Cold in juba

Cold in juba


What happened to Jesus 🤣
Pick the burning meat and someone come spoiled before you taste, how do you feel like.
This is Mr koli koli yajamma
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Doctor majak agot vibing with John Frog's guondo sakit
TWIC KING reports

Photos from Cold in juba's post 14/11/2022

Tension at Bor College in Bor Town

News reaching our newsdesk indicates that there high tension at the famous high school in Bor, Bor College.

It's alleged that the tension is between the executives over the ownership of the school.

Students are seen holding sticks while preventing police from accessing the school.


One of the arsenal fans has started wearing his tie with an arsenal Jersey, he said he is respected by his colleagues if he wears this Jersey


Two friends kolikoli and TWIC KING are reportedly said to have been fighting over a girl whom they had a crush on at don bosco school.

The two friends had to exchange blows after finding out that they are in love with the same girl whose names have been hidden.

The two friends have been walking together in the school, TWIC KING who is mostly known as said the girl was the girl of his dreams.


Nyiir ke sherikat can also eat azam.


My part is done kalas
Let's all go and vote now
John Frog 🐸


Bakayoko was put in the list because he promised to take us to simple life azam, lets not talk about buka


List for top ten most beautiful girls will be posted at 7pm later

Photos from Cold in juba's post 13/09/2022

Updated and real list of top ten most handsome twic east boys.
1. Macco boy
2. Genesis angel
3. Drakey
4. Rabby kizzy
5. Koli koli
6. Mawan de mawan
7. Semon buka
8. Bakayoko
9. Nation big engine


List of top ten most beautiful ladies of twic east is loading


Silicone Valley Shares contract.


Bilpam Akech is killing himself who will sing kiir must stay to us on date 30/09/2022 at south Sudan hotel in Majuetdit comedy SS concert 😱🙆

Via Majuetdit


Kool Bush last week cut a cake to mark his return to music after a number of fans reached out to him, requesting him to reclaim his spot in South Sudanese music industry.

He later released the audio dubbed “Yala ya bit,” a purely African music taste and it's already making waves in Juba.

He later assured his fans of releasing more good
music and ready to retain his music position in South Sudan.


List of top ten handsome twic east boys in South Sudan (editors)


List of top ten handsome editors in South Sudan


Oh great Patriot!
Let us stand up,in silence and respect
Saluting our martyrs whose blood, cemented our national foundation,we vow to protect our nation
Oh God bless South Sudan


Even Manchester United knows it's my birthday today and can't disappoint me


Meanwhile Liverpool fans think that the reason why we win under 1.5 is that we don't know how to win over 8.5
The reason why we don't want to win 9-0
Is that we don't want to regret after joy
Arsenal see you tomorrow
Don't forget it's ma birthday tomorrow


I'm 🦲🔙



Photographer:Mr principal each student is going to pay 100ssp for a pic
Principal:TR on duty tell the students to bring 200each
Tr:class monitor tell the students to bring 400 each
Class monitor: teacher said we should pay 800ssp each for the photos
Students:mom 1000 is needed at school for photos
Their Mom:my husband 2000ssp Is needed at school for photos

And cheating continues,,,,,


Interviewer: Maguire I guess it's the right time to say bye to your fans now
Maguire:why,,,, where are they going??


Tr:add question tag,the girl is naked

Me:where is the girl,,👀


10million ssp for any person who will accept that he/she is a fool


Nigerian rappers :I throw a pot in the air and called it airport😅
Ssd rappers :I called your sister outside the gate and called her Colgate 🤣
Nigerian rappers:I park two books in a bag and they called me Tupac ✊
Ssd rappers:I picked your tooth from the floor and they called me toothpick
Who won 😡




In movie: English is not our problem
Behind the scenes:how did I spoke that spoke


Fabrizio is also promoting vawulence on Manchester United

🎙️ Elon Musk: "Also, I'm buying Manchester United. You're welcome.

"Are you serious?"

Musk: "No, this is a long-running joke on Twitter. I’m not buying any sports teams.

Although, if it were any team, it would be Man U. They were my fav team as a kid."

