Body By Design Qatar Personal Trainer. Nutritionist. Kinesiologist

Body By Design Qatar Personal Trainer. Nutritionist. Kinesiologist


Hi there am looking for a female personal trainer who is looking for a part time job from 4-8 ,5-6 days only with great salary and transportation phone expenses call 50378773

Personal Trainer Doha, Nutritionist Doha, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Body Analysis, Rehabilitation, consulting, weight loss management, Boot camp, Diets

want to get results. then get in touch with a fitness and health expert and change your life for ever. lose weight, learn to train properly, trim your belly fat and build a nice toned physique. the training and diet plans are tailored to individuals to ensure that they see results. So what are you waiting for. contact us now. Free fitness consultations and Body Assessments are available.

اخلق جسد

Operating as usual


Narcity Québec

Cheat meal!

On a trouvé la plus grosse poutine de Montréal et voici de quoi ça a l’air 15 lb de frites, sauce & fromage



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Follow the white cap. #WinningWednesday



He knows what he's doing 😂😂💪

by After Hours



Just working out with a polar bear...



Coming to you live: Edinburgh TX, Sunnyvale C.A, Las Vegas N.V, Cleveland OH, Fresno CA, Bakersfield CA, Go to for details Happy Friday!


Telemundo Deportes

no excuses

Cuando se quiere, nada es imposible.


true said

If you "have to" do tons of cardio to stay lean, then your diet sucks. Period.


JP Sears

seems that we all are these days, whats next. hydrophobia?

Not only am I intolerant to gluten, I'm also intolerant to people who can tolerate gluten.

This video is certified gluten free...


Fitness and Power

Is This The Future ?


Tip Hero

Honey Dijon Chicken -


This one is great too


Testosterone Nation

During the pull-up, go from straight arms to chin over the bar. Really, try it that way. It's called the right way.


Testosterone Nation

Conditioning prepares you for battle. Cardio makes you really good at running away slowly.


Jamie Oliver

Great protein tastes awesome

Well done, medium or rare? I'm going to show you how to cook the perfect steak!


Alexander Pauwels

Amazing form when doing crossfit

Crossfit Proper Form


Tip Hero

Quick Delicious Dinner


One of the best fat loss tips

The most boring fitness tip: sleep more. Boring, but crucial for performance, fat loss, muscle gain, and even willpower.


Alghad Newspaper

Stretching 101

أذكى طفل في العالم


Like if u agree

Food is the most abused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.



healthy recipe for fried rice. guess what it is

Healthy Cauliflower Fried "Rice" 07/10/2015

Doha Personal Trainer Injury Rehab Specialist Coach Sal has been working alongside doctors for tears in a rehab environment to help rehab client injuries, and manage pain. If you have joint pain in the upper and lower... 07/10/2015

Seriously, WTF?

Skipping leg day extreme Click to see the pic and write a comment...


Think about it



Too funny not to share. ;) 30/09/2015

10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do | T Nation

Not sure if we all should b able to do this but it might b an interesting test if your bored and want to challenge you body. Remember it's for body builders but that doesn't mean you have to be huge to be able to do it. It's about symmetry and balance If strength, health, and longevity are what you're after, then you should be able to easily pass these tests. If not, you have work to do.


Boneless bananas on sale ppl

Finally...bananas with no bones !


Way to get healthy


EDM Memes

Raving at the gym

Arnold the Raver


Mat Best MBest11x

How to be a cross fitter

In case you missed it, here is how to be a crossfitter! Derek Weida was cool enough to invite me out to his gym and have a little fun. We are arranging things so Derek and the crew will be filming a lot more together, so be excited! In the mean time, hope you get a solid laugh out of this... 13/08/2015

Science, American legal system confirm barefoot shoes are bullsh*t

If u ever see any person in the gym wearing those stupid things, tell them to read this article. Ahahah Vibram will hugely dial back the health claims it's made for years about the benefits of running in its minimalist shoes, which are meant to mimic running barefoot.


Derek Weida

this guys philosophy is awesome. many clients think the more complicated eating is the more effective it will be but the truth is, consistency over time and watching your diets works best.

Goooood Morning!!

Losing weight: It's really not as complicated as the world tries to make it. Honestly, it's just simple smart decisions you make everyday and over time you'll see the results of your hard work.
Here are my couple simple rules. 09/06/2015

5 Tips To Get Your Butt To The Gym When You Don't Feel Like It

get your butt to the gym Some days are great workout days. You feel energized, motivated, and excited to get moving. On other days, getting to the gym seems more like a chore you’d rather forget. Despite how you feel,


CBC News

I can do about 5 hours less than this guy

World planking record shattered by former U.S. marine

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