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“I AM Twi in Greater Bor and ‘Bor’ comes from Athooc-Gok.

I am Lith in Twi and ‘Twi’ originates from Ajuong (Ayolyel in particular).

I am Dachuek in Nyuak and ‘Nyuak’ originates from Ayual.

I am Thoi in Dachuek and ‘Dachuek’ originates from Pan Juach in Dachuek.

So, the notion that ‘Bor’ is not my/our name is double standard....There are many many people in Twi who do not own clan/community names they are called as opposed to those who own the names....As you would see above, Bor, Twi, Nyuak and Dachuek are not my names but I graciously accept them....A community name does not belong to everybody - it has an owner....

There is also this argument that why are we Greater Bor when there’s a community called Bor.....Well, it’s a norm in our communities....We have Bor community in Greater Bor as we have Roordior in Wut Roordior (Adhiok), Pan Yak in Wut Pan Yak (Ayual), Padool in Wut Padool (Kongor) and the list goes on and on..... division is why we (Africans) will continue to remain the tail of human races God forbid forever....We never think beyond petty issues.” - Dave Mayen

Those that eats Bread of Division can come and drink here after they’re full. No Lie can beat Truth! 👌


From thanks you BLQ to f**k BLQ.
One of the online investment company so called BLQ investment aka brother to silicone valley shares which scammed almost everyone in juba has disappeared with billions of shillings in Uganda,As am reporting this notice, thousands of investors who invested their money with BLQ have been hospitalised in Uganda so be aware of online scammers.

Not all online businesses are real
Be alert ⚠️ Fame Weldone


BREAKING: First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba has been promoted to full General and dropped as Commander UPDF Land Forces,

📷 Daily Monitor


Kenyi Aberial wanted to tight up his opponent and then put him on the ground 😂😂😂

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 03/10/2022

Akol Agok aka Loth nyoor Vs Apar Ahoc mangok match that took place at karaba wrestling field ( Bor town) on the 3/10/ 2022 was not ruled as a draw or a win to either Akol or Apar .

As a viewer who has watched that match, What's your own opinion without taking any side because Wan majok Koch who was officiating the match went quiet after being surrounded by alot of fans.

Bad comments are not allowed.

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 01/10/2022

Chuti Vs Lual will be the most entertaining match ever in the history of Dinka wrestling.

Chuti muor puor Vs Lual Ahoc makeer.

It's not yet agreed but its loading soon.

It may happen in the following ways!

1 Jonglei state Vs lakes state✅

2 Jalle payam Vs Puluuk payam✅

So which one of the two will be the most favourite one ???

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Maghot khot Vs thon Makuur


Venue: mangalla

Paaam kee👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


Deng's salary is 150,000sssp ,he gave his galfriend 145,000 ssp now who is Deng???

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 25/09/2022

More years
More wins
More blessings
More money 💰
Happy Born Day Prìncèss Aluel Nyän-Doctor

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 25/09/2022

After the win against Agol machardit of Bor county yesterday in mading Bor, Chuti muor- puor came back to the filed and said "Raan ë baai ëko"" and pesahiko was like Akuoi 😂😂😂.

Congratulations once more Chuti maghot Achuoth 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.

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Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 24/09/2022

Wrestling updates from mading Bor.

Awerial county Vs Bor County ended 3:0 in favour of Awerial.

1 Chuti maghot Vs Agol machardit (Chuti won✅)

2 Awoulic Ajuong Vs Achiek mawuut( Drew🤝)

3 Ajuong khernhom Vs Akol Agok (draw🤝)

4 Choc Ajuong Vs Makuei Akech(chooc won✅)

5 Adut loi Vs Jima Alith( Drew🤝)

6 majok ring Vs Kuur bol(drew🤝)

7 Butic Apoor Vs jok Awuur(Butic won✅)

8 Abhor Achuei Vs Majur Ayuen(drew🤝)
9 Riath mayom Vs Dech Ajith (drew 🤝)

Aliab 3:0 Bor.

The wrestling ended peacefully.

Congratulations to Awerial team.



Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 23/09/2022

All the best in tomorrow 's wrestling Ahoc keer and makuei Loth nyang


Kampala gets ready for Khoi khoi
Big day awaits.
Fame Weldone


Congratulations makuei matiop Amach aka Loth nyang for the win against Adekdit.

Awerial county Vs Bor County.

24th .09.2022.

7am( Tibek wrestling field)

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 21/09/2022

Wrestling updates!

This serves to inform everyone that the wrestling between nyok-lei of jalle payam Vs One -two of Gemeza payam which was Scheduled to take place on the 24th .09.2022 has been cancelled officially.

Reasons for the cancellation are on the letter below👇👇👇

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Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 21/09/2022

Wrestling updates.

Paleek Vs Aboudit

Actors:Mayen Ateny Vs Makuei matiop



Karaba wrestling field (mading Bor)

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Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 20/09/2022

Thon makuur Vs magot Agut-ding

30th .09.2022.

Stay tuned for better confirmations.

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 19/09/2022

Majok'Akuur Ahoc thon Deng makuak.

The bull has cost 24 cows and 13 goats.

Congratulations to Ahoc thon Deng makuak 👋👋.

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 18/09/2022

My dear viewers,who is good to go with Akol Loth nyoor this time around between makuei matiop Amach and Apar Ahoc mangok??

Awerial Vs Bor
Awoulic Vs Ayak

7am 🕤🕤🕤🕤🕤🕤


Wrestling updates!


Paleek Vs jueet

Adekdit mayol Vs Rok Ayuen.

