Planned; Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan

Planned; Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan


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As a wikimedian,I shall be attending this years WikiVibrance #2022 organised by Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan Koneta HubWikimedia Foundation with different youths around the platform.
Next to youth Garden
Ending the day at a higher note learning and learning.

All about

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Thanks Koneta Hub , Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan

This is a community of Wikipedia users and Creators with a vision of enhancing the creation and use o


We are super excited to have began building of the Naath (Nuer) Wikipedia on the incubator one of the first stages to get a language accessible to anyone.

As much as the process is amazing and fun plus educating but for anyone who can write and speaks Nuer, you are welcome, to join us create an open accessible platform of content of Wikimedia to south Sudanese.
Wikimedia Foundation


In partnership with Excellence Foundation South Sudan
We bring a free Webinar facilitated by our Ag ED Wani Yusif;

We will also discuss the use of AI writing tools for editing and creating Wikipedia articles. These tools can assist editors in finding and fixing errors, as well as suggesting additions and improvements to existing articles. By using AI writing tools, editors can work more efficiently and effectively to improve the accuracy and quality of Wikipedia's content.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to navigate Wikipedia and make the most of its resources, as well as how to use AI writing tools to assist in their editing and writing efforts. This webinar will be valuable for anyone who is interested in learning more about Wikipedia and how to use it effectively, as well as for those who want to explore the use of AI writing tools in the context of Wikipedia.
Wikimedia Foundation


Children collect water for their families in the half-light of sunset. Oxfam is currently producing over 300,000 litres of clean water a day for a population of around 80,000 displaced people who have settled in Awerial county. Clean water for drinking and cooking significantly reduces the risk of deadly water-borne diseases like cholera.



By mid-morning, the sun is already searing as Nyamor Nwat, 40, kneels over a grinding stone, its top side smoothened from the countless down-strokes she has made to crush thousands of tiny round millet seeds into a rusty red paste. As she works, she tells us that one small bucket full of this paste – boiled – is all that her extended family of 18 will eat today.

Nyamor is living with her family in a small farming village outside of Lankien, in northern Jonglei, an opposition held area in South Sudan. All major supply routes but one have been cut off due to fighting. The last remaining accessible road has only been open for about six weeks, but will close again once the rains set in around April.

Photo: Aimee Brown/Oxfam


Are curious about Wikimedia or you just want to learn how Wikipedia works or you have any questions! Join Wani Yusif Farjallah with our weekly Webinar, a weekly catch-up call and Webinar with new and experienced Wikimedians to learn from each other! Start your wiki journey with us!


Voting is open for the sound logo, vote now and spread the word

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 03/12/2022

Today we launched and started our Africa Youth Month, South Sudanese in diaspora Version, with a training with Refugees in BidiBidi Refugee camp, introducing them to Wikimedia, and basics of editing and contributing, we are excited of the 20 new members who shall be contributing at documenting and building content about South Sudan on Wikimedia ( Wikipedia).
This is a project by the in partnership with WikiVibrance, Africanofilter, and Wikimedia communities that include the South Sudan community. It focuses on rewriting African Stories with Africa Conent by the African Union


As we strive to provide information to as many and local content consumers as possible we have decided to create the Bar(Karo) and Nuer(Naath) but these two languages shall need a standing team of translators and passionate writers in the languages and mentioned, if you think you are passionate about writing in the languages mentioned and are ready to be a part of creating these content for the mass consumers, please join our telegrams as below;



Connecting . content to how climate change impacts society helps readers connect what they learn with how we need to make decisions to address or adapt to those changes
You can as well add content about climate change on your city’s wikipedia article.


By including activists from Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA) with a focus on empowering underrepresented groups, activists are able to build a broader coalition of stakeholders advancing climate solutions.


For any Wikimedian that would love to join us for the Africa Youth Month in South Sudan, please feel free to join us via the dashboard and every edit shall be tracked to award the best writers, use the link 👇…


We are super excited to be participating in this years Africa Youth with a hope to support the creation and contribution of african-related content on projects, we will have access to the Resources related to the campaign theme.

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 01/11/2022

Today we launched the WikiLovesMonuments2022 campaign in Juba, South Sudan at the SafetyComm South Sudan space, this project was launched along with the Photographers in Juba and shall be entailed at adding photos about South Sudan Monuments and Heritage as part of the campaign, but also as a general improvement of South Sudan related articles on Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia
Thanks for all who attended and you can also participate in the campaign by uploading your photos to Wikicommons and using the category “Wiki Loves Monuments 2022 in South Sudan


Today was the launch of the and WikiVibrance project in partnership with Wikimedia communities across Africa, with an intention of facilitating African communities to write stories and content about Africa, this project encompasses both Wikimedians and non Wikimedians to aid in rewriting the African stories


Are you in South Sudan, then you now can read, and contribute to freely using the South Sudan’s a plan that can allow you to be a Wikipedian while not using your data from your smart phone. try it out!


