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LIDSS is a fully registered youth led, nonprofit, non-denominational Christian organization seeking

Timeline photos 26/08/2022

It's real! It's hard! Stop teenage pregnancy 😫

Vendor In Distress As Young Mother Tricks Her Into Holding Baby, Then Disappears


Donate to help alleviate suffering among the most vulnerable

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We are happy to share the New Call For Proposals by the USADF for South Sudan 2022. Please apply and share with interested parties. Deadline September 30th 2022. Download the application template on this link:
More Info can be found here:


We understand that life is hard and sometimes we just do not have any option but to act against our will...nevertheless, let's try not to get children involved in this!

They're just too young, innocent and not ready for this!

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Yes, this is not the life we expected when we voted for separation!

I admit that we might have suffered more in South Sudan than we did in Sudan!

But we still don't regret having voted for our freedom!

With all these hardships, we are still hopeful that we will one day go beyond them to soar like an Eagle!

No better feeling than being part of a positive prophecy which the Bible predicted would happen❤❤ therefore with joy, though feeling insecure, hungry, sick and in pain, we proudly say:

Photos from UNFPA South Sudan's post 04/05/2022

This could be your chance to get to the next level in life.

Give it a try!

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 01/05/2022

had the privilege to be part of a five days training on Engaging Men in Accountable Practices.

Organised by and facilitated by , the training takes a unique approach that aims to equip young leaders, activists and all active agents of change with the necessary skills and tools to help reduce Violence Against Women and Girls and create accommodative societies that ensure just, fair and equitable access to opportunities.


Risk of sexual violence, unintended pregnancy soars in crisis settings, new report highlights 14/04/2022

Risk of sexual violence, unintended pregnancy soars in crisis settings, new report highlights Risk of sexual violence, unintended pregnancy soars in crisis settings, new report highlights

Timeline photos 13/04/2022

: Business grant scam in South Sudan resurfaces on Facebook

A sponsored Facebook post on a page called “Ministry of Finance and Planning, South Sudan” purporting that it is giving out entrepreneurial and agricultural grants of up to three million dollars to small businesses in South Sudan is a hoax.

The advert claims that the grants in an effort to promote investment, agribusiness and economic empowerment is a partnership between USAID and Global Entrepreneurship Network.

“We, therefore, advise entrepreneurs and farmers to take advantage of this great opportunity to apply for the grants by clicking on this link…,” partly reads the hoax published on Monday, 11th April 2022 that has since attracted over 500 interactions, 30 comments and 10 shares.

They then direct users to fill in a google form, which requires applicants to provide personal details, such as name, phone number, email address and physical location, as well as the estimated cost of the business project they want to undertake.

When contacted by 211 Check, a media official at the Ministry of Finance and Planning said the page running the advert is fake. He says updates from the ministry are shared on the minister’s social media accounts at the moment.

“The grant is a hoax. Currently, we have the minister’s page and Twitter accounts on his names,” the media official said.

The ‘Page transparency’ section of the false page reveals that it was created on April 5, 2022, whereas the South Sudan’s Ministry of Finance & Planning verified page was created on 30th March 2020.

We can also find a link to the finance ministry’s genuine page here:

In February this year, 211 Check debunked a similar post from another imposter Facebook account going by the name “South Sudan’s Ministry of Finance and Planning created on 24th February 2022.

Read full article here:


We can collectively create a peaceful, hate and violent free spaces for our interactions and coexistence!

Sometimes a tiny spark starts a big fire, and online hate speech can lead to offline violence. When you spot hate speech online, here's what you can do to prevent it from spreading:

✔️ Take a screenshot of the post, image or video; it should include the comments as evidence in case there is potential legal action.
✔️ Report the post, image or video.
✔️ Don't engage, as there is a risk of getting drawn into inflammatory conversations.
✔️ If you respond to comments that you may find unfair, always be accurate and professional.
✔️ Remember to be authentic, constructive and respectful.
✔️ Stay polite in tone and respectful of individuals' opinions, especially when discussions become heated.
✔️ Be considerate of other people's privacy.


