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Qatar Trading Company


اسلام عليكم انا بحاجة الى عمل. أنا من باكستان. إذا كان لديك عمل ، ساعدني. أنا أيضا سائق سيارة. وسأقوم أيضًا بعمل عمالي.
Spending long hours on the reporting process for your business?

The CREST ERP software enables you to generate performance reports on the go with just a click of a button!

Boost the productivity of your business with ease right away.

For more information reach us : +91 93534-50360
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Dear Sir

Greetings of the day

Sreedhanya enterprises are supplying Medical & Non Medical Disposables products all around the world. We are interested in associating with your Institution on long-term mutually beneficial terms & we could support in terms of providing you the best rates & Services. We are looking forward to association with our Institution assurance of voluminous business round the year provided by your Company looking forward to long term and fruitful association.


Infrared Thermometers
N95 Masks
Surgical Masks
Unsterile Gloves
Alcohol Based Sanitizers (70% Alcohol and Above)
Face shields / visors
Long sleeve medical gowns
Plastic aprons
Automated Infrared Sanitizer Dispenser
Infrared Thermometers
Bio Compostable Bags

Caring Bags
Garbage Bags
Fruits and Vegetables Bags
Grocery Bags

Look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Best Regards


Sreedhanya Entreprices



E.Mail: [email protected]

MOB: 7907505923, 8078470982
Fathers’ Day is coming up! Get him this limited Bundle Offer of Karcher WD2 Vacuum Cleaner and Bosch Impact Drill GSB 550 Set Bit Kit for only QR 490! Available at Karcher Center and Qatar Trading Company showrooms.

To order, please call / Whatsapp 66247097.
With the SONAX Klima Probiotic A/C Cleaner, you can drive without worrying about your health! Available in all Q-Tire Service Centers and Qatar Trading Company branches!
supplying office equipment for low invoice with free services ,like printer,toner cartridge,etc...
bharathi 55941219

One-stop-shop for innovative automotive, garage and industrial tools and equipment in Qatar Established in 1950, QTC is renowned for being the most dynamic one-stop-shop that supplies the market’s demands for cleaning solutions, automotive & garage equipment, auto-spray solutions, automatic car wash systems, workshop equipment, air solutions, hand & power tools, instrumentation equipment, as well as other various innovative products and solutions.

Operating as usual


نتمنّى لكم عيدًا سعيدًا ومباركًا من شركة قطر التجارية!

Wishing everyone a happy Eid Mubarak from QTC team

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يعتبر مكبس جاك الهيدروليكي الأفضل من ناحية السرعة والصيانة والرفع، ويجب امتلاكه في كل منزل وكراج!

3 طن – 330 ر.ق.
20 طن – 700 ر.ق.
30 طن – 850 ر.ق.

متوفر أيضًا في نماذج مختلفة. اتصل بنا لمعرفة المزيد عن هذا المنتج.

For quick, easy maintenance and lift loads, Mega Bottle Jacks are a must-have for every home and garage shop!

3 Ton Price: QR 850
20 Ton Price: QR 700
30 Ton Price: QR 330

Also available in different models. Contact us to know more.

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As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, please be guided of our showroom Ramadan timings.

For more information, contact us at 4425 2650.

أوقات العمل خلال شهر رمضان المبارك.

لمزيد من المعلومات، اتصل بنا على ٤٤٢٥٢٦٥٠


Wishing everyone a happy, safe and blessed Ramadan.

نتمنّى لكم رمضانًا كريمًا وصيامًا مقبولاً.

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Clean, steam and disinfect with Optima Steam Cleaner. The steam jet release hot temperature that effectively kills bacteria and viruses on any surface. Available in different models and suitable for any application. Contact us to know more.

قم بالتنظيف والتعقيم والتطهير باستخدام ماكينة التنظيف بالبخار من اوبتيما. فهي تتميز بكونها تستخدم درجات الحرارة المرتفعة لتقضي على البكتيريا والفيروسات الموجودة على أي سطح. متوفرة في موديلات مختلفة ومناسبة لأي تطبيق. تواصل معنا لمعرفة المزيد.

