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Cantu Beauty Qatar

Made with pure shea butter, Cantu restores your real, authentic beauty. Embrace your curly, coily or


, this past year we heard you, and took the steps to make a change for y’all. If you didn’t know - well now you do, we have re-formulated our classic Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair with an improved formula with NO drying alcohol and NO silicones - just the infusion of shea butter and other natural oils to help promote strong, healthy hair with MORE added moisture.

Have you tried out the new formula yet? Share what you think about it!


Experiencing breakage during the cooler weather? Our Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment can be applied daily AND it is particularly effective as a treatment before bedtime for strengthening strands.

✨Hair hack✨: after applying Grow Strong, put a shower cap and our new satin bonnet over your hair and allow the rich, shea butter formula to repair and strengthen fragile strands. Available at Monoprix Qatar!


Looking for your next hair tool? 😍. Cantu's Detangle Ultra Glide Brush is a must-have for your hair arsenal when it comes to taking care of your curls/coils/waves, offering the following benefits:

1️⃣ Gently detangles and styles
2️⃣ Defines your curls/coils and waves
3️⃣ Helps to minimise breakage and snagging

Available Monoprix Qatar



Our Shea Butter Deep Treatment Mask along with the Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment will leave you with stronger locks, plenty of hydration and depth treatment. Nothing but this ! Don’t wait any longer to add them to your routine! 🤩


Argan Oil


Cantu Crew you may have spotted our new look on the shelves of your local Monoprix Qatarhair care aisle. But did you know that our travel size mini’s have a new look too?!

Grab a jar of your favorite Coconut Curling Cream before you head out for the holiday travels. These TSA friendly jars are located in the Travel Section of Target’s Beauty Aisle.

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We love your hair …join us at one of the most unique experience ever Monoprix Qatar as the first destination …. Cantu crew qatar 🇶🇦 are here for our fans we shall pamper your hair , give you styling tips and hair care tricks and get your lashes new look ,…..a lot is coming stay tuned visit us tomorrow at Vendome mall and get new experience in your weekend and next week we shall be at monoprix DFC and every week we have surprises to offer


If you are in need of a deep conditioner, don’t miss out! This nourishing blend of shea butter restores and strengthens dry hair, while increasing hair elasticity for reduced breakage.

Add this treatment masque to your wash day routine. Available your local retailer! Monoprix Qatar LuLu Hypermarket

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AVAILABLE Talabat Snoonu سنونو


Sometimes you need to take it back to the basics. Natural hair care starts at the roots with a quality
Try our Sulfate-free Cleansing Shampoo to gently cleanse the scalp while preserving the natural oils on your scalp. Follow up with our Sulfate-free Hydrating Cream Conditioner to add in moisturize and reveal more hydrated hair.
Share your wash day tips for the colder weather! Or even, if you have a question, shoot us a DM!

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Looking for a refresh for your braids or twists? We got you sis! 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Swipe left to see how you can recreate this hairstyle using Cantu.

What is your personal routine for moisturizing and sealing in braids or twists?


Did you know Coconut Curling Cream, also comes in a salon size?! With more than double the size, you don’t have to feel guilty about grabbing waaayyy more than a dime size to moisturize and define each strand! 😅💛

Grab a jar for yourself at your local Monoprix Qatar Look out for the red “Style” navigator.


We’ve got a brand new look! Have you noticed our new Cantu Orange on shelves? It’s the same great formula, but with a refreshed and easier to navigate packaging.

If you are in search of the right product in your hair care routine, keep a lookout for the color-coded labeling! DM us if you have any other questions.


Cheers to merry little gifts for the whole family! 🎁Gift the parents in your life some serious love with our Cantu Care for Kids Style Kit. We can’t get enough of all time favorite kids products - plus the limited edition Kids Easy Wrap!


We heard from our Cantu Crew and now you can easily identify our "classic Cantu favorite" stylers, by just searching for the deep red “Style” label.

What do you think? Our NEW packaging features the color-coded styling labeling that we added to better illustrate what part of the hair care process our product fits into. Visit your local Monoprix Qatar today to see our new bottles on shelf!


POV: On your next , don’t forget the your haircare essentials. 🏃🏾‍♀️🧡 #moonshopbyniche


In need of some serious conditioning? Check out the power couple that is our Leave-In Conditioning Lotion and Mist!

Provide your curls with much-needed moisture and work to mend strands with our nourishing, deeply hydrating infusions of pure shea butter. On damp hair, start off with the Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Lotion, apply from the root to the ends. Apply additional styling products and finish off with the Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Mist for flyaway.


Our Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream is a Cantu Classic, but are you using it to its fullest potential?

Here are our top ways to use this newly reformulated repair cream.
🧡Daily Styling – Apply a generous amount of product to ends of damp hair and work toward roots. Comb through for even distribution. Do not rinse.
🧡Leave-In Treatment – Apply as directed for “Daily Styling” and cover with a plastic cap overnight for maximum absorption and intense conditioning.
🧡 Post-Coloring Treatment - 3 days post coloring apply the repair cream generously to clean, damp hair. Cover hair with a plastic cap and apply moderate heat for 15 minutes. Rinse and style as usual.


Lather, rinse, moisturize, repeat—how easy is that? Our Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner make it easy to kick buildup and breakage to the curb and get healthy, hydrated hair. Stock up on these wash-day essentials today at your local Monoprix Qatar#cantubeautyqatar


Have you used a hair masque before?? Weekly hair masque can go a looonng way in the health of your curl pattern by replenishing strands with nutrients and moisture.

