities in rural parts of Africa to realize their future.

Christian Network for Peace and Development Christian Network for Peace and Development
Munuki Gudele Roads

Non Governmental organization

Gumbo Muslim charity aid Gumbo Muslim charity aid
Gumbo Mosque
Juba, 211

NGO, Its Aims for poor women, men, girl,children in need. Its an islamic project that is primary est

Humanity Aid Service South Sudan Humanity Aid Service South Sudan
Nyakuron East Block 1 Plot 71

Humanity Aid Service is a south Sudanese based developmental and non-profit organization.Its themati

Agency For Development Initiative- ADI Agency For Development Initiative- ADI

"Empowering Communities"

Lodtekero Aid Foundation Africa - LAFA Lodtekero Aid Foundation Africa - LAFA
Budi County , Eastern Equatoria State , EES . Republic Of South Sudan

We are a non political , non racial , non profit ,non denominational focused NGO with a vision to wo

Children Charity Organization Children Charity Organization

Children Charity Organization is a child centered organization implementing child protection in Unity state South Sudan