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QTC is now at Lulu Meshaf!
Whether you are looking for tools, cleaning machines and automotive accessories -- we got it all here at QTC Lulu Meshaf for all your Do-It-Yourself needs! Located at 1st Floor of Lulu Hypermarket, Al Wukair from 9:00am to 10:00pm, Saturday to Thursday and on Fridays from 2:00pm to 10:00pm. Visit us today!

سواء كنت تبحث عن أدوات وآلات تنظيف وإكسسوارات السيارات - فقد حصلنا عليها جميعًا هنا في لولو هايبرماركت المشاف! نحن متواجدون لخدمتك في الطابق الأول في لولو هايبر ماركت، الوكير من الساعة 9:00 صباحًا حتى 10:00 مساءً ، من السبت إلى الخميس والجمعة من الساعة 2:00 ظهرًا حتى 10:00 مساءً. قم بزيارتنا اليوم!

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Now is the time to get moving with your bike! But don’t forget to keep your bikes up and running with Sonax Bike Cleaner Kit! Get yours now at QTC showrooms

حان الوقت للتحرك بدراجتك! ولكن لا تنسى أن تحافظ عليها مع مجموعة أدوات تنظيف الدراجة من سوناكس! احصل عليها الآن في شركة قطر التجارية.


Happy Qatar National Day!
كل عام ودولتنا قطر الغالية بخير!



From heavy dirt to scratch-prone surfaces, Work Stuff detailing brushes can handle it all! Get yours at QTC showrooms. Visit us today!

من الأوساخ الثقيلة إلى أسطح سهلة الخدش ، تتميز فرش Work Stuff بفعالية و سهولة تنظيف لا مثيل لها. احصل عليها من صالات عرض شركة قطر التجارية. قم بزيارتنا اليوم!


All the tools you need in one case! Complete with 181 hand tools –- wrenches, socket, pliers, ratchets and more! The USAG 002JM maintenance case is the perfect tool collection for any hobbyist. Visit QTC showrooms now!

Price: QR 2,500

كل الأدوات التي تحتاجها في علبة واحدة! تحتوي علبة الصيانة USAG 002JM على ١٨١ أداة يدوية, مثالية لأي شخص. قم بزيارة صالات عرض شركة قطر التجارية اليوم!

السعر: ٢٥٠٠ ريال قطري

#usaghandtools #handtools #dohaqatar #diytools #professionaltools


Compact and lightweight, yet very powerful! The new handheld battery-powered vacuum cleaner comes with a USB extension so you can easily charge and use it anywhere.

Price: QR 260

مدمجة وخفيفة الوزن، لكنها قوية جدًا! تأتي المكنسة الكهربائية الجديدة التي تعمل بالبطارية مع وصلة USB حتى تتمكن من شحنها بسهولة واستخدامها في أي مكان.

السعر: ٢٦٠ ريال قطري

#cordlessvacuumcleaner #carvacuum #portablevacuum #qatar


GYS Nomad Power 20

Don’t get stuck on the road! The GYS Nomad Power 20 is the best battery booster for vehicles with 12V batteries. Protects not just the battery but also the car with its Smart jump lead feature. The lithium-based battery also works for appliances, laptops, even smartphones! Available in different models. Visit QTC showrooms now!

#batterybooster #carbattery #gysfrance #doha #qatar

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Let Snap-on tools do the talking -- quality and reliable tools for professionals, made in the USA. Visit our showrooms and check-out our Snap-on tools collection.

Combustible Gas: QR 1980
Digital Contact/Non-Contact Laser Tachometer: QR 1570
Master Interchangeable Puller Set: QR 19,999

تمنحك أدوات Snap-on المصنعة في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية جودة عالية يعتمدها المحترفين في المجال. قم بزيارة صالات العرض الخاصة بنا للاطلاع على التشكيلة الكاملة.

