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Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 19/01/2023


Shock revelations as leader of SSUF Gen. Paul Malong Awan unveiled

Pual Malong has claims that $390 million was recently divided between Mohamed Daglo a.k.a Hemetti of Sudan, Presidential Advisor on National Security, Tut Gatluak, and President Salva Kiir. Apparently, Hemetti took $90 million, Tut took $150 million, and Kiirdit took $150 million, source familiar with matter inside J-1 says

He also revealed that a lot of money is given to ladies that come to see Kiirdit at J1. Gen Malong asks, “why are ladies given this money? What have they done?” I guess, we can all read in-between the lines. This is happening while people are literally starving and public servants haven’t received salaries. The rotten regime of Kiir Kuethpiny continues to surprise us with its unprecedented failings! What a disaster for our country!

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 19/01/2023


New telecommunications company has enters into South Sudan market

The Tele Mobile South Sudan Limited is owned Ethiopian investor Mr. Aysheshim Teka.

The new telecom company will be headed former CEO of Ethio Telecom Dr. Andualem Admasie.

Tele Mobile South Sudan (TMSS) will be the fourth mobile communication service provider in South Sudan after MTN, Zain and Digital.

Source: HIJ

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 19/01/2023

forget Adut Akech, meet 17-year- Arual cyer another model who’s giving Junubin men sleepless nights.


SSBC reporter Garang John is found detained by South Sudan National security service (NISS)

Sources familiar with matter claim it's an administrative issue. Garang who has just returned from Kenya after finishing his Master's degree in the industry. Perhaps, there is fear which his bosses feel insecure. The reasons for his detention are yet unclear


"My boyfriend is 40 but doesn't want to move out of his mother's house. He stays with his parents, grandparents, 3 sisters and their countless crèche, 2 brothers and their girlfriends. He drives a BMW and Benz but refuses to find his own place. He says he's not ready to be away from his mother, he can only leave when his mom dies. The mom is 60 and I don't see her dying anytime soon. My biggest problem is he wants a baby and I don't want my child to grow up in a house that looks like that. What can I do to encourage him to grow up"? - A lady needs an advice

Photo by Jasmin Merdan (Getty Images)


Breaking News

President Kiir has fired the of Managing Director of Nilepet, Chol Deng and appointed Bernard Amuor Makeny (pictured) as the new Managing Director.


Mt7’s Manger came under backlash from fans after he fails to persuade promoter K2 in English on lives videos coverage.


Singer Mary Boyoi to boycott upcoming peace concerts in northern barh El ghazal Aweil.

Boyoi says she can’t share stage with her musics rival Lady Kola who threatens Boyoi to harm her if she attempts to land in Aweil

Mary Boyoi claims she will give back the money she was paid by Promote K2 to perform in Aweil , saying, quote

“my life is more important than money” Boyoi says.

Boyoi and lady kola have been in black and white terms, they can’t see each other for closely 2 years now, the genesis of their disputes is problems unknown.


African-American Rapper, Meek Mill Reclaims his African Heritage.

The rapper’s DNA test results details that the American rap star's ethnicity is 21 per cent from Benin and Togo; 18 per cent from Ivory Coast and Ghana; 18 per cent for Nigeria; 14 per cent from Cameroon, Congo and West Bantu People; 8 per cent from Mali; and 5 per cent from Senegal.



Two people reported dead in car accident on Yirol- Terekeka road.


Singer Khim Swaqq declared himself as best S. Sudanese artiste of all time

in a post which he quickly deleted on his page, singer flattened himself as the best singer alive and not traditional artiste unlike some which he didn’t mentioned

Many netizens reacted to post referred it to Alijoma who went to Australia last month for musics concert widely believe to have been arranged by elderly women to sing for them.

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 04/01/2023

Singer Alijoma Mabil returns back from Australia as his music’s tour ended

berke hit maker was massively received by his fans and his wife at entebbe airport Uganda.


President Salva Kiir has stated that the government will take action against those who continue to engage in "senseless" violence throughout the country.

