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I have three children who signed up to swim with you between March and July 2021.

Obviously due to the lockdown the majority of the lessons had to be postponed.

I now cannot book into Kings College for my older two children (stage 4); and my younger child (stage 2) I cannot book without paying again.

Why have existing customers with outstanding credit not been given the first choice of lessons?

My emails go unanswered and the telephone number doesn't work.
sharing the following:
Hi, Are Hamilton Aquatics Doha providing refunds for missed lessons? We applied on the website as you requested but no replies to emails or phone calls.....and no money returned!!

Hamilton Aquatics Doha Squads team offers swimming training opportunities for people looking to keep


Squads are hard at work🟠⚫️


Congratulations to our DESS SOM! He wasn't missing his photo opportunity just because he's on holiday in the Maldives...Enjoy! 😜😝🏊🐠🐠


Level 1s ready for action💦🏊


We love receiving feedback from our swimmer's parents!🥰🟠⚫️


We love the last week of the month, it’s the best time to celebrate our swimmers achievements 😍👏🏼🏊🏼‍♂️🫧💦

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We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering our Hammy's Little Swimmers Programme in Qatar! 🤩
These classes will be for children aged 24-36 months and require an adult in the water.👶💦🐠

📍ORXY International School.
🐠Friday Mornings.

Hammy’s Little Swimmers Fun Facts! 👶🏼

🐠Swimming helps promote important muscle development and control in babies/toddlers.
🐙 Improves coordination and balance.
🐡 Reduces fear of the water and prepares them for group lessons.
🐬 Strengthens the heart and lungs.
🦀 Helps improve sleeping and eating patterns.

📩For more information, please email Mel at [email protected]




Did you know level 4's are introduced to all 4 swimming strokes? 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

🔴 Front crawl.
🔴 Backstroke.
🔴 Breaststroke.
🔴 Butterfly.


Having so much fun as Hammy's Skills School 😍😍


Splashing out way through the week🤪💦


The fun never stops, did you know we offer weekend lessons too?😎😎


We have lessons for all abilities for children over 3 years old! Our Hammy's Stroke School is all about improving swimming technique. Levels Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum follow a structured weekly session plan to ensure all swimming strokes are covered💧🏊‍♂️


🤫We will let you in on a secret... The more your child swims. The more likely they are to progress to the next level faster.🤫

📱Take advantage of these offers, book now via the Hamilton Aquatics app.

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Well done! First Swimmer of the Month awards for Term 1🤩🙌🏼


PEEEEEKABOOOO, I'm ready for my swimming lesson😆

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Friday Fun building water confidence with our level 1s 🐥💦


Vibes... Mum has signed you up to swim 3 times per week and you're buzzing to hit those progress goals🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️


Platinum, our last Learn to Swim level 🌑🌑


Next up, is Gold level!💪🥳


After bronze, comes.. Silver🤩


Bronze level swimmers work on developing all 4 swimming strokes. There is a focus on increasing the distance, developing breathing and timing.


🔴Red - Level 4🔴
In level 4, children are swimming independently without
a teacher in the water. They are learning and
developing all 4 swimming strokes over a 10m


🔵Blue caps belong to our level 3s🔵
In level 3, children are learning to swim more independently in the shallow water, with the introduction to swimming in the deep pool. Level 3s are developing their skills in their front and back swimming without floatation aids to prepare them for level 4.


🟢Green is for our level 2 swimmers. In level 2 children will learn to improve their water confidence through fun and structured learning. They will learn how to float on their front/back with floatation aids and begin swimming with floats🟢


Splashing into Week 2 of term! Did you know all our levels have their own colour swimming cap?🟡🟢🔵🔴

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Working hard on the perfect head & body position🦆🐸💧


Jumping into Term 1 like...💦💦💦


Don't forget your cap & goggles. Term 1 swimming begins today!🐠🏊


Wooohoooo Term 1 Stars today!!😆😆




Just 2 days to go until our term 1 begins, have you booked your space yet?
We have two days left of our Early Bird discount, you have two days left to catch these great offers-

💦10% off your first weekly swim.
💦25%off your second weekly swim.
💦50% off your third weekly swim.


The count down to Term 1 is on! Just 3 days to go..🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

👉There is still time to catch our Early Bird discount-
💦10% off your first weekly swim.
💦25%off your second weekly swim.
💦50% off your third weekly swim.

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Come and swim with us at Doha English Speaking School💦🏊‍♀️

📌 This pool is located between the Wadi Al Sail West and Madinat Khalifa South area.


