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Photos from Lich TV's post 20/12/2022

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SPLM IO in Maban county launched its office in the county headquarters. In attendant, was Peter Alberto - the county commissioner who also doubles as chairman of SPLM IO in the county. Stay tune!

Credit: Peter Alberto


During yesterday's inauguration of Juba-Bahr el Ghazal highway, President Kiir unknowingly urinated while singing the national anthem.

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Son of the land Emmanuel Jal


Breaking News!!

Governor of Warap State Aleu Ayieny has been sacked this evening.

Photos from Lich TV's post 10/11/2022

Pal Mai Deng appointed as new Minister of Water resources and irrigation by SPLM IO leadership as replacement to late Manawa Peter Gatkuoth.



Breaking News: SPLA/IO Major Gen. James B. Gatluak Joak passed away in Khartoum. James B. Participated in many battles that bring about our Republic of South Sudan. He will be remembered as a hero! May his Soul Rest in peace.


Little siblings??
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Deputy governor of Unity State, Tor Tunguar Kueiguong accused the governor of Unity State, Nguen Monytuil of suspending members of his party saving in the state government without consulting him.

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PAY JOHANNES THERE GOES A TIME Official Video 31/10/2022


….there goes a time by Pay Johannes




Emmanuel Jal recieved his award from Excellence Awards last night. Congratulations son of the land!


🇬🇧🔴 becomes Britain's new prime minister and the Conservative Party's new leader, the third in under a year.

As the only candidate to secure the backing of 100 Conservative lawmakers, the 42-year-old former finance minister can be named prime minister.

replaces Truss who was forced to resign after she launched an economic programme that triggered turmoil on financial markets.

Sunak first came to national attention when, aged 39, he became finance minister under Johnson just as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Britain, developing a furlough scheme to support millions of people through multiple lockdowns.

LELE - Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian Redd | Official Video 08/10/2022

LELE - Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian Redd | Official Video

One of the best of Emmanuel Jal

LELE - Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian Redd | Official Video Artists: Emmanuel Jal feat. Nyaruach & Nubian ReddSponsored by Twins for PeaceExecutive Producer: Nana BaffourDirector: Ogega AndereCreative Exec: Tania Camp...


Emmanuel Jal set to release a new song tonight


The master of rapp follow his official page

Pay Johannes


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Photos from Lich TV's post 24/09/2022

Today 24/9/2022 SPLM-IO Interim Secretary General launched Jonglei State Secretariat in Bor town.
Blue Heart 💙💙💙💙💙 in Bor.


Support the voice of Youth Chuol Sam Tet


BREAKING NEWS: Queen Elizabeth II, the UK's longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral aged 96, after reigning for 70 years, reports the BBC.

Her family gathered at her Scottish estate after concerns grew about her health earlier on Thursday. The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and witnessed enormous social change.

With her death, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, will lead the country in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: "The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

"The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow."

📸 (BBC)


Breaking News

Buckingham Palace has announced Her Majesty The Queen has died


The wisdom!!


America Destroyed Me, the great book of all time.

"Well, my son," the old man said, "you are not poor as you think. To be rich isn't determined by whatever amount the rich ones have. One is only considered to be truly rich and wealthy when one has all the things money can't buy."

~ America Destroyed Me.



1- There shall be no pressure under the earth, under the sun that'll make Pres. Salva Kiir to put his pen on an order that'll cancel the 32 States. What Pres. Salva Kiir can do is to allow the people of South Sudan to go for a referendum: Ateny Wek.

2- Dr.Riek Machar is parked like a car without wheels in South Africa, so you will never see him again. He will be back to South Sudan as a normal citizen: Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth

3- I will never take you back to war: President Kiir in 2014.

4- 1000 tractors, South Sudan will be food basket in 2 years time: Hon Onyoti in 2014.

5 - Aswa dam to be completed in two years: Hon. Nunu kumba in 2013.

6- Ramciel City to be ready by 2021: FVP Taban Deng.

7- Airport to be ready for Independence Day: Lino Makana in 2011.

8-The dollar will stay stable at 18.4: Deng Athorbei 2015.

9- Juba will be more developed than Kinshasha by the end of this year: Kiir, St. Theresa's cathedral Kator 2010.

10- The freedom bridge will be launched in the next 18 months: Rebecca Joshua in 2016.

11- South Sudan economy is booming : Ezekial 2018.

12- I will never come back to Juba unless Kiir Resigns: FVP Riek Machar

13- All areas will have access to tap water: Nunu Kumba in 2013.

14- We will eradicate corruption in South Sudan in 100 days: Benjamin Marial in 2013

15- Zero tolerance on corruption: Salva Kiir Mayardit in 2005.

16- SPLM will take towns to the people in the villages: Kiir in the 2009 election campaign.

17- You don't want to be a second class citizen in your country, vote for the independence of South Sudan: President Kiir.

18- 20 million trees to be planted by 2020 : VP, Taban Deng G*i.

19- I have forgiven my brother’s killers if it will bring peace: Tukew Gatluak.