Elon Musk


She rejected me 4-n0 reason



Vawulence is the form of energy that enables our cheats to pain


Sometimes brokeness makes us rethink life ie
1.Breathing is automatic untill someone tells you you're breathing
2.your car keys are travelled more distance than your car
3.why do your ears click when you swallow
4.How do u explain a color to a blind person
5.if you were born blind and deaf,which language would you think in
6.No one has even been to the sun but how TF did we know the temperature of the sun
7.if the middle of the earth is hot,why is the bottom of the sea cold is more about passing than learning can't swallow saliva more than three times
10.if Neil Amstrong is the first person on moon,who set the camera to video him one has ever been in an empty room
12.who knew the first person to die was actually dead don't know you fell asleep until you wake up
14.if you rub two fingers against each other,which one do u feel
15. you can't hum with your nose closed
16.if there is no oxygen in the space,what keeps the sun burning
17.who came up with money can't explain a color without saying the color
19.we would never know what the bottom of the ocean smells like
20.if humans can see air,does that mean fish can not see water do we explain how the tongue test like
22.why are our teeth warm one has ever seen dinosaurs but somehow we know how they sound like
24.b,p,d,q are exact same letters turned in different directions
25.the internet was created without the internet won't know who attended your funeral
27.when you're born,they say you're growing while you're literally d*ying
28.who d*ed in the space that made the scientists realise you can't go to the space without a spacesuit
29.everyone has tested breast milk but can't remember what it tested like
30.if we listened to our parent's advice "don't talk to strangers,"non of us would have had any friends

Someone owes me this 👉❤️

And have a bright day

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This man's name is (Shao Ling Li), for 30 years, he's been applying for a visa for America to the point that he became known to everyone at the embassy and was rejected.

He filed 15 immigration applications to Canada, but all of his applications were rejected

He asked to join the Chinese Navy and was refused

He and 124 people applied for a software company, 122 were accepted and he was one of the two rejected.

He filed a file to join the Chinese police with 20 candidates and he was the only one rejected.

He didn't despair and struggled, so he thought to enter e-marketing and create a website like Amazon, but he didn't have the capital, so he sold his wife gold and took a bank loan, and after many years of years of success bore him, the site failed and now he's in jail.


27 Reasons Why You Should Never Mastubate Again

1. Ma********on Releases “Different” Chemicals in Our Brain than Having Actual S*x with a Woman

2. Ma********on Messes up the Dopamine Levels in Your Brain and Can Lead to Addiction

3. Ma********ng Too Much Kills Your Dopamine Receptors
4. Ma********ng Kills Your Interest In Everyday Normal Stuff

5. You’re Left Feeling “All Used Up” and Unproductive

6. Ma********on Makes You Feel Like A Loser

7. Ma********on Is Perverted

8. Ma********on Leaves You Feeling Guilty

9. Ma********ng Makes You Lose Interest In Being Social

10. Ma********on Makes You More Immature

11. Ma********on Makes You Less Masculine and Dominant

12. Ma********ng Makes You Depressed

13. Ma********ng Makes You Get Nervous and Shy Easier

14. It’s Harder to Be in Control of Your Emotions When You Ma******te

15. You’re Less Physically Composed When You Ma******te

16. Ma********on Destroys Your Confidence

17. Ma********ng Leaves You Foggy Headed and Unable To Think

18. You’re Left Feeling Unmotivated and Unproductive

19. Ma********ng Leads To Low Self-Esteem and A Poor Self-Image

20. Ma********on Ruins Your Perspective Of Women

21. Ma********ng Makes You Obsess Over S*x

22. It Can Also Be Linked To Your Hair Falling Out

23. Guys Who Ma******te Tend To Have More Body Fat

24. You’re Losing Out On Muscle Mass

25. Ma********ng Can Lead To Lower Back Pain

26. You Lose Hardness In Your P***s.

27. Some reports state that ma********on could cause partial blindness.

Ex-Crystal Palace Player Who Became P*rnstar Expose Hidden Secret. Says It Isn't What We Imagine 10/08/2022

Ex-Crystal Palace Player Who Became P*rnstar Expose Hidden Secret. Says It Isn't What We Imagine

Ex-crystal palace player became p*rnstar

Ex-Crystal Palace Player Who Became P*rnstar Expose Hidden Secret. Says It Isn't What We Imagine Popular p**nstar, Damian Oliver, has opened up on how working in the p**nographic industry is not as gratifying as it appears.The former Crystal Palace of England academy player, who transitioned into p**n acting after prematurely ending his football career, regrets his new profession.Once a budding...


And when 69 said your bestie is a d*ck sucker
Some boys took it serious 🤐

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