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🚨SAVE THE DATE 🚨– Join David Strike, together with his guest, Paul Toomer, for a ‘fireside chat’ that’ll tick all of the boxes for lively, edge-of-the-seat info-tainment this Thursday 13th August – we would like to warn you that this is the one not meant to be missed! 😉

Date: Thursday, August 13
Time: 6:30 pm Singapore time (GMT +8)
Duration: 1-hour session

1) Paul Vincent Toomer (#UK) President, Dive RAID International

1) David Strike (#Australia) ADEX Ambassador for Technical Diving, Pioneer

Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum

A working instructor trainer and expedition diver with a wealth of diving experience and an inexhaustible arsenal of yarns, Paul Toomer is the President of, RAID, the newest and most innovative of the international diver training organisations.

Discovering, in technical diving, his true passion, Paul has dived wrecks and caves all around the world, safely planned and executed dives to depths deeper than 100-metres, and been a valued member of numerous wreck and archaeological expeditions.

A ‘fireside chat’ that promises equal measures of info-tainment tempered with good advice, this will be a session well worth watching.


Paul is the President of training agency RAID, he a working instructor trainer and expedition diver.

After living in South Africa for 23 years it's odd that Paul discovered diving in the cold waters of Southern England. It is this kind of behavior that defines Paul and his passion for doing things differently. Within months of learning to dive he had his own center in London and rapidly progressed to Course Director before finding his passion for technical diving in 2002. Paul is an avid wreck, cave, sidemount and rebreather diver.

In 2002 Paul decided that he wanted to pursue his technical diving interests and rebreather diving became his main focus

In 2007, he decided to concentrate purely on technical diver training and expeditions, and Diving Matrix Tec Lab was born. Tec Lab was innovative in its design and philosophy and set the benchmark for advanced diver training.

In 2011 Paul was offered the position as Director of Technical Training for SSI (Scuba Schools International) and was responsible for writing diver and instructor manuals and training standards as well as training future technical instructors and trainers.

In 2014 Paul joined became a co-owner of RAID International. Initially he held the position of Training Director but in 2019 he accepted the position as President for the company.

Paul has dived wrecks and caves all over the world and also safely planned and executed many deep ocean wreck dives.

He has participated in multiple expeditions including the HMS Hampshire, Vanguard and Royal Oak in Scapa Flow. In Malta and Italy he has worked on ancient Italian and Phoenician amphora wrecks and has participated in exploratory dives on the Polish destroyer L-72, the British submarine HMS Olympus, an American WWII B-24 bomber and many others.

Paul regularly contributes to various dive magazines including Submerged, Diver, Sport Diver and Tanked Up. He has worked with Film and TV Companies as a diver, supplier and advisor. He has given many diving related presentations at training agency member events, OZTek, DEMA, TekDive USA, BalticTech, ADEX, EuroTek, TekCamp, the British Scuba Industry Trade Association, the London International Dive Show and global dealer Seminars.

A little boy called Sebastian, motorcycles, tattoos and playing drums are the other major influence in Paul's life.

Catch this session LIVE! on these channels – See you online!
1) ADEX Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/AsiaDiveExpo/
2) APE Homepage: https://www.adex.asia/

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Garry Dallas Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec Freestyle Divers Dive RAID UK & Malta Dive Raid Middle East Dive RAID International I have just completed my RAID Side Mount Instructor Course with Garry at Freestyle Divers, Dibba, UAE. It was a great learning experience for me being able to work on developing my instructional techniques under Garry's tutelage as well as develop a greater awareness and understanding of Side Mount Diving. Of note was learning the finer points of correctly fitting the harness to the student, followed by the equipment and weighting process; as it is these steps, when done correctly, that set you and the diver up for success. The in water training was as equally rewarding where Garry's knowledge on fault identification through observation of the divers actions is first class. I must add that I found the course very challenging in that Garry is a hard task master. While he has a friendly and encouraging style, he also has a keen eye for detail and does not let anything get past him - but is this not what we expect when we seek out quality instructors such as Garry from organisations such as RAID? If you are looking to take up sidemount, take advanced training or undertake an Instructional program, then I have no hesitation in recommending Garry to you. Safe diving.
100 qr

With RAID's unique online training system you can start today with our Online system then when you're ready call your instructor to jump in the water.



Learn to Dive through a RAID Dive Centre from beginners all the way to deep technical diving, for both rebreather and open circuit diving. A STANDARD ABOVE THE REST

Internationally Recognised SCUBA diver certification. Start you course now with our advanced on-line quality control sys

Operating as usual


لن يكون هناك رسوم للعضوية السنوية… من الأن وإلى الأبد

ولأول مرة في تاريخ رياضة الغوص والتدريب على الغوص من ريد انترناشيونال
تم  الإعلان اليوم عن خبر صفر رسوم للعضوية لجميع أعضاء منظمة ريد المحترفين ومراكز الغوص.