Parfois, une petite flamme peut déclencher un grand incendie, et les discours de haine en ligne peuvent provoquer des violences hors ligne. Lorsque vous repérez un discours de haine en ligne, voici ce que vous pouvez faire pour éviter qu'il ne se propage :

✔️ Faites une capture d'écran du message, de l'image ou de la vidéo ; elle doit inclure les commentaires comme preuve en cas d'action juridique potentielle.
✔️ Signaler le message, l'image ou la vidéo.
Ne vous engagez pas, car vous risquez de vous laisser entraîner dans des conversations incendiaires.
✔️ Si vous répondez à des commentaires que vous trouvez injustes, soyez toujours pré et professionnel.le.s.
✔️ N'oubliez pas d'être authentique, constructif et respectueux.
✔️ Restez poli.e.s dans le ton et respectez les opinions des personnes, en particulier lorsque les discussions s'enflamment.
✔️ Soyez attentifs.ves à la vie privée des autres.


on the

It was absolutely an informative 2-days training!

Big thanks to , , , and the other international organisations supporting youth-led organisation and initiatives!

A huge thank you to all the selfless young people involved in the humanitarian work!


Initiatives such as these deserve our attention and actions!

Please share with others, it may land on soft ground!


You might be interested in these courses!

Please checkout and build your capacity!

The South Sudan NGO Forum often receives queries concerning access to funding that can help establish, sustain or expand lifesaving and lifeimproving programmes implemented by NGOs in South Sudan.

Did you know that there are free online courses that can guide you on proposal and report writing, help demystifying humanitarian financing, and deepen your knowledge of humanitarian standards used as yardsticks by donors to assess prospective partners?

The following online courses on humanitarian funding are offered for free on the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s online learning platform Kaya (

• An Introduction to Proposal and Report Writing (by Save the Children) is available for free on This module is targeting individuals who wish to gain an understanding of proposal and report writing in humanitarian and development contexts. The aim of this training is to give an introduction to the proposal and report writing processes. You will see why report and proposal writing is important and how it can be used both internally and as a way to distinguish programmes with donors. You will be introduced to the key elements of a good quality report or proposal, and how to apply relevant donor reporting requirements, using the support mechanisms available.

• OCHA Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs): Learn how CBPF partnerships work to enable humanitarian organisations to deliver timely, coordinated, and principled assistance. Developed by the Norwegian Refugee Council in partnership with OCHA, this course offers four modules: An introduction to CBPFs; Establishing a partnership; Managing a partnership; and Advisory Board membership. The course is available for free on

It is also important to note that organisational compliance with humanitarian principles & development best practices is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for funding. Donors may, for example, look at whether a prospective partner has safeguarding mechanisms in place for preventing sexual exploitation and abuse, fraud, abuse of power etc. Does your NGO have policies and mechanisms in place for ensuring that donor funds are spent with accountability to communities and people affected by crisis?

Comprehensive courses on humanitarian essentials, principles & standards are also available on Kaya. Begin, for example, with the below course:

• Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard (provided by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and the CHS Alliance): The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) is a common standard that helps improve the quality, accountability and effectiveness of the humanitarian assistance that we offer. The CHS puts affected communities and people at the centre of a response, ensuring their fundamental human rights are protected, in particular, the right to life with dignity and the right to protection and security. Access the course on

Kaya is designed to be accessed from phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, so you can use it whenever and wherever you are. You can even use Kaya without an internet connection - simply download the courses you want onto our Kaya Mobile app and sync your progress back to your profile when you are next online!

*Screenshot from Introduction to Proposal and Report Writing, a course offered by Save the Children on Kaya

Teen rejected by parents over pregnancy begs for forgiveness - Eye Radio 07/01/2022

So heartbreaking 💔😢

You can never quench fire by adding fuel..... disowning your child for such issue is no good solution at all!!


Teen rejected by parents over pregnancy begs for forgiveness - Eye Radio A 16-year-old mother abandoned by her parents for conceiving at an early age is asking her family for forgiveness, and begged to take her back. The teenager mother only identified with a single name, Nancy, is a mother of a two-month-old baby, who conceived for a man during the second covid-19 lock-...