غاز قابل للاحتراق - السعر ١٩٨٠ ريال قطري
مقياس سرعة الدوران بالليزر الرقمي / غير الملامس - السعر: ١٥٧٠ ريال قطري
طقم ساحب قابل للتبديل - السعر: ١٩٩٩٩ ريال قطري

#handtools #snapontools #doha #qatar


Whatever the working environment is -- Plastex mats are designed to keep the workplace safe. A wide range of matting solutions are available -- reducing accidents, improving drainage, reducing fatigue, and resisting chemicals, oils, and acids. Get the right mat for your workplace, contact us at 5562 7378 or visit our showroom:

*Price varies depending on the specifications.
Contact us to know more at 4425 2650 / whatsapp 5562 7378

- تم تصميم سجادات Plastex للحفاظ على مكان عمل آمن حتى في أصعب الظروف. بهدف تقليل الحوادث وتحسين الصرف Plastex هي الحل الأفضل الذي يضمن لك مجهود أقل خلال العمل ومقاومة أكثر للمواد الكيميائية والزيوت والأحماض. احصل على السجادة المناسبة لمكان عملك من خلال الاتصال بنا على 55627378 أو زيارة صالة العرض عبر:

يختلف السعر حسب المواصفات.
اتصل بنا لمعرفة المزيد على 44252650 / whatsapp 55627378

#plastex #floormatting #doha #qatar


Discover the USI ITALIA Chronotech HE premium spraybooth - 5,5kW turbines to provide 30.000 m3/h air volume with only 11kW power in total. Air Blue 2.0 modulating direct flame gas burner low emissions. Great performances with low consumption for high productivity. The best technology for your bodyshop. Contact us to know more.

*Price varies depending on the specifications.
Contact us to know more at 4425 2650 / whatsapp 5562 7378

اكتشف كابينة الرش الممتازة USI ITALIA Chronotech HE – المزودة بتوربينات 5,5kW 5،5kW لتوفير حجم هواء يبلغ 30.000 متر مكعب / ساعة مع طاقة إجمالية تبلغ 11 كيلو واط فقط. أداء رائع مع استهلاك منخفض لإنتاجية عالية. أفضل تقنية لورشة العمل الخاصة بك. اتصل بنا لمعرفة المزيد.

يختلف السعر حسب المواصفات.
اتصل بنا لمعرفة المزيد على 44252650 / whatsapp 55627378

#paintbooth #usitalia #carpainting #doha #qatar

#carpainting #usitalia #paintbooth #qatar #doha


Sonax Ceramic Series

NEW! The Sonax Ceramic Series is taking DIY Car care to the next level! Using the Sonax innovative Si-Carbon Technology, it boosts existing ceramic coatings and keeps the paintwork clean and more protected against harsh environments for a longer period. The complete Ceramic solutions are available at QTC showrooms - Spray Coating, Ultra Slick Detailer and Active Shampoo. Visit us at

#sonax #carcare #autodetailing #carcleaning #qatar #doha

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The Karcher Window Vac helps you clean windows, table tops, car windshields and mirrors 3 times faster! Get your Karcher cleaning products at QTC showrooms!

WV1 Plus Price: QR 267
WV2 Price: QR 322

تساعدك Karcher Window Vac على تنظيف النوافذ وأسطح الطاولات والزجاج الأمامي للسيارة والمرايا بمعدل أسرع ب٣ مرات! احصل على منتجات كارشر للتنظيف في صالات عرض شركة قطر التجارية!

WV1 Plus : السعر هو ٢٦٧ ريال قطري
WV2 : السعر هو ٣٢٢ ريال قطري


Whether for dry or wet cleaning, the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner is the perfect tool for any cleaning surface! With quick and easy application, it scrubs away difficult grease and dirt from glass, metal and upholstery! Get yours now at QTC showrooms.

