V2 Performance, Doha Video January 13, 2017, 6:49am

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During this season we were generous to give other chance to follow us but we felt bored doing nothing and waiting them, so we decided to be lonely again with 7.18 @ 205.5.. it seems that we will give others another chance next season.. second fastest and quickest vette in the world. . @bojassim @alikafoud @noonanraceengineering @v2performance @piranhaqtr @motec_me @motecusa @toprpm_mick @rpmtransmissions @rashid__almaadeed @1320video @j_aljaber @5.0 @officialqrc @corvette @protorque . Ali Kafoud @Mohamed kafoud @v2performance ProTorque Motec Systems USA Noonan Race Engineering 1320Video.com Qatar Racing Club - Al Anabi Team . RPM Transmissions milos pavlovic piranha team Precision Turbo & Engine #7.18 . #turbo #qatar #dragrace #instagram #6s #corvette #worldrecord #fastset #quickest

Testing C6Z06 ( half mile setup 2.91 rear end , Low boost )

Boosted C6Z06 built & tuned by V2

The fastest camaro at the standing half mile and the world record holder for the camaros with 205 mph and 330 kph Piranha Racing Team

The fastest GT-R in Qatar Mile 354.33KM/H ( 1/2 Mile ) Thanks to Extreme Turbo Systems Piranha Racing Team

The fastest corvette at the standing half mile and the world record holder for the corvettes with 211.5 mph and 340.39 kph with full weight.. Still a lot more at this vette Thanks to Late Model Engines D3 Performance Engineering Professional EFI Systems Inc.

Have you seen the fastest corvette in Middle East from Piranha Team built By V2 PerformanceTuned by D3 Performance Engineering