With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


, ❤️

Some people wonder what the meaning of the name of this organization may be. If you are one of these people, here is where the name came from:

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.
1 John 3:18 "

Photos from South Sudan NGO Forum's post 02/12/2021

It was absolutely awesome!

Congratulations to the new Steering Committee and big thanks to the outgoing team for their tremendous efforts and wonderful achievements.

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 25/11/2021

Here comes the day finally!

Do not just count the days, rather ! If not you, who else will?

Stop violence against women and girls!


A monkey clapped its hands as it watched the elephant and the hippo fighting. One of the legs of the hippo was eventually broken.
So the medicine man said he needed the veins of a monkey to prepare the medicine.
When the monkey was caught and told the reason, he sadly said, I would have reconciled them if I knew the conflict will eventually affect me.
It was too late for the monkey.
Moral ofthestory:
Let us all be part of the positive solution.
Every crisis you see or hear about will one day affect you too.
We should use our opportunities well by preaching peace, unity and love. We may also cry one day if we don't help today.

Make yourself a Solution and not a PROMOTER of any Crisis!

God bless you.


Photos from Office of the Governor-Central Equatoria State's post 20/10/2021

It was a truly productive and interactive session!


Did you know that half of the South Sudanese girls get married before the age of 18? A pretty shocking fact!

We need to put more efforts to rescue those young ones from falling into this snare which often leaves the vast majority of its victims impoverished!

And for those already caught up in the unfortunate circumstances, we need to support them. Anything which could be considered as "helpful" counts!

Joint hands together to end child marriage in all its forms!

Women cooking their way to success | International Organization for Migration South Sudan 05/10/2021

Great work !
Knowledge + Commitment = Wealth!

Women cooking their way to success | International Organization for Migration South Sudan Monica Atoch opens one cooking pot after another to ensure that the large variety of local delicacies is all ready for her customers who start coming in for lunch at about 11 a.m. Monica’s story is very inspiring and demonstrates her resilience. She started off with a small roadside tea shop with ...

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 05/10/2021

It is no longer an illusion that when women are empowered they would do mightier things than many men do.... the photos below speak volumes!!
These are the products of Women and Children Protection Initiative (WACPI), made by women, South Sudanese women!

Let's give women a chance to prove their abilities and unleash their full potentials!

Educate a , you educate a !

Thanks for the excellent work!



Many have not been receiving food but have been surviving on the little they get from those that, they're all facing the prospect of having nothing at all!

This needs not be done without proper, reliable and sustainable alternative strategies put in place!

The internally displaced persons (IDPs) sheltering in the UN Protection of Civilian site (POC) in are calling on the World Food Program (WFP) not to stop food distribution in the camp. “We want WFP to continue food distribution to us, and if WFP says it can no longer give us food, let them get us land for cultivation within the nearby proximity at the Juba PoC. And if there is no land for cultivation, let them take us to our homeland so we go and die from there,” Bidi Ruot G*i Juba, UN PoC3 Chairman said.

Nyachangkouth nominated for peacebuilding award - Eye Radio 23/09/2021

Great news!!

Nyachangkouth nominated for peacebuilding award - Eye Radio The United State Institute of Peace has nominated the co-founder of the Mother Care Organization for the inaugural Women Building Peace Award, 2021. Nyachangkouth Tai is among nine women recognized globally for advancing the role of women in pursuit of peace in fragile or conflict-affected countries...

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 20/09/2021


On Friday, 17th September, our head office team visited our field office in PoC 3 and had an interactive session with with our beneficiaries, adolescent mothers!

We are committed to providing the needed services to the most vulnerable people and especially those that tend to be somewhat neglected or overlooked.

In this highly dynamic and unpredictable world of today, it is of utmost importance that young girls and mothers are empowered in all aspects and that we will do!


Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 16/09/2021

on Nyarika Puok's condition!!

It is unfortunate to learn that after struggling to improve the condition of our dear sister Nyarika and her four kids, she has been made to slip into an even worse condition than the previous one again.

