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Snow Tamara
I Døçtõr Lôvé want to the girl in furtur but the are en of money i don,t have money
Things you should tell yourself constantly:

1. Always remember that you are enough. That you are worthy.

2. Never let anyone makes you feel less. Their words doesn't count.

3. Your mistakes doesn't define who you are. You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it.

4. Each day you are growing as a person, and no one could say that you know nothing.

5. You are armored with experiences, use it well.

6. Your journey is the proof of your existence, just trust the process.

7. Never let anyone hurt you using your weakness. Know when to stand for yourself.

8. Don't give anyone permission to weigh your worth.

9. Get courage to take in charge of your own happiness. Allow yourself to say no when you feel being used.

10. You are living poetry that takes years to make. So live well. Just live.

..put your thoughts in the comment section, let's spread positivity and kindness. Sending virtual hugs to everyone. ❤💛

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Thousands of Languages around this world but
"Smile" can beat them all.
"Smile" is the Language even a BABY can speak.
So keep smiling.

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Prayer Changes Things
Worry Changes Nothing
So, Instead Of Worrying About
What You Can Do, Just Pray and Think Of What
GOD Can Do For You..

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A few special friends can magically brighten up your heart and Life...
I am truly thankful to God for blessing me with such wonderful F.R.I.E.N.D.S. like you!

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Never ask a lady about her age!
Never ask a man about his salary!
And now-a-days ....
Never ask a student about his percentage ....
Because it hurts !!!! 😁😁😁

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The black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. - Adhel Garang 🖤

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Good afternoon to you
South Sudanses Artist Akot Die
We have a lot of Artists Came up from nothing
we most support our artists to get balling up .. South Sudan Will popping up 2

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The Pride of Akon-Buoi, Mothers showcasing their Culture at Traditional Marriage of their son organized in Rumbek.

Show your great loves to our Mothers.

Copyright ©️ Rumbek is my Pride.

Photos from Miss Africa Golden's post 04/03/2022

Photos from Miss Africa Golden's post


Thanks for the recognition ✊🏽

Rumbek is my Pride is honor to Publish the Names of top 30 Best writers on social media well-known in Rumbek.

1- William Mayom Maker( Books writer and historian)

2- Mangar Amerdit. (Historian writer)

3-Mary Nyibol Maker ( Feminist writer)

4- Hoc-Thon Laat Maker( political Analyst)

5- Gum Thany ( Humorist writer)

6- Aduer Meen ( political Analyst writer)

7- Kaman Madol( Political Analyst writer)

8- Machot Awut Legacy( Creative writer)

9- Kuol Mathubiar( creative writer)

10-Sarah Athiei Lueth( feminist writer)

11- Marial Amuor.( Political Analyst writer)

12 -Buot Manyiel Buot.( Political Analyst writer)

10- Matoch Gur.( Social Analyst writer )

11- Makuei Junub( creative writer)

12- Akot Makur maluach( creative writer)

13- Yanga Jalla ( social Analyst writer)

14- Matueny Amico Mamer.( Political Analyst writer)

15- John Jur Chol.( Political Analyst writer)

16- Poth Kau Thuc.( Creative writer)

17- Marial Yom.( Social Analyst writer)

19- Der Makuer Chadong( social Analyst writer)

20- Sunday Manyang( political Analyst writer)

21- Austin Marual Machar( Peace Analyst writer)

22- Amer Mangar Majak. ( Creative writer)

23- Thon Mathew Ajak. ( Peace Analyst writer)

24- Daniel Mabor Aliap.( jokes writer)

25- Makuer Mabor (Obama)( Socal Analyst writer)

26- Zanoba Majok Chol ( AKOljal Sports Analyst writer)

27-Thomas Thon Makorou (Journalistic writer)

28- Mangar Machuol ( Humanitarian peace writer).

29- Nyandur Machar.( Humorist writer).

30- Mapuor Matueny ( Sports Analyst writer)

Thank you all for reading, this is what Rumbek is my Pride has cover, you can add any person you think is best writer base on aforementioned in Bracket). NB, if we can't promote ourselves who will promote us?

Copyright ©️ Rumbek is my Pride.

Photos from South Sudan Basketball's post 28/02/2022

Photos from South Sudan Basketball's post


🍿 Action Jackson!