Kiir expresses deep concern in his New Year's message about incidents of deadly sub-national violence across the country.
The president claims that inter-communal violence is undermining the revitalized agreement's progress.
"I have publicly spoken about the dangers that this violence poses to the gains we have made in implementing the revitalized agreement," he said.
Kiir warns those allegedly responsible for the violence to stop or face the full force of the law.
"I have also advised those who are behind this violence to stop, but this advice has gone unheeded."

"Those who are inciting this violence should be aware that the government will not remain silent any longer. We will prosecute those who continue to engage in this senseless violence."

His remarks follow reports of inter-communal hostilities in various areas characterized by cattle raiding and land-related issues, resulting in deaths, displacement, and loss of livelihoods.

Since August, factional and communal conflicts in Upper Nile State have killed hundreds of people and displaced tens of thousands into UNMISS camps and neighboring countries.

On Christmas Eve, ethnic violence blamed on the Jonglei State militia group White Army killed 56 people in Gumuruk County of the Pibor Administrative Area.
Furthermore, in December alone, inter-communal conflicts were reported in the Tonj Region of Warrap State and Mangala Payam of Central Equatoria State.

In a press statement issued on Saturday, December 31, Kiir urged communities to choose dialogue over bloodshed to resolve any inter-communal conflict.

"If there are issues that have the potential to cause conflict between and among neighboring communities, they can be addressed through dialogue rather than communal killings."

photo credit-(Reuters)

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 31/12/2022

S.Sudanese basketball giants Bol and Gabriel meets at NBA court🏀 while playing for different teams


Morning from the beautiful radio presenter in town Diko D Andrew 😊

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 29/12/2022

Gudele based teen shutdown internet as posted her nyash captioned it

“look at what mom had gave me”


John Frog drip for Christmas 🎄🎁

Rate it.

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 25/12/2022

Kenyan president Williams Ruto at his farm over the weekend of merry Christmas.


Tutu Baibe is wishing you merry Christmas 🎄🎁☺️

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 24/12/2022

Living legendary, singer Duop pur set aside popularity and venture into labor force to feed his family in Juba

Singer Duop, who raised into fame in composing hit songs during CPA and 6 years interims period for southern Sudan from 2005 to 2011, also praising the ruling political party SPLM in 2010,

the artiste was believed to have made some plenty of money but things switched wrongly and economic hardship too in country may have force singer to labor force.

SSI reporter tired to reach out to Duop pur for sit-down interview but was unable to reach.


Meet KiarraMusic young emerging S.Sudanese artiste.
Check her songs on YouTube .


The 1 month- baby who was stolen from her mother from salon at custom market-Juba has found.

The woman who abducted a one-month-old baby from a saloon in Juba has been arrested in Yirol, Lakes State.

Police Spokesperson Daniel Justin also confirmed that the baby has been rescued.

On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, a woman identified as Mammy allegedly kidnapped two siblings from a saloon at 10 AM at a Custom market in Juba.


The High Court in Juba has sentenced Bobby Longar Akok to death by hanging for killing his wife and another man in Juba in June this year

This comes after the both parents of deceased agreed on the matter.


Breaking news

4 people confirmed dead as they attempted to rob central bank this evening in Juba.

It’s a developing story, we will details the full news for you shortly.


Model priscilla😊


Kenyan-Raised South Sudanese Lady Leaves US, Starts Impressive 19-Acre Farm in Home Country

William Osoro Joy Adu who’s public health graduate left US for her country to ventured in to farming, in her interview with Ghanaian YouTuber wode maya joy Adu says she’s making good money in farming as she distributed to major restaurants in Juba and door to door selling.

Joy also added that even when she was studied public Heath in US she knew her dream was something else (farming)

She however urges south Sudanese diaspora with different professions to come back and build the world African youngest nation’s economy.



The Special Court in Juba has dismissed the case against Kuel Aguer, the former governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State who was accused of plotting coup against the sate.


Self proclaimed singer Max Jay living life in Dubai with his Ethiopian girlfriend.


Rwandan president Pual kagame shutdown various churches and mosques across the country.

"I have closed over 6000 churches and 100 mosques in my country and I am now demanding for a theology degree for every religious leader. Stop playing with people's faith and making it a business. Rwanda is already a blessed country" ~ Rwandan President, Paul Kagame


Slate nation secretly working to surprise his fans with collabo with Tanzania legendary singer Diamond platinumz, source familiar with matters revealed to us that, slate met with diamond in his recent Melbourne tour and agreed to on a song together.