القاعدة المتداولة في سوق الغوص هو فرض رسوم سنوية على المدربين ومراكز الغوص للقيام بأعمال تجارية معهم. غيرت ريد الوضع الراهن وقدمت مرة أخرى شيئًا جديدًا وفريدًا في سوق الغوص. في الوقت الذي لا يزال فيه عالم الغوص يترنح من توابع الكوفيد وتأثيره على مجال السفر وانشطة الغوص، فإن فائدة عدم فرض رسوم على التدريس للوكالة ، واضحة وبعيدة المدى. 
تعد قوة العضوية الصفرية نقلة نوعية وتوضح أنك محل تقدير لكونك محترفًا في الغوص وتستحق الدعم من المنظمة التي تنتمي لها وتقوم بالتدريس معاها.
سيقول البعض أن هذا سباق نحو القاع ، لكن في الحقيقة قد أصبحت العضوية عقبة رئيسية أمام المدربين الجدد الذين يدخلون السوق والمدربين الحاليين الذين عليهم أن يكونوا في وضع نشط ليتمكنوا من التدريس من حين لآخر ومن خلال عدم وجود رسوم عضوية في ريد سيكون من السهل على الجميع الحفاظ على العضوية نشطة بدون رسوم.
يتطلع عالم الغطس إلى منظمة ريد العالمية للقيادة المبتكرة وهذه الخطوة الجذرية هي تغيير واضح للعبة وغير مسبوق.
تتحدث العديد من الوكالات عن دعم الأعمال التجارية ، لكننا نشعر أن بعض أشكال الدعم المالي هو المطلوب لمساعدة أعضائنا على النجاح.
بينما ننتقل إلى عام جديد ، مع معايير جديدة ، ونظرة مستقبلية جديدة ، ستستمر ريد في تقديم أفضل دعم للأعمال لأعضائنا ، مع مساعدتهم في توفير تدريب غوص آمن وشامل ومبتكر تقنيًا في فئة خاصة بها.
صفر رسوم للعضوية في ريد هي أحدث مبادرة مقدمة من ريد انترناشيونال في مجال الغوص وايضا برنامج التعليم المجاني وغيره من برامج دعم الأعمال التي تم إصدارها في عام 2020. فتحت برامج التعليم المجاني لجميع أكاديميين ريد للغواصين ومحترفي الغوص ومراكز الغوص مجانًا ،
تواصل معنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني  [email protected] أو مكتب ريد الإقليمي المحلي للحصول على التفاصيل الكاملة وللحصول على إرشادات حول كيفية البقاء في الحالة لعام 2022 أو نقل عضوية مدربك أو عملك إلى منظمة ريد.
**للحفاظ على الحالة النشطة في عام 2023 ، سيُطلب من مدربي ريد المصادقة على خمسة (5) غواصين خلال عام 2022. وفي حالة عدم تحقيق ذلك ، سيُطلب من المدربين إجراء تحديث عبر الإنترنت والذي سيوضح بالتفصيل.


RAID will shake the dive industry to its roots today by announcing Zero FEe-Membership* to all its professional members and dive centers. The industry norm is to charge instructors and dive centres an annual fee to do business with them. RAID has torn up the status quo and once again offered something new and unique in the diving marketplace. At a time when the diving world is still reeling from the ravages of COVID and its impact on the adventure travel industry, the benefit of not charging a fee to teach for the agency, is obvious and far-reaching.

Photos from Dive RAID International's post 29/03/2021

Very sorry to hear that,
Our deepest condolences to his family.

We learned a lot from this humble man who dedicated his time and efforts to teach us and support #DIVERAID internationally.


Repost from @diveraiduk using repost_now_app - RAID DPV DIVER COURSE RELEASE 🤩

Put some dash in your dives and get moving with the RAID DPV programmes. Time to get the blood racing, and enjoy a different way to explore the ocean.

Interested? Find out more by heading to our website from the link in our bio 🤿

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DiveRAID Middle East has just extended their team to include local management for the United Arab Emirates. Darryl Owen has taken responsibility for the UAE territory and will be focusing on growth in this popular tourist destination. Darryl is an Instructor Trainer and Technical Instructor for DiveRAID, he also authored the new DiveRAID Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) course and contributed to development of the recently updated Instructor Development Program. He and his wife Marine, who is a Regional Examiner and Technical Instructor for DiveRAID, are co-owners of Freestyle Divers LLC, which is a DiveRAID Instructor Development Centre located in Dibba, Fujairah, UAE.
“The DiveRAID approach to teaching scuba diving is a perfect match with the way that Marine and I dive ourselves” said Darryl Owen “We love the way the DiveRAID training system is centered on in-water time and essential skills such as perfect neutral buoyancy from the very first course, with the possibility to teach even our Open Water students using advanced diving equipment such as backplate and wing with a long hose configuration. DiveRAID is all about producing competent and safe divers, not just certification cards, which corresponds 100% with our teaching philosophy. We are proud to represent the most innovative training agency in the scuba industry and we look forward to growing the RAID family in the UAE”
DiveRAID MiddleEast, added “We are extremely pleased to welcome Darryl to our management team, we have been working with him for a couple of years now and we believe that he is the right partner to help us grow our community in the UAE”.