Happy Sunday ❤
God Bless You 🙏🏽
Makuei Junub211


A teacher was asking his students about what they want to be in the future, all the students start talking

"A Doctor"
"A Famous pilot"
"As your sexy nurse"
"An Attorney"
"I love MONEY, I'll be a businesswoman"
"A President"
"A Millionaire"
"A Chef"

Laughter echoed the whole classroom, but there is a student sitting on the chair close to the window the teacher moved close to him and asked

"David, may I know your answer?"
the boy looked at the teacher
"I want to live"

He simply answered and look back again outside the window. One of the student shouted "Id*ot, everyone want to live" the students started to laugh. The teacher shut them up and faced the boy.

"Oh, does it mean you don't care at all? Look at your classmates they are already planning their future, you should too....."the boy looked at the teacher and said "I have cancer, tomorrow is my last day"

Silent filled the classroom 😔😪

©️ Makuei Junub211

Photos from South Sudan Basketball's post 26/02/2022

Photos from South Sudan Basketball's post


There's no height you cannot attain, believe in yourself, define your goals, recognize distractions and don't stop striving.

Spend time teaching yourself, because those things that mainly take people to the top are the things they devoted their time to develop.

Don't be intimidated by your friend's success, the sky is wide enough for birds to fly without touching one another.

Value every little thing that God brings into our life, love God and obey Him.
For with God, all things are possible.

©️ Makuei Junub211


You dating this one guy then you have sex with him. After sometime you guys have an argument, instead of solving it, you send a gent that you've been flirting with a WhatsApp text to ease your pain... He makes you smile and you start planning to date him. He plays his cards well and you get laid.
The very same guy pisses you off, instead of sorting your issues you call another guy to ease your pain. He also put a smile in your face and you get laid again.
This circle goes on and on because you think you are too beautiful to beg a man. No wonder most of you ladies are single but you've slept with a lot of guys. You can't face challenges and you always want the easy way out when sh*t gets real. RELATIONSHIP ain't soap operas were everything is lovely dovey everyday. When it gets tough, swallow your pride and resolve it instead of looking for the next available man to ease your pain.

©️ Makuei Junub211





Are you heartbroken because of being rejected?

You just need to look at it from a different perspective. We only see things as they appear to us but our understanding and sight are limited so we cannot see the purpose behind that happening, even if it is full of pain.

Whether it is an exam you couldn't get through, a job that you missed out or a relationship that was called an end to, rejection does leave us heartbroken. We see it as an end because what we desired didn't happen the way we anticipated. We must understand that our desires are based on what we feel is good for us, but it is not always so. We cannot see the hardship and pain that we may experience if things always happen the way we want.

Keep your trust and always be truthful. Not everything will turn out the way you want, but it will happen the way it is most favourable for you.

©️ Makuei Junub211 ©️ JUNUB Insight


Graduation gown 👨‍🎓 will look good on us😊📌

So let's focus 🦋❤




Ur dream determines ur goals,
Ur goals map out ur actions,
Ur actions create results,
And the results bring u success.!
Gòód nite my friend hv a nice dream.


Am not a witch but I know you are holding your phone with your right hand and reading my post😜😅


Apologize When U Wrong, Stop Looking 4 That Support Yo Stupidity..


Mention your favorite celebrity and see he/she replies to you 😍😊


Solve this problem in your head. Divide 50 in half, then add 26, and multiply by 0.

What do you get?


*After marriage, your husband asks you to stop Facebook, stop WhatsApp and change your Sim card*

What will you do??🤔


What are some qualities that make a man highly attractive besides his looks?


Can a man Without money make a woman Happy in a Relationship??


John Frog is support to work on Action & Energy video as soon as possible! This hit is just Magical🔥




Let's hear it for Aliou Cisse 🇸🇳

🔹Missed his penalty in the 2002 final shootout.

🔹Lost to Algeria in the 2019 final.

🔹First manager to bring the Africa Cup of Nations trophy back to Senegal.



Vocally you have a booming voice and bags of character in your tone. Great power and control are all there! You have a lovely tone to your voice and had great control throughout. - Marko Atem 🔥

👉🏽 https://youtu.be/-GX4R_d7ncc

©️ Makuei Junub211

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