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Kritonic Consultancy Services

Sharing of knowledge, meeting the needs of chemical water treatment for industries through training

Kritonic Consultancy Services is set up in 2014 to meet the need of the chemical water industry on fine points of the subject in Chemical Water Treatment. Educational courses are simplified in details for in house trainings to organization’s plant engineers & operators, facilities management staffs, business entity and institution to meet the knowledge's needs involving chemical water treatment.


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Do you know about coagulants and their applications ?


Sludge age is an important metrics in the operations and maintenance of wastewater treatment process (WWT), as it has significant impact on the efficiency & performance of WWTP. Read more below.


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There are multiple reasons for a cooling tower to have foaming. Cooling tower foaming can damage to nearby equipments.

Good practice is to eliminate the source of the foam, regular blowdown to remove foam-causing contaminants; and apply antifoams/defoamers as required.


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Do you know some common problems in boiler water system ?


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Failures of Reverse Osmosis membranes are common, and there are several failures causing it. Are you aware of these failures and its implications ?


Coagulants and flocculants are often used to treat water and wastewater in various industries. Understanding how each product used should be stored, handled, and applied is important to ensure the best treatment outcome.


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Do you know that all fields of water treatments (from boiler water, cooling water, supply water and wastewater treatments) are analytical technologies ? Water analysis provides the basic data to determine the causes of various problems occurred in water treatment
plants (e.g. corrosion, scaling and biological fouling). Hence, water sampling and storage is very important.


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By increasing the blowdown to limit the cycles of concentration is one simple an effective way to reduce the scaling potential of cooling water. Another way is using scale inhibitors. Cooling tower systems can be operated at higher cycles of concentration and/or higher pH when appropriate scale inhibitors are used. Typically phosphonates are used to inhibit calcium carbonate scales.

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Today, all cooling towers, boilers, and closed loop systems require effective chemical water treatment for efficient operation. Liquid treatment chemicals are traditionally used because they are easier to manufacture and dose into systems.

But liquids aren’t always the best fit and present safety and environmental concerns that are often overlooked.
Liquid water treatment products in drums or pails are heavy (usually in 25kg drums), and can take up quite abit of occupancy space. Also, empty containers must be handled properly for disposal or recycling.

Now there are technologies available in market for solid water treatment chemistry. Cooling tower inhibitors have PTSA tracer added - easy product residual monitoring and automated feeding system using controllers. Solid chemistry is easy & convenient to use, and eliminates the safety hazards and environmental concerns.


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A successful chemical water treatment program for a process cooling water system depends on many factors, some of which may be overlooked or ignored until a problem arises. Process cooling water systems often have equipments with higher heat transfer temperatures, more operational complexity and higher levels of contamination than normal HVAC systems.

Kritonic’s Story

Founded & established in 2014, our company offers more than 40 years of consulting services and field experience in the chemical water treatment business. Kritonic would like to share our expertise to the industry, where chemical water treatment knowledge is not easily available from institutions or other independent sources. We provide training programs, consultancy services and 3rd party site service audits for our clients. Our training programs are tailor-made, specifically highlighting on monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization of the chemical water treatment program.

Kritonic Consultancy is proud to be an approved SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG) Non WSQ Training Organization.

Learn to be a Professional Water Treater in Managing Cooling Water Chemical Treatment Program today with Kritonic Consultancy Services !

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