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"La paix n'est pas l'absence de guerre, c'est une vertu, un état d'esprit, une volonté de bienveillance, de confiance, de justice" - Spinoza.
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Bonjour à tous.
Nous vous présentons la nouvelle page officielle de l'organisation Action pour le Respect des Droits de l'Homme et la Dignité Humaine (ARDHU).
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Droit à la Dignité Humaine
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Deux angles de traitement de l'information

-France 24


Roch Olivier Maistre président en exercice de l'Afcram

Avec Desmond Ngala

Responsable résident au Cameroun de la Defyhatenow_EA

On en parle ici 👉🏿

Deadline Day!

It's the final day to apply for this Fact-checking & Digital Rights Fellowship by Defyhatenow_EA & Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa

Applicants must be located in Juba at the start of the fellowship

Apply by 4.30 PM today

Today we started our building community trust cycle that starts with truth. The activity engage community in gudele on debunking misinformation. Its 1st of 5 activities scheduled in different areas around Juba Its time to heal & build a peaceful
The program is made possible with Defyhatenow with support from Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa in the context of the Africa Digital Rights Fund . 211 Check
Defyhatenow_EA211 CheckBidaJunub Open SpaceJunub Open Space - JOSJOS
First introduced to fact-checking by Africa Check in late 2020, I'm thrilled to be spending a few days in their newsroom and bring the experience home.

This is dedicated to EBC Radio 89.4FM Juba, Defyhatenow_EA and 211 Check
This webinar has been pushed to Tuesday, 16th August 2022 at 11 AM

Thank you for your flexibility.

SafetyComm South Sudan
211 Check
You can encounter dis/mis-information through fact-checking
Join the third cohort.
Apply here Bida 211 Check Defyhatenow_EASafetyComm South Sudan
This Saturday, 13th August 2022 at 11 AM, we shall hold our first in a series of webinars.

Deng Torit will moderate this webinar "Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility" as his panelists take us through very important insights.

Follow SafetyComm South Sudan and Defyhatenow_EA to join the conversation via Facebook Live

Supported by Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa under the
"Cultural ignorance is when an individual lacks understanding of other cultures in terms of history, society, government, and much more. This lack of knowledge & experience can easily be interpreted as a lack of respect for the culture or country & even ethnocentric" ~Samuel Wani~
Eastern Washington University, USA
Climate Change Adaptation and Smart Actions Action Climate Change Adaptation and Smart Actions (CCASA) South Sudan in Collaborations with Defyhatenow_EA organises Three Days Workshop Training on Defy Hate speech For Youth In Southern Unity with a Support From USAID South Sudan Under the project SheJah Sallam
Speaking to The Mail During the Conclusion of Three Days The Executive Director of CCASA ,He said this program is about To Encounter Hate speech in The Community more special Youth from Southern Unity , This training was to target Youth from Counties In Unity State, Its' Curbs the the hate speech, and break the silent of conflict, And Encounter the speech online among the youth,
Meanwhile The Executive Director of defy hate Now ,Marina Modi says ,It's hard to Harmonise the peace ,If they stop the issues of Hate speech online among the youth , it's not one persons Responsible to bring peace ,our social Responsibilities to come together to work for the betterment and future of this country ,
Meanwhile Mr Gatmai The participants says , They have learnt how to Encounter the Hate speech online among the youth and They will take what to the youth on the ground Mitigate peace, Mrs Tabitha Samuel ,They are the Ambassadors of the change to the society , They should to stop the issues of Hate speech online and Embrace peace among as the youth
We may be good individually but we are better as a team. I couldn't have done all that have been accomplished throughout my spell at Defyhatenow_EA without the tremendous support of the team 🙏
Today, in a very special way, I would like to celebrate Charles Lotara. Bringing his experience in tech and media, he has been a very great value addition to the Defyhatenow_EA communications and program team since joining several weeks ago.

Wishing you continued success Zol Kebir
Are you in South Sudan and looking for training and paid fellowship opportunities? 👇🏾

Like our official page at Defyhatenow_EA and be one of the first people to get notified when new opportunities are posted.

Follow us on Twitter at

Together for a 🤝🏾
With support from 's Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF) Defyhatenow_EA through 211 Check and SafetyComm South Sudan will work on a Fact-checking and Digital Rights Empowerment project over the next five months.


#Defyhatenow is an organization that works on creating frameworks for enhancing trust between stakeho

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 21/09/2023

Happy international Day for Peace!

Timeline photos 30/08/2023

Darren Manning, USAID Director, Office of Democracy and Governance, James Boboya, SIMA Technical Advisor at IREX and Marina Modi, Executive Director at Defyhatenow, at a light moment after opening speeches at our training for journalists yesterday.

The session engaged 46 participants from over 15 entities in Juba

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 30/08/2023

We wish it hadn't ended. A beautiful moment to have a chat with media makers in Juba city about the information ecosystem in South Sudan - disinformation, GBV reporting, gender equality, online safety and data privacy. They all have one aim - to improve access to quality, credible and accurate information to the audience. Thank you everyone!

