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Are you burden will oily and spotty skin and face? we have a solution for that!

Pure non-chemical Naturacential Oxygen Bar & Deep Cleansing and Whitening Bar.

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We bring you the best nutrition package for your muscle building and for general health. Pure whey protein concentrate.
Also good for those who do sports and gymnastics.
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'Viral hepatitis B and C silent diseases'

Chronic hepatitis B and C can be symptom-less for many years, meaning people may not realise they are infected until they develop liver problems.

The major thing with hepatitis B and C is that people often don't even know they've got the disease or living with the disease.

One of the challenges of improving diagnosis and treatment rates of hep B is the invisibility of the illness in its early stage.

Immunisation is the best protection against hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis B vaccine is readily available where as hepatitis C is Curable with current available antivirals taken for 8 to 12 weeks to achieve cure.

Treatment for chronic hepatitis B involves regular check-ups and anti-viral medication that helps to control the amount of virus in the body.

"Current anti-viral therapy for hepatitis B, even though it might control the virus, doesn't eliminate the risk of liver cancer, and is lifelong," where as for viral Hepatitis C, current anti-viral therapy cures the virus within 8 to 12 weeks.

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Erectile dysfunction, also known as or , is a concern for many men around Uganda and the entire world. The health problem affects men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age. But what is the best way to treat the frustrating sexual dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual disorder. Men affected by ED have consistent trouble with achieving and maintaining an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse despite being sexually stimulated. The condition can have physical or psychological causes. One of the major causes of ED is restricted blood flow to the pen*s – the amount of blood in the cavernous bodies may then not be enough to cause an erection. This type of ED is called vascular erectile dysfunction.
The good news is that erectile dysfunction is treatable by you just reaching out to us.
It's a simple and painless treatment.You will notice improvement of your ability to achieve an erection within a few weeks.
For treatment please
us on: 0781779380



Even when you aren’t aware of it (such as explicit leaking wetness), your vagina produces lubrication. It’s a natural part of your physiological functioning.

The glands in your cervix and vaginal wall create essential lubrication to protect your genital area from injury or tearing, and keep your vagina clean and moist. Depending on where you are in your cycle and hormone levels, the amount of cervical fluid could vary.

Keep in mind that this fluid, or something similar, also appears during sex. But just because you see it doesn’t mean you’re turned on.😚

If there is lubrication, it’s your glands at work. The responsible glands for producing lubrication for sexual activity are the Bartholin glands (located to the right and left of the vaginal opening) and the Skene glands (close to the urethra).


Chances are the wetness you feel is a watery-like substance, not fluids caused by sexual arousal.

Your genitals may feel warm, and your underwear may feel damp, moist, or soaked. You may also feel stomach cramps, depending on where you are in your cycle, or if you’re bloated.

If you are laughing hard, sneezing, or doing some heavy lifting, you may experience stress incontinence. (Even though it is called stress incontinence, this is a physiological occurrence, not a psychological one.) This is when pressure is applied to your bladder, and you unintentionally pee in your pants.

✍Overall, how wet you become depends on several factors, including:

👉mental health
👉relationship factors
👉perspiration and sweat glands
👉the type of clothing you wear
👉hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

For some, the type of birth control you use may increase vaginal wetness, as estrogen tends to increase the production of vaginal fluids. If this bothers you, consider asking your doctor about an alternative birth control that has less estrogen.

Infections, like bacterial vaginosis, could cause a feeling of wetness, as the wetness helps to move bacteria out of your vaginal canal. Vaginal lubrication also increases near ovulation to increase the chances of fertilization by providing an easier passage for the sperm to travel.



Children need a balanced, healthy diet that includes:
☑ Milk and dairy products like cheese and yogurt
☑ Plenty of fresh fruits and leafy, green vegetables
☑ Protein like chicken, fish, meat, and eggs

However, Given the reality of time-crunched parents, those well-rounded, home-cooked meals aren't always possible. That's why pediatricians may recommend a daily multivitamin in form of a supplement like , for;

☑ Kids who aren't eating regular, well-balanced meals made from fresh, whole foods.
☑ Finicky eaters who simply aren't eating enough.
☑ Kids with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, especially if they're taking medications. (Be sure to talk with your child's doctor before starting a supplement if your child is on medication.)
☑ Kids eating a lot of fast food, convenience food, and processed food.
☑ Kids with epilepsy and sickle cells.
☑ Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies.

For more information contact
Call +211927240777
WhatsApp +256781779380/+211916693196

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How to check your balls (Testicles) Because a common cancer for men aged 15 to 44 is cancer of balls (Testicles) Be careful
And check at least once a month

Testicular cancer is a cancer that arises from a testicle (testis). Around half of all cases occur in men aged under 35 but testicular cancer rarely occurs before puberty. It is the most common cancer in men aged 15-44 years. There are about 2,000 new cases in the UK each year.

The common early symptom of testicular cancer is a painless lump that develops in a testicle (testis). Treatment involves surgery to remove the affected testis. Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy may also be advised depending on the exact type and stage of the cancer when diagnosed. Treatment often works well, even for testicular cancer that has spread. More than 9 in 10 men with testicular cancer can be cured.

Lump on a testicle (testis)

In most cases, the first symptom noticed is a lump that develops on one testicle. The lump is often painless but some people notice some pain or discomfort coming from the affected testis.

Most swellings and lumps in the scrotum are not due to cancer. There are various other causes. However, you should always tell a doctor if you discover a swelling or lump in one of your testicles (testes). It needs checking out as soon as possible.


In many cases, testicular cancer develops for no apparent reason. However, certain risk factors increase the chance that testicular cancer may develop. These include:

Race and ethnicity. The risk of testicular cancer among white men is about 4 to 5 times than that of African and Asian men.
Family history. Brothers and sons of affected men have an increased risk.
Undescended testicles (testes). The testes develop in the tummy (abdomen) and usually move down (descend) into the scrotum before birth. Some babies are born with one or both testes which have not come down into the scrotum. This can be fixed by a small operation. There is a large increased risk in men who have not had their undescended testis surgically fixed. There is still some increased risk in men who had an undescended testis fixed when they were a baby.
Infertility. Infertile men with an abnormal sperm count have a slight increased risk.
Klinefelter's syndrome.
HIV/AIDS. Men who have HIV or AIDS have an increased risk.
Vasectomy does not increase the risk of testicular cancer. (Several years ago there was a scare linking vasectomy with testicular cancer. Studies have ruled out this link.)

How is testicular cancer diagnosed and assessed?

To confirm the diagnosis

Your doctor will examine your testicles (testes) and refer you to a specialist if he or she suspects that the lump is a tumour. A specialist will examine you again and may advise an ultrasound scan. This is a simple painless test which uses sound waves to scan the testicles. This test can tell if the lump is a solid mass (likely to be a tumour), or a non-cancerous (benign) cyst (a fluid-filled lump which is common in the testicles).

On the basis of the examination, and the above tests, a specialist can be confident whether you have cancer or some other cause for the swelling. If cancer is diagnosed then the usual advice is to have an operation to remove the affected testicle. The testicle which is removed is examined under the microscope to confirm cancer.

If you have one testicle removed, it should not affect your sex life. You should still have normal erections, make sperm and hormones from the other testicle and so can still father children. However, if you have chemotherapy or radiotherapy (see below) it may affect your fertility. But, many men find that their fertility returns to normal a year after they have received their chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.


Treatment options which may be considered include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The treatment advised for each case depends on various factors such as the stage of the cancer, the type of cancer (seminoma or non-seminoma) and your general health.


Surgery to remove the affected testicle (testis) is normally advised in all cases. This alone may be curative if the cancer is in an early stage and has not circulate.

For things like this it's also advisable to visit the hospital for check up by professional.

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PUBLIC AWARENESS.... From Lugei Foundation.

The hepatitis B and C virus is transmitted through blood and sexual fluids. This can most commonly occur in the following ways:

- blood contact.
-Direct contact with infected blood.
- Unprotected sex.

- injection drugs Use of illegal or “street” drugs

- biohazard Needles and other medical/dental equipments or procedures that are contaminated or not sterile

-Mother to baby From an infected woman to her newborn during pregnancy and childbirth

- Body piercing, tattooing, acupuncture and even nail salons are other potential routes of infection unless sterile needles and equipment are used.

- Body fluids such as vaginal fluid secretions,menstrual blood, seminal fluids such as semen or sperm

- In addition, sharing sharp instruments such as razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, earrings and body jewelry can be a source of infection.

- Hepatitis B and C is NOT transmitted casually. It cannot be spread through toilet seats, doorknobs, sneezing, coughing, hugging or eating meals with someone who is infected with hepatitis B, sweat, breast milk, .


Happy World pharmacy day to my pharma Blood.
Dr.Nguech Alit.

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Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

While there are many causes of infertility, a blockage of the fallopian tubes is often the reason why many women are unable to conceive. The fallopian tubes are the pathways in which the ova travel from the ovaries down into the uterus, and if there is a blockage in these tubes it can prevent this from occurring. The fallopian tubes can sometimes become blocked or even damaged due to certain conditions that a woman may suffer from. In rare cases, the blockage to the fallopian tubes may have been present since birth as a birth defect, but has gone undetected until the woman reached adulthood and tried to conceive. Role of fallopian tube in conception Upon ovulation, the egg will travel from the ovary to the fallopian tubes where the sperm will meet the egg and fertilization occurs. Once fertilized the zygote (fertilized egg) is pushed through the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where implantation will occur in the womb.

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Self-care should be a top priority. Take better care of yourself with Naturacentials Feminine Wash and feel refreshed all day long!


We give you a quick feedback and you can either call or WhatsApp the numbers on the page depending on your location.



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