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Congratulation to Mr Jok Thon, for won the wrestling game against Gongic Nai.
We will get more updates there in this media

Culture update, wrestling, music, videos news,

Operating as usual


Magot Agutding
Khor Ayang
Is the best wrestling in world.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 09/02/2022

Congregation to Azande people for installed a new King his Majesty Atoroba Peni Gudue.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 09/02/2022

Back to 2017 Bishop Magotdit on top.


Khoro is ready for wait wrestling tomorrow live in goulyar mingkaman.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 09/02/2022

Breaking News Wrestling Update

Khoro vs Me Wol on date:10/2/2022 tomorrow

Venue Mingkaman Wrestling stadium

Time 1:00PM afternoon

Live on Bul-Neymar Media.
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Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 09/02/2022

Unbeaten Champion in South Sudan, Bishop Magot Khot Ajak. Like the page.


Who is the right answer between them??
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I want to be a Doctor like this man.
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Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 08/02/2022

happy family.
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Dr John Garang de Mabior & Kiirdit de Mayardit in Rumbek 2005


I want to be a police soon.
Life the Page.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 30/01/2022

Happy Sunday to everyone wherever you are.
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Traditional in the village in 1950-1990.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 30/01/2022

You will recovery soon strong man,
Mr COVID-19 Ailjoh Nhial.
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Be take care in your Exam.
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Traditional in the village.
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Which one is very important among this two conditions?
1) Girlfriend
2) 20 Billion USD
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Jiengdit Chol Akuey Vs Lueth Akech

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 23/01/2022

Wrestling update
Nyapony vs Deer Two weeks left
Mawut Kuol vs Akol Agok
Makuach Yaak vs Deng Adugot

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 23/01/2022

wrestling Request from Paluk to Baidit.
Between Awuolic Ajuong vs Ayak-Maboor
Date:15/02/2022 venue Bor time 7:00am.

Photos from Bul-Neymar Media's post 23/01/2022

Champion of wrestling this year
Lekujo Acot


Choc Ajuong vs Majur Ayuen


May God bless our people from Baidit against Murlei


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