20- Peace is around the corner: Makuei Lieth in 2014.

Which lie do you hate the most ?


Sports⚽ Colonialism⚽😎🌍
Why Africa is Poor
Most Searched Teams:
1.Real Madrid⚽
2.Arsenal ⚽
3.Man United⚽
If you look at the most Googled Football Teams in Africa none of them is African.
Africans celebrate and support Foreign⚽ Clubs more than their own.
We sell off our best players to these clubs instead of building our own clubs.
This is 21st Century Mental Enslavement.
We spend most of time arguing over foreign clubs than tangible discussions on Africa Economic Development.
While Foreign Powers are scrambling over Africa's natural resources Africans are fighting over Real Madrid and Arsenal.



An ongoing peaceful demonstration staged by the youths today in Malakal City is thwarted with live bullets by the police. Three people are reported to have died including a pregnant woman and the numbers of wounded are yet to be verified. More to follow.


King 👑


Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, PhD.
Remarks on the graduation of the NECESSARY UNIFIED FORCES

Your Excellency Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit , president of the Republic of South Sudan
Your Exellency Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, president of the Republic of Uganda
Your Excellence, Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Burhan president of Sudan sovereign council and chair of IGAD and also a granted.
My colleagues the vice presidents, representative of head of States and Government
Right Hon. Nunu Kumba speaker of national assembly , right Hon. Deng Deng Akon sepeaker of council of states right Hon. deputies of speakers of national assembly and council of states,

Hon. Ministers, distinguish guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, (Salam alekum).
This is the day that our people have been waiting for , milion are in the countryside other are civilians protection sites, PoCs in Juba, Malakal,Wau,Bentiu and Bor, millions of refugees are in Sudan , Uganda, Ethiopia,Kenya, Egypt, DRC,CAR, and the wider diaspora. And of course myself who have been marooned and stacked in juba, we have all been looking forward for this graduation to happen.

Before I get excited about today, let me thank the organizing committee for making this graduation possible , I know the teams worked days and nights in the last five days. Allow me aslo to thank president Museveni for coming and for his supports, transitional security arrangements was the most important agenda for HE President Museveni, a such initiated creation of an extra security mechanism called the (Security Supervision Mechanism), Mr president you are welcome , I also would like to thank HE Abdel Fattah Al Burhan the president of Sudan transitional sovereign council, and chair of IGAD for his support and also for breaking deadlocks when we got stacked in the implementation proccess of this agreement , we also give thanks to president Al Burhan and his teams , a special thank for allowing food supplies from his country by land and river to reach the training centres despite the restrictions due to the war in ukraine.
I would also like to thank all IGAD members states that supported and continued their support for the implementation of this agreement, I would like to thank the implementation mechanisms that have worked for years to ensure this agreement is implemented , and this include the CTSAAM, JMEC the IGAD special envoy office for the work they did for this day to happen .

I also would like to thank the international community TROIKA , IGAD , IGAD partners forums , EU, and China for their supports and contributions at this juncture, I would also wish to congratulates and thanks our president Salva Kirr Mayardit for making this day to happen , the graduation of phase 1 of necessary unified forces , transitional security arrangements is the backbone of this agreement

Without this the peace will not hold , you will recall the neccesary unified forces that are graduating today were meant to be graduated during 1st transitional period of 9 months. After the signature of the agreement in Addis Ababa on july 12 2018 and September 2018 which mean we should have graduated this forces by Aprill 2019 , however after all when there was an effort that the government was to be formed, we had to go back to addis ababa for an extension of 6 months in a hope that this forces would be graduated and the number of states would be agreed upon , in November 2019 the UN Security Council had to come to Juba to push again for the formation of RTGONU, but since then none of this two critical issues wee resolved , no graduation of unified forces , no agreement on number of states , we had to go to Entebbe , in Entebbe we secured the second extension of 100 days of the Transitional Period , in February 15th 2020 in Addis Ababa we were stacked in an agreement on the number of states , we reverted the country to its former 10 states , that is on February 22nd 2020, the presidency was sworn in and the transitional period of 36 months started, we are today graduating this forces 5 months and 8 days before the end of the Transitional period and by the way this is only the first phase of the neccesary unified forces, and it's also just a little over a half of the neccesary unified forces that were agreed for phase 1, I believe you know why I'm excited. I think you the forces before us today particularly those who came from the opposition forces would share my excitement and joy.
I know over 200 hundreds of your comrades have died in the 18 training centres, some died because of diseases and no medication, some died because of hunger as food was not available, I also know many of you have not seen your families for all the years you have spent in training centres, today I congratulate you for your endurance and perseverance, you have undergone a serious tests, a serious tests of political will and you have shown your willfulness for peace and commitment to ensure stability in this country to prevail.

The sacrifices you have you made are worth it, our country from now on shall be a Unified National Army, we have called it as agreed South Sudan People Defense Force SSPDF, we shall have a national police service, a National Security Services, a national prison services, a national wildlife force, a national civil defense force, all reflecting our characters, our nationality and our ethnic groups, I believe a new era has started.