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 27/08/2023

Leer was good with us! We had a productive discussion with 28 content creators, including some from Mayendit. We focused on combatting disinformation, reporting GBV, and producing content for Gender Equality under SDG 5.

We're thrilled that the content creators are ready to do their part in spreading awareness about how best to address these issues using skills gained from our discussion in Leer.

Let's work together to promote a where everyone thrives!

Timeline photos 25/08/2023

Graduated 36 brilliant media makers who completed our three-month mentorship on fact-checking & gender transformative content! Huge congratulations on this milestone.

So proud of their dedication & excited to see them apply their new skills.

Timeline photos 25/08/2023

We are excited and eagerly await to engage with individuals at an in-person training in Leer, Unity State with a focus on combatting disinformation, sharing best practices on gender-based violence, and discrimination, and reporting on gender equality.

Participants who share information will be asked, "How can we effectively address these issues?"

Timeline photos 23/08/2023

Journalists, media students, and information officers in Juba, let's meet & talk about fact-checking, information verification and gender transformative content on Tuesday next week.

Interested persons can register here: to secure a spot. ONLY REGISTERED ATTENDEES WILL BE CONFIRMED

Timeline photos 22/08/2023

Ready to tackle information pollution? Join us online this Saturday for an engaging session hosted by Defyhatenow and IFCN. Gain a deeper understanding of South Sudan's media landscape and learn effective strategies to navigate misleading information. Don't wait, secure your spot NOW!:

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 18/08/2023

Our experience in Wau was simply breathtaking! The participants have already begun showcasing their enhanced skills. Big thanks to IREX for partnering with us to empower content creators with fact-checking, multimedia storytelling, and gender-transformative content expertise.

Timeline photos 16/08/2023

📅 Tomorrow, Defyhatenow will be in Wau, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, for a one-day session on combatting disinformation, multimedia storytelling, and gender-transformative content creation.

This in-person experience is part of our three-month hybrid mentorship program, empowering journalists in South Sudan with fact-checking skills for sustainable and credible media.

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 14/08/2023

Last week, Defyhatenow and IREX teamed up to engage journalists and key stakeholders in Kapoeta on combatting disinformation, reporting GBV, gender-transformative content, and multimedia storytelling. The participants pledged to utilize the acquired skills to enhance grassroots access to credible and accurate information.


We are hiring!!!

Position: Contstitution Review & Ammendment Consultant (NGO)

ToR attached and more details attached.

Interested applicants should send required files and or inquiries to; [email protected]


On the 21st of September, we will join other peacebuilders around the world in observing the International Day of Peace through . Our topic this year is "How does racism affect the response to conflict and peacebuilding?" This will be a live online event and is free of charge and open to everyone!

The event will also be streamed live here:

To learn more and register for , use the link:

Timeline photos 09/09/2022

The successful candidates for the Fact-checking and Digital Rights Fellowship are here ⤵️

For the next two months, they would be engaged in fact-checking & cyber safety-related activities.

Read our introductory blog post to know them better 👇

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

How do you identify fake news and what do you do about it?

Join our project coordinators from 211 Check SafetyComm South Sudan, and Junub Open Space - JOS on Advance Youth Radio as they digest this critical topic courtesy of the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) under the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF).

Timeline photos 08/09/2022

Do you want to learn fact-checking and basic online safety skills?

Join South Sudan for a Zoom training organised through 211 Check and SafetyComm South Sudan with support from the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa on Thursday next week.

Register here:

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 05/09/2022

The 2nd meetup in Gudele West. Debunking toxic misinformation offline & educating grassroots communities on how to handle unverified information were at the center of the engagement facilitated by Junub Open Space - JOS & South Sudan with support from Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa under the Africa Digital Rights Fund ( ).

Timeline photos 05/09/2022

21st September of every year is a phenomenal date on our calendar. delivered a truly memorable moment. And, with knocking, we have a surprise for you this year!

Have you saved the date? 21st September 2021, . Our Chief Operating Officer Marina Modi will be hosting the panel on "Recovering after displacement" where the panelists will be sharing their experiences.

Save the date;

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 01/09/2022

We were in Gudele, building a community trust cycle that starts with the truth. We engaged residents in a discussion on debunking rumours that fuel violence in the offline community. This is . Junub Open Space - JOS, 211 Check, Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa.

Timeline photos 29/08/2022


South Sudan through 211 Check and SafetyComm South Sudan is still calling for applications from interested individuals to participate in the Empowering Fact-checking in South Sudan Cohort 3 training.

Apply now:

Timeline photos 29/08/2022

Have you applied for the paid Fact-checking and Digital Rights Fellowship yet?

✅ Learn fact-checking & digital rights skills

✅ Collaborate with South Sudan partners among a range of other benefits.

Apply here:

This fellowship is supported by the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa under the Africa Digital Rights Fund (ADRF).