قد صدرت النسجة الجديدة من مجلة إدج
لا تفوت فرصة قرأتها

Although 2020 has been extremely challenging, we wanted to leave this year on a high note and with that, we are proud to announce the release of Issue #2 of the Edge Magazine, Powered by RAID.

Read the latest RAID industry news, inspirational travel reports, equipment reviews, and RAID Training Updates.

Issue #2 highlights include:
• Question and Answers. We chat with RAID Director of Diver Training, Steve Lewis about wreck and cave diving and what the future holds for RAID.
• RAID medical advisor, Doug Ebersole MD discusses the most common cardiac issues in diving and why it is important to be dive fit.
• Professor Timmy Gambin introduces us to the Virtual Museum Underwater Malta.
• Freediving guru, Emma Farrel offers her ten top tips for equalization and how they can be applied to scuba.
• Travel the world with feature articles on the Egyptian Red Sea’s infamous ‘wreck graveyard’.
• This issue we have focussed heavily on our Regional offices and we take time to introduce our global team members and they in turn showcase some of the amazing diving opportunities available in these territories.
• RAID Instructor trainer, Jeffrey Glenn discusses stage cylinder management and protocols.
• Since we are releasing our new DPV and Advanced DPV courses, we take you on a DPV tour of Malta.
• Jill Heinerth takes us on an exciting tour of Canada and since she knows a thing or two about rebreathers, she offers her personal advice on what you should know before buying a closed-circuit rebreather.
• Receive hints and tips on how to improve your dive skills with our senior RAID instructional “Dive like a Pro” team consisting of PJ Prinsloo, Dan Weeks, and Oli van Overbeek. In this issue, they look at finning techniques.
• Our panel of underwater photographers provides insight into entering and exiting the water with a camera system.



with Whale sharks and Dolphins

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إبدأ دورتك الآن مع نظام مراقبة الجودة المرتبط مع برنامج التعليم الإلكتروني، والذي يعمل أيضاً على تغطية كل من الجانب النظري والاختبار البسيط والاختبار العام، بينما تكون على اتصال مستمر مع مركز ريد للغوص الذي تختاره. Start you course now with our advanced on-line quality control system which integrates e-learning programmes, covering all your theory, quick quiz and exam whilst linked to your chosen RAID Dive Centre. #raidfreediving #freedivehq #freediver #diveraid #unfraid


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منورين الشباب .ومع مجموعة جديدة من محبين دخول عالم رياضة الغوص الحر❤


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Freediving Courses in every weekend @divers_planet @diveraid
Register and affiliate to Divers planet dive center .




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مبروك الحصول على المستوى الاول للغوص الحر ومع شباب المستقبل وربي يحفظهم جميعا وعقبال المستوى الثاني


DiveRAID is doing it again, big support to the members 💪👌
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منورين الشباب مع اول يوم بحر والانتهاء من متطلبات القسم الاول


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‏‎مركز الغوص دايفرز بلانيت
Divers Planet dive centre

‏‎اكتشف معنا متعة الاعماق بنفس واحد✨ في دورة الغوص الحر مع مدرب الغوص الحر حمد القصابي

‏‎مدة الدورة ثلاثة أيام تبدا من يوم الخميس 23/7 وتنتهي السبت 25/7 الدورة مكثفة ومحتوياتها كالتالي:
‏‎يوم نظري و يوم مسبح و يوم تطبيق في البحر .- زيادة مدة حبس النفس +دقيقتين واكثر - النزول لعمق من 10-20 متر بطريقة سهلة وآمنة باستخدام التقنيات الصحيحة.
‏‎- التعرف على معدات الغوص الحر وانواعها واختيار اﻻفضل لاستخدامها
‏‎- السلامة واﻻنقاذ
- تعلم معادلة الضغط الصحيحة للغوص الحر ( الفرنزل )
- التعرف على فسيلوجية الغوص الحر
والكثير سوف تتعلمه في خلال هذه الدورة التي سوف تجعلك غواص محترف .