Price: QR 540

سواء كان للتنظيف الجاف أو الرطب، فإن Dremel Versa Power Cleaner هي الأداة المثالية لأي سطح تنظيف! مع تطبيق سريع وسهل، بإمكانها إزالة الشحوم والأوساخ الصعبة عن الزجاج والمعدن والمفروشات! احصل عليها في صالات عرض شركة قطر التجارية.

السعر : ٥٤٠ ريال قطري


Whether for dry or wet cleaning, the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner is the perfect tool for any cleaning surface! With quick and easy application, it scrubs away difficult grease and dirt from glass, metal and upholstery! Get yours now at QTC showrooms.

#dremeltools #cleaningservices


Powered by a maximum output of 2600A, the GYSPOT 2700 is the ideal product for dent pulling and straightening of low thickness car body elements. It features 4 modes that include welding of stars and washers, wavy wire welding, contact shrinking and the ability to use a graphite pencil. Visit QTC today to know more.


No more interventions when working in confined spaces with USAG 236K Chain extensions. Use it as a manual ratchet or as an impact wrench that gives you that extra space to finish the job. Get yours now at QTC showrooms.

#usaghandtools #impactwrench #ratchettools


With Brain Bee Multigas 9000 Plus, you're equipped with the best air conditioning systems that are designed to offer auto maintenance and gas recovery. Contact QTC for more information.

#carairconditioning #acmaintenance #AirConditioningSystems


Small, lightweight and comfortable, offering fast and smooth application for a consistently high-quality finish - the Sagola 4600 Xtreme is the ULTIMATE gun for bodyshop professionals. Contact 5586 0691 to know more or visit our showroom to check the range of Sagola Spray Guns products:


No more lifting and reduce your working time in your workshop with Guniwheel universal tire and wheel mounting system. Contact us to know more.


Hunter's HD Elite™, a heavy-duty wheel balancer that combines cutting-edge features of Hunter’s Road Force® Elite and ForceMatch® HD balancers to help eliminate wheel-related vibration and increase truck tire life. Equipped with touchscreen interface that makes any job easy and user-friendly for technicians. Contact QTC to know more.


The FLEX PE 14 3-125 is the most user-friendly circular polisher! Remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation like a circular machine with 1100 – 3700 RPM speed. It’s powerful and handy packed into a light, 5lb. Polisher! Get yours now at QTC showrooms.

#polisher #automotivedetailing #automotive


Congratulations Ismail Khuddus for winning the Sonax car care kit!

Please send us a message to claim your prize in our showroom. Thank you all for participating and see you again on our next giveaway!

#eidgiveaway #sonaxcarcare



How many Sonax Beast can you find in the photo? 👇

COMMENT your answer below, TAG 3 friends and LIKE our page to win the Sonax car cleaning products! One (1) winner will be announced on July 26.

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Eid Mubarak from QTC! #eidmubarak #eid2021


Equipped your garage with Hazet 953SPC socket set that tackles any tough and rough jobs in your workshop. Check out the wide range of Hazet handtools in our showroom at

#handtools #hazet #automotivetools


Optima Steamer SE II is your all-in-one cleaning machine for general cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. It is 100% emission free machine and proven effective for indoor applications – food and beverage facilities, factories, and for car wash and detailing. Contact QTC to know more.

#sanitation #DisinfectantMachine #industrialcleaning


It’s not your average parking car lift! The Autostacker is the perfect garage parking lift whether at home or workshop and fits right in your garage. A one-of-a-kind design with superior drive-through clearance, post-free feature, and can handle 6,000 lbs lifting capacity that solves your parking problems! Contact us to know more.

#parkingsolutions #parkinglift #automotive #garageequipment

About Qatar Trading Company

QTC is the leading provider of premium brands and quality cleaning solutions, automotive and garage equipment, auto-spray solutions, automatic car wash systems, workshop equipment, air solutions, hand and power tools, instrumentation equipment, as well as other various innovative products and solutions.

Established in 1950, Qatar Trading Company is a member of Marzooq Shamlan Al Shamlan Holding.

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GYS Nomad Power 20
Sonax Ceramic Series



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