However the date for the duo to hit the studio hasn’t yet been made public.


SPLM endorses President Kiir of presidency in 2024

President Salva Kiir will run for presidency in the 2024 elections, the SPLM announced on Tuesday.

The announcement came at the end of the party’s National Liberation Council (NLC) and Political Bureau (PB) meetings chaired by the president.


It’s time to pay back the civilian who help us with logistics during war of liberation

SPLM's second deputy chairperson, Daniel Awet Akot, told the leaders to ensure they offer services to civilians who supported them during the liberation war.

“We fought twenty-one years. There was no food. Food was only from these people and we were not paying them. We need to pay them now because we were not paying them for 21 years and these years of semi-independence. So I appeal to the persons holding leadership that this is the time to pay our people back,” Akot told the SPLM leadership.

For his part, Kuol Manyang Juuk, the party's third deputy chairperson urged the party leaders to safeguard the party's vision and be united.

"The vision of the nation is not the responsibility of the chairman alone. It is our responsibility all of us. We need to safeguard our movement; we need to safeguard our country," he said. "For us to succeed and implement these resolutions, we need to be one. It is the responsibility of all of us to be one and mobilize the rest of our population."

President Salva Kiir during the meeting also confirmed the members of the National Liberation Council and Political Bureau.


Singer Silver X stuck in Australia

The undisputed singer silver X who went to Australia for musics concert stranded, something his fans quickly judges as a way of refusing and stay in Australia

Silver X, who married an Australian citizen (3) years ago once came under heavy criticism for marrying aged woman who’s almost his mother

Many netizens regarding marriage as transactional one and visa seek, something singer denied and called it love.


Model, Nyayiena William Nyuon❤️


SPLM-IO cadres spotted while smoking sh**ha in northern barh Al ghazal (Awiel)

Photos from South Sudan Insider's post 17/11/2022

Police issues arrest warrant for controversial businesswoman Achai Awiir over child trafficking drama

If arrested Awet could be charged with character assassination after one of her sisters accused, her of defamation and criminal intimidation.

A source familiar with the matter told City Review that Awet has since gone under after a warrant of the arrest came out on the 11th of November, 2022.

City Review has reliably learnt that Awet’s sister wants her charged with character assassination after she allegedly accused her of spreading the word that she is involved in child trafficking.

Achai is said to be accusing one of her sisters of being behind the negative publicity. So the sister opened the case to clarify the allegations made against her.

“We heard some that Achai has been summoned by the police but she is hiding and this case is related to the previous child trafficking that occurred in Uganda.”

In September, reports from Ugandan indicated that police in Kampala had asked their counterparts in South Sudan to arrest businesswoman Achai Wiir in a suspected human trafficking scandal in Uganda.

This was after Ugandan police rescued eight babies aged between two years to two months at a motel in Kampala, Uganda. The babies were said to be under the custody of the businesswoman.

She later claimed that she took up the babies under her care after they were separated from their parents by the ongoing conflict in Abyei.

“The babies are orphans of the deceased biological parents that had fallen victim to the Abyei Conflict,” Achai said in a long post on her social media account in September.

According to sources, Achai allegedly accused one of her sisters of fueling the matter. As a result, the sister made a report to the police, accusing Achai of “spoiling her name”.

Via The City Review Digital


The young energetic diplomat abiong Kuol pictured herself with her Indonesian colleague


The commanders behind the liberation of today’s South Sudan.

Salva kiir Mayardit

Williams nyuon bany



SSPDF officer commits su***de over salary delay, less payment in newsite

JUBA - South Sudanese's junior officer belonging to SSPDF organized forces has been reportedly committed su***de over the weekends.

One of his family says, the deceased had said before he killed himself, "If my children are dismissed from school because of the lack of school fees and my family has no bread to eat while I'm the national army that protects the country, then, it's better to leave this earth".

An investigation is underway .

R.I.P 😭😭


Super model, Adut Akech with her elder.

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Salva kiir speaking in 1991 during Riek Machar rebellion that left 10,000 civilians dead in bor.
Late Dr, John Garang de Mabior speeches in Abyei in 2005.




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