‏‎تخريج غواص متمكن وقوي
‏‎رخصة دوليه معتمدة📝 من منظمة رايد الدولية

‏‎للتسجيل والاستفسار 📞
حمد القصابي

‏‎رسوم الدورة: 140 ريال عُماني
‏‎شامل دخول المسبح + تأمين اثناء الدورة + طلعة
‏‎القارب + ليسن دولي من منظمة رايد

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Dive Raid Middle East's cover photo

mailchi.mp 09/07/2020

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اصبحت جاهزة الأن ومتاحة للجميع مجلة ريد
للاشتراك اضغط على الرابط

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Dive RAID International

The best thing in nitrox diving since nitrox!

Since we first opened the doors as a training agency, RAID has built a reputation for innovation, agility and change. That’s the way we think. That’s the way we do business. But few things on our list of “firsts” come close to our online Virtual Nitrox Analyzer.

In a response to instructors needing to teach remotely, and considering nitrox is one of the most popular diver specialties plus the issues with certifying a diver at that level, we have released the Nitrox Virtual Analyzer App – Powered by RAID.
Most nitrox students do not own, or have easy access to a nitrox analyzer, and this is the most elegant and simple solution to the problem.
Download the App to your mobile device (iOS & Android) now by following the links below and see for yourself.
Google Play Store:


Apple App Store:


We think it’s brilliant and hope you do too. Essentially, what it’s designed to do is show divers who have enrolled in a Nitrox Specialty the basic functions of an oxygen analyzer… turn-on, calibrate, manage flow, note the result in a nitrox fill log, and apply the results to the dive plan. The Nitrox Virtual Analyzer helps take the mystery out of preparing for a nitrox dive.
During a REMOTe-Training session with their instructor (via video conferencing of course), divers get to see the real thing being demonstrated, and of course, when they do actually nitrox dive, they will use a real analyzer, but at that point, they are already comfortable with its functions.
With RAID and thanks to the Virtual Nitrox Analyzer, divers who earn a certification will have a level of familiarity with checking their gas before using it in the real world.


Dive Raid Middle East


حاليا تخصص النيتروكس بالعربي في ريد #diveinstructor #diveraid #unfraid #scubadiving #divers


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Never in the history of our industry has communication been more important. We are excited to let you know that we are about to launch a new digital dive magazine that we are calling “The Edge—Powered by RAID.” www.diveraiduk.com/uncategorized/communication-is-king

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نحن نعلم الغوص بطريقة مختلفة ، ومدريبنا على مستوى عالٍ من التدريب والكفاءة. we teach diving in a different way, and our ...
RAID Instructor Candidates doing neutrally buoyant skills on their instructor evaluation!! #unfraid #diveraid #diving_co...
RAID Instructor Candidates doing neutrally buoyant skills on their instructor evaluation!!  #unfraid #diveraid #diving_c...
تدريبات المياه المحصورة في دورة الادفانس في منظمة ريد confined water training during level 2 scuba dive course #diveraid...
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Traditional diving competition for youth in #Qatar organised by #katara  for the 2nd year. Teaches youth to live on our ...




The Ritz-Carlton, Marina

Other Specialty Schools in Doha (show all)
Step By Step Institute Step By Step Institute
Building 144, Zone 56 Street 695

SBSI caters to individuals with various educational and therapeutic needs from ages 2 to 20 yrs. SBSI is licensed under the Ministry of Public Health located in Abu Hamour. SBSI provides specialized learning and therapeutic interventions for its clients.

Noor Center for Special Needs, Qatar Noor Center for Special Needs, Qatar
Doha, 0000

Noor Center for Special Needs provides Montessori and Academic training, Sensory Training, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Occupational Therapy for children who needs this. Our experienced faculty give these sessions in the morning and evening.

Networking Inc. Networking Inc.
Doha, 2104

The innovative training and consulting company, founded on the principle of delivering world class solution at an affordable price.

Pearl Divers-Qatar Pearl Divers-Qatar
Fariq Nasser
Doha, 24890

Pearl Divers is PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center In Qatar, PADI Diving Courses, Mares Distributor in Qatar

مدرسة التمكن الشاملة مدرسة التمكن الشاملة
عين خالد ام سنيم شارع السماك 392 منطقة 56 مبنى 41

مدرسة خاصة حاصلة على الاعتماد المدرسي الوطني بدولة قطر. متخصصة في تقديم خدمات التعليم والتأهيل الشاملة لفئات الطلبة المختلفة. تأسست عام 2008

Inspire Therapy Centre Inspire Therapy Centre
Wasit Street 850 , Zone 32, Villa 71
Doha, QA

Inspire Therapy Centre was founded to empower children with special needs to achieve their full potential, so to be effective and inclusive members in the society of Qatar.

Special Ramadan Classes Special Ramadan Classes

English Classes with a British Teacher and Islamic Classes with a Quran Teacher for children. Special offer throughout Ramadan. Thumama Area