Timeline photos 25/08/2022

As part of its commitment to digital empowerment and civic education, South Sudan with support from Internews in South Sudan, did this ⤵️

Timeline photos 25/08/2022

We are inviting you to a Zoom webinar session on the topic "Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility.

When: Saturday Aug 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM South Sudan time.

Register in advance to attend:

211 Check, SafetyComm South Sudan, MTN South Sudan

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 24/08/2022

: Workshop participants explore opportunities, challenges, and solutions to rumour monitoring and reporting. Internews


The follow-up workshop on social media and rumour management is underway at . If you have been part of any of our rumour training engagements held in the last three months, this is for you.

Timeline photos 22/08/2022

is spreading around the world like wildfire.

And, so is misinformation about the disease.

There have been no official reports on organ damage caused by .

Internews in South Sudan, Internews, Internews Health Journalism Network.


Timeline photos 19/08/2022


We are looking for committed and dedicated fellows to join us.

Does this interest you? Check out the eligibility:

Timeline photos 19/08/2022

Participants of our workshops on rumour management and health in Bor, Torit, Yambio & Wau are invited to this online follow-up meeting.

Join us on Thursday, August 25th from 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM via Zoom.

Confirm your attendance:

Timeline photos 19/08/2022

Have you been part of our workshops on rumour management and health misinformation in Juba this year?

Are you available on Wednesday next week? Confirm your attendance for our next in-person follow-up meeting.

Timeline photos 18/08/2022

When we say no to all forms of 👇

Peace would reign ✅

Broken social fabrics would be amended ✅

Lost love would be restored ✅

Killings and destructions stop ✅

Service delivery improves ✅

Community prospers ✅

Timeline photos 16/08/2022

South Sudan & Junub Open Space - JOS with support from Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa in the context of the Africa Digital Rights Fund , will engage four communities on debunking misinformation👇


If the cause of a conflict is from within, there can be a solution from within. A powerful, eye-opening, and refreshing statement from Nyalony Gatwang toward a 👇

Timeline photos 12/08/2022

To our hardworking and resilient youth, this is your day.

Your contributions to the national development agenda are underestimated.

We see you, we acknowledge that you are the pillar of this great nation.

Timeline photos 11/08/2022

As continues to spread around the world, we are assessing the state of the disease in .

Please be part of this exercise by completing our short survey here:

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Internews, Health Journalism Network, Internews in South Sudan

Timeline photos 10/08/2022

What brought is our unrepentant heart as a generation ❌

The coronavirus was caused by the pathogen SARS-CoV-2, which was first reported in China ✅

Internews in South Sudan, Internews, Internews Health Journalism Network

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Two regions, one picture, one organisation.

We are 🟡 ⚫

Peace, love, and tolerance are our backbone.

Defyhatenow_WCA Defyhatenow_EA

Timeline photos 08/08/2022

I am fully vaccinated against .

Should I still follow safety guidelines?

Yes ✅

And here is why 👇

Timeline photos 08/08/2022

, how bad are face masks for expectant mothers?

What happens when expectant mothers wear face masks 🤔

Our answer 👇

Internews in South Sudan, Internews, Internews Health Journalism Network


Happy and smiley faces from Scenius Hub. Have a great week ahead! Say

Photos from Defyhatenow_EA's post 05/08/2022

South Sudan in collaboration with Climate Change Adaptation for Smart Action (CCASA) has trained 35 peace ambassadors on hate speech mitigation under the campaign "Defy Hate Now in Southern Unity".

Want your business to be the top-listed Non Profit Organization in Juba?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

About #defyhatenow

#defyhatenow is an initiative that works on creating frameworks for enhancing trust between stakeholders in Africa through mobilizing civic action against all forms of hate speech, misinformation, human rights violations, and incitement to violence. The initiative is considered one of the leading entities that works on providing data-driven solutions to the problem of hate speech, fake news, and misinformation in Africa, working at the nexus of technology, peacebuilding, and human rights. #defyhatenow's team of researchers, designers, data analysts, and programmers have a wide range of experiences and are currently leading flagship projects in Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Cameroon, and Kenya.

#defyhatenow was initiated by r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH (Berlin) in response to the sudden and prevalent hate speech on social media platforms in South Sudan at the start of the conflict that erupted in the country in December 2013 and again in July 2016.

Since the initiative began its work in 2014, the staff have provided extensive capacity-building programs for civil society, humanitarian agencies, the media, the private sector, and government agencies in the region. Through these programs, #defyhatenow has reached over 300,000 people with essential hate speech awareness and knowledge on the impact of misinformation. #defyhatenow is also invested in nurturing a community of young people through fellowships. #defyhatenow Fellowships provide youth activists and community leaders with resources and expertise that enable them to tackle hate speech online and offline; thereby bringing together grassroots organizations and youth groups to create a healthier public discourse and prevent conflict among communities. #defyhatenow has had over 50 fellows across its countries of operation.

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