Mood when mum tells you that she's signed you up for term 1 swimming and it starts on Monday😆😆

👉 Don't want to miss out on the fun? Download the Hamilton Aquatics app now and book your free assessment.

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We can’t wait to welcome you to this amazing pool at 🤩

Book your Term 1 swimming now 👍



We are excited to announce a 4th location to our Term 1 swimming. This fantastic indoor pool is located on The Pearl. We are really looking forward to our new partnership and welcoming you all to this new location!


Term 1 is approaching, make sure your child is swimming with their old friends and making new ones🏊⭐️💦

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Do you accept the challenge? ⭐️

With term 1 and the World Cup approaching fast, we’re setting you’re children a goal.🏆

👉🏼Simply join us for term 1 of swimming and kick start your child’s swimming! They’ll be learning multiple skills every week!

⚽️ If they complete the challenge, it’ll give their favorite Football team a better chance of winning 😆

⚽️🥅It’s worth a shoot right?!🥅⚽️

Join us now!🏊🏼‍♂️💦🫧💧

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We just love the swimming facilities at Oryx International School, Qatar 🇶🇦 🤩

Join us for Term 1 at this fantastic location 👍 Book now on www.hamiltonaquatics.qa or download the Hamilton Aquatics app 📲


Term 1 starts in less than 2 weeks 🤩

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Why should your child learn to swim 🏊‍♀️?

👉 Swimming is the only sport which can save your child’s life

👉 Swimming is an essential lifeskill and a life-saving skill

👉 Swimming keeps your child healthy, improves strength and flexibility increases stamina and even helps improve balance and posture

👉 Swimming provides challenges and rewards accomplishments which help children become self-confident and believe in their abilities

👉 Swimming gives plenty of opportunities to your child to make friends and grow in confidence

And there are so many activities that they can do if they know how to swim 🏄‍♀️ 🤿

Remember, bookings are now open for our new term - Download the Hamilton Aquatics app to book your swimming lessons for Term 1


Second and Third weekly swims are great for faster progression 🚀

And guess what, you don’t have to pay twice or thrice for it. As part of our early bird offer, second weekly swim is offered at a 25% discount while third weekly swim is offered at half price 🤩☺️

Don’t miss out - Book your Term 1 swimming early 👍

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Meet out 3️⃣ convenient locations in Doha 🤩

👉 Oryx International School
👉 King’s College
👉 Doha English Speaking School


With Term 1 bookings NOW OPEN, there are big savings on learn to swim lessons until 13 August 🤩☺️

👉 10% off on 1 weekly swim
👉 25% off on 2nd weekly swim
👉 50% off on 3rd weekly swim

Book today to ensure your preferred location and day/time is locked 🔒 in for Term 1


Looking for a swimming academy for your child? Here’s why your child must learn to swim with Hamilton Aquatics this Term 1 🏊🏻‍♂️ 🏊‍♀️

👍 Water Safety
👍 Water Confidence
👍 Learning a key life skill
👍 Staying fit and healthy
👍 Swimming progression from learner pool to international podium
👍 Convenient locations in Doha
👍 Ease of booking using Hamilton Aquatics app
👍 Regular feedback and progression updates from your swimming teacher

For more details, visit www.hamiltonaquatics.qa

See you on poolside this Term 1



Bookings are now open for our new 20-week Term 1 which commences on Sunday, 14 August 🏊🏊🏻‍♂️

Log in to your Hamilton Bay account to book your Term 1 swimming. Or even better, just download the Hamilton Aquatics App 📲

Term 1 Locations -

👉 Doha English Speaking School
👉 Oryx International School
👉 King’s College Doha

Big savings on all learn to swim bookings until 13 August - visit website / app to know more 😊☺️🤩


Just keep swimming 🐠☀️💧


Smile and wave if your ready for Summer of Swimming☀️💧🧡


Wishing you and your families a safe and blessed Eid Al Adha from our Hamilton Aquatics family. Eid Mubarak!🌃🌙✨


Feeling warm? This is your sign to go swimming😝💧☀️

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Looking for a swimming academy for your child? Here’s why your child must learn to swim with Hamilton Aquatics this Term...
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Summer is just around the corner! Here is a sneaky peak of what’s in store for you this summer!🐠🏊🏼‍♀️🤽🏼💦 More updates co...
ICYMI: We are now offering summer swimming lessons at Kings College Doha 😊 🏊🏻‍♂️
Learn To Swim - level 1




Office Number 204, Building No 44, Al Saad

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
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Sunday 09:00 - 17:00

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