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COVID-19 remains the main threat to our communities' health and vulnerability due to lack of a defined cure but in South Sudan today, the rates of infection, morbidity and mortality attributed to , . and / is alarmingly on the rise. Let's jointly work towards protection of the most vulnerable population in our communities. Let's break their chains of transmission and prevent the spread.


Let's adapt a safer lifestyle to protect ourselves and our loved ones against COVID-19..


We can try our best to reduce risks of contracting COVID-19, we can not stay home because we live from hand to mouth, we have the power of reducing the risks


Given the current situation of COVID-19 in South Sudan, it is much healthy to prevent yourselves and your loved from the dangerous Corona Virus.
Maskings will surely help in breaking the chain of transmission.
We know in South Sudan we are enduring fights ranging from to -19. If we stay home hunger will kill us. We rather die of COVID-19 while looking food.
Mask every vulnerable individual and communities.


As we celebrate Mother's Day, let take upon ourselves to protect our mothers, sisters and families against all forms of violence including Domestic and Sexual Violence during this lockdown.

Let's all help
is more harmful than corona
women and Girls against Corona


Information is Power
Follow latest information on CDC website, WHO and Ministry of Health. Let us grow beyond fear to stop panicking to being able to understand and separate between rumours/ fake information and reality.

Let's be safe.
Know the right information on COVID-19
Protect yourself


As we protect ourselves and families in breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19, let guide our communities do it the right way to avoid cross-contamination of the which will lead to self-infection
Follow the Pics chart below...



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