Karaba wrestling field (marol bortown)

Six(6) days left for
Awerial Vs Bor County to kick off


Gualla Vs Angakuei wrestling which was supposed to take place today has been pushed to Saturday.

Awar piok Vs Kuur bol


Gualla Vs Angakuei wrestling which was supposed to take place today has been pushed to Saturday.

Awar piok Vs Kuur bol

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 15/09/2022

Wrestling updates!!!

Gualla Vs Angakuei

Awar Ajuong Maruum Vs Kuur manyin-lith



Karaba wrestling field ( Mading-bor)


A Win after a win for Akol Loth nyoor.

Congratulations Akol Agok for the win against Dech Ajiith.

Upcoming game for Akol will be either makuei matiop Amach of Aboudit or Kuol makech kuol of Akuak Boma ( Angkuei)


Wrestling updates!!

Akol Agok Vs Dech Ajith


Karaba wrestling field ( madina Bor)

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 13/09/2022

Wrestling updates!

Deer Vs pariak

Akol Agok Vs Dechi

15th .09.2022.

Madaan karaba (Bor County).

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 13/09/2022

Much appreciation to Awerial county wrestling Association for accepting the extension of Awoulic Vs Ayak's wrestling which was scheduled to take place on 17th .sept.2022 to 24th.09.2022.

Quick recovery miriir Ayak maboor

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 12/09/2022

If you have heard Deng makuak being addressed as Ahoc thon then here's his thon Majok'Akuur.

Awerial county Vs Bor County has been pushed from 17.09.2022 to 24.09.2022 due to Ayak maboor 's sickness.

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 08/09/2022

Ajang mapourdit has no doubt in himself and his five malooth in the forthcoming wrestling against Awerial.

1 kuol makech kuol
2 Chaw Arakat
3 Achol pandak
4 Dechii
5 makuei matiop Amach

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Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 07/09/2022

Bor county wrsetling vs Awerial wrestling lineup on 17 /9/ 2022

1 Ayak maboor vs Awuolic Ajuong

2 Lual matiop vs choc Ajuong

3 Achiek mawut vs chuti magot

4 Agol machardit vs Abhor Achuei

5 Akol Agok vs Butic Apor

6 Jok Awuor vs Adut luoi

7 Athiel Dok vs Aluek-luek

8 Jok thon vs tonton

9 Awar piok vs Ajuong-kernhom

10 madit Anai vs majok Ring

11 Gongic Achiek Nai vs Deng l**h

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 07/09/2022


Awerial Vs Bor.

Bor town(Tibek wrestling field)

Main actors Awoulic Vs Ayak

Adui loi of Awerial county is warming up harder to face Lual Ahoc makeer of Bor county.



Police hunt for Ugandan socialite Sipapa for allegedly stealing $429,000 from South Sudanese home in Kampala, Uganda

Police in Kampala, Uganda is hunting for Ugandan socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa for allegedly stealing over USD400,000 and other valuables from a South Sudanese house in Kampala.

Police says thieves broke into Jacob Arok's home after applying suspected chloroform, on the occupants who were asleep. The thieves robbed cash $429,000, 4 iPhone, 2 Apple laptops, a DELL laptop, gold Jewellery for his wife, a 65” Sumsung TV among others.

During investigations, police tracked down an iCloud signal from one of the stolen IPhones. This led them right to Sipapa’s home in Kampala. At Sipapa’s home, they found the items that had been stolen from Arok.

The item recovered include; $70,000, 4 Iphones, 3 laptops, gold jewellery, an iphone charger, a macbook pro charger.

However, Sipapa was not home as he had allegedly travelled to Tororo. Police has since launched a manhunt for the controversial socialite.

Hot in juba

Photos from MAJACK YMC MEDIA's post 05/09/2022

Bor County top 5 wresters to lead the entire team of Bor in the forthcoming wrestling between Awerial and Bor.

1:Lual Ahoc maker
2:Ayak maboor
3: Achiek Ahoc magook
4:Akol Loth nyoor
5:Kur bol

Dear viewers,who is not fit to be in that group of the first 5 wresters?
You can remove one or two and add one of your favourite ✅.

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Respect 🙏🙏🙏🙏

I almost got it correct if not coz of saka's goal😂😂😂


Deer Vs Gol live in bor town


Congratulations Loth nyoor for the win against Loth Akeer.

I can't wait to congratulate the mighty United too💪🏾💪🏾


Akol Agok aka Loth nyoor won Vs Madit Loth Akeer.

Deer 1:0 Gol


Handsome wrestler from Mundari.
Ajuce majier.Juba slay queens have turned their attention on him after they were blocked from taking pics and hugs with Kuany Kuany bior.

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Nuer ë panga was performed for the first time in Nakuru Kenya.

Congratulations to the composer of nuer ë panga.

Videos (show all)

Kenyi Aberial wanted to tight up his opponent and then put him on the ground 😂😂😂
Nuer ë panga was performed for the first time in Nakuru Kenya.Congratulations to the composer of nuer ë panga.
The return of thon kumbaai 🗝️🔑🗝️🔐🔐🔐🔐Don't miss to witness it tomorrow at shirikat wrestling field 👊👊👊👊
Our in-law singing yin nhiaar by Arizona JJ😂😂😂😂
Dr.Gongich Achiek Vs Jok thon Agutmadul
Dr.Gongich Achiek Vs Wernyang Gai
He who gives money  to people without an interest,a return or even a relationship is a clean hearted one n such humans a...
Amaath makeer ( koro) Vs Dau mabior( nyicaak)
Taliban predictors 😂😂
Who really won?
Deng Gon Vs matur
Finally Dukeen are gonna have their son in jonglei state squad for the forthcoming wrestling against lake state.  Welcom...



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