I want also to underscore the discipline you have exercise in the training centres there was no single report about any violation of the ceasefire between yourself on the contrary to what is happening outside the training centres, 15 serious violations had happened between opposing forces outside with the defending forces, you were not tempted at all to join your comrades who were engaged in an unnecessary lost of lives, I congratulate you for this discipline I trust you will protect the Constitution, the territorial integrity of our country and it's people and their properties.

I want you to take this discipline to your deployment locations beside doing your security work, be a productive force, you must engage in modern agriculture, teach our people new ideas, you must also engaged in road building it's not engineering core that does that, soldier do such work, be engaged in the long vision of creating railway in our country and building airports and also improving our national parks and games so that we can earn hard currency from our animals resources.
The representative of civil society talked about your low pay, we are cognizant of it, all our men and women in uniform are making end meet through cutting woods to make charcoal, we are aware of that, we are aware that the pay is low "and by the way I don't think that it's you alone, even we in the podium here we have low salaries"
but for us to raise the salaries we must act together, we must act together to combat corruption so that your salaries are raised, We will be transparent in what we do and if you the unified forces as the nucleus of the new forces lead the way and the rest shall follow I hope the president will address this issue in his statement.

Your comrades that will join in phase 2 may only spent 4 month or 5 months in the training centres, they have also patiently waited for you to be graduated, to them outside in the contonment sites and in the baracks they are excited just like us here, they know that their turn is coming and it will be a better time for them, you have taken the brand and you have passed the test, with the discipline you have shown in the training centres I'm confident that the country and our people will be secured and peaceful and prosperous state shall be realized.

Election which is the end product of the agreement will be conducted on the 22nd December 2024 if we go according to the roadmap I believe South Sudan will have free, fair Democratic election and you will be responsible for ensuring this, you know we had to extend this transition period if only 5 months and 8 days are the remaining one, we need time to train phase 2 of the unified forces, we also need time to work on the constitution so that is why we extended the transitional period for 24 months, for that we will have implemented all the aspects of the peace agreement and we will have a new state that unite it's people.
Finally I want to call upon our partners whose confidences had been shaken by the slow implementation of this agreement, I want to call upon them to continue their support for the implementation of this agreement and the roadmap.

murub alekum( I congratulate you)
Dora hijah aine bi kalam bi Arabic, ane nekun barana ( next time I will address you in Arabic if we are alone)
Shukrun jezilen🙏🏻( thank you so much)

Dr. Riek Machar Teny's remarks on Necessary Unified Force graduation


Breaking: six people including 2 women are arrested so far by security forces as the protest against Dr. Joseph Nguen Monytuil is intensifying in Unity State Capital, Bentiu.

Stay tune!

Photos from Lich TV's post 29/08/2022

Raja County Commissioner, Addison Arknagelo convinced local men and women in Western Bahr El Ghazal state, to build brigde using bare hands as the state government is working hard to provide necessary financial funds. Commissioner Addison was the builder himself.

Photos from Lich TV's post 28/08/2022

Office of the chairman and commander in chief SSPM/A.

Press release

Date 28/8)2022

South Sudan People’s Movement/Army (SSPM/A) is dismayed by the il-legal maneuvers, the coteries of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU), attempts to shield and protect the perpetuators of the heinous crimes against its officers occurred in Mayom, Bentiu on 8th August 2022 - Tut Gatluak and Joseph Nguen Manytuil the National Security Advisor and Governor of Unity State respectively. Worst still the Regime in Juba does not take any legal action against them simply because was evidently a personal revenge for the death of the Security Advisor’s brother - Major General James Chuol Gatluak.
The deceased commissioner was the commander of Mayom based militias who provoked an attack on the SSPM/A on July 21st of 2022, and as a result the SSPM/A retaliated by attacking Mayom the following day, in which the commissioner himself died in the attack when his grass -thatched house was burnt by a fire bullet.
The SSPA operations was carried out in a very selective way to minimize unnecessary suffering of Mayom civilians. Those who died or wounded in the attack were purely soldiers from the headquarters of the Mayom Commissioner who doubled up as a commander of Mayom based Militias and the headquarters of Commander of the SSPDF 4th Infantry Division.
It is worth mentioning that the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF), Laws of convictions bestowed the prerogative of ex*****on on its Commander-in-Chief only, and the very SSPDF laws give the accused of whatever crimes the right to fair and legal proceedings rather than being extra-judicially executed.
Meanwhile SSPM/A is preparing to avail in a separate press release the names of its officers and soldiers who were kidnapped in Fula, Sudan - along with the already executed four officers whose bodies dumped on the roadside on the way between Bentiu and Tor-Abieth on 7/8/2022 – it calls on, and intends to, all regional and International human rights’ organizations to pursue all legal avenues to ensure that the perpetuators are brought to book and held accountable.
Finally, The SSPM/A calls on its members to remain vigilant and urges South Sudanese citizens as well as their law makers to stand up for their rights against the draconian regime of President Salva Kiir and his associates.

Cde Luke Gattiek G*i

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