To all our new upcoming Wikimedians, we are excited to announce that we have once again announced the next slot of our weekly Wikimedia Foundation projects training and catchup, which will be every Saturday headed by Wani Yusif, a wikimedian and active member of the community in South Sudan, if you need to learn or have any questions about wikimedia and wikimedia projects pleaze join in every Saturday.
The links shall always be shared a day or two before the trainings.

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 15/10/2022

One exciting aspect during the project in South Sudan is that most of the Volunteers who came in to help in training on basic use of Wikimedia Foundation projects like Wikipedia and others, were are our former trainees in the former batch of trainings,its amazing to see the enthusiasm in these youths and the power of skill/knowledge transfer.
Thanks to Wani Yusif, Mandenya, Florence, Bunde Charles and the whole team

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 13/10/2022

We are very excited to have successful conducted our day one of the program in South Sudan, In this project we trained 15 students and 5 Teachers from JCC Secondary school on the basics of how to contribute and consume existing articles on Wikipedia , this content is a basic solution to the existing problem in lack of Open Education Resources in the Country.
This amazing team shall as well be tasked on creating and editing articles as well as contributing to other Wikimedia Foundation projects
Koneta Hub


The Wiki for Education team comprising of trainers, students and teachers from Juba Christian Center Secondary School posing for a group photo at Koneta Hub on Thursday.

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 13/10/2022


The Wiki for Education project kicked off today in Juba at Koneta Hub with training of about 15 students and 5 teachers from Juba Christian Center Secondary School.

This scheme is aimed at empowering students and teachers to write education stories for Wikimedia in South Sudan.


How much do you know about South Sudan!
We are excited that one of our wikimedian Mamuch, Developed the Junub Quize App, an application that aids you learn about the details in South Sudan's History and social culture, such an add up to Wikimedia Foundation 's mandate lf sharing and filling in the knowledge gap, the app has recently just been approved for *open alpha testing on google play*. kindly do a brother a favor and check it out, give feedback. it's still at its early stages and will be updating frequently to make changes. here's the download link ;


We are excited to announce that the EduWiki project shall launch on the 13th to 14th Oct.
The project aims at helping both educators (Teachers) and students to develop vital media and information literacy skills for the 21st century by using Wikipedia as pedagogical tool.
Access to education resources is yet a challenge in the country but with the already existing number of education articles on Wikipedia Students and teachers can have access to large amount of education content to not only consume but also contribute to.
This launch shall be at Koneta Hub
Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda


We would love to wish our amazing Wikimedian and active contributor Arop "Wakanda"
A blissful day, happy birthday champion 🏆
You are such an addition to an amazing team of people bridging the knowledge and content gap of information in South Sudan.
Enjoy your day!


We super excited to announce a partial result of our WikiVibrance ongoing Editathon, we chose to write about amazing youth personalities, institutions and more youth led notable programs and personalities. We have manged to get some exciting results in less than a week.
I would love to thank all the contributors and supporters and let's keep going on!
Wikimedia we contributed articles to Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata

Thanks Koneta Hub for the continuous support and Scenius Hub , Defyhatenow for the space support


Are you an Author or someone interested in contributing to the dictionary these twin Wikimedia reference projects gets you sorted. Wikitionary and WikiBooks
You can still contribute and be a part of the Global Wikimedia Community.


Today our Director of Programs, Richard Sultan, will be in a panel discussion about Arts and Heritage in Education- a flash forward to thinking and doing in creative ways.
As a part of today's biggest

exhibit ever organized through the efforts of;

Likikiri Collective
University of Juba Official
SOAS University of London
University of Portsmouth
Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa

It's an event that comes once in a while with many tokens of benefits, you cannot afford to miss.

Follow the program to follow the events happening in the two locations: The University of Juba Customs cumpus and Nimra Talata Youth center.


You can listen to our interview with Radio Miraya as we discussed "Why Wikimedia and her sister projects matter" and their influence on the development of the structures in the country.
And as well we spotlighted about WikiVibrance, the Significance of amazing partners like Koneta Hub, and SafetyComm South Sudan towards enabling Wikimedia contribution centers, and how one can finally become a Wikimedia.


Today our team leader was hosted on Radio Miraya , and discussed more about the WikiVibrance, how anyone can be a Wikimedian, the information gaps as fars as Wikipedia content in the country is and the challenges around information citations that affect the continuous contribution to the Wikimedia projects.
And how the freedom of expression affects our work and Wikimedians in the country
Thanks Jedi and Irene Lasu for hosting us.