Restore your curls to their former glory, and pick up a jar at your nearest Monoprix Qatar or online at


Our Define & Shine Custard is RICH in shea butter and gives the driest of hair hydration and better moisture retention! Thanks to its gel-like texture, this styling custard is perfect for quick Wash & Go styles.

Want to level-up your curl game? Apply the Define & Shine Custard after our Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream to give your hairstyle extra hold.

Discover our line of Style Products in the haircare aisle for your local !

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We love your hair …join us at one of the most unique experience everWatsons as the first destination …. Cantu crew qatar 🇶🇦 are here for our fans we shall pamper your hair , give you styling tips and hair care tricks and get your lashes new look ,…..a lot is coming stay tuned visit us tomorrow at DFC and get new experience in your weekend


My wash Day

Look at volume 😅. Look at definition 😍. We're in awe of the beauty who shows us how she keeps her curls poppin' using Cantu products.

Get yours now Monoprix QatarHolland & Barrett QatarMoon Shop by niche


Cantu brushes

It's all about the tools!👏🏾 Our curl crush perfectly demonstrates the versatility of Cantu's Accessories range, which is designed to style your curls, coils and waves in the gentlest of ways. Available to purchase at Monoprix Qatar 🧡🛍.

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Tools of the trade. Whether he’s got a fade, a fro, locs, or nothing at all, has him covered.

#grooming "Monoprix Qatar


Just as certain products exist depending on your hair type, there is a hair accessory that serves some needs better than others. 👩 ica We’re talking, nothing more and nothing less, than a tool as basic as the hairbrush.
Choose the one that best suits your type of curl 🥰

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Take your curls to the next level with our new Anti-Splash Hair Gel made with Honey! This product works great alone or when you mix it with our Coconut Curling Cream or Curl Activator cream.
Made with an infusion of honey and shea butter, this styling gel is perfect for maximum closure and provides fall protection.

Tip: remember to use small amount, you don't have to overdo the product.


New product 💥 Daily Oil Moisturizer 🧡

Revitalizes dry and brittle hair and prevents damage caused by weather or hot styling. It's ideal for relaxed, textured, dyed or with perm hair.

How to use it? 👉🏽Massage a generous amount onto all damp hair after shampoo and conditioner and let it sit for 3-5 minutes before combing.


Add shine and style to your curls with our Super Shine Hair Silk. Prevents breakage and repairs split ends. It's a lightweight, non-sticky formula.

How to use it? Apply on dry or damp hair from the root and work towards the tips. Comb for a uniform layout. Don't rinse. Doing my hair as usual .


Reign supreme in our Regal Easy Wrap, available in the accessory aisle Monoprix Qatar Tag us in your look - we’d love to spotlight you.


Wide-tooth combs are ESSENTIAL for hair care! According to our curlfriend and Award-winning hairstylist, Angela Stevens, not only do wide-tooth combs help create volume after a braid out, because they are a low-manipulation tool, they cause less damage then a regular brush.

Cantu crew, what are your waiting for? Shop the Best Wide-Tooth Combs in the Market from Martha Stewart Article, featuring our Sturdy Detangle Comb:
Monoprix Qatar


Thank you and our Cantu Crew for the love on our Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque! We’re so honored to have won this year’s Best Beauty Buys for the Best Hair Mask for our . 🧡🙌

If you are in need of a deep conditioner, don’t miss out! This nourishing blend of shea butter restores and strengthens dry hair, while increasing hair elasticity for reduced breakage.
Add this treatment masque to your wash day routine.


are you staying active this spring?! Whether you love to dance, hit up your favorite brunch spot, or practice yoga on the beach, our Coconut Oil Shine and Hold Mist helps keep every hair in place while you do you!

Here is a tip from us for those you have yet to try our hold mist - before heading apply our shine and hold mist to your damp hair section by section for extra moisture and shine. You can find this, and all of our newly rebranded products Monoprix Qatar


If you are seeing this, here’s your reminder to take it easy this week. Whatever that looks like for you - do it! You deserve to take some time to deep condition your hair, enjoy the day outside, or with a loved one.

How do you find rest during the week curlfriends? 🧡


Our Rhassoul Clay provides deep, intense moisturization to hair and scalp, promoting frizz-free curls and a nourished scalp.
Made with pure Shea Butter; Cantu reveals your real, authentic beauty. Embrace your curly, coily or wavy hair with Cantu.


Are you planning to go on vacation but not enough space in your luggage for your Cantu products? Did you know that Cantu has travel size items available to keep your hair fabulous, wherever you are.


Retain length and protect your hair with Cantu Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment.

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Need a fresh start for your curls in the new year? Repair and care for your strands and scalp this holiday season with the gift of our classic Cantu Leave-in Repair Cream, Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair and Scalp Oil, AND our Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment!


: We know you came to sleigh this holiday season, which is why we’ve created this Cantu Holiday Tips just for you to lock in moisture during this colder weather!


Lock in moisture, tame frizz, and add shine with our Dry Deny Moisture Seal Gel Oil.
Featured oils with our award-winning shea butter:
🧡Kukui Nut


Grab our Oil Sheen Conditioning Spray, turn on your perfect lighting, and dazzle guests at virtual holiday parties this season! Great on both straight and curly styles, this spray protects hair from heat damage and provides a lightweight shine.

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