She said her eldest son named Chiok has been abducted by a lady claiming to be a relative to the deceased father of the child. The boy whose name means "leg", the very one she thanked God for when she gave birth to him, acclaiming "God has given me my lost leg back!" Has been abducted!!

She said after hearing rumors about the destination where the child is expected to have been taken to, she sold her shelter and the few items she has in order to buy a ticket and fly after her dear son. Unfortunately, the money was not enough. She tried to see if she could travel by a boat and it didn't work too. Now she has nothing left with her and remained roaming in the town. As you can see her and her kids, they were found on the river side by a certain woman and accommodated them for days.

She called us, LOVE IN DEED South Sudan and requested that we share her tragic life experience with our audience in the hope that someone may be touched and lend a hand of support to them.

Here are her phone numbers in case you would like to hear from her, support her financially or emotionally:

And if you would like more information from us, please don't hesitate to do so by contacting us on the following numbers:

Tel: +211918211240
WhatsApp: +211923723726
Email: [email protected]
or just leave a message on the inbox!

please may be your "share" that will get it reach them who have the capacity to support!

August characterized by floods, violence, coronavirus -OCHA - Eye Radio 08/09/2021

Something needs to be done, urgently!!

August characterized by floods, violence, coronavirus -OCHA - Eye Radio UN agencies say the month of August was characterized by deaths and displacements related to flooding, violence, food insecurity, and the coronavirus. An estimated 380,000 people have been affected by flooding in six states since May, with Jonglei and Unity the most affected. They say many of those....

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 18/08/2021

We are excited to share with our supporters that our membership with South Sudan NGO forum has been fully confirmed and we have managed to obtain our certificate!

We are are deeply appreciative of everyone's contribution and hope to serve our community together with you.



Are you a youth-led/ focused organization or implementing a youth-led/ focused initiative on & ? We would like to hear from you.

Let us know your vision for by completing the survey >

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 30/07/2021

3 days staffs capacity building training ended successfully yesterday.

Thanks to IMC for facilitating the training, not forgetting ACTED also for tremendous work by providing training space.

Our Action Our Love.

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 28/07/2021


To be able to deliver services efficiently and effectively, you need to have a well informed and trained team... and I order to build such a team, you need to be trained by a team of resourceful professionals and this is exactly what has happened.
The long awaited capacity strengthening of our field staffs has kicked started yesterday at the IDP camp 3 and shall last for three days.

We are grateful to International Medical Corps (IMC) for facilitating this highly needed training and special thanks too to ACTED South Sudan of course not forgetting you our dear supporters!


Photos from Albain Institute's post 27/07/2021

It was great being part this extraordinary workshop!
= !

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 20/07/2021


We're so excited and greatly privilleged to be part of this week long STRESS MANAGEMENT, TRAUMA HEALING & AWARENESS WORKSHOP organised by the Office of the Vice President @ Palm Africa Hotel.
Our objective is to learn and impart what we've learnt to others... Make a to cause a !
Our country needs healing. We need to embrace the diversity our country has been blessed with.
Let our "tribe" COMPLEMENT us and not COMPLICATE us!

Credit to Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for being the brain behind the workshop.



For easy identification and to make your mission easy, we have put up this simple sign post so that you don't end up checking every maroon coloured door around Hai Neem!

Welcome to LIDSS' office!

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 15/07/2021

Want to meet the team face to face? You are more than just welcome.. Come to our office located behind former Kenyan Embassy in Hai Neem.

Thanks to our dear generous supporters.... We are "Love In Deed" because of your support!


Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 09/07/2021

Happy 10th Independence Anniversary

Photos from LOVE IN DEED South Sudan's post 24/06/2021

It was a great day having some of our top management and key staff under one shade. Discussing matters affecting young ladies, women and people with special needs and looking at how we as LOVE IN DEED South Sudan can be of help.
We are reaching out to many and the call to sensitise the majority about gender equality is a shared responsibility.


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And the awareness continues!!In #Jieng Language#StopCOVID19Now
In Chollo Language:#StopTheSpreadOfCOVID19Let's share the message in our native languages.Help in spreading the message ...
Happy international women's day to everyone



Hai Neem Behind Former Kenya Embassy

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