One exciting session from the WikiVibrance programme was the peer to peer learning where we paired Experienced members to newbies to the community. It was so exciting looking at the power of collaboration in learning how to contribute to Wikimedia Foundation Wikipedia
In South Sudan

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 02/10/2022

We are excited to have just concluded our Education programme strategic meeting, we planned for the forthcoming EduWiki project that aims at helpung teachers and Students who take part in this program improve their skills in reading, writing, researching, critical thinking, translation, communication, and collaboration; gain information and media literacy; and deepen their understanding of copyright, citation, and digital citizenship.

Thanks Junub Open Space - JOS for hosting us
WikiVibrance Wikimedia Foundation EduWiki Collaborators Collaborators Network Sub-Sahara Africa



We are super excited to have got that the Dinka Wikipedia has been approved, this yet another mile in creating more knowledge resource platforms for the population of South sudan.
This Wikipedia shall strictly be in Dinka and shall aid in the contributions and improve knowledge equity to such a large group.

The Bari Wikipedia is as well underway!

The population of Dinkas around 4-5 million people, constituting about 48% of the population of the entirely country, and that made them as largest ethnic tribe in Sudan

Wikimedia Foundation

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 01/10/2022

The last session of our WikiVibrance trainings and meetup session today was finalised by a peer to peer mentoring session for the new wikimedians, we were so excited by how there was a synergy of collaboration and the heart kf teaching and learning from the Members. Member collaboration and partnership is one key goal of the Wikimedia Foundation as part of the Movement Strategy 2030.

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 01/10/2022

The passion, focus and dream of these young men and women towards Wikimedia is super powerful.

Photos from Wikimedia Community user group South Sudan's post 01/10/2022

Our first WikiVibrance event in Juba was a great and amazing fortune. It was an incredible and insightful experience with these young people who are passionate about creating the most needed change and future of wikimedia in South Sudan.

Great thanks also goes to Koneta Hub for the amazing partnership and having the goal of this day achievable.


Today we were very excited to have our Team Leader Romeo Ronald moderate our "winners call" that managed to bring together different Wikimedians globally for a networking and experience share as we globally prepare for the WikiVibrance it was such an enlightenment to see amazing people with different reasons being part of the movement.
Thanks so much to James Euphemia and Douglas for having such an amazing session.
Our own program shall be happening tomorrow at Scenius Hub see you there.
Wikipedia Wikimedia Wikimania


Ninety per cent of those who add content to Wikipedia in South Sudan are men. There are four times as many articles about men as there are about women. The figures vary regionally, but no matter how you look at it, the picture is clear: the information about women is less extensive than that about men. Regardless of which language version of Wikipedia you read. We want to change this with the Wiki Loves Women project
As part of our upcoming WikiVibrance program, we would love to dedicate a session to writing articles about amazing and notable women and youths in South Sudan.
Gender Talk 211 Wikimedia Foundation

WikiIndaba conference 2022/Scholarships - Meta 20/09/2022

Interested in attending Wiki Indaba physically in Rwanda? The call for sponsorship to attend is still open🧐.
What is Wiki Indaba anyway? It is the gathering of all Africans that edit on Wikipedia and sister projects 🤷 Give it a try, you never know!
Click here for more details 👇👇

WikiIndaba conference 2022/Scholarships - Meta Wiki Indaba 2022 (05 - 07 November 2021) will be the 7th in a series of annual African conferences which provide a unique opportunity for the Wikimedia community in Africa and the diaspora to come together. Since its conception, the aim of WikiIndaba has been to build capacity for African Wikimedian...


In the past few years the fight against misinformation has ramped up online with the pandemic fuelling conspiracy theories right across the globe.

Some believe Wikipedia could be crucial in the fight because it provides crowd-sourced transparent information.

You cab read more below👇
211 Check Defyhatenow


You can as well participate in this year's WikiVibrance 2022 in South Sudan, a program intended to train youths to fill up the content gap in youth affairs in the country on Wikimedia Foundation projects like Wikipedia and others.
join us on the 1st.10.2022 Koneta Hub Juba for the event, and please do apply using the link below

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You can listen to our interview with Radio Miraya as we discussed "Why Wikimedia and her sister projects matter" and the...
Amazing insights into the problems faced by Wikimedia communities in Africa by Tochi from @IgboWiki
Wikimania testimonials
Testimonies about our Three day Wikipedia Training and wikimania
Testimonies about our Three day Wikipedia Training and wikimania
Wikimedia training in South Sudan (invite